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Jun 23 - NC Law Says That Women Cannot Back Out Of Sex Once Consent Is Given
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Hottest girl in the world
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audio inside Drake - Freak In You Remix
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Image(s) inside Jun 23 - Where's your God? Pit bull mauls 2 kids strapped in car seats..

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13 hours ago

Martha & Snoops Potluck Dinner Party Season 2 - Monday, October 16 at 10 p.m. EST

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| By messy marv stan - 13 hours ago

@Kevin Spacey @kiss0fdeath

visit this link .. -drunk-w489306


Stirring up the pot! Snoop Dogg revealed details about season 2 of his hit show with Martha Stewart in an exclusive interview with Us Weekly on Wednesday, June 21.

While attending the Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: A Bad Boy Story premiere in Los Angeles, the rapper, 45, revealed to Us that the forthcoming season of Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party will include “a whole lot of good cooking, entertainment” and “great guests.”

As for what changes the second season will bring, Snoop explained that the celebrity guests who join him and Stewart, 75, in the kitchen now know what they signed up for. “When we did season 1, they didn’t know what they were expecting. Now they come on the show excited, ready to cook and ready to eat,” he said. “We’re gonna be having a ball, having a ball.”

The dynamic duo won Us over last season with their unexpected yet undeniable close bond. However, Snoop’s favorite part about working with the professional chef may come as a surprise. “She loves to get me drunk!” he exclusively shared with Us Weekly.

As for their other on-set antics, Stewart recently told Us that “there’s absolutely no smoking on set.” Added Snoop at the time: “We only smoked the meat! I didn’t mix business with pleasure. I had a trailer with pleasures. It was always outside. On the set, I’m a businessman. Besides, I wanted to smell the beautiful perfume Martha had on every day.”

‘Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party’ season 2 premieres Monday, October 16 at 10 p.m. ET on VH1

i fu*ked up the other thread title so slap away if you must

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15 hours ago

Young Thug: Thugger Girls does 32 K (incl streaming

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| By druggie - 15 hours ago

visit this link http://m.hitsdailydouble. .. plus_streaming

Debuts at 9

32k off no promotion is ok. Thugger never going to get those numbers?

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15 hours ago

Image inside Budden Chilling Out In L.A. With The Lox.

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| By Yung Dilla - 15 hours ago

Mouse on his sh*t.

Say less.

A post shared by CCD @ Complex Media | MME (@joebudden) on

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15 hours ago

Audio inside Drake - Freak In You Remix

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| By BEASTMODE863 - 15 hours ago

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15 hours ago

Audio inside Metro Boomin "NO COMPLAINTS" feat. Drake & Offset

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| By sukafr33 - 15 hours ago

@metroboomin @offsetyrn NO COMPLAINTS OUT NOW ✅

A post shared by champagnepapi (@champagnepapi) on

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15 hours ago

Video inside Riff Raff new chain on that new wave

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| By micropave - 15 hours ago


A post shared by RiFF RaFF JODY HiGHROLLER (@jodyhighroller) on


A post shared by RiFF RaFF JODY HiGHROLLER (@jodyhighroller) on


A post shared by RiFF RaFF JODY HiGHROLLER (@jodyhighroller) on

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15 hours ago

Well Damn 21 is out here smashing Amber Rose

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| By ovogoon - 15 hours ago

Caption this

A post shared by DJ Akademiks (@akadmiks) on

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22 hours ago

Audio inside (New) Wu-Tang - Don't Stop (prod. RZA)

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| By Kevin Spacey - 22 hours ago

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22 hours ago

Video inside Ugly God Freestyle - 2017 XXL Freshman

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| By Flossin' Daily - 22 hours ago

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22 hours ago

Image inside Swizz Beatz Reacts to Balenciaga for Thieving the Ruff Ryders Logo

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| By isthistobe - 22 hours ago

Balenciaga is the latest high fashion house to take blows and accusations of stealing and copying designs. You may recall that Gucci has been under fire for the last month for taking influence from Dapper Dan and again yesterday from two graphic designers in Australia and New Zealand. The call-out of Balenciaga thieving the Ruff Ryders logo in its 2018 spring/summer collection comes from Swizz Beatz via Instagram and the former member is spot on.

Swizz posted up an image of the Ryders logo from 2000 with a bricked-out “R” and somehow Balenciaga managed to turn the “R” into a “B” in its latest campaign. If you ask us, that dragon looks kind of familiar too, maybe from a favorite childhood anime of some.

visit this link .. twitter-reacts

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22 hours ago

Video inside 52 Savage Hits Up The Studio With Lil Twist [Video]

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| By Danny M - 22 hours ago


2 weeks ago, 52 Savage visited visit this link Lil Twist at his crib in Los Angeles and hit up the studio with him to work.

Just like Twizzy is, the 52-year-old, who also goes by the name of DJ Swade, is a Dallas native.

You can check out some footage of 52 Savage and Twist in the studio below!
visit this link 52 Savage Hits Up The Studio With Lil Twist [Video]

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22 hours ago

Video inside Official Raps N Lowrider Season 2 Thread

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| By Nappy Gilmore - 22 hours ago

It's back!

Instead of a new thread for every video, I'll post every episode on the Thursday that it releases in the original OP.


0:00 One Way - Who's Fooling Who

3:11 Al B. Sure - Rescue Me

5:17 The Montclairs - Hey Don't You Fight It

5:38 The Floaters - Float On

11:15 Portrait- Here We Go

13:55 Prince Charles - Cold As Ice

20:00 Malow Mac - Blow My Mind


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22 hours ago

Image inside That Pink Panty Wearin Homo Killa Pam Aka Flee Only Rapper That Aint Pay No Homage To P

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| By THE G HOST - 22 hours ago

First and foremost he a certified bi*ch

Dry snitchin Rucker Park trackstar better known as tru lifes punchin bag
Bitter chump still mad prodigy sh*t on him cant even take a second to pay homage to the god

Fruity fu*k nigga out here sellin pink bathrobes and sh*t like some homo nigga that sell stolen make up and shampoo out the trunk of his car

Pink Diplomat Robe available now at @dipsetusa1997

A post shared by @mr_camron on

Who the fu*k wanna buy they bi*ch a pink diplomats bathrobe it aint 2002 you washed up instagram couples comedy skits makin nigga
Tell that ex escort juju to bust that pus*y open for us like she use to before you wifed her like she wasnt gettin spit in her mouth for shoes by coke pumpers from brooklyn

FLEE the scene new Music fresh dumpster sauce
Went from that trash ass remade white girl anthem song to D.I.A stealin the ric flair sh*t from smoke dza and several others trying to comeback
you out of gas nigga stay retired
kiss HOVs ring and ask forgiveness i know your heart hurt to see the nigga you thought you Had the 1 up on
become 100x bigger and richer than you are
While all you got is two burger kings out the deal you make a small monthly cut off nigga you my as well grab a mop and clean them sh*ts up put Dame on fry duty

Nas grabbed dave east from you cause his paper was longer trying to buy the nigga on some low dough discount sh*t and got outbid
You wanted to spit on nas daughter and now you is nas daughter bi*ch go cop a bevel and hang yourself with the charging cable

Niggas know about why you cut off vado for doing a show with nas you not respected out in ny like that thats why pam been real low for years
scared to death to slapbox jimmy

All his old beefs out here runnin laps around him punkin him on some music business sh*t

Nas going down as a great
Jay going down as a great

fu*k is cam going down for ? He not even in the top 5 discussion an been rappin 20 years
The nigga that wore pink and made 2 good songs ?
Put together dips then was the same one that broke it all apart ? Niggas whole legacy is trash only hipsters and washed up in they mid 30s niggas stuck back in the diplomat days is checkin for him


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22 hours ago

Image inside Wtf is going on here...

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| By youngthugga1991 - 22 hours ago

*woke up like this *woke up like this

A post shared by @playboicarti on

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22 hours ago

Video inside OJ Da Juiceman Talks Gouging A Mans Eyes, Growing Up With Gucci, Mariah Carey, Being Shot

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| By kuul - 22 hours ago

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22 hours ago

Image inside Which Biopics in the works are you anticipating to see the most

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| By T2THEONE - 22 hours ago

Hip Hop Biopics in the works which one are you anticapating to see the most

All of these ARE NOT slated to go to the big screen


Title: Street Dreams

Info: Nas himself will executive produce the show, which is helmed by Jonathan Levine (The Wackness, Warm Bodies).

visit this link .. coming-to-bet/

Master P

Title: King of The South

Info: The film will include scenes from Miller's childhood in the Calliope projects of New Orleans and of course, the founding of No Limit Records, an independent hip-hop label that went on to sell over 100 million records. Queen Latifah and The Wire’s Wendell Pierce will appear in the film.

visit this link .. he-south-movie

Tha Dog Pound

Title: DPG 4 Life

Info: The cast is set to include Azad Arnaud (playing Daz), Dr. Dre’s son Curtis (playing Dre), Reggie Noble (playing Suge Knight), Melvin Jackson Jr. (playing Kurupt), DaDa (playing 2Pac) and Lady of Rage playing herself.

visit this link .. ie-dpg-4-life/

Bone Thugs N Harmony

Title: no title yet

Info: (There is nothing set in stone with this biopic or if this will even get off the ground) Krayzie Bone “I had some conversations with Ice Cube when we did How The West Was Won concert a few months ago. I told him I wanted to sit down and if he wanted to hear our story, I guaranteed he would think it was interesting. He was like, ‘Hell yeah, let me know when you want to sit down.’

visit this link .. opic-treatment

Ol Dirty Bastard

Title: no title yet

Info: RZA says that a biopic on his cousin and late Wu-Tang Clan member ODB is in the works.

“I think it’s a great idea, and there has been talk about it. There are a few wheels in motion with one done by our first cousin Rayshawn. He was the young guy there watching everything that happened,” RZA says. “Him and ODB’s wife have been talking and he has a pretty interesting script. I just saw a 12-minute teaser that he shot about a year ago and it felt pretty fu*king cool. I watched it and was like, ‘Wow, you may have something here.’ He has the best thing that I’ve seen so far.”

visit this link .. opic-in-motion

Cash Money

Title: Before Anything

Info: It primarily focuses on the 48-year-old multi-millionaire mogul’s ascension to power and fame despite the stacked odds the NOLA streets had against him.

visit this link http://www.hotnewhiphop.c .. ews.29571.html

Dj Screw

Title: 3 In The Mornin' the story of DJ Screw

Info: Based on the true story of DJ Screw and the S.U.C., City of Syrup follows the life of Robert Earl Davis, Jr. better known as DJ Screw as he changes not only the Hip Hop sound but the entire culture of the South Side of Houston, Texas.

visit this link

2 Live Crew

Title: The Book of Luke

Info: The film will reportedly chronicle the group’s controversial obscenity introduced to the masses through their music, how it landed in the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit and then made it all the way to the Supreme Court. 2 Live Crew directly impacted the court’s decision to establish the fair use doctrine in copyrighted works and sampling music as a form of parody.

visit this link .. ew-biopic.html

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22 hours ago

Image inside Mt. Rushmore of "Compton" California Rap - Agree or Disagree PT12

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| By T2THEONE - 22 hours ago

Mt. Rushmore of "Compton" California Rap - Agree or Disagree PT12

*I'm not including producers,beat makers, executives, DJ's etc. Just artist for this debate.

Also, the artist doesn't have to be born and raised from the area, the discussion is about the IMPACT they had on the area. example (Kanye West is NOT from Illinois but his impact on Chicago is undeniable, same goes for 2pac)

These 4 should be on the "Compton" California Rap Mt.Rushmore


Eazy E

Dj Quik

The Game

Honorable Mentions:

Kendrick Lamar

Mc Eiht


I would like to see what your "Compton" California Rap Mt.Rushmore looks like.

You should list your top 4

and 3 honorable mentions.

*This is based off the "IMPACT" they had on the state.

Let the debate begin

Also check out the visit this link Mt.Rushmore of Georgia

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22 hours ago

Image inside Biggie my Goat but he was up in that Notorious Thugs Session looking like Pumba

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| By Laronla - 22 hours ago

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22 hours ago

Well Damn Partynextdoor $2.5m mansion (come live all your dreams out at OVO)

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| By ovogoon - 22 hours ago

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22 hours ago

Image inside That time A$AP Mob recreated album covers

4 people viewing this

| By gizzle - 22 hours ago

This too funny this what I like to see

More here
visit this link Vice

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