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NBA Who the Warriors can thank their offense for.
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NBA Report: Cleveland Not Interested In Knick's Offer For Kyrie Irving

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13 hours ago

Rocky iv with punch out sound effects

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| By Mr Harrow - 13 hours ago

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13 hours ago

'Shadow of War' Brings Black People to Lord of the Rings!

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| By CadillacVyse - 13 hours ago

in 'The Desolation of Mordor,' an upcoming expansion of the game.

"All of us in the studio are really, really big Lord of the Rings fans, frankly; it's something where [we take these new creations] very seriously ourselves," says Andy Salisbury, a community manager at Monolith who went to Brazil to promote the new Middle-earth: Shadow of War. "We even have a Tolkien scholar working with us, Janet Croft, who helps us vet everything before just to make sure that we make the best possible game that's also true to this universe.

People who watched the trailer for Shadow of War may not have noticed an important new element of the game: A black character among a sea of orcs and white men.

People who watched the trailer for Shadow of War may not have noticed an important new element of the game: A black character among a sea of orcs and white men.

Baranor isn't just important for this story, but for the entire world of the Lord of the Rings. In the second edition of the Fellowship of the Ring, Tolkien said that he hated when comparisons were made between his story and events that happened around the world, or between his characters and real historical figures. But it's almost impossible not to notice that the narrative behind the Lord of the Rings echoes or reflect much that we see in our own society. Unsurprisingly, Tolkien's works were called racist by scholars and critics, such as the journalist John Yatt, in an article published in the Guardian.

This is not just desultory criticism. The vast majority of human characters in that universe happen to be white with blue or green eyes while the only black characters, represented by the faceless Haradim, side with the great villain of the story. Perhaps Tolkien could not foresee this obvious problem within his books—but these racial issues are glaringly obvious, viewed from a modern perspective.

"I'm not sure if we looked at [Baranor's creation] as a choice, but it was an easy one to make," Salisbury said, when asked about the representative weight of creating the new character. "I don't think we thought twice about it when we were writing the story and when we wrote Baranor. It was just kind of an obvious character for us to write. We're obviously very happy to make sure that we give everyone an opportunity to see a character that they love, but I don't think it was deliberate. It was obvious."

These dudes went into the DEPTHS of LOTR and found this. visit this link Per the wiki : The Haradrim, known in Westron as the Southrons and once as the "Swertings" by Hobbits, were a race of Men from Harad in the region of Middle-earth directly south of Gondor. Before that, in the First Age, the Atani from whom the Haradrim descended were known as Black Men.

Its pretty cool to see. Especially given the history of these things, i'd always assume any large brutish/primal/animalish/'darker' creatures(orcs etc) were always allegory for for black people.

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13 hours ago

Article inside R.B.I. Baseball 17 coming to Nintendo Switch

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| By jhj26 - 13 hours ago

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13 hours ago

PS Plus Specials Sale

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| By kickzrme - 13 hours ago

PS Plus Specials Sale

2Dark – $14.99
BlazBlue: Central Fiction – $17.99
Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Duke Nukem Bundle – $38.99
Chime Sharp – $7.49
Cladun Returns: This Is Sengoku! – $27.99
Dark Rose Valkyrie – $41.99
Digimon World: Next Order – $41.99
Dying: Reborn Ultimate Bundle – $14.99
Flinthook – $11.99
For Honor – $29.99
For Honor Deluxe Edition – $34.99
For Honor Gold Edition – $49.99
Friday the 13th: The Game – $35.99
Ghost Recon Wildlands – $35.99
Ghost Recon Wildlands Deluxe Edition – $41.99
Ghost Recon Wildlands Gold Edition – $59.99
Persona 5 – $47.99
Resident Evil 7 – $35.99
Resident Evil 7 Deluxe Edition – $62.99
Resident Evil 7 Season Pass – $23.99
Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage Volume 1 – $6.99
Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage Volume 2 – $10.49
Resident Evil: Code Veronica X – $11.99
Spellspire – $7.49
Tales of Berseria – $41.99
Tekken 7 – $47.99
The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind – $41.99
The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Collector’s Edition – $55.99
The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Collector’s Edition Upgrade – $41.99
The Flame in the Flood: Complete Edition – $7.49
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Extended Edition – $14.99
The King of Fighters XIV – $29.99
The Surge – $41.99
This is the Police – $11.99
Touhou Genso Wanderer – $29.99
Typoman – $3.89
What Remains of Edith Finch – $14.99
Yakuza 0 – $41.99
Warhammer: The End Times Vermintide Karak Azgaraz Content Pack – $4.99

EA Action Sale going on too for PS4

Battlefield 1 – $23.99
Battlefield 1 Deluxe Edition – $31.99
Battlefield 1 Premium Pass – $39.99
Battlefield 1 Shortcut Kit: Ultimate Bundle – $19.99
Battlefield 1 & Titanfall 2 Bundle – $47.99
Battlefield 1 Ultimate Edition – $64.99
Battlefield 4 ‘Final Stand’ – $0.14
EA Sports UFC 2 – $9.99
EA Sports UFC 2 Deluxe Edition – $12.49
Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 – $9.99
Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass – $7.99
Titanfall 2 – $19.99
Titanfall 2 Deluxe Edition – $24.99

I bought Battlefield 1 TODAY full price I turn on my PS4 and that sh*t on sale

Is friday the 13 worth it at that price tho?

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16 hours ago

Ghost Recon: Wildlands - Ghost War | Check your emails for Beta Access

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| By CrAkKedOuT - 16 hours ago

Just got the email about the beta for the PvP feature.

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19 hours ago

Image inside Augusts Xbox Games With Gold Announced

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| By Snow - 19 hours ago

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2 days ago

Video inside Day of Infamy adds two free maps, including Dunkirk

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| By D.IrIsH - 2 days ago

You might have heard that a little film called Dunkirk has just come out. The folk at New World Interactive certainly have: they’ve updated their hardcore WW2 shooter Day of Infamy [official site] with two new maps, one of which is – you guessed it – the beaches of Dunkirk.

The Dunkirk map fights from the fields, through the streets, and to the beach. The other new map depicts the Battle of Breville, which in real life saw British paratroopers liberate the village of Bréville-les-Monts in France just after after D-Day.

It’s all available completely free, which is nice. Here’s the trailer:

Full article at visit this link Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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2 days ago

Image inside PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has sold 5 million copies in 4 months

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| By D.IrIsH - 2 days ago

The juggernaut marches on.

Given its meteoric and seemingly unstoppable success at this point, it's hard to believe PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has been around for just four months. Perhaps harder to comprehend still—it's now sold over five million copies.

Developer Bluehole is yet to announce this officially, however, as reported by VG24/7, Steam Spy data suggests somewhere around 5.1 million people now own the battle royale-inspired, last-person-standing shooter.

That's pretty good going given it's still in Early Access, which is where it'll reside till some stage during "Q4 2017". In less business-y terms, that means, all going well, it'll land between October 1—December 31.

Before then, expect two new maps, vaulting and jumping physics and the ability to design your avatars down to a tee.

With so many people playing, have you spotted Terry Crews out in the battlefield yet? Good luck if you do, I don't fancy your chances.

visit this link PC Gamer

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2 days ago

Image inside Verizon says it's not really trying to throttle Netflix traffic, just testing

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| By D.IrIsH - 2 days ago

This could be a preview of what's to come once the FCC dismantles existing net neutrality rules.

Some Verizon Wireless customers made a fuss after discovering that video streamed from Netflix was being capped. Otherwise known as throttling, the issue seemed to speak at the heart of net neutrality, with regulations in place that are supposed to prevent wireless carriers and ISPs from unfairly throttling traffic. The question is, was Verizon being unfair?

"We've been doing network testing over the past few days to optimize the performance of video applications on our network," Verizon said a statement to Arstechnica. "The testing should be completed shortly. The customer video experience was not affected."

What Verizon calls an optimization test seems more like a hard cap at 10Mbps, according to tests performed on Netflix's own speed testing tool. Arstechnia says it ran the test itself on an iPhone handset and got a 10Mbps download speed on, which is Netflix's speed test tool. A subsequent test on Ookla's Speedtest application returned a download speed of nearly 82Mbps on the very same Verizon LTE network, so clearly something is going on.

The Verge also reported the apparent Netflix throttling, which elicited a response from Verizon saying the article was "dead wrong" and that it "makes no sense." According to Verizon, it was not just Netflix that was affected, but all online video.

"We are constantly testing the network," Verizon said. "It's what we do, to optimize performance for our customers. The test was across the board, and did not target any individual applications."

Perhaps the reason why Netflix was singled out by customers is because it has its own speed test tool. Nevertheless, Verizon's claim that it is optimizing its network still seems a little weird when it's really a hard cap.

Verizon downplayed that as well.

"The consumer video experience should have been unaffected by the test, since 1080p video is HD quality and looks great at 10[Mbps]," Verizon added.

That's actually true, though there are unique scenarios where capping video feeds at 10Mbps could result in a degraded stream. For example, Netflix requires 25Mbps for 4K video on non-mobile devices. If a Verizon customer is tethering their phone to a device that is capable of steaming Netflix in 4K, a 10Mbps cap could be an issue.

Of course, that would be a unique situation, but it should not matter. As Arstechnica points out, Verizon claimed in February when rolling out its new unlimited plan that it would "deliver whatever the content provider gives us," adding that it doesn't manipulate data. We're not sure how capping video feeds from Netflix, YouTube, and others fits in with that promise.

There is also a bigger picture at play here. It's disturbing to us that Verizon rolled out these supposed tests without first disclosing them to customers. Bear in mind that the FCC will in all likelihood roll back net neutrality rules that were implemented under the previous administration, rules that prohibit blocking or throttling legal internet content (there are some exceptions). If nothing else, the timing of Verizon's optimization tests (i.e., throttling) feels uneasy.

visit this link PC Gamer


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2 days ago

Image inside Dad dating sim Dream Daddy is out now

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| By D.IrIsH - 2 days ago

THERE ARE HOT SINGLE DADS IN YOUR AREA JUST BEGGING FOR A DATE! No, seriously, there are: Dream Daddy [official site] is out now, and you’re a dad trying to date other hot dads.

It’s got a branching narrative, multiple endings, and a total of seven date-able dads. And with all those dad comes lots of dad jokes, naturally, which I’m always in favour of (“Are you ready? Hi ready, I’m Dad”), and punnage galore. And havarti (look it up).

“You and your daughter have just moved into the sleepy seaside town of Maple Bay only to discover that everyone in your neighborhood is a single, dateable Dad! Will you go out with Teacher Dad? Goth Dad? Bad Dad? Or any of the other cool Dads in this game? With minigames, sidequests, and a variety of paths and endings, Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator is this year’s most anticipated Dad-based game.”

The art style looks groovy and I’m intrigued by the character customisation screen: there’s 28 different colours of facial hair to choose from. Pink handlebar it is, then.

The game was due out last week but it was pushed back very late in the day, and then pushed back again this week. But hey-ho, it’s here now.

Dream Daddy is £10.99/14,99€/$14.99 on Steam if you fancy picking it up.

visit this link Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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2 days ago

Image inside NBA 2k18 First Screenshots

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| By JODYE - 2 days ago

Wtf Paul George got on his head. Look like he got Nav's hair.

And player models still look like gumby smfh

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2 days ago

Video inside Dying Light to get 10 free DLC helpings in next 12 months

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| By D.IrIsH - 2 days ago

"Our community is huge, active and craving for more."

In early 2016, Techland announced plans to support its flagship horror game Dying Light into the new year. A year and half on, the Polish studio has now promised to commit to the zombie-meets-parkour 'em up with ten slices of free DLC to be launched over course of the next 12 months.

The trailer featured below stars the game's producer Tymon Smektala who notes that while 700,000 or so players were playing Dying Light per week back in September 2015, now as many as 500,000 per week tune in today.

"This shows that our community is huge, active and craving for more," says Smektala. As such, Techland plans to treat players to "ten pieces of original new content."

Dying Light's batch of freebies includes new in-game events, new enemies, new mysteries to solve and "much, much more", so says Smektala. "And the best thing is: all of this stuff will be free… soon we will release a content drop featuring new enemies as a tiny taste of our continuous support for Dying Light."

In his 2015 review, Chris liked but didn't love Dying Light's base game—however was far more enamoured by its The Following expansion. In the latter, I particularly enjoyed this paragraph:

"As you speed off over piles of zombies to complete these tasks you’ll run across an almost exhausting number of other encounters and adventures: locations to explore, people radioing for help, airdrops to recover from armed goons, timed challenge modes, geotagged military caches to track down, and caves filled with dangerous Volatiles to clear out—or not clear out. Look, don’t clear them out. It’s really, really awful in there. Some of these encounters feel like filler, hardly worth stopping for, but I’ll never not enjoy following a rapidly beeping transmitter to its source. Anything that yields new blueprints or weapon attachments is time well spent."

The first portion of Dying Light's host of new stuff is "coming soon".

visit this link PC Gamer

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3 days ago

Video inside Crackdown 3 for Xbox One & PC Looks Hectic In Tons of Action Gameplay

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| By Tiko377 - 3 days ago

Microsoft showcased about fifteen minutes of gameplay of Crackdown 3 at San Diego Comic Con.

Today, during a livestream on Mixer from San Diego Comic Con Microsoft showcased a sizable amount of gameplay of its upcoming game Crackdown 3.

The game was played (some times pretty awkwardly) by attendees at the Entertainment Weekly San Diego Comic Con party under the watchful eye of hosts Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb and Star Wars Battlefront II star Janina Gavankar. We get to see quite a bit of fighting, a ton of shooting, driving, weirdly stacked vehicles, physics, destruction, throwing stuff, random swimming, and some rather bad jokes.

Crackdown 3 is an open world action-adventure in development at Reagent Games and Sumo Digital. The game does have a point (trust me on this), but controlling your agents to destroy stuff and wreaking havoc in a sandbox environment is definitely still the main attraction of the title.

Crackdown 3 will be released on November 7th for Xbox One and Windows 10.

If you want to see more of the game, you can check out some recent gameplay footage, the latest trailer from E3 showing the debut of Old Spice dude Terry Crews, alongside some really spiffy 4K screenshots released last month. You also shouldn’t miss our hands-on preview to read what we think about the game.

visit this link http://www.dualshockers.c .. ameplay-video/

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3 days ago

Video inside Nintendo trademark suggests n64 classic mini coming

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| By Tiko377 - 3 days ago

Nintendo has filed trademark applications which relate to various game controllers, including one pertaining to Nintendo 64, sparking speculation about Nintendo's potential next mini-console.

A thread on NeoGAF points to a series of applications filed in Europe via the European Union Intellectual Property Office on July 18, indicating that Nintendo is looking to register trademarks for several of its past console's controllers.

Included in the list are line drawings of NES, SNES, Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 64 controllers:

This could indicate that a Nintendo 64 Classic Mini is due to come, following the success of the NES Classic and the popularity of the recently announced SNES Classic.

Some have pointed out that the line drawing of the SNES controller filed on the same day appears to be almost identical to that of the controller image printed on the top side of the SNES Classic console's packaging. That's led some to believe that the N64 drawing will be used on a future mini-console's box.

The trademarks are all covered under the same goods and services which include telecommunication machines and apparatus as well as Consumer video game apparatus.

The SNES Classic is still to come, however. Arriving on September 29, the console will comprise 21 games, including the never-released Star Fox 2.

visit this link .. ic-mini-coming

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4 days ago

Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 trailer

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| By CrAkKedOuT - 4 days ago

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4 days ago

PlayStation Now is a joke. Pay for a subscription and then you have to wait in a queue

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| By Faythung - 4 days ago

Courtesy of Reddit.

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5 days ago

Video inside Previously Unreleased Stormy Ascent Level Out Today for Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy

4 people viewing this

| By Jae_Hood_354 - 5 days ago

Taylor Kurosaki, formerly one of the original members of the Crash Bandicoot team at Naughty Dog, joins the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Game Director, Dan Tanguay, from Vicarious Visions to talk about the notorious Stormy Ascent level. The previously unreleased Crash Bandicoot level, Stormy Ascent, is now coming to life in the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy.

How did this level come to be?

Taylor Kurosaki: Early in production of the original Crash Bandicoot game, everyone at Naughty Dog often wore multiple hats. However, by year two we were somewhat specialized and I went from artist to game designer. I ended up designing and laying out ¾ of the levels in the original Crash Bandicoot. And Stormy Ascent was one of mine.

Dan Tanguay: The team here at Vicarious Visions knew the fans really wanted Stormy Ascent, and so did we! One of the best players on the design team had beat the first game and wanted a new challenge. So, we told him to try the original Stormy Ascent. It took him 60 lives to get through it – needless to say it was much more challenging than he had expected. However, he still fell in love with it and we decided to bring it life.

Tell us about making Stormy Ascent

Taylor: I was new to games and game design back then; I didn’t have a great understanding of a difficulty curve. This level was so close to the end of the game and, you guessed it, it ended up being insanely difficult. As in, so difficult that it was hard for me, and I’m the guy who knew exactly how far Crash could jump, how late a player could take-off, and so on.

Dan: This is the “sister level” to Slippery Climb in the original Crash Bandicoot. It features the same assets but new challenges. It’s also roughly four times longer than any other level in the original game. Getting through it is a feat of both skill and endurance! Taylor’s right, it’s considered to be not only one of the most difficult levels in the original Crash Bandicoot, but probably in the entire N. Sane Trilogy.

It was challenging to first master the level so that we could accurately remaster it. In particular, the timing of the level was challenging to get right. The hazards and platforms steadily increase in speed as you go along!

It never actually shipped, right?

Taylor: Yes. It was one of the last levels I finished during production, and as we prepared to deliver our Gold Master to Sony for manufacturing, the decision was made to cut it. It was playable, but just too damn difficult, and we ran out of time to make it easier. It remained on the disc as it was less risky just leaving it rather than trying to remove it. It was basically hidden, but it was there.

Dan: Fans found it though, using Gameshark.

Taylor: I think it’s cool when fans find hidden things in games, this was no exception. I was glad it somewhat found the light of day, and I think it’s an awesome level.

In 2017, games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne are all the rage. People like games that are difficult! We were so ahead of the curve! Now Stormy Ascent is alive as part of the Vicarious Visions-developed Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. Go forth and enjoy!

Download Stormy Ascent for the crash bandicoot N. Sane trilogy for free through August 19th

visit this link .. -sane-trilogy/

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5 days ago

By far the best The Witcher 3 HD Mod out

4 people viewing this

| By CrAkKedOuT - 5 days ago

Every time I've seen a mod for this game to improve it's looks to make it "closer to E3" it's always been that lame ass mod that changes colors. Forgot the name of it since it's basura IMO.

Here's a real mod. Lot of work went into this that's for sure.

Main Changes:
- high quality meshes with a lot of details, most of them are created from scratch, good optimalization is preserved
- very high quality detailed textures with great sharpness and performance, without any unnecessary VRAM losses (no unnecessary big textures for small stuff)
- very high quality accurate normal maps, almost all is baked from high poly meshes, these normals combined with detail normalmaps, giving amazing look with almost any performance hit!
- specially customized materials for all reworked stuff

- Stone Walls (Village Stone Walls, Interior Stone Walls, Rich Bricks, Rich Brick Plasters, Rounded Mixed Bricks, Poor Messy Stonewalls, Poor Messy Bricks, Regular Rough Stonewalls, Buildings Stone Edges and more)
- Poor Wood (Wood Walls, Structures, Planks, Doors, Objects and more)
- Rocks (+ added some experimental 4K Rocks)
- Vegatation (Spruces, Ivy, Toadstools)
- Roofs (Ceramic, Thatched, Metal)
- Wood Logs
- Wooden Objects (Crates, Stools, Buckets, some Tables and more)
- Improved Water (Seas, Rivers, Lakes, Streams, Puddles, Wells, Fountains)
- Misc Stuff (Sacks, Braziers, Bear Furs, Harbour Anchors, Books, Scrools and more)
- Ground Textures (Checkered Floors [+ experimental Displacement in Circle near Passiflora])
- Various Textures (Grain, Hay, Moss and more)
- Toussaint stuff (Rocks, Wood Logs, Sacks, Ceramic Roofs and more)
- And more!
+ optional E3 Novigrad Walls

Main discussion thread over at visit this link CDProjektRed. To download the mod head on over to visit this link NexusMods.

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5 days ago

Marvel Vs Capcom 4 trailer (new characters)

3 people viewing this

| By Sleepy - 5 days ago

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5 days ago

Image inside NBA 2k18 Soundtrack Revealed

3 people viewing this

| By JODYE - 5 days ago

GOAT soundtrack?

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