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Image inside Jul 25 - barber shot in head outside restaurant hours after mocking rivals on Instagram

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news | By Sin - 13 hours ago

A beloved barber was gunned down outside a Queens eatery early Tuesday, hours after he fired off a social media post taunting his rivals.

“N----- taking shots can’t stop me,” Zanu Simpson wrote in an Instagram caption containing emojis of a gun and two bombs.

“They ain’t real enough.”

The 32-year-old Simpson was found shot in the head inside his white BMW X5 about 12:15 a.m., police said.

The car was parked outside the Breezes Highland Bar & Grill on S. Conduit Ave. in Rosedale, where Simpson had spent the night and left without incident, sources said.

A motorist who called 911 told cops she saw a man in a charcoal gray sweatshirt leaning into the BMW’s driver side window and punching the victim.

As she zoomed past, she heard a gunshot. The woman told police she doubled back and found the driver slumped in his seat with bullet wounds, cops said.

The gunman shot Simpson three times before taking off, cops said.

Investigators found at the scene a gun believed to be the murder weapon and a live round.

Paramedics rushed the mortally-wounded Simpson to Jamaica Hospital, but doctors couldn’t save him.

Simpson, who worked with his brother at the Strictly Skillz Barbershop in Hollis, was pronounced dead just before 1 a.m., sources said.

“That was like my other half,” said the victim’s brother Samuel Simpson, 35.

“Everybody says we looked alike. They always called us twins.”

The strapping, Jamaican-born victim, known to his friends as “Z,” was obsessed with sports as a child and graduated from Bayside High School, relatives and pals said.

Cutting hair didn’t come easily to Simpson at first. But he eventually joined his brother at the popular barbershop frequented by NBA star Kevin Durant and other celebrities.

“I taught him how to cut hair and at first he didn’t take to it but eventually he got in and came into the business with me,” Samuel Simpson said.

A handful of mourners carrying candles showed up at Strictly Skillz Tuesday morning to pay tribute to Simpson.

“He’s wonderful,” said customer Emily Laguerre, 51.

“He’ll never say no, even if you don’t have the money. He’ll say pay me next week ... It’s so sad to see life taken like this.”

Simpson had racked up more than 16,000 followers on Instagram where he often posted photos of his barbershop handiwork.

“May the spineless bastard who took you have no peace for the rest of their sorry ass life,” one of his followers wrote Tuesday.

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Amber Rose says there is no such things as "ho3's and sluts"

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hiphop | By trapclassics - 19 hours ago

@amberrose says theres no such things as sluts and hoes 😂.. do you agree? #amberrose #slutwalk #slut #hoe

A post shared by BrandNewHipHop ( on

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NBA Stephen A Smith threatens to go "NUCLEAR" on Lebron James

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sports | By ogballer32 - 14 hours ago

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NBA Draymond Green sued by former MSU football player: “I still feel his hand on my jaw"

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sports | By SM - 16 hours ago

Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green is facing a civil suit from former Michigan State player Jermaine Edmondson regarding an alleged bar incident in the summer of 2016.

Edmondson and his girlfriend Bianca Williams were accompanied by attorney Lisa Bloom at a news conference on Tuesday morning announcing the suit. Edmondson, who transferred from Michigan State after the alleged altercation, said he wakes up in tears sometimes because of the incident.

“I think about what happened with Draymond every day,” Edmondson said. “I still feel his hand on my jaw. There are nights when I wake up crying. I don’t understand why my name has been turned into this joke. And he gets all the credit for being a superstar and standing up for a woman.”

Bloom previously held a news conference with comedian Kathy Griffin in June after the backlash Griffin received from her faux-bloody skit involving President Donald Trump.

In July of 2016, Edmondson said that Green hit him in the face after an encounter with the NBA player for a second-straight night. He said in his statement to police last year that during the first night two men with Green choked him and another man choked his girlfriend.

The second night, he and his girlfriend were out for his birthday and they returned to the same establishment where the first incident occurred. He said Green came over to the couple and looked over his girlfriend.

He said he then confronted Green and said the previous night “wasn’t cool.” The discussion then allegedly escalated to the point where Green punched him in the face “in front of all my peers and friends.”

The initial police report after the incident said the contact was described as an open-hand slap by others and that Edmondson refused treatment at the scene for injuries sustained in the hit.

In a statement, Green referenced “misinformation” from Tuesday’s news conference.


“This lawsuit relates to an incident that occurred in East Lansing, Michigan, over a year ago, for which Draymond paid a noise violation fine. Draymond looks forward to defending himself and clearing up the misinformation put forth today.”
Green told ESPN that he was confident the case would be resolved soon.

Green was arrested after the second altercation — when he allegedly hit Edmondson — and the police report said he expressed remorse for hitting Edmondson. He ultimately paid a fine of $560 and agreed to have no contact with Edmondson for a year after reaching a plea deal. The deal reduced Green’s charges to a noise violation from misdemeanor assault.

In the days after the incident, the school announced Edmondson’s transfer. He was set to be a redshirt senior in 2016.

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Article inside Rick Ross on Signing Women to MMG: 'I Gotta F*ck a Couple Times'

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hiphop | By SM - 18 hours ago

Rick Ross' recent Breakfast Club interview has mostly received attention for his comments on Tyga's financial dispute with Cash Money co-founder Birdman and the aftermath of his Rather You Than Me single "Idols Become Rivals." At around the 8:45 mark in the video up top, however, Ross made some comments on another topic that are starting to shift the conversation.

Asked by host Angela Yee about the possibility of bringing women into the Maybach Music Group family, Ross explained his reasoning as follows:


You know, I never did it because I always thought, like, I would end up fu*king a female rapper and fu*king the business up. I'm so focused on my business. I just, I gotta be honest with you. You know, she looking good. I'm spending so much money on her photo shoots. I gotta fu*k a couple times.
Yes, according to Ross, paying for photo shoots means he's "gotta fu*k a couple times."

Back in 2013, Ross received backlash for lyrics on Rocko's "U.O.E.N.O." in which he described drugging a woman's drink and taking her home:


Put Molly all in her champagne, she ain't even know it
I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain't even know it
Ross later told Rolling Stone he doesn't "condone raping" and that the controversy stemmed from a "misinterpretation" of the lyric. "I feel like us being artists, that's our job to clarify the sensitive things and the things that we know really need to be clarified, such as a situation like this," Ross added.

visit this link .. a-couple-times

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BOX Mikey Garcia took it there with latest instagram post!!

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sports | By AB AboutBuildin - 16 hours ago

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Video inside Akademiks "If This Was Any Other Era of Rap, Meek exposing Drake? Drake Would Be Finished"

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hiphop | By HypeBeatsZone6 - 16 hours ago

I don't normally mess with Akademiks like that, but he made sense on this one. And that sh*t is true as hell.

Time Stamp: 1:00 minute mark. He says this, and explains. It's so real too, cause we in this internet era. Where the internet is shaping how people think of hip hop, which is bad. Any other era you get exposed for having Ghostwriters you're done.

Any rapper that had the goods on you in a rap beef, and exposed you, and reference tracks came out to validate what that rapper said, it's over with.

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NBA Damn: Kristaps Porzingis Comes Out and Clears Up His Knicks Future

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sports | By Southpaw - 20 hours ago

Although Latvian journalists were instructed not to query Kristaps Porzingis about the Knicks travails during training camp for the European Championships, a kid camper had no such restrictions.

Last weekend at a basketball camp in Latvia attended by about 250 children, one youngster asked Porzingis in his native tongue why he wouldn’t abandon New York, and Porzingis sounded as if he’s committed for the long haul.

According to an English translation obtained by The Post, Porzingis answered:


“I feel that it is the best place to win. And if you win in New York, you are king. For the last two years, I have had so many positive emotions here that this is where I want to stay and that this is where I want to win.”

The comment is the most encouraging remark he’s made in the offseason regarding his Knicks future. On Friday, Porzingis “liked’’ a tweet that showed Kyrie Irving in Knicks gear. Irving reportedly requested a trade last week with the Knicks as one of the clubs on his wish list.
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The Knicks are said to have no plans of including Porzingis in any Irving deal, thus making one unlikely. Then-Knicks president Phil Jackson looked into Porzingis deals before the draft.

With the firing of Jackson, Porzingis’ future appears brighter in New York. He blew off his exit meeting in April partly out of protest of how chaotically Jackson had run the franchise.

Porzingis started training camp for Latvia on Monday, and the national team will plays its first exhibition game July 29 in Finland. The tournament starts in late August.

When he declined to talk about the Knicks’ recent dealings Monday at a press conference, Porzingis said, according to a translation, “I’m just afraid that anything could distract me from my goal, which is national team right now.”

Thats my 7'3 Latvian Unicorn

Knicks Nation

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Image inside Irv Gottis ol' girl disrespectin Pac?

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hiphop | By YllNiggazPlayin - 8 hours ago

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Image inside Cardi B got a new iced out piece

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hiphop | By micropave - 18 hours ago

Bloody Moves... @iamcardib 🤘🏼

A post shared by Eliantte (@elliotavianne) on

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NBA Portland trades Allen Crabbe to Brooklyn

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sports | By Trotty Glizzy - 20 hours ago

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Meek Mill is banned from Florida but not George Zimmerman?

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hiphop | By BxDon - 20 hours ago

We gotta do betterrrr, please?

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Video inside New Dance taking over instagram

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hiphop | By RedCross - 9 hours ago

Mylie Rock on every block

A post shared by Baller Alert (@balleralert) on

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Image inside Alexus with a nice ass

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eyecandy | By Korsgaard - 19 hours ago

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Video inside BX member comes to meet 6 yr old and gets busted..

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wild'ish | By tokinjohn - 20 hours ago

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Image inside A1 Natural Dime. Build a Thot fans won't like this!!

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eyecandy | By JODYE - 13 hours ago

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NBA John Wall looking ready to whoop someones ass

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sports | By st21 - 19 hours ago

might be the first time he's ever been in shape going into a new season.

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Hair transplants are so sophisticated you can get the braids you never had?

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wild'ish | By silas - 17 hours ago

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Image inside Polo Ralph Lauren New Arrivals 🔥 👀

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gear | By Flossin' Daily - 19 hours ago

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Image inside Tidal Is Now Perfect. New User Interface Looks Amazing.

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hiphop | By Yung Dilla - 8 hours ago

I didn't get the ui update yet but mad niggas put up screenshots on Twitter it looks dope as fu*k.

Now they should work on getting more music and we good.

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