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#1  Jul 22 - Trump’s life is still in danger

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@news      By phantomnation      1 hour ago

The most important news about the attempted a*sassination of Donald Trump was not the plain fact of his attempted a*sassination but a picture of it. And like many pictures, no matter how “iconic” they are, it didn’t last long in today’s media environment. Once it ran its course, that was it. Five days later, even attempted a*sassination is old news.

This is bad for the Republican presidential nominee. I don’t mean politically. I mean literally. Donald Trump’s life remains in danger. He is America’s greatest champion of rightwing political violence. What had been a flirtation before the J6 insurrection has since become a practical necessity. It was violence and the threat of violence that pushed many reluctant Republicans to accept The Big Lie as Truth. That “purified” the party of anyone who might stand in his way. And with that done, rightwing political violence had one more thing to do.

That is the story of the attempted a*sassination of Donald Trump as well as the biggest story of American politics. (Increasingly, Americans, especially Republicans, don’t see the utility in democratic politics as much as they see the utility in political violence.) But that’s not the story anyone is reading now. Instead, many reporters and pundits convinced themselves that Trump, as a consequence of nearly having been murdered, would stand before the country at the Republican National Convention as a figure of national unity.

Not only is he temperamentally incapable of any such thing. His incentives do not lie in that direction. He’s not trying to expand his base of support. His vote total maxed out at 47 percent four years ago. Therefore, Trump’s best hope for a legitimate victory this year is by motivating non-voters to turn out or stay home. And the best way of doing that is by continuing to do what he’s been doing, which is demonizing his enemies and repeatedly raising the specter of rightwing political violence if the election displeases him.

If Trump keeps going in this direction, and he will, because he can’t help himself and because he has no options otherwise, he’s going to endanger himself more. Why? The moment he pulls back, out of some need for political expediency, he will betray followers who have nothing but contempt for political expediency. Even all this talk of being a figure of national unity is risky. Rightwing politics doesn’t want unity. Unity means compromise. It means impurity. What it wants is domination and control. And it will seek that end violently, even if or especially if its greatest champion seems to be standing in the way.

I think the closed-circuit quality of all this could be at least disrupted, however, by a serious and sustained national conversation about the effect of political violence on democracy and democratic politics. Indeed, that’s something you might expect to have happened in the aftermath of an attempted a*sassination of a former president. But that conversation isn’t happening. The press and pundit corps have moved on. As a result, Donald Trump’s life continues to be in danger.

Why have they moved on?

It may be due to the high-speed nature of today’s media. But I think it has more to do with the media’s character than its speed. We saw this in feeble attempts by some high-profile pundits to characterize the attempted a*sassination as if it were an a*sault on the body politic, and as with all a*saults, there had to be sides, one being represented by Trump and the other being represented by Trump’s counterparts.

Just one problem.

Not only was the shooter a Republican, but the 20-year-old white man from rural Pennsylvania also appears to have come from a family of right wingers who themselves seem greatly influenced by American militia culture. An insurrectionist interpretation of the Second Amendment was probably familiar to him, as likely was the belief that political violence is an acceptable alternative to democratic politics.

It’s been said that if the shooter, whom I will not name, had been a Democrat or Black or trans or some other thing the Republicans could identify as an enemy, we would still be talking about the attempted a*sassination of Donald Trump. He wasn’t, though, so we’re not.

But if we leave it at that, I think we oversimplify the problem and overlook the consequences of ignoring the biggest story in American politics. The press corps is ignoring it, not so much because the shooter was a Republican, but because reporters risk appearing biased in leading a serious and sustained conversation about the effect of political violence on democratic politics that would, if done properly and in good faith, push the public toward an inevitable conclusion: that Donald Trump is partially to blame for his own attempted murder.

In the absence of that, lots of people seem to be feeling cognitive dissonance. However, it makes sense that a rightwing Republican would try k*lling Trump if you also understand that those who believe political violence is an acceptable alternative to democratic politics (as Trump does and the shooter did) often try to k*ll each other. The most serious consequence of avoiding this conversation, of course, should be the most obvious, that Trump continues to put himself in danger.

Ironically, it may be Trump himself who corrects this. Coming close to death by murder is a profoundly traumatic experience, especially for a rich white man like Donald Trump who has lived his 78 years of life imperious to violence. He evidently felt no threat after being told, on January 6, 2021, that many of the insurgents were armed. According to the J6 committee testimony, he said he wasn’t the intended target. And according to Bloomberg, Mar-a-Lago has been lousy with security breaches. I’m guessing, however, that he never felt any fear. Why would Republicans, even violent ones, want to harm their champion?

That reality collapsed in an instance, and the resulting psychological scars might be big enough for the Washington press corps to notice.


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#2  Est gee manager k*lled after their show at KFC arena

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@hiphop      By 2Tru2lose2      1 hour ago


Est big beach was also a youth football coach and got gunned down a few hours after the show. Mdwog did a podcast for the show and Beach was seen towards the end with his mom backstage with Gee @ 30:12


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#3  “Sometimes You Gotta Pop Out & Vote N!ggas” - Kamala Harris

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  @hiphop      By newmikec05      1 hour ago


I love the internet

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#4   Gilbert arenas calls out Vanessa Bryant

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@sports      By TheAntiSimp      1 hour ago

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#5   Indian man drew a Swastika on his car not knowing what it means in America

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@wild'ish      By Ascension      1 hour ago

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#6 Live From Green Bay, Jordan Love says “fu#k You. Pay Me.”

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@sports      By ManBoyUNFDBL      1 hour ago


Patrick Mahomes: won a Super Bowl, got a bag

Jalen Hurts: went to a Super Bowl, got a bag

Joe Shiesty: went to a Super Bowl, got a bag

Brock Purdy: went to a Super Bowl, will get a bag

How much do you cash out for one playoff victory?


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#7 Judge Joe Brown says Kamala was a pass around at Howard

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  @wild'ish      By Kodack sixnine      10 hours ago

I 100% believe him. If those sorority girls didn’t have a boyfriend (and even then) they were fu*kING! I would like to see some of those old LA Times articles about her s*xcapades! Will probably come out in the coming months

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#8  50 Cent's movie is the BIGGEST MOVIE ON AMAZON PRIME. 😱 📸 6️⃣ 🥜

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  @hiphop      By Kahlua      10 hours ago


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#9  The Simpsons strike again....

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@wild'ish      By Knowledgeable      1 hour ago

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#10 Spencer Dinwiddie has agreed on a one-year deal with the Dallas Mavericks 🤠

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@sports      By theFREAK      1 hour ago

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#11   Jul 22 - Steve Kornacki-‘Harris doing better than Trump based on hope more than Polling’

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@news      By BreakkerSzn      1 hour ago

MSNBC political correspondent Steve Kornacki broke down the lukewarm polling for Vice President Kamala Harris following President Joe Biden announcing he’s dropping his reelection campaign.

On Monday, Kornacki took an average from a number of recent national polls and argued Harris’s numbers are “not really any better” than those of Biden.

In an average of national polls taken since June 30, Donald Trump scored 47% in hypothetical matches against both Biden and Harris. The president averaged 45% against Trump, while Harris averaged 46%.

“[Democrats] view this move as something that’s going to improve their chances in the general election. That is based more on hope than it is the numbers right now,” Kornacki said about Harris moving to the top of the ticket.

Kornacki highlighted similar lagging numbers in the “favorable” and “unfavorable” columns, noting averages from seven national polls taken since last month’s CNN debate. Biden’s performance at the debate led to some within his own party to publicly question his stamina and call for him to drop out of the presidential race.

According to the polling, Biden scored 36% in the “unfavorable” column, while 57% said they view the president unfavorably. Harris saw slightly better averages, with 38% viewing her favorably and 52% viewing her unfavorably.

Trump has similar numbers with a majority of voters viewing him unfavorably. According to the data, 41% view the former president favorably, and 55% view him unfavorably.

“From the Democratic standpoint, they think Harris being reintroduced as a presidential candidate, getting a different look, they think these numbers can improve for her, both in the favorables and in the horse race against Trump, but we don’t know,” Kornacki said.

 https://www.mediaite.com/ .. ctual-polling/

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#12 Next Up on the 2024 F Drake Roll Call is… Childish Gambino

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  @hiphop      By Teknicks      10 hours ago

Damn this dude got enemies..

Donald Glover really rappin here too.. it’s on the song Yoshinoya


Made a song, but spent more time writin' the caption
I'm an actor, you can put that on set
I'm about that action



I put your boy in the seat
You got your biz in the streets
I wash my hands when I eat
I never handled a key
I don't know no one BD
But they dependent on me
n*ggas don't know where I'm at
I find your house on the app
People around you ain't slat
They plottin' hard when you slack
Thеy got a gun in your back
This who you trust when you sleepin' at night
I'm in the mirror, I see what I like
It is what it is, I'm right whеn I'm right
fu*k with my kids, you fu*k with your life
You fu*kin' these hoes, I'm fu*kin' my wife
AK not silent like knife
Think he won't do it, I might
I gotta do what I like
I gotta—

That's my brother, don't you know it?
Soup Ă  l'oignon from Yoshinoya
Stone Mountain, Redan, Dekalb, Sequoyah
This my life, I must enjoy it
This my life, they busting for it
We don't hold back, we must move forward
Stay where you at, you're supposed to, boy
n*ggas is fake, I won't ignore it

This is a code red for old heads
Who never liked my short shorts and PRO-Keds
Been a minute since he had to fit it on the notepad
I was busy buildin' up the life that n*ggas don't have
Told me that the money make you lonely, it ain't so bad
n*ggas jokes are so dad
But haven't seen they son in a month
Sold some Apple stock to buy a farm, I needed to stunt
I told 'em take the backend points, he wanted to front
Now his career's in a blunt
These rappers cosplay, the industry Comic-Con
The industry evil people, me and fam got a trauma bond
Drive like the Autobahn
Integrity wh*re, say what I mean
Apologize if I didn't
Or clarify if it's written in stone
Freak it and leave it alone
Give it time, let the truth come to light
Let 'em catch up
n*ggas peepin' like "Damn, he was right"
Rather have my foot on they neck than they hand on a mic
Rather die a good man with a bad wife
These n*ggas almost fifty, and they dressin' like a hype beast
Used to get the peach milkshake and add the eight piece
White boy throwin' dirt on my name for the think piece
Checks off, death, murder, and pain leave you empty
I curse you with that knowledge
Put they hands on a woman for the clout but said I'm wildin'
death before dishonor
On my mom like Keke Palmer
I'm allergic to the drama, you saw me and Tyler
I'm allergic to this rap sh*t
Made a song, but spent more time writin' the caption
I'm an actor, you can put that on set
I'm about that action
My tweets all lowercase, I saw these n*ggas cappin'
My homegirl said you a stalker, so we ain't dappin'
I ain't see you, man, what happened?
Man, the blog era over, takin' all our stars
My favorite spot was 'bout to close, so I made some calls
bi*ch n*gga, eat a d*ck and doggy bag the balls


It’s gonna be hot summer in Canada

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#13   Some Clown Spent His Life Savings to Simp.

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@games      By Tetsuo      1 hour ago

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#14   Snoop tells NBA youngboy he can't be gangsta 24/7

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@hiphop      By Laron Isley      1 hour ago

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#15   Jul 22 - Bill Maher asks Byron Donalds if he cares about Trump's blatant lies

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@news      By Ascension      1 hour ago

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#16   EST Gee really trying to earn his street cred but at the price of his dignity & respect 🧐

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@hiphop      By DeadPresident      21 mins ago

His homeboy k*lled a man and HIS BABY GIRL….

EST Gee posted his million dollar bail.

The family was pissed, so someone took out his manager 🩸


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#17  Wolverine Xbox Controller revealed (contest/sweepstakes)

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@games      By iamsoulja      1 hour ago

 https://news.xbox.com/en- .. verine-design/

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#18 Jul 22 - Kamela Harris states the IMPORTANCE of why you need to vote for her come November

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  @news      By Kodack sixnine      11 hours ago

Also it seems like most black women are in full support of Kamela and are bullying folk into voting for her!

Are you losers really not happy with women not having ownership of their own bodies

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#19 Jul 22 - Trump donated to Kamala Harris' campaigns twice while he was a private citizen

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@news      By DUCEDUCE      1 hour ago

Former President Donald Trump donated to Kamala Harris' previous political campaigns.
REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Donald Trump contributed $6,000 to Kamala Harris when she ran for California attorney general.
Trump donated $5,000 to her 2011 campaign and $1,000 in 2013 as a private citizen.
Joe Biden dropped out of the 2024 presidential race on Sunday and endorsed Harris to replace him.

Donald Trump donated to Kamala Harris twice while she was a candidate for California attorney general, according to public records available on the California secretary of state's website.

Records show that Trump donated a total of $6,000 to Harris: $5,000 in 2011 and $1,000 in 2013. He made both donations while he was a private citizen.

His daughter Ivanka Trump also donated $2,000 to Harris in 2014, records show.

Trump launched his first presidential bid in 2015. Harris served as California's attorney general from 2011 to 2017 before her election to the US Senate.

Trump could now face Harris in a general election for the US presidency after President Joe Biden, Trump's presumptive 2024 Democratic opponent, ended his reelection bid on Sunday. Harris, Biden's vice president, is now widely viewed as a top contender for the Democratic nomination.

The Washington Examiner reported in 2019 that Trump had said in an affidavit that he made the $5,000 donation at the request of New York's attorney general at the time, Eric Schneiderman.

"Mr. Schneiderman's former transition committee leader asked my daughter Ivanka if she would arrange for me to make a contribution to a fundraising event sponsored by Mr. Schneiderman for newly elected California Attorney General Kamala Harris," Trump wrote in the affidavit. "In response, I made a $5,000 contribution to Ms. Harris' campaign — the highest level of sponsorship listed in the invitation — and Ivanka attended the event together with some of Trump Org.'s other top executives."

A Harris spokesperson told The Sacramento Bee that in 2015 she donated the money Trump gave her campaign to a nonprofit group that helps Central Americans.
Kamala Harris was sworn in in 2011.
Harris served as California's attorney general from 2011 to 2017.
HUM Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

In 2020, Trump's senior advisor Katrina Pierson told PBS NewsHour's Yamiche Alcindor that the president had "donated to candidates across all aisles" and that she hoped his donation to Harris, as a Black woman, could "squash this racism argument now."

Trump's history of donating to Harris — and other Democratic candidates — first resurfaced in 2020 after Biden tapped Harris to be his running mate.

On Sunday, following mounting pressure from Democratic politicians and donors, Biden dropped out of the presidential race and endorsed Harris as the Democratic nominee.

"I am honored to have the president's endorsement and my intention is to earn and win this nomination," she said in a statement.

Trump released a statement on Truth Social on Sunday calling Harris "just as much of a joke as Biden is" and criticizing what he called her "liberal, weak-on-crime record" in California.

 https://www.businessinsid .. zen-2020-8?amp

Damn even Trump likes Kamala

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#20 Kamal Harris's lil sis

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  @wild'ish      By Hello Toronto      16 hours ago

If kamal beats trump she'll be the first Jamaican president. Colin Powell was the closest

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