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#1   China is living the future

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@wild'ish      By 5py2000      2 hours ago

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#2   mike jones goes platinum 3 months into 2023 + moves 55 million units on 1 song

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  @hiphop      By here for nsfw      4 hours ago

mike jones is still relevant..........

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#3   Charleston White Reacts To 6ix9ine Beatdown & Responds To People Saying Hes Next

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  @hiphop      By Purple Diesel      4 hours ago

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#4  Who's The Baddest Chick In Rap/Hip Hop?

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@hiphop      By Bobo33      50 mins ago

Can't even lie I had to really think about this after hearing these dudes talk about.I low-key feel like Akademiks was plotting on Gorilla the way he be talking about her. But watch Akademiks and these n*ggas thirst over celebrity chicks. Who y'all think the baddest celebrity b*tch in the game is?

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#5  Boxdens own Baggio going viral on Twitter

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  @wild'ish      By JeanMikal      6 hours ago


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#6   SGA says he never like Lefrauds game

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@sports      By blah blah blah      3 hours ago

Same sh*t I been saying. Baldy just athletic and has a cheese with an illegal stiff arm. Flabs*xuals are mostly fat slobs or Nick wrong types who have no concept of skill

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#7   Mar 22 - White News Anchor fired for saying Fo shizzle my nizzle

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@misc      By stillNAMELESS      3 hours ago

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#8  Mar 22 - Uganda passes a law making it a crime to identify as LGBTQ

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  @news      By NoGutzNoGlory      6 hours ago

visit this link https://www.reuters.com/w .. tq-2023-03-21/

KAMPALA, March 21 (Reuters) - Uganda's parliament passed a law on Tuesday making it a crime to identify as LGBTQ, handing authorities broad powers to target gay Ugandans who already face legal discrimination and mob violence.

More than 30 African countries, including Uganda, already ban same-s*x relations. The new law appears to be the first to outlaw merely identifying as lesbian, gay, bis*xual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ), according to rights group Human Rights Watch.

Supporters of the new law say it is needed to punish a broader array of LGBTQ activities, which they say threaten traditional values in the conservative and religious East African nation.

In addition to same-s*x intercourse, the law bans promoting and abetting homos*xuality as well as conspiracy to engage in homos*xuality.

Violations under the law draw severe penalties, including death for so-called aggravated homos*xuality and life in prison for gay s*x. Aggravated homos*xuality involves gay s*x with people under the age of 18 or when the perpetrator is HIV positive, among other categories, according to the law.

"Our creator God is happy (about) what is happening ... I support the bill to protect the future of our children," lawmaker David Bahati said during debate on the bill.

"This is about the sovereignty of our nation, nobody should blackmail us, nobody should intimidate us."

The legislation will be sent to President Yoweri Museveni to be signed into law.

Frank Mugisha, a prominent Ugandan LGBTQ activist denounced the legislation as draconian.

"This law is very extreme and draconian ... it criminalises being an LGBTQ person, but also they are trying to erase the entire existence of any LGBTQ Ugandan," he said.

Museveni has not commented on the current proposal but he has long opposed LGBTQ rights and signed an anti-LGBTQ law in 2013 that Western countries condemned before a domestic court struck it down on procedural grounds.

In recent weeks, Uganda authorities have cracked down on LGBTQ people after religious leaders and politicians alleged students were being recruited into homos*xuality in schools.

This month, authorities arrested a secondary school teacher in the eastern district of Jinja over accusations of "grooming of young girls into unnatural s*x practices".

She was subsequently charged with gross indecency and is in prison awaiting trial.

The police said on Monday they had arrested six people accused of running a network that was "actively involved in the grooming of young boys into acts of sodomy".

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#9   Sports host goes in on AD a*s

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@sports      By stillNAMELESS      6 hours ago

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#10   Jody Breeze On Issues With Jeezy

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@hiphop      By MuckCityDawg      4 hours ago


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#11  Air Jordan 1 High Palomino Detailed Look 👀

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  @gear      By HERMES      2 hours ago

Black/Metallic Gold/Palomino/Sail
Releasing on September 16th. Retail $180.

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#12   Amish Gas

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@wild'ish      By isthistobe      50 mins ago


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#13   BREAKING: Jets are trading WR Elijah Moore to the Cleveland Browns, per source.🚨🚨

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@sports      By theFREAK      4 hours ago

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#14  Finesse 2tymes vs Big Quis??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 could this have legs?? Asking your opinion!

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@hiphop      By BLE      40 mins ago

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#15   This is country music now

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  @hiphop      By here for nsfw      4 hours ago

this is going to be billboard top 10 hiphop soon........

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#16  What happened to R&B music?

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  @hiphop      By trapclassics      4 hours ago

What happened to R&B music? Even the R&B music is raunchy these days. What happened to the positive music? All the music is pretty these days all about male bashing.. even the R&B. How the fu*k did it switch over and get compromised like the Rap/ Hip-Hop?

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#17  Mar 22 - Anti-pron bills in 8 states could force device makers to censor s*xual material

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@news      By Sin      2 hours ago

Eight states are weighing anti-pr0nography bills that would force phone and tablet manufacturers like Apple and Samsung to automatically enable filters that censor nud* and s*xually explicit content.

The only way to disable the filters, according to the bills introduced this year, would be through passcodes. Providing such a passcode to a child would be forbidden, except when done by a parent.

Specifically, the bills say, the phone filters must prevent children from downloading s*xually explicit content via mobile data networks, applications owned and controlled by the manufacturer, and wired or wireless internet networks.

Many device manufacturers already have adult content filters available for use, though it is not the norm to have them turned on by default. Many phone makers, for instance, allow parents to easily enable filters on web browsers that prevent children from navigating to websites known to host pr0nography.

In recent years, some phone makers have added sophisticated filters that use artificial intelligence to censor individual images on certain applications.

One of these anti-pr0nography bills was passed into law in 2021 in Utah but cannot go into effect unless five additional states pass similar laws a provision included to prevent Big Tech companies from isolating the state after passing the law. This year, Florida, South Carolina, Maryland, Tennessee, Iowa, Idaho, Texas and Montana lawmakers are all considering versions of the bill, with Montana and Idahos versions being furthest along in the process.

In interviews with NBC News, the authors of the original blueprint legislation ​​ representatives from the National Center on s*xual Exploitation and Protect Young Eyes, both advocacy organizations focused on child safety said that the original intention of the model bill was to compel device manufacturers to automatically turn on adult filters for web browsers and not other applications. Those filters were already on phones, but not on by default, in 2019 when the draft legislation was first created.

But Chris McKenna, founder and CEO of Protect Young Eyes, acknowledged that the legislation could also end up applying to other device-level filters created in recent years that some might consider more invasive.

In 2021, Apple introduced filters to devices that can scan messages for nudity, blurring any suspected nud* images for people who had the filters turned on. The filter, which can be enabled for children by an adult administrator, also offers to connect users to parents or help resources.

Most of the state bills under consideration would make device manufacturers liable for criminal and civil penalties if they dont have filters automatically enabled that meet industry standards. The bills do not define what that standard is or if messaging filters are included.

McKenna said that the intention is meant to point toward the browsers and the [search] engines that have the filters already in place. But, he noted, you wouldnt find me upset if they chose to turn that on for iMessage.

Benjamin Bull, the general counsel for the National Center on s*xual Exploitation, said that when he crafted the language of the original model bill, it was designed to narrowly address the issue of child access to internet pr0nography in a way that avoided potential court challenges.

After it was drafted, Bull says that NCOSE provided it to various interested parties across the country, and that it eventually found a home in Utah.

We gave it to some constituents in Utah who took it to their legislators, and legislators liked it, Bull said.

Since the bills passage in Utah, Bull and McKenna said, various interested parties have reached out to them in an effort to bring the bill to their own states.

I mean, almost on a daily basis, from constituents, from legislators. What can we do? Were desperate. Do you have a model bill? Can you help us? And we said, as a matter of fact, we do, Bull said.

Erin Walker, public policy director of Montana child safety organization Project STAND, said that she learned about the bill through a presentation McKenna gave to a child safety coalition. She said she reached out to McKenna, who helped her get it introduced to Montana lawmakers.

The bill, she noted, was part of a series of legislation in Montana aimed at pr0nography.

In 2017, we passed HB 247, which established that showing s*xually explicit material to a child constitutes s*xual abuse. And then in 2019, we passed a resolution declaring pr0nography to be a public health hazard in the state of Montana, she said.

The bill is also part of a wave of legislation across the country aimed at regulating Big Tech.

I think its just that Big Tech doesnt want to be regulated, Walker said. We have to convince legislators that there is an appropriate amount of regulation in every industry.

Proponents of the bills say that signing them into law would be an incremental step for tech companies to take, claiming that new filters wouldnt be required and that other onerous procedures like age verification wouldnt be necessary because of how most of the bills are written.

But differences in languages state by state have created questions for watchdogs about what hoops manufacturers might have to jump through to meet each states requirements.

Montanas bills language, for instance, appears to suggest that age verification would be required for manufacturers to avoid potential lawsuits or prosecution. According to the draft of the bill, a manufacturer is liable if the manufacturer knowingly or in reckless disregard provides the passcode to a minor.

Samir Jain, VP of policy at the Center for Democracy and Technology, said the inclusion of such language poses concerns around user privacy and data protection. In theory, manufacturers could be forced to collect age data from customers, via government ID and other forms of identification.

There are no restrictions as such on how providers can then use this data for other purposes. So even the sort of age verification aspect of this, I think, both creates burdens and gives rise to privacy concerns, Jain said.

Jain also noted that the filter bills create concerns around free expression.

I think we have to recognize that filters like these certainly with current technology are far from perfect. They cant distinguish, you know, for example, nudity thats prurient or of a s*xual nature versus nudity thats for artistic or other purposes, which the bills at least purport to exempt from regulation, Jain said. So any requirements put in filters, necessarily will mean that those filters will catch lots of images and other material that even the authors of the bill would say shouldnt be restricted.

Jain said that he believes that, given the nuances of what is acceptable viewing material for differently aged children, filters should be deliberately tuned and applied by parents themselves.

Whats appropriate or useful for a teenager versus a 6year-old are quite different, he said. Thats why I think the provision of different kinds of tools and capabilities that can then be tailored, depending on the circumstances makes a lot more sense than sort of a crude mandatory filtering.

visit this link https://www.yahoo.com/lif .. 231013009.html

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#18  3/22....aew dynamite dean ambrose wont go away

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@misc      By messy marv stan      1 hour ago

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#19  Tokyo Toni CONFIRMS Kanye West Deleted His Mother For The Illuminati & wanted to start...

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  @hiphop      By bigjoshi2002      4 hours ago

Tokyo Toni's thought on Kanye West unaliving his mother for the illuminati, his recent rants, his financial situation, and calls him a liar!

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#20   First look at Jay Lycurgo as Robin in the final season of TITANS.

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@movies      By theFREAK      3 hours ago

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