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5 hours ago

  50 Cent goes OFF on Oprah on IG

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  hiphop | By mars15

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2 hours ago

 Slap away but Cardi cute af bruh

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hiphop | By DATKIDD121

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7 hours ago

  Next Gen Xbox World Premiere Trailer :drakesuccess:

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  games | By stop it 5

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8 hours ago


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sports | By blessings

8:12 AM PT -- Ex-Eagles star Correll Buckhalter and ex-Redskins star Carlos Rogers are the two other retired NFL players involved in the alleged scheme, according to the DOJ.
Officials add ex-Saints superstar Joe Horn and former receiver Reche Caldwell are also in the crosshairs of their investigation, saying they intend to charge the two former wideouts with conspiracy to commit health care fraud as well.
Ex-NFL star Clinton Portis is accused of defrauding the NFL and stealing money from the league's healthcare program ... and now, the former RB is facing up to 20 YEARS behind bars.

United States Department of Justice officials say Portis and 9 other ex-NFL players developed a scheme back in 2017 to make money off of the Gene Upshaw NFL Player Plan.

According to court docs obtained by TMZ Sports, some of the names involved in the scam included Robert McCune, John Eubanks, Tamarick Vanover, Ceandris Brown, James Butler, Fredrick Bennett and Etric Pruitt.

Officials say the scheme wasn't too complicated ... Portis and the former players allegedly made up fake claims, submitted them to the plan (which is designed to help retired players pay for medical bills) and were reimbursed.

Officials say some of the fraudulent claims included the players looking to be reimbursed for things like pricey hyperbaric oxygen chambers, ultrasound machines and electromagnetic therapy devices designed for use on horses.

Officials say the plan paid out more than $3 MILLION to the former NFL players ... before their scheme was eventually snuffed out by investigators.

It's unclear if Portis has already been arrested for his alleged role in the scam ... DOJ officials would only say 4 of the men have been already arrested while the other 6 have agreed to voluntarily turn themselves in.

If convicted of the crimes ... Portis and the other suspects are facing up to 20 years in prison and fines that potentially could exceed $250,000.

The DOJ says the investigation is ongoing ... adding the NFL and NFLPA are aware of its probe.

visit this link .. NelvO1_MFCPUso

fu*king thugs

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10 hours ago

  Fat trel shows us how n*ggas with money in prison live

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  hiphop | By blessings

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9 hours ago

  Listen to French Montana say how he ended up in the ICU

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hiphop | By LostTenets

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8 hours ago

 Tekashi 69 is coming out this Wednesday, stupid

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hiphop | By 1OverJordan24

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5 hours ago

  Pizza Hut didn't deliver a box

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wild'ish | By Holdino

That was fast...

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9 hours ago

  Adam Sandler k*lling rap n*ggas

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  wild'ish | By blessings

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4 hours ago

  Anderson Silva had the strangest downfall in MMA history

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sports | By LogzRoberts

Gonna summarize it shortly through each f*ght:

Loss - Weidman 1: gets KO'd with his hands down, taunting
Loss - Weidman 2: breaks leg off of a check
No Contest - Diaz: originally won an uneventful f*ght, but gets popped for roids
Loss - Bisping: played around too much in a f*ght he was more than capable of winning
Loss - Cormier: filled in on 2 days notice against one of the greatest f*ghters of this generation
Win - Brunson: mixed public reaction with many feeling that Brunson was robbed
Loss - Adesanya: felt like more of a showcase/torch passing than a f*ght where the two wanted to hurt each other/gain something
Loss - Cannonier: gets dropped from a leg kick

a possible fluke, an injury, a banned substance violation, a f*ght many would argue he got robbed in, an extremely short notice fill-in against an ATG, a f*ght many would argue he should not have won, a fun for the fans f*ght, a leg kick KO

Through all of this, the most decisive f*ght outcome with no outside force/his own tampering is the Cannonier leg kick

It's not like he lost his chin or has no physical ability anymore, all of his f*ghts now are just kinda something that can't be described

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11 hours ago

  Quality Control CEO 'P' Accused of Violent Abuse of Pregnant Lira Galore

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hiphop | By UghhFan

visit this link .. lore-pregnant/

Lira Galore says Quality Control Music CEO "P" beat her violently and regularly during the first 8 months of her pregnancy with his child ... and she's asking for at least $15 million for her injuries.

In legal docs obtained by TMZ, Lira describes 5 separate beatdowns she received at the hands of P. In one alleged attack, she claims he punched her in the face, threw her to the ground, began choking her and punched her in the head so many times, she developed knots. Galore claims P then ripped her ring off her finger, dislocating it

In the other 4 attacks, she claims he routinely punched and choked her.

Galore says in August 2018 -- after one alleged attack -- he tried to "make things right" by buying her a $50,000 SUV. Just 2 weeks later, Lira alleges P broke the driver side window on the same SUV during a violent altercation and then took the vehicle and changed the title out of her name and into his own. She says a week later, he paid her $50k not to call the cops.

The docs stem from a custody case P filed back in May in which he requested joint custody of their child. Lira has filed these new docs, requesting sole physical custody of the child on the grounds that he "has consistently demonstrated physically violent, emotionally abusive, irrational and erratic behavior."

P has had massive success in the music biz, his Quality Control Music Label is responsible for the careers of Cardi B, Migos, Lil Yachty, Lil Baby and others.

Galore estimates P's net worth at over $50 million. She wants at least $15 million for her injuries.

She's also asking for a court order to stop him from harming her, to stay away from her, and to submit to a psychological evaluation.

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8 hours ago

 Waka Flocka thinks andre 3000 is a better rapper than Slim shady. Y'all agree?

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  hiphop | By Dee50

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4 hours ago

  Antonio Brown declares 2020 no white women

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sports | By 44wade

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11 hours ago

  You got Game of Thrones'd son, Star Wars is dead. Disney just confirmed the leaks.

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movies | By Doc Logical

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11 hours ago

  This is some of the best marketing I've seen

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  wild'ish | By TommyD

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5 hours ago

  Ghost of Tsushima TGA trailer + release date

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games | By Timberwolves

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8 hours ago

  Kings and Bucks To Play Games at Correctional Facilities

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sports | By Big Tymerz

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4 hours ago

  Lamar Jackson signs autographs for some young fans of the MVP

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sports | By 44wade

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11 hours ago

 Dec 12 - Trump ELIGIBLE for 3rd TERM, Dems head EXPLODE

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  news | By Bucks414

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9 hours ago

  Domain Takeover at Gunpoint Gets Influencer 14 Years in Jail

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wild'ish | By 00010111

Social media influencer Rossi Lorathio Adams II was sentenced to 14 years in federal prison for plotting an Internet domain hijacking at gunpoint and an armed home invasion with his cousin Sherman Hopkins, Jr.

The 27-year old Cedar Rapids man also known as "Polo" was convicted in April 2019 after being found guilty of one count of conspiracy to interfere with commerce by force, threats, and violence.

While the consequences are as serious as they come, the entire plot devised by Adams and the way it unfolded as described in the Department of Justice press release reminds of a black comedy episode out of the Fargo crime drama TV series.
Do It For State cousin

He founded "State Snaps" in 2015 while at Iowa State University, a social media company operating on several social media platforms, including Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter, with fans that would often use the "Do It For State!" slogan when sharing content.

"At one time, Adams had over a million followers on his social media sites, which mostly contained images and videos of young adults engaged in crude behavior, drunkenness, and nudity," the DoJ press release says.

The slogan used by his followers drove Adams to try and get his hands on the Internet domain, but the owner refused to sell it even though the Polo threatened him.

"Between 2015 and 2017, Adams repeatedly tried to obtain '', but the owner of the domain would not sell it," the DoJ says. "Adams also threatened one of the domain owners friends with 'gun emojis' after the friend used the domain to promote concerts."

Given his refusal to transfer the domain, Adams co-opted his homeless cousin Hopkins, a convicted felon, to pressure the domain owner listed in court documents as E.D. into giving away the domain.

Adams drove his cousin the house of the rightful owner of the domain and supplied him with a demand note that described all the details needed to transfer the domain to Adams' GoDaddy account.

"When Hopkins entered the victims home in Cedar Rapids, he was carrying a cellular telephone, a stolen gun, a taser, and he was wearing a hat, pantyhose on his head, and dark sunglasses on his face."

Hopkins proceeded to grab the victim who tried to escape into the attic and dragged him into the office where he had his computer, ordering him to transfer the domain using the instructions from Adams' note.

"The victim asked Hopkins for a mailing address and phone number, because GoDaddy required the transferees mailing address and phone number to effectuate the change of ownership of the domain name," the DoJ says in the press release announcing Hopkins' 20-year sentence from June 2018.

Hopkins then pistol-whipped the victim several times and also pulled out a taser, tasing the victim several times in the left arm, back, and neck, attempting to force him into submission.

However, "fearing for his life, the victim quickly turned to move the gun away from his head. The victim then managed to gain control of the gun, but during the struggle, he was shot in the leg," the DoJ release says.

Next, he managed to shoot Hopkins multiple times in the chest, break free and, contact law enforcement.

As previously mentioned, Adams' scheme fell through completely, with him and his cousin both being sentenced to federal prison, the former influencer getting 14 years while his cousin got 20 years for the armed home invasion.

"Adams must also serve a three-year term of supervised release after the prison term. There is no parole in the federal system," the DoJ adds.

Currently, Adams is being held in the United States Marshals custody and he waits to be transported to federal prison.

visit this link https://www.bleepingcompu .. years-in-jail/

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