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NCAAB The OFFICIAL Michael Porter Jr got now, next and forever thread

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sports | By BarackOmamba - 15 hours ago


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XXXTentacion Real Killers Brag And Mock The Florida RAPPER Death

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hiphop | By NoLvstName - 13 hours ago

Cold blooded

This was uploaded before news of his kid came out too

Knew how much money was in the bag

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XXXtentacion's mama fine as hell!

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eyecandy | By Kalifornicated - 15 hours ago

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Video inside Peter Rosenberg ETHERS Joe Budden On XXXtentacion "You're A Woman Beating Drug Addict Too"

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hiphop | By HolyFatherSteve - 14 hours ago

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Image inside Action Bronson shaves his beard ....

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hiphop | By d2921 - 17 hours ago


A post shared by Action Bronson (@bambambaklava) on

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Jim Jones arrested for drug and gun possession

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hiphop | By King Jaffe Joe - 17 hours ago


Jim Jones is facing a handful of charges after he and friends led Georgia cops on a chase that ended with him getting busted for possession of drugs and a handgun ... TMZ has learned.

The NYC rapper was a backseat passenger in a car cops pulled over Thursday night in Cowetta County. According to the Sheriff's Dept., instead of stopping, the car accelerated and cops gave chase. During the chase, the car struck a deputy's vehicle ... and finally stopped.

We're told Jones and three others were in the car. After a search, deputies found marijuana, Oxycodone, Percocet, vape cartridges, THC oil, 2 loaded pistols and cash ... which Jones called "just petty cash."

One of the pistols was stolen, according to cops. Neither Jones or his friends admitted possession of any of the items ... but Jones said he had a prescription for the Oxy and Percocet pills. Jones also told cops he told the driver to pull over, but she was acting "incoherent."

Since no one claimed the paraphernalia ... everyone was busted. Jones was charged for possession of the stolen gun, possession of a firearm during commission of a crime and possession of narcotics ... all felonies. He also got a misdemeanor for the prescription pills not being in their original container.

Jones was released on $7,000 bail.

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Image inside Details On XXXTentacion Murder Suspect Arrest

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hiphop | By SM - 17 hours ago

MORE DETAILS: visit this link


Broward County police have arrested a man suspected of fatally shooting XXXTentacion. The 22-year-old suspect Dedrick D. Williams was booked on several charges, including first degree murder, a probation violation for grand theft auto, and driving without a valid license. X was gunned down during a robbery attempt after leaving RIVA Motorsports in Deerfield Beach, Florida on Monday, June 18th. TMZ reports the suspect, who has 11 felonies on his record is being held without bail. They also report that two other arrest warrants have been signed by a judge but additional suspects have not been taken into custody.

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hiphop | By BigBallerLavar - 17 hours ago

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Drake is dropping an double album next week

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hiphop | By ovogoon - 14 hours ago

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Kendall fine AF BUT WHOA! Cringe...

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movies | By Lonny ULTRA - 10 hours ago

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Image inside Anthony Bourdain's girlfriend is a worshipper of Lucifer and possible child trafficker

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movies | By micropave - 15 hours ago


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A post shared by asiaargento (@asiaargento) on

Headed into New Years like a Karen Black dancer @kembrapfahler_

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oh, oh summer wine

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There is only one @marilynmanson Roma July 2017

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Eye See You #Cannes2017 - ring by @bernarddelettrezofficial - photo by @kikkins70

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Representing on the love, love @blue.lou @nicoswagboss21

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angel condor boy @nicoswagboss21 - art by @akilla1

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Mamma Roma Pride

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May the one who has science comprehend, may the one who comprehends determine

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Young kooks

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Brother and sister love @blue.lou @nico21swagboss

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Regram @nico21swagboss 📷 by @blue.lou - kids honoring the Argento legacy

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In the darkness where you are supposed to be, where all of us probably are

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Anthony's girlfriend was/is a child trafficker for the elite including Hillary Clinton's right hand man Tony Podesta the spirit cooker. Something happened with Anthony and he threatened to expose it all and was taken out

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Image inside Jun 21 - Express Yo' Self: Melania rocks "I really don't care. Do you?" jacket to border

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news | By phantomnation - 17 hours ago

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Nuttin butt azz💦💦💦

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eyecandy | By Funeral Barb - 14 hours ago

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Audio inside 6ix9ine “Blood Walk”

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hiphop | By SM - 11 hours ago

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Slim Danger confirms Chief Keef has bigger d$#% then Tekashi 69

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misc | By echion911 - 13 hours ago

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NBA Six big winners from the NBA draft's first round

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sports | By SM - 10 hours ago


Dallas Mavericks

Traded the draft rights to guard Trae Young and a protected 2019 first-round pick for the draft rights to guard Luka Doncic.

Mike Schmitz: The Mavericks are the clear winner of the night, wheeling and dealing for arguably the top prospect in the draft in Doncic.

As we outlined earlier in the year, Doncic is a perfect fit for Rick Carlisle's flow offense, a system that emphasizes multiple ball handlers. Dennis Smith Jr.'s ability to break down defenses should help counterbalance Doncic's lack of clear blow-by ability with the ball. Doncic brings a combination of youth and productivity, and his winning tenure at Real Madrid has shown he's a perfect fit for the pass-dribble-shoot basketball in the modern NBA.

Having veterans such as Dirk Nowitzki, JJ Barea and Wesley Mathews should go a long way to usher Doncic in as the next international star in Dallas.

Denver Nuggets

Selected forward Michael Porter Jr. at No. 14.

Jonathan Givony: The No. 14 pick in the draft is one of the more underwhelming places to select a player, historically. Only a handful of prospects selected here have ended up averaging double-figure scoring for their careers, including the likes of TJ Warren, Marcus Morris and Troy Murphy over the past 30-plus years.

With that in mind, rolling the dice on the star power of Michael Porter Jr. -- formerly projected as the No. 1 pick in the draft this past summer -- makes sense here. The Nuggets have a deep roster, affording them the possibility of bringing Porter along slowly and doing whatever it takes to get his body right so he can have a long and sustainable NBA career. They should be in no rush to get him on the floor.

If Porter pans out, the Nuggets will have a star on their hands. If not, this is well worth the risk at the end of the lottery. Just look at some of the recent No. 14 picks: Denzel Valentine, Cameron Payne, Shabazz Muhammad, Earl Clark, Anthony Randolph and Al Thornton.

San Antonio Spurs

Selected guard Lonnie Walker IV with the No. 18 pick.

Givony: The Spurs have traditionally been one of the best-drafting teams in the NBA, and their selection Thursday night could be a major step in their retooling process. With Kawhi Leonard wanting out and much of their wing depth tied up in expiring contracts, the Spurs have a major need at Walker's position. They will likely have minutes for him soon, depending on how things shake out this offseason.

Walker has significant upside stemming from his freakish athleticism, long wingspan, perimeter shooting prowess and defensive potential, which is why he was projected as a lottery pick for much of the season. He should be able to work on the deficiencies (inconsistent defense and rebounding, shaky on-court decision-making) that caused him to slip somewhat on draft night, joining one of the NBA's best player development staffs.

Indiana Pacers

Selected guard Aaron Holiday with the No. 23 pick.

Schmitz: The Pacers hit a home run with Holiday here. They're in dire need of a point guard, and Holiday is a tough-minded competitor who will fit exceptionally well next to Victor Oladipo.

He's a pitbull defender who plays bigger than his height (6-1) with a 6-7 wingspan, a strong frame and plus athleticism. He still needs to fine-tune his decision-making and ability to play in traffic, but he's an excellent shooter off the bounce and catch. Plus, he does a great job getting downhill in space. It's not out of the question that Holiday ends up being among the top two or three point guards from this draft when it's all said and done.

Philadelphia 76ers

Traded the draft rights to Mikal Bridges for Zhaire Smith and Miami's 2021 first-round pick.

Givony: The Sixers made what appeared to be the most predictable pick in the draft when they selected Mikal Bridges at No. 10. Surprisingly, they ended up trading Bridges to Phoenix upon being offered the rights to Zhaire Smith (selected at No. 16) and the Miami Heat's 2021 first-rounder. This was seemingly a steep price for a Suns front office in win-now mode, but this group is unlikely to still be around in 2021 should they not start competing soon.

The Sixers not only add a superb asset to their treasure trove of picks, but they also get one of the most intriguing young prospects in the draft in the freakishly athletic Smith. He is likely to develop into one of the best defenders in this class, and he has shown enough improvement with his 3-point shooting to give him 3-and-D potential next to Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons in time.

This is not the type of move you'd expect with head coach Brett Brown leading Philly's front office, but it should certainly inspire confidence from Sixers fans that the franchise is thinking long-term while continuing to angle for a championship.

Boston Celtics

Selected center Robert Williams with the No. 27 pick.

Schmitz: Along with Walker, Williams has the potential to be the steal of the draft at No. 27 -- the same draft slot of a similar lob-catching, shot-blocking center in Clint Capela. While there are clear questions about Williams' motor, the rangy big man is without a doubt a top-10 caliber talent when fully engaged.

He's much more suited for the open NBA game than the role he played as a power forward with clogged paint at Texas A&M. Boston is the exact environment that Williams needs to rev up his focus and commitment to his craft. The Celtics could also really use a big in Williams' mold, as he'll be a tremendous lob threat for Kyrie Irving and the rest of Boston's offensive weapons.
visit this link .. -round-winners

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NBA Woj draft update

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sports | By _Player2 - 17 hours ago

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Teyana Taylor live stream

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hiphop | By talkofny2k4 - 8 hours ago

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Image inside Meanwhile in Florida...

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wild'ish | By 00010111 - 16 hours ago

Florida woman shoots husband in testicles after he tried to take her air conditioner

LAKE CITY, Fla. (WFLA) - The Florida woman accused of shooting her husband in the testicles is back in jail after failing to show up to court, WJAX reports.

Police said Kimberly Dunn, 35, lost her cool when her husband and his brother came to her Lake City home last year to pick up an air conditioning unit that she was trying to sell on Facebook. The couple was going through a divorce at the time.

According to the report, Dunn sat on the unit to prevent the two men from taking it. When her husband tried to get her off the A/C, she tried to fend him off with a stun gun, then fired a round at her now ex-husband's testicles using a handgun.

Her husband's brother was able to restrain Dunn and take his brother to the hospital. Police said her husband picked up the gun and brought it with him to the hospital.

Dunn was arrested that day and booked into the Columbia County Jail without incident. She later told investigators she did not intend to shoot her husband, she only wanted to scare him.

On Thursday, Dunn was jailed for failing to show up to court and now faces an additional charge of contempt of court.

visit this link

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NBA Kawhi Sit Down With Pop Memes...Funny OR Nah

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sports | By GrindPOWER$ - 17 hours ago

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