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#1  Ice-T Addresses Keefe D’s Arrest For Role In Tupac Shakur’s 1996 murder

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  @hiphop      By Eclectic      9 hours ago

"Like countless others, Ice-T learned an arrest had been made in the 1996 murder of Tupac Shakur on Friday (September 29). Duane “Keefe D” Davis, a self-identified South Side Compton Crip, was taken into custody by Clark County Nevada authorities and charged with one count of murder with use of a deadly weapon and intent to promote, further or a*sist a criminal gang. Although Davis didn’t pull the trigger, he’s still culpable for the k*lling per Nevada law. An onslaught of opinions littered social media in the wake of Davis’ arrest. Shakur’s former classmate Jada Pinkett, his sister Sakyiwa and brother Mopreme were among the many addressing the news online.

As Ice-T points out, Davis made one particular mistake over and over again—talking. During a 2018 episode of BET’s death Row Chronicles, he not only admitted he was in the car when Shakur was shot, but he also double down in his memoir, Compton Street Legend.

“My initial thought was ‘people talk too much,'” Ice-T tells AllHipHop.com. “I think L.A. knew exactly how this thing played out, I just don’t really understand why it took law enforcement so long, because if I say that I’m in a car with somebody that does something, I’m part of the crime. If I go over to your house and ask you for a gun and you give it to me and I go do it, you aided and abetted the crime.

“So my point is that with all the interviews and all the books where dude just happened to say it 100 times on interviews he did: ‘I was in the car’—he said it. No one else said it. He said it. So why? Why? Why would you say that if you didn’t want to get caught? So you know, I got no love for dude. It was a chain of events that should not have ever happened. It’s all out of my realm of understanding.”


Over the years, Davis also revealed the three other people in the white Cadillac with him the night of the Shakur shooting, which included his own nephew Orlando “Baby Lane” Anderson, another thing Ice-T found incredulous.

“He names everybody else in the car,” he adds. “And now he’s basically dead—he’s gonna spend the rest of his life in prison all by his own hand. You don’t even need anybody to testify.”

DJ Vlad, who a*sured bomb1st in an interview that he refused to cooperate in the Davis investigation, has been under fire numerous times for seemingly getting his interview subjects to self-snitch.

“People right now on the internet are doing some of the dumbest s##t I’ve ever seen,” he says. “Vlad, all those guys, they will ask the most leading questions. I don’t know what the f##k but whatever. People always ask me in interviews if there’s anything I don’t want them to ask—I just won’t answer it.

“Even the crimes I’ve committed—I know I’ve never k*lled nobody, and there’s a statute of limitation. But I’ve even had some my friends come and be like, ‘You out here telling people what you did and we’re in here saying we didn’t do it, man. Calm down. Like, we’re still trying to get out homie. No disrespect, but bring it down a notch.’ I had to be very cautious. The last thing I wanna do is get somebody in trouble or myself in trouble. F##k that. I’ve never been to prison. I never done none of that stuff. People say it’s not checkers, it’s chess, but they can’t even play chess.”

Shakur was shot multiple times at the intersection of Flamingo and Koval in Las Vegas on September 7, 1996. He died at the University of Nevada Medical Center six days later. His murder has remained one of Hip-Hop’s most infamous unsolved crimes for nearly three decades. During a recent press conference, Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson a*sured “justice will be served.”

 https://allhiphop.com/exc .. c-1996-murder/

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#2   Kanye West - New Body ft. Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

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@hiphop      By Pastor Ra      13 hours ago

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#3   This how bad Dan Schneider foot fetish was

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@movies      By Press Enter      10 hours ago

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#4  Oct 1 - NY Student Has Been Detained in Dubai For Months After Touching Airport Security

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@news      By mypostmakesense      17 hours ago

A 21-year-old New York college student has been detained in Dubai after airport staffers accused her of "assaulting and insulting" them.

Elizabeth Polanco De Los Santos was traveling from Istanbul with a friend when the incident unfolded in mid-July, according to a press release from Detained in Dubai, an organization that provides advice and legal a*sistance to foreigners in the United Arab Emirates.

The pair had a 10-hour layover in Dubai, which they chose over Paris, France. For Polcano De Los Santos, those 10 hours have now stretched into multiple months.

"We thought it would be a more modern and futuristic city, but we were completely wrong," Polanco De Los Santos said in the press release.

As she went through the security screening, airport employees told her she needed to take off her doctor-mandated waist training brace.
Despite her hesitations, she agreed and was ushered into a booth with female security officers, who were "rough" as they removed the compressor, according to the press release.

"I felt really violated," Polanco De Los Santos said, adding that she was "uncomfortable and afraid." As she tried to put the trainer back on by herself, a process that takes two people, she cried and asked for help. The security officers didn't help and blocked her exit, at which point Polanco De Los Santos lightly nudged one of them so that she could call out to her friend for help, the press release said.

"I gently touched her arm to guide her out of the way then desperately started crying to my friend for help," she said. Though the search came back clear, officials told her she'd be detained for "touching the female customs officer" and kept her for hours as they filed the complaint.

Just filing a criminal or civil case against someone in Dubai triggers a complicated legal process wherein the accused party is prohibited from leaving the country. In fact, local scammers are known for using such cases to extort foreigners for money, saying they'll drop the case in exchange for thousands of dollars.

A Texas woman was detained in Dubai for months after being accused of yelling, which her accusers said violated the nation's obscenity law. She was released after paying more than $1,000 to have the travel ban against her lifted.

Radha Stirling, the CEO of Detained in Dubai, said people can end up detained in the UAE for years on bogus or minor charges. In another case Stirling is working on, a US veteran has been detained in the country for years on what he says are false charges that he owes a debt to his children's school.

For Polanco De Los Santos, a student at Lehman College, the last few months moving from one hotel to another and waiting for court hearings have been miserable.

"Even if Elizabeth wins her case, six months or more of being forced to stay in the country at her own cost while under the very real threat of imprisonment is an unacceptable consequence of transiting through Dubai," Stirling said in the press release. "This is simply no way to treat visitors."

 https://news.yahoo.com/yo .. 115729866.html

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#5   Finesse2Times Links With BG in Las Vegas

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@hiphop      By CLOUTCHASER      12 hours ago

Finesse2Times Links With BG in Las Vegas

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#6   James Conner treats Talanoa Hufanga like a h0e short on his money

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@sports      By Bkjj11      15 hours ago

a safety that's all talk son

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#7   C.J. Stroud, Anthony Richardson shining, Bryce Young struggling

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@sports      By Bkjj11      12 hours ago

Think back to the conversations about the 2023 quarterback class six months ago. Bryce Young was the unquestioned No.1 pick. C.J. Stroud was a talented passer, but one with questions to answer about his skills outside the pocket and the history of Ohio State quarterbacks. Anthony Richardson was a complete tear-down and rebuild project after barely completing half his passes in college.

That’s exactly how the draft order shook out, too. The Carolina Panthers took Young with the first pick, the Houston Texans got the next-best bet in Stroud, and the Indianapolis Colts took their usual swing on high-end traits with Richardson.

It turns out a lot can change in six months of NFL time.

Bryce Young Struggling In Carolina

The Bryce Young era in Carolina hasn’t gone according to plan a month into it. Young was supposed to bring a spark to the Panthers’ offense and elevate the talent around him. That’s the expectation of any No.1 pick in a vacuum, but that’s also what Young did at Alabama. The offensive line and skill talent at Alabama wasn’t anywhere near the program’s typical standard during Young’s time in college, but everything he gave them as a problem solver and playmaker made up for it.

That Young was a historically small prospect at 5-foot-10 and 204 pounds wasn’t supposed to matter.

Young hasn’t been able to beat the small quarterback allegations in the pros yet. He’s already serving as an example of the difference between high-end college athletes and pro athletes. NFL pass-rushers are bigger and faster, NFL throwing windows are tighter, and NFL defenses are far more complex than anything Young saw in college. All of that is catching up to Young, who is used to overcoming imperfect play in structure with his creation ability.

The results through three games have been ugly. Young is averaging 4.9 yards per pass and has been sacked 11 times. A few drops and some questionable offensive line play factor into that, but the point of a No.1 pick is that they should transcend that to some degree.

Instead, you get screen-heavy game plans like the one we saw from the Panthers in their 20-13 loss to the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday. Young just doesn’t have the physical tools to fix the problems the Panthers offense has right now.

Anthony Richardson’s Flashes of Brilliance

Richardson is the anti-Young. He’s a cyborg-turned-quarterback who many believed would take time to acclimate to the NFL because of his accuracy issues and perceived inability to process — a bogus claim from the jump, to be clear.

It’s not taken Richardson any time to acclimate to the NFL. At least not in terms of handling the mental side and being an NFL-level playmaker. Richardson came out firing against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 1, scored two rushing touchdowns in the first quarter of Week 2 against the Texans and took the Los Angeles Rams down to the wire in Week 4. Accuracy is still an issue, but there’s no doubt he has the tools and mental makeup to be a force.

The difference between Richardson compared to Young is he has the athletic tools to make up for an imperfect supporting cast and to mask typical rookie struggles.

The 6-4 Richardson can stand tall in the pocket and scan the field. If Richardson ends up late on a throw, he can throw 100 mph to make up for lost time. If Richardson has to leave the pocket, he runs a 4.44 and can outrace most NFL defenders to the edge. Richardson has all the tools that let a rookie screw up and buy themselves extra opportunities; Young doesn’t.

C.J. Stroud’s Immediate Returns

Then there’s Stroud, who resides in a different plane from the other two altogether. Stroud is a throwback pocket passer. To many, that was a fault during the draft process.

While Stroud’s accuracy and decision-making in college were phenomenal, there was concern that pulling him out of the cushy environment at Ohio State would make things slow down for him and expose his average ability to create outside of structure.

That couldn’t be further from what we’ve seen through a month of play.

Stroud has everything you want. Purely as a thrower, it doesn’t get prettier than watching Stroud. He’s got zoomer Matt Ryan vibes with the way he can bend the ball to his will to all three levels of the field down in and down out.

Stroud maximizes what he’s got with excellent anticipation, too. At 6-3, Stroud comfortably sees the field from the pocket and already anticipates throwing windows like a veteran. He’s not afraid to throw before the break and trusts his man to get open.

None of the “Ohio State system quarterback” issues come up in Stroud’s play either. The Texans gave him the full playbook from the jump and offensive coordinator Bobby Slowik is calling plays like he knows he has a certified dude at quarterback. Stroud executes the classic under center Shanahan play-action stuff just as well as he handles the quick game from empty sets or five-step dropbacks on third-and-12. It’s all on the table for him.

The Texans ask Stroud to make big boy reads and throws, and he’s executing as well as any rookie has in the modern era.

Better yet, the game hasn’t been too fast for Stroud outside the pocket. It turns out the flashes we saw against Michigan and Georgia at the end of his final college season weren’t a mirage. That’s just who he is when the lights shine bright enough. Stroud has proven more than capable of making defenders miss and scrambling around to salvage otherwise broken plays. Now, he’s never going to be the agent of chaos that Josh Allen or Patrick Mahomes is, but he’s more than capable of getting active when plays break down.

All of that has culminated in fantastic early returns on Stroud’s rookie year. Not that passing yards are a perfect barometer, but Stroud is already in rare company. Stroud’s 1,212 passing yards make him just the third player in history with at least 1,200 passing yards through their first four starts. Cam Newton and Andrew Luck are the only other two quarterbacks to do so, and Justin Herbert fell just five yards short. All three of those guys won Offensive Rookie of the Year and went on to be multi-time Pro Bowlers and even an MVP in Newton’s case. History is on Stroud’s side.

Where Do They Go From Here?
The 2023 quarterback class shows all three shades of rookie play.

Stroud is the guy who stepped in right away and looked like a pro. Luck, Herbert and Newton had that aura about them. Joe Burrow and Dak Prescott had some of that, too.

Richardson, inconsistent as he may be, is an uber-talented player with enough flashes of command and toughness to feel good about moving forward. Josh Allen was an extreme version of that, but Lamar Jackson falls into that mold as well. In the end, the wait was well worth it for those two.

Young is in limbo; neither capable enough within structure to move the offense right away nor talented enough to be explosive. The former can and will change as he gets more reps, but the latter won’t. He’s not going to get any bigger or faster. The margin for error isn’t going to change for him.

Now, the story is far from written for this quarterback class. We’re not even through the first chapter. But for the time being, there are two rookie quarterbacks who look like good long-term investments. Neither of them is the guy who was drafted with the first overall pick.

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#8   Maino: "Brittany Renner's Body Count Doesn't Matter, I Want To Be 36, 37, 38, Even 40.”

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@hiphop      By Rayful Edmond      12 hours ago


Maino has now inserted his opinion into the spirited conversation surrounding Brittany Renner revealing her body count.

Renner joined Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay podcast earlier this week, where she confessed to having slept with 35 men throughout her life, which sent the NFL Hall of Famer into a frenzy.


“I’ve had s*x with 35 guys,” she candidly revealed. “If I’m judged for having great taste…!”
Making for a viral social media moment, Sharpe tossed back a few shots of dark liquor and even offered his entire production crew a taste.


“Oh lord,” Sharpe gasped. “Anybody else need a shot of this? We are in a bar so help yourself. We got this for the next hour.”
After catching wind of the clip, Maino decided to not only keep it positive, but to also make a quick pass toward the social media star.


“It don’t matter,” he told TMZ. “We can’t be shaming that lady for her 35 partners. We can’t be shaming her. I’m just mad I wasn’t on the list.”

He continued: “I wouldn’t mind being 36, 37, 38, even 40.”

The New York rapper then said that men are typically “insecure” about women’s s*xuality and that “marriage” has nothing to do with s*x partners and “what you’ve been through.”

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#9  Leaked footage captures Kanye West complaining about Nas rapping off beat

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  @hiphop      By BKFinestMint      18 hours ago

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#10 Taylor Swift wants to know something

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@sports      By Press Enter      8 hours ago

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#11  Oct 2 - Texas Mom Let Her 3 Year Old Drown While on Her Phone At Water Park

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@news      By mypostmakesense      8 hours ago


A Texas mom has been accused of allowing her three-year-old son to drown at a water park as she allegedly 'spent hours looking at her phone and singing along to music,' witnesses told police.

Anthony Leo Malave, 3, died May 13 after being found unresponsive in a four-foot pool at the Camp Cohen Water Park, in El Paso Texas.

The boy's mother, Jessica Weaver, 35, has been accused of negligence and was arrested in connection with the drowning on August 30 and charged with injury to a child by omission.

Seven witnesses revealed the shocking behavior of a woman matching Weaver's description the day Anthony died.

They detailed the careless and avoidable nature of the incident in a police report obtained by KFOX.

Witness one said 'a woman, matching Weaver's description, was on her phone, sitting outside of a pool for over an hour.'

They added that the person 'never looked up or paid attention to anything.'

Two witnesses said that they saw the boy without his mother adding that they saw 'Weaver laying down and singing along to her phone, for approximately seven minutes before the toddler was pulled out of the water.'

Another said: 'A woman matching Weaver's description that day, encouraged the toddler to go into the pool before walking away and leaving the boy by himself.'

This same witness also said that 'it took Weaver five minutes to run to the pool after lifeguards had blown the whistle for everyone to get out.'

As the devastating drowning was unfolding one witness told police they believed 'Weaver was in the water park by herself' as they didn't see her with a child.

'Weaver did not immediately react to the situation and was surprised to learn that she was the mother of the drowning child when Weaver jumped in the water.'

Several more damning allegations were laid against the Texas mom with one witness claiming that they saw two three-year-olds swimming 'unattended and without a life vest,' before noting that the life vests were free for anyone to use.

Weaver's apathetic parenting style was also brought into question by one witness who claimed that the her son had been 'spitting chips' into the pool but was too busy on her phone to care or realize.

According to the arrest report, this last witness called the police and filed a report regarding Weaver's apparent lack of concern for her child while at the water park that day.

The police document also states that the capacity at the water park is 1,460 and that there were approximately only 466 people that day and life vests were available.

Weaver's legal counsel Ryan MacLeod earlier shirked blame saying that the city was 'more concerned with filling the park for a soft opening than safety,' Fox News reported.

A press conference with El Paso District Attorney Bill Hick's was called a 'political stunt' by MacLeod when he said 'a lifeguard is not a babysitter.'

'They're a last resort in hopefully saving a life,' Hick's said in a press conference at the time of the arrest.

MacLeod believes that the city is pursuing legal action against Weaver because she filed a lawsuit against the city and said the DA should be pursuing charges against the 17 lifeguards on duty that day.

DailyMail.com has contacted MacLeod and the DA's office for comment but did not immediately here back.

 https://www.dailymail.co. .. ses-claim.html

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#12   Who let this nicca COOK!? IM WEAK!

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  @wild'ish      By Andrefrbk      13 hours ago

Waste of food. DAMN.

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#13   🌈 AI generated pics of BOOSIE at a PRIDE PARADE❗

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  @hiphop      By Ruga's Rib Shack      12 hours ago

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#14  Kanye West says Cardi B doesn't write her lyrics and that she's an industry plant

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  @hiphop      By BKFinestMint      18 hours ago

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#15  Oct 1 - They work fast… Diane’s replacement named. Meet Laphonza Butler!

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@news      By SeeNoEvil      13 hours ago

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#16   Kanye West - Love Everyone Documentary (2018-2020) (2hrs)

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@hiphop      By HitmanBeats      14 hours ago

I'm not sure if the clips others posted today were from this documentary? but this was uploaded 6 days ago with only 14k views. If this hasn't been posted here yet, enjoy, this is a very dope & detailed documentary.


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#17   slim thug artist j dawg calls houston rapper zro a snitch

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@hiphop      By here for nsfw      12 hours ago


is slim thug going to stop his artist from talking or will zro slim thug beef again like its 2009.........

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#18  Kim K trying to get her cheeks clapped by a GOAT

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  @wild'ish      By Tweezy12      16 hours ago

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#19   40-Year-Old Boopac Shakur Was Shot & ki1led By 18y/o Male For Posing As An Underaged girl

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@wild'ish      By Frank Lucas      16 hours ago

A Michigan vigilante who amassed thousands of social media followers with his unauthorized hunts for pedophiles was shot and k*lled in a confrontation with two teenagers, police said. Robert Wayne Lee, 40, of Pontiac, was better known as Boopac Shakur online, where he would often pose as a 15-year-old girl to expose alleged predators. Authorities say that Lee accused one of the teens at a local restaurant of being a pedophile and punched him—leading one of the boys to pull out a knife and the other to fire a gun. The suspects fled but were later arrested. The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office noted Lee’s unsanctioned activities—and their uneven results—in a news release about his slaying. “His one-man crusade has led to the arrest and criminal charges being filed against several men,” it said. “He has also mistakenly identified someone as a s*xual predator who was not.” Videos that Lee posted to Facebook showed him confronting the men he corresponded with while posing as a minor in the style of the show To Catch a Predator. A GoFundMe to benefit his daughter said Lee “dedicated his life to protecting the innocence of our children from those with malicious intentions. Through his courageous efforts, he successfully exposed 132 predators who sought to harm our community's youth.” However, in January, police confirmed just four arrests based on Lee’s videos, according to the Oakland Press. Police had asked Lee to stop his sting operations, but he persisted and even announced classes for others who wanted to follow suit." - TheDailyBeast

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#20  The Creator is a Scifi masterpiece

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@movies      By dymablink      14 hours ago

Whoever made that post that they walked out halfway needs to never watch movies again.

Classic film on every level. Reminded me of old school 70-90’s sci fi films the way it was shot and lit. Amazing.

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