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sports | By suavehooper - 9 hours ago

DAMN. Lebron, Ingram, and Rondo ain't going to coexist after this

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Image(s) inside Cuban doll gets dropped by her label 4 sending a hit on female rapper!SmH!!

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misc | By BlackDynamite - 5 hours ago

I know yall BX niccca like to live by that Juicy J quote “ you say no to ratchet pus*y, Juicy J can’t”! But dayum this is straight madness

Yo sh*t chick is as crazy as she looks. Shawtee mad fine and all but her attitude and slutness is unbelievable

Mayne this the type of whore to cut yo dik off if she catches you cheating!

Her shooters :babywtf:
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blaaaaaaat 🐍

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Dis sh*t gonna get ugly cuz Rocky got a mob of real Chi-drillas on payrol

Manye the streets getting mad hot for shawtees out there. Be careful yall. Make sure you look after your sisters, moms, daughters or anything other female associates. It’s gonna be a hot winter manye

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 Did YouTube go down last week to erase a livestream of an object hitting the moon?

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wild'ish | By Mr Scaramucci - 8 hours ago

Time for a good old conspiracy.

This is a rumor, there is no proof, only speculation. Ordinarily I'd dismiss such claims except in this instance there appears to be an amazing capture of another event, by a 3rd party, around the same time and this event appears to be related to the impact.

The rumor - YT went down so as to erase a livestream video of the moon showing a massive object impacting the moon, this video apparently started seriously trending with thousands of views within minutes. At the same time, another person captured what he called a fleet of UFOs heading in the same direction as the moon around the same time.

Here is the video which brings the whole rumor together, this bloke is ex-US military and has a very popular YT channel, his commentary speaks for itself.

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Image(s) inside Sticking My Finger In Her A** Like It’s Rondo’s Face

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eyecandy | By The Watcher - 9 hours ago

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hi happy wednesday

A post shared by NATALIE MONROE (@goldandkisses) on

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A post shared by NATALIE MONROE (@goldandkisses) on

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positive vibes are sexy

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proud supporter of smiles & buttcheeks

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i like to pretend i’m innocent

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 Mexican Gang Member Warns 6ix9ine About Prison

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hiphop | By killuminati - 11 hours ago

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50 cent taking shots at Ashanti

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hiphop | By black cobra - 6 hours ago

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Image(s) inside M1lf: after 5 kids? You be the judge.

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eyecandy | By Call me fresco - 10 hours ago

she goofy ASF......I love it.

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sports | By Sccit - 8 hours ago

visit this link In The Midst Of A Lakers-Rockets Brawl, LeBron James Solidifies That He Came To LA Mainly For His Hollywood Ventures.

October 21, 2018

In the words of Damian Lillard, “When a fight happens, you see who’s with you for real”. During Saturday night’s Lakers vs. Rockets match-up, a whole lot of reality was revealed during a fight that broke out between Rajon Rondo, of the Los Angeles Lakers, and Chris Paul, of the Houston Rockets.

Irritated with the flopping of Rockets guard, James Harden, Lakers small forward, Brandon Ingram, set off a chain reaction by shoving Harden and staring down a referee after a bad call. This immediately led to Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul facing up, ultimately trading blows.. with Rondo getting the best of Paul.

It was a long time in the making, considering Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo have a history of beef with one another. The punches thrown were truly reminiscent of 90’s NBA basketball- an era well before the league went soft. It’s only right that two of the last remaining NBA throwback players would be the ones to crank up the time machine. Rondo, being the gritty, take-nothing-from no one style veteran, and Paul, being the angry little man with the Napoleon complex, made for a showdown that allegedly led to their wives fighting in the stands.

So what exactly was revealed in all of this? First and foremost, Brandon Ingram has a whole lot of heart. In an inspiring display of solidarity, Ingram ran to Rondo’s defense, sneaking in a punch aimed directly at Chris Paul. Whether or not the punch landed didn’t really matter- it was the gesture that counted. We can now confidently say that Ingram is a “team first” player who will undeniably ride for his squad through thick and thin.

On the contrary, newly acquired Lakers forward, LeBron James, went into full beta male mode, as he put his well-publicized friendship with Chris Paul before his teammates. With tempers flaring, LeBron went over to console Paul. Instead of showing camaraderie by holding his teammates down, LeBron was seen hugging Paul on the sidelines while trying to calm him down in the midst of chaos. It was truly embarrassing to Laker fans who aren’t used to this submissive type of behavior coming from their star player. With Magic Johnson in the building, you can rest assured that disappointment set in upon his realization; this wasn’t what he was looking for when he signed LeBron to a 4-year deal. As a matter of fact, the Lakers president of basketball operations is notorious for doing the exact opposite.. During the Lakers-Pistons rivalries of the late 80’s, Magic was known for putting his friendship with Isiah Thomas aside and going to battle no holds barred with his then best friend. That’s the stuff winners are made of. Picture this, Michael Jordan hugging Charles Oakley during a Knicks-Bulls scrap. You’d have better odds picking the Clippers to win a championship this year than that ever happening. Therein lies the difference between the greats and the GOATs.

It was so bad that a few NBA players and veterans even felt the need to voice their opinion on the matter via social media. NBA Champion Stephen Jackson proclaimed, “Don’t mind me, I’m just here to see who ain’t doing nothing. Who ain’t gone ride for their teammate. That’s all. Don’t mind me. Goodnight world. Love to all”. Shortly Thereafter, Rondo’s former teammate, Kendrick Perkins, chimed in stating, “lost a lot of respect for a certain someone, but who am I to judge!”. Even current NBA superstar, John Wall, took to Instagram to echo Stephen Jackson’s sentiments replying, “facts OG *100*”… Quite telling that LeBron’s very own peers show such a lack of respect for his character (or lack thereof).

And just like that, 2 games in, it seems as if the early whisperings of LeBron James putting the game of basketball on the back burner and coming to LA primarily to catapult his film career in Hollywood has officially been confirmed. It’s becoming glaringly obvious that LeBron has begun shifting his focus from basketball to his career post-retirement. And what better way to ride into the sunset than in a Laker uniform? To LeBron, it’s not about wins or losses.. it’s not about representing the purple and gold with honor and dignity.. hell, it’s no longer even about his individual stats- It’s about what he can do next.

It’s only fitting that October would be the month where Laker fans’ worst nightmare came to reality- There is no king here to save Los Angeles! The closest thing LA currently has to a king is in Brandon Ingram (who may have just officially earned the nickname Kingram).

But don’t panic, Laker fans, as there is indeed a light at the end of that tunnel. With one of the best young cores in the league and enough cap space to sign another superstar in upcoming free agency, you better believe Magic Johnson is going to be adamantly pursuing a 1st option level player (Kawhi Leonard and Kevin Durant are some names that come to mind) for LeBron to play comfortably behind, as he slowly makes his thinly veiled transition into the entertainment industry.

This is only the beginning.

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NFL Eric Reid On Altercation With Malcolm Jenkins: "HE'S A SELLOUT"

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sports | By Southpaw - 7 hours ago

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A post shared by Bleacher Report (@bleacherreport) on

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TB: Action Broson gets pulled up on!!!

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hiphop | By a1posting - 5 hours ago

Damn!! Who would've thought... Looks like somebody pulled up on Action Bronson and had quite the heated exchange of words.

Thankfully, nothing transpired out of this.

Here is a video for anyone interested

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Image(s) inside the perfect woman... dime status

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eyecandy | By Lonny Breaux - 11 hours ago

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I ain’t mad I promise🙃

A post shared by Christina ✨ (@__christina.j) on

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Baby Blue 🦋 ~ Photo @katienov ~

A post shared by Christina ✨ (@__christina.j) on

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“Very Chic” photo @katienov 💙

A post shared by Christina ✨ (@__christina.j) on

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You can’t even comprehend🙄

A post shared by Christina ✨ (@__christina.j) on

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"They love when I fall apart" -Rihanna

A post shared by Christina ✨ (@__christina.j) on

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A post shared by Christina ✨ (@__christina.j) on

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Love yourself first 💕

A post shared by Christina ✨ (@__christina.j) on

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NBA Superstar Kevin Love heads back to his Minnesota days with departure of Lebron James

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sports | By MakaveliToDon91 - 3 hours ago


PPG: 20.7



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NFL Eagles fans gave up? No GT for panthers game?

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sports | By blah blah blah - 12 hours ago

Who saw Reid toss wentz and ertz

Wentz still flabby and sick throwing inaccurate passes

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Image(s) inside Look @ Her T**ties Bruh...

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eyecandy | By squirtofkahlua - 2 hours ago

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NFL Bayou Boys in Baltimore:New Orleans Saints @ The Baltimore Ravens (Gametime 3:05 Central)

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sports | By N.O.4Life - 10 hours ago


#1 Scoring Offense vs #1 Scoring Defense Gonna be a good one

Lets Get it!

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NFL Eagles beat writer tweets racist caricature of Eric Reid during game

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sports | By Take Care - 3 hours ago

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NFL Eric Reid confronts Malcolm Jenkins over being paid off by the NFL to end kneeling

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sports | By MHP Trotty - 12 hours ago

Breakdown of their issues:


Malcolm did text me this morning asking if we would be comfortable ending our demonstrations if the NFL made a donation,” Reid said Wednesday. “At that point, that was the last straw for me. He had a conversation with the NFL. We agreed that multiple people would be part of the conversations with the league so it just wouldn’t be him. He didn’t stand by his word on that. At no point did we ever communicate an agreement with the NFL to end the protest.

“I haven’t been satisfied with the structure of the coalition or the communication Malcolm has been having with the NFL on his own, speaking on behalf of protesting players when he doesn’t protest,” Reid said, referring to Jenkins raising his fist instead of kneeling during the anthem. “We communicated these concerns to him numerous times and have had numerous phone calls about it. Our concerns haven’t been reflected with how the organization is being run, so I felt like I needed to make a departure from it.”

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Image(s) inside Are you going to try the Nightmare King burger?

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wild'ish | By 21 - 7 hours ago

Has fried chicken and a beef patty. Available for only one week


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 Money Bagg Yo with the crazy jewels from Johnny Dang

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hiphop | By micropave - 6 hours ago

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NBA Trae Young vs The Leftovers | 35 Pts, 11 Ast, 6 Threes | First Rookie To Do It Since Curry

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sports | By BallDontLie - 5 hours ago

@Abdecatur, @ATLDOPEBOI30, @EastBay Mufasa, @fakesleep, @fatrenzo, @Higherthanthou, @ImAMonster, @killaras, @kingofdasouf, @knownomniscient, @nasty dealer, @outkast, @ReDvIaGrA, @rippac4, @taboo1169, @Twotwenty

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