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#1   LeBatard poses a great question about KD's performance tonight vs his GSW tenure

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  @sports      By soso24      6 hours ago

Do you guys agree?

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#2  Carl Crawford already told yall about that bih Megan Thee Stallion

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  @hiphop      By trapclassics      9 hours ago

I knew this hoe wasn't sh*t when i seen how she tried to cross out Carl after he put her on. Her mentality is exactly what i can't stand about the typical modern day black women.. they think they can use you up and "finesse" you and want to be treated special. And then they hate when you finesse them and when you know they aint sh*t. fu*k that bi*ch and bi*ches who think like her

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#3   Megan Thee Stallion & Da Baby Exchange Some Words On Twitter Over Tory Lanez "SKAT" Song

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  @hiphop      By Purple Diesel      12 hours ago

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#4   Best player on the planet airballs on final possession

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  @sports      By The Bully      9 hours ago



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#5   Lil Reese NEW Interview: Finally Explains What Happened in The Garage Shooting Incident

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  @hiphop      By nodayzoffatl      12 hours ago

skip to 1:29 where he talks about the NEW shooting

@ronnie you already know this one finna be a HT!

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#6   Kyrie "That motherf---er can make that shot too"

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  @sports      By Lite      9 hours ago


Na im bullsh*tting.. kd balled the fu*k out
Best game of the offs by far

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#7  Jun 19 - OnlyFans to Pivot Away From P@rnography, Seeking $1 Billion USD Valuation

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@news      By jlandryst      11 hours ago

OnlyFans, a site where celebrities and adult-film stars charge admirers for access to videos and photos, is in talks to raise new funding at a company valuation of more than $1 billion, according to people with knowledge of the matter.

The startup, which is profitable, is working with an adviser to solicit interest from investors, said one of the people, who asked not to be identified because the discussions are private. The idea is to find backers who can help it become more of a mainstream media platform and lessen its reputation for pr0n.

Though OnlyFans has roots in adult entertainment, the site wants to be a place where a broad range of celebrities and athletes can connect with fans. It’s also looking to attract more advertisers, some of which may be wary of its pr0n ties.

So far, its celebrity users include professional boxer Floyd Mayweather and rapper Cardi B. Companies such as Sticky’s Finger Joint, a restaurant chain specializing in chicken fingers, have joined OnlyFans as part of their marketing strategies.

“Athletes are a creator genre we’re seeing a lot of growth in,” OnlyFans founder and Chief Executive Officer Tim Stokely said when Mayweather joined the site earlier this month.

OnlyFans handled more than $2 billion in sales last year. Since the site takes a 20% fee, that means it had over $400 million in revenue.

This year, the London-based company is growing at a rate of over 100%, according to the person familiar with the situation. OnlyFans has said it’s paid out over $3 billion to the more than 1.25 million creators on its platform. It has over 130 million registered users.

An OnlyFans representative declined to comment.

Stokely, a British entrepreneur, founded the site in 2016 and later sold a majority stake to Leonid Radvinsky, a Chicago-based internet entrepreneur. Both Stokely and Radvinsky have a background in adult entertainment.

Use of OnlyFans exploded during the pandemic, as adult-film stars, models, fitness instructors and chefs all relied on the site to charge fans for special classes or private messages.

It faces competition from other sites seeking to profit from fan experiences. That includes Cameo, which lets celebrities sell personalized messages to fans. Baron App Inc., Cameo’s parent, said in March that it was valued at more than $1 billion after raising $100 million in a funding round from investors such as SoftBank Group Corp.’s Vision Fund 2 Earlier this week, Cameo announced it was adding basketball star Earvin “Magic” Johnson as a board member.

In enlisting more celebrities and athletes, OnlyFans aims to offer a view into their personal lives -- for a fee. That’s the case with Mayweather, who joined the site just before his exhibition f*ght with influencer Logan Paul last week.

“I’m looking forward to sharing a glimpse into my life and some never-before-seen content while getting to know top fans,” Mayweather said in a statement.

visit this link https://www.bloomberg.com .. bove-1-billion

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#8  Jun 18 - All employees quit family dollar in Pittsburgh and leave sign on the door

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  @news      By Eatsumcheese      11 hours ago

Sometimes, enough is enough. That’s most likely how the former employees of a Family Dollar in Pittsburgh’s Garfield neighborhood are feeling right about now. The staff posted a note in the window calling it quits on, CBS Pittsburgh (KKDKA-TV) reported on Wednesday.

The handwritten message on the door of the store read, “Staff quit! Y’all be easy.” The sign has since been taken down, and an employee called in from another store was the sole worker yesterday before locking up the store.

Customers were not happy, to say the least. “I’m very upset,” customer Emma Porco told CBS Pittsburgh on Wednesday. “During the past several months, it’s just been on a steady decline.”

Heather Berry was the manager of that Family Dollar in Garfield and was one of the two now-former employees to walk out on the store.

According to Berry, the district manager mistreated the understaffed staff. Hence, she decided not to complete her two weeks’ notice.

“There are no employees,” Berry told CBS Pittsburgh. “One-hundred-five hours every week. It’s too much, and he wanted me to be here by myself running two registers. This is a high-volume store.”

“It was about 102 degrees in there. When we got the storm the other day, the power went out and they wanted me to hold tight until the power came back on. The power didn’t come back on until noon the next day. This company is very hard to work for,” she added.

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#9   Well That Was Quick -- Netflix cancels Jamie Foxx's sitcom

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@movies      By lordinfamouz      9 hours ago

Well That Was Quick. I watched only the first episode and had to turn it off. Hopefully he got a bag off it...

Netflix, in its merciful benevolence, has finally granted the desperate, exclamation-point-capped pleas of Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! Which is to say that the streaming giant has pulled the plug on the single-season sitcom, which starred Genuine Movie Star and Certified Oscar Winner Jamie Foxx, returning to the TV comedy roots that helped jump-start his career. Per Deadline, the series was based on Foxx’s own relationship with his daughter, Corinne; both Foxxes produced on the series, which co-starred Kyla-Drew as the embarrassed daughter-proxy in question.

Netflix aired all eight of Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!’s extant episodes—which, we feel perversely motivated to note, are all named things like “#YeezysAndShrimp” and “#n*pplesOrNuts”—back in April of 2021. Said episodes introduced the world to Brian Dixon, a perfectly relatable cosmetics company owner who just happens to look and sound a great deal like Certified Oscar Winner Jamie Foxx. (Not that Foxx confined himself to this single role; he also played a series of one-off characters with names like Rev. Sweet Tea and Cadillac Calvin.) The series co-starred sitcom royalty David Alan Grier as Foxx’s father, plus Porscha Coleman, Jonathan Kite, and Heather Hemmens

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#10  Serious Question For The Non Vaxxed People

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  @wild'ish      By Obadiah1Verse18      9 hours ago

Have you noticed a behavioral change in the people that you know who have been vaxxed? Are they more distant maybe, or a lot more prone to angry nowadays? One woman I work with who has been vaxxed snaps on the drop of a dime at minor sh*t. She’s always been the type to get kind of upset at stuff, but now it’s on a whole nother level. Also, people’s driving has now become erratic and crazy as fu*k. I can’t count the number of people I see doing stupid sh*t while driving. A little while ago, I was behind the first person at a light while it was green, and I blew my horn and they didn’t even move. I literally had to go around them. Random accidents have been on the uptick lately, and I have a strong suspicion the vax is the main cause of it.

BTW, I’ve seen other people on the net talk about this also, but I want to get BX’s input.

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#11   Harden Gonna Harden

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  @sports      By Spot Rusherz      9 hours ago


5/17 2/12 from three

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#12   "Ayo Ni99as Tried To Sh*t On Me And Make History..."

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  @hiphop      By Avon_Barksdale      9 hours ago

Artist: Capone-N-Noreaga
Album: The War Report
Song: T.O.N.Y.

From Iraq to Kuwait word up, Desert Station, regulation
CNN, channel 10 once again...wha-wha!

Chorus: 2x
T-O-N-Y invade N.Y.
multiply, k*ll a cop,
me and you,
you got beef, I got beef

Ayo n*ggas tried to sh*t on me and make history, supposedly
I was the man who was supposed to be
the head of the click
lip sealed, no n*gga snitch
do or die, I smoke bogey, sword like shinobi
shoot up your block and make you know me
you aint ready yet, slow down and recollect
stay in the car, I stuff Allah bodyset
ay yo Allah-u-Akbar, look paw, now I'm set
air conditioned cooler system, yo, the tec glisten
on a mission, shoot your back out position
found missing, 2-5 deep in prison
kid listen, die on the cross like a Christian
so fu*k you, plus your weak religion
in disguise, nowdays I cut prize
the invincible, untouchable CNN
is boldfaced, written in gold with ink pen
channel 10, we break ten, win again
kid you on pluto, homo'd out just like menudo
far from the sun, cant feel the sh*t that I do
I stand in front the Judge about to lie, plus I'm high too

Chorus 2x
I did it for the love of cash your honor
traffickin' across the Verrazano, coke dealin', marijuana
and my persona, glitters in gold
unlike them other money getters who stack, turn quitters and fold
cash and hydro, eyes low
looking Phillipine, divide dough
and regulate, empire stare caked up
raked up a hundred thou, now we all laced up
what., shining, designer lex pearl lining
the finer wine and, cuisine sitting mastermindin'
roundtable climbin to the Top Of New York
won't stop, until we get dropped from New York
price of coke rise
j snatch my enterprise
a million more, rookie cops thinking they live
we survive, game tight like virgin nappy
feds on our back, tracin tracks to murder pappy

2-5 we on a deadline, read the headline
Noriega blast with nines
move fakers, get ya back blown in Jamaica
lay you in the earth and curse you and your maker
I told you fools to stop fu*kin with the Maqi
arab nazi, blow holes in your Versace
this war's mega, with the arm legga legga
been doin this, since Mobb Six with Cormega
gorilla, animal thugs be trife looking, your hearts tookin'
and got blown in Central Booking
I'm mad iller, organized thug k*ller
now you little monkey n*ggas wanna play gorilla
officially, Mousallini, punk he me
insanity, temporarily my plea
and the jakes never worry me as long as I'm free
to my people holdin packs, nuthin less than a G
crime side of life, foul price to pay
illegal life, trigger trife till we old and gray
when the flesh dry up and the world decay
reach heaven in a pearly white ACURAy
but until then, I'ma shine to the last sin
resurrect through the birth of my son, and live again

chorus 2x

visit this link https://ohhla.com/anonymo .. t/tony.cnn.txt

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#13  God says to be fruitful and multiply but I don’t want kids

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  @misc      By Jonny2soxs      8 hours ago

Personally I never had the urge to have a child , it seems almost selfish (to myself) since this world get worse and worse every year , I also wanted to only have a kid if I was married but getting married seems outdated and almost laughable since most of these woman aren’t the marriage type , is it weird to not want a kid ? I’m almost 30 and enjoy not having to worry about another person

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#14   grimiest beat

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@hiphop      By brrrr      11 hours ago

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#15   IGN caught in 4K

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@games      By 5ive04our      8 hours ago

^^This exact quote sounds like one of you ponies on BX

Media bias is real.

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#16   PARDI Reacts To DABABY Over MEGAN THEE STALLION Tweets "You a Clown"

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  @hiphop      By StopHatingOnMe      11 hours ago

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#17   WTF! Anderson Silva vs. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. TONIGHT live

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@sports      By thatfrenchguy      9 hours ago


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#18   When comedy movies were not a issue.

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@movies      By Sir Capone 925      9 hours ago

I work 50+ hours since I was young. So on my day off (today) saw this I thought to myself "like how did I miss this one".

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#19   Talk Yo sh-t Mr Bayless..Lmao

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@sports      By LegendKilla03      9 hours ago


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#20   "The east is a cake walk"

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  @sports      By YoungRay20      8 hours ago

Only when Lebron is in it.

What happen did the east magically get stronger post lebron?

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