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3 hours ago

 #MeToo has PEAKED.

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  movies | By Doc Logical

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4 hours ago

 YFN Lucci wants all the smoke from Young Thug

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hiphop | By 504

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3 hours ago

Chris Brown out here cooking niggas on the court

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sports | By GLOIN

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3 hours ago

 Madden 20 - This Play Got Him A Refund!

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games | By Kewop Decam

Oh, Madden....

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5 hours ago

 Jay paid for his “Hip Hop’s 1st Billionaire” Article after finding out that Kanye was

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  hiphop | By Mike Mann

This lady wasn’t spitting shit, instead, she was right on the money

The interviewer that works at Forbes who interviewed Kanye in his recent Forbes cover shoot is ironically the author and publisher of both Jay-Z’s books “Empire State of Mind” and “Three Kings”

And when that Kanye interview dropped, the first thing I noticed was how condescending the interview guy was to him throughout both the interview and the entire article.

I said that they couldn’t have found a worst person to interview him, and then two weeks later, come to find out that the guy has been in Jay-Z’s pocket for over a decade now.


Check this part of Kanye’s Forbes interview article.

The interviewer and publisher of the entire write up just so happens to be a huge Jay-Z stan, and he’s the author and publisher of both of Jay-Z’s books.

Kanye and his team insists that he’s already a billionaire, and that he made more money than what the publisher led on.

Read the full article, the slant was so heavy. The way he worded shit made his bias so obvious, and he wore Jordan’s to the interview, a fucking interview about Kanye’s sneaker empire with Adidas.

That’s like going to a Pepsi business meeting while drinking a coke.

Jay has his paws all over this shit, and it’s sad because Kanye really loves tf outta that nigga.

Jay wants to be the first and best at everything. He’s literally writing Kanye outta the history books, one thing after another. The Grammys was another thing, he convinced a mentally ill “loyal” Kanye to leave his most easily digestive album since Graduation exclusively on his Tidal platform for nearly three months, in which directly hurt it’s commercial success and chances at winning any awards or accodales.

That very next year, Jay passed Kanye as the most Grammy awarded hip hop act in history smmfh

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3 hours ago

Aug 17 - Katy Perry accused by a second person of sexual misconduct

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news | By Micheal C. Will

A second person has come forward to accuse Katy Perry of alleged sexual misconduct.

Russian TV presenter Tina Kandelaki claims the “American Idol” judge once approached her while allegedly intoxicated at an event and attempted to kiss her without consent.

Kandelaki told Russian media outlet StarHit that Perry approached her but was rebuffed, prompting her to look for someone else to try and kiss.

“Once I was invited to a private party with Katy Perry, where she, being pretty tipsy, chose me as an object for the manifestation of her passion,” Kandelaki, 43, told the outlet (via Page Six). “I managed to fight back, strength training was not in vain, and Katy instantly found a new victim for kisses, hugs and dirty dances.”

She reportedly continued, “As far as I can tell, there were no casualties at the party, but I won’t be surprised at the stream of memories of unhappy fans who for years carried this inside themselves, and now they suddenly remembered the scolded dignity.”

Representatives for Perry did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

The new accusation comes just days after the singer was accused by the co-star of her “Teenage Dream” music video of exposing his penis to others at a party.

Josh Kloss, who appeared in the megahit video with the singer, wrote on Instagram that Perry, now 34, was cold to him when others were around but warm and friendly when they were alone. He also said she invited him to a strip club, but he turned it down.

"This one time I brought a friend who was dying to meet her," Kloss recalled. "It was Johny Wujek’s birthday party at Moonlight Rollerway. And when I saw her, we hugged and she was still my crush. But as I turned to introduce my friend, she pulled my Adidas sweats and underwear out as far as she could to show a couple of her guy friends and the crowd around us my penis."

"Can you imagine how pathetic and embarrassed I felt? I just say this now because our culture is set on proving men of power are perverse. But females with power are just as disgusting," he wrote.

News seems to be real quiet on certain fronts, for certain individuals and/or genders

Imagine if this was Trey Songz, Chris Brown or Usher though

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5 hours ago

  Amanda Diva Speaks On People Who Are Upset With Jay Z For Partnering W/ NFL in IG Series

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hiphop | By UghhFan

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6 hours ago

 Michael Jai White wife is a beast tooo

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  movies | By black cobra

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3 hours ago

YOO LAVAR BALL really WON eternally :mjdamn:

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sports | By suavehooper

Why Lavar Ball and Big Baller Brand are more successful than haters want to admit

Lavar Ball, a name that now rings bell everywhere. He went from being the Sports Dad on the sideline of all his sons game, to being as popular as the President in only a few months. He raised three sons, who all became professional basketball players. Lonzo Ball has emerged as one of the best all around Point Guards in the NBA. He, his son Lonzo Ball, and former Business partner Alan Foster but their heads together and created their own brand BBB, to take on corrupt corporations like Nike.

Fast forward some years later and BBB has grown into an Empire, as Lavar Ball continued to make history. BBB empire expanded from just a sneaker and clothing brand, to a company that has a media division, water division, and its own basketball league JBA. Lavar Ball became the first African american black man to own an Independent Professional Basketball league in the history of the USA.

Despite all these things, when you look around the internent, all you will see his articles of pure hate, that would lead you to believe that Lavar Ball has failed at everything he tried to accomplish. The people who write these articles are the same people who said Big Baller Brand would never release even one shoe. Their articles seem to only focus on small aspect of the Empire Lonzo and Lavar Built, so I will focus on the two most successful BBB projects, the Ball in the Family reality show, and the JBA League.

Ball in the Family

On August 29, 2017 the first episode of Ball in the Family aired on Facebook watch. No one was sure how well the show would do, besides Lavar Ball and his family. The show was an instant hit, with millions of streams per episode, becoming one of the most watched reality shows ever on Facebook Watch. The show did so well, that 2 years later, we are already on Season 3, and Facebook has inked another new deal worth millions with Lavar Ball for more seasons. Lavar Ball uses what haters want to see, such as turmoil between him and his sons, and creates story lines for that show that make people who dislike him tune in, even more so than his fans.

JBA League

Some people say Lavar Ball only created the JBA league to showcase his son Lamelo Ball. Lavar Ball famously responded by saying "If you had the ability to start a league for you son, who wouldn't?". No matter what the real reason was behind the JBA being created, the fact remains it is a massive success. JBA league was also signed to a Facebook streaming deal similar to their reality show. The JBA averaged around 100,000 to 200,000 per contest according to various reports from well known sports outlets. In the games where Lamelo Ball was playing those contests averaged around 800,000 streams per contest. These streaming numbers were, and still are historically great for an Independent Basketball league. So much so, that Facebook also offered Lavar Ball a new contract worth millions for another JBA season. As I mentioned before Lavar Ball is also the first African-American Black man to own his own Independent professional basketball league in US history.

So while Haters will continue to try and say Big Baller Brand is a failure, the Brand is still going strong because it actually is an empire. While the world laughs at Lavar Ball, he is doing the Big Baller Brand Dance all the way to the bank

source: visit this link https://www.jordanthrilla .. -want-to-admit

BBB and Lavar Ball WON

They are going to filthy rich for generations to come now. Turned down corrupt Nike, and built a KINGDOM from the ground up from within the family.

First Black man to own an Independent professional basketball league, and it was one of the most successful in history as well.

Like Lavar said, you know you made it, when people start praying on your downfall

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6 hours ago

  Breaking! New Fight Night Video Game In Development by EA Sports! (Confirmed)

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  sports | By CHAMPSIDE

Claressa Shields announces she was asked to be in the new Fight Night!

Updated 8-17-19 Noon Time:

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3 hours ago

 Nintendo Is Giving New Switch Owners a Free Upgrade to Version 2

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games | By cold_young_thug

visit this link .. ree-1837315161

We’ve reached out to Nintendo for official confirmation by email and its phone line appears to be getting overwhelmed by inquiries at the moment.

The unofficial offer was discovered by a Reddit user who reached out to Nintendo in hopes of swapping the Switch they bought on launch day with the recently updated version (not the smaller Switch Lite) that includes better battery life, an improved processor (according to the Nintendo rep this Redditor spoke to) and even minor screen improvements, as some have discovered. The Nintendo rep told them that unfortunately only Switch owners who purchased the console after July 17 this year and that while Nintendo will pay to ship the replacement, customers need to cover the costs of shipping the old units back. One YouTuber even uploaded a recording of their call with a Nintendo rep who is heard confirming the ability to upgrade the freshly purchased Switch.

Other Reddit users have shared stories of similar success when reaching out to Nintendo support, in both the US and Canada, although many have been told that they must include proof of purchase and that older units will simply be returned if the criteria aren’t properly met. Nintendo also told customers that any save game data will be permanently lost for those doing the exchange. That’s an unfortunate downside given some eligible gamers have been potentially enjoying their Switches for almost a month from the specified cutoff date, but a free upgrade is still hard to argue with, and getting to replay The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild from the beginning isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Dis is good shit for the people i saw on here copped before v2 came out. NIntendo lookin out for us. All u gotta do is send it in your old with the receipt and they'll swap out.

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4 hours ago

 Remember when Jigga man pulled that Ghetto Techno stunt?

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hiphop | By Droopy

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6 hours ago

 Tee Grizzley disses Eminem again

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  hiphop | By blah blah blah

At 20 seconds “I don’t fuck with em he try to shake my hand imma ho em”

Good to see people dissing that clown more now. Tee is the best rapper from Detroit, only prime Royce might be better

Any grown man listening to Eminem is a lame, shits for suburban high school kids

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3 hours ago

 Nba 2k20 new myplayer builder

20 people viewing this

games | By strahan2004

visit this link .. lained-1454769
Yesterday was community day so we got a load of new infos :

Archetypes as fans know them don't exist. Your archetype forms based on the stats you invest in most.
You use a pie chart that acts as the base of your build, then you place four initial points in Playmaking, Finishing, Shooting or Defense.
When you are finished, the game tells you which NBA athlete your player most resembles.

Builds can be tested at every Overall level before finalizing your choice.
Players can manually create their own attribute caps.
If you're a stretch big, your attributes are restricted past a certain height.
Female character builds exist in MyCareer.
Described as the most balanced MyPlayer builder yet.
It's suggested people will be 99s quicker this year.

There are about 80 confirmed Badges. At least 21 of those are Driving-related.
Each game you get Badge Points, Attribute Points and VC. This means you'll be grinding for points this year instead of VC.
Players can pick the Badges they'd like their MyPlayer to have.
You gain Badge slots as your Overall increases.
Badges are picked at the start, but they can be upgraded, added and removed at will.
One is called Quickdraw. It speeds up the release of all jump shots.
There's also a Badge called Ice in My Veins.
Dribbling Badges include Handles for Days, Unpluckable, Tight Handles and Stop and Go.
There's a Badge to increase shooting in Hot Zones.

There are no Double Takeovers. Takeovers are chosen before you play and can be changed later in the MyPlayer editor.
It's assumed the Takeovers available to you are tied to your stats.
There's at least one new Takeover.
In other words, NBA 2K20 features an entirely overhauled Road to 99. If the new system works as advertised, players will have the ability to customize their ballers, test them and shape them like never before. Also, if VC is no longer part of player stat increases like has been described, the MyCareer grind should be much shorter than it's been over the past two years. For those who've been following the series closely, NBA 2K20 sounds like a dream come true. However, these systems warrant deep testing before we truly know what they're capable of.

NBA 2K20 demo releases August 21 on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Looks like a big W to me, we'll see...

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6 hours ago

  Aug 17 - Proud Boy Rally today in Portland; Community Promises to Battle the Fascists

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news | By Bandito

A rally of right-wing groups is expected to be met by left-wing counter protesters in downtown Portland on Saturday in a clash that has become familiar to Portlanders since the election of President Donald Trump.

The size and volatility of the protests remain unclear, but the weeks-long anticipation of the dueling demonstrations has garnered national attention, in part, because of the history of violence during similar clashing protests in Portland.

Here's what you should know about the potential protests:

Saturday's protests

"The End of Domestic Terrorism" rally is slated to begin at 11 a.m. at Tom McCall Waterfront Park, and is expected to draw far-right supporters from outside of Oregon. Portland police said people could begin gathering at the park as early as 9:30 a.m.

The rally was reportedly organized by Joe Biggs, a former InfoWars staffer, and Enrique Tarrio, chairman of the Proud Boys, a group of self-described “Western chauvinists" that the Southern Poverty Law Center has designated as a hate group.

Biggs told the Associated Press earlier this week that he decided to hold the rally after seeing the assault of conservative writer Andy Ngo during dueling protests between right-wing groups and left-wing anti-fascists on June 29 in Portland. The attack was captured on video by The Oregonian reporter Jim Ryan and has been viewed millions of times on social media.

"That group of Antifa there in Portland needs to be exposed for who they are," Biggs said in a phone interview with AP earlier this week. "And guess what? They should be scared."

Biggs told AP he’s directed supporters to not bring weapons or start fights, but to still be prepared to defend themselves.

At least one counter-protest, organized by Rose City Antifa, is expected.

“Our city is a target for right-wing attacks precisely because it is a symbol of progressive values,” the group said on its Facebook event page. “We must show that our community will never back down to right-wing threats."

More groups of protesters, of unknown sizes, are expected to show up at Portland’s waterfront as well. In addition to the Proud Boys, AP reports white nationalist American Guard and the Three Percenters, a far-right militia, have all said they will have members in Portland. Hate group watchdogs say the Daily Stormers, a neo-Nazi group, are also expected, AP said.

It’s unclear if Patriot Prayer, who has clashed with anti-fascists several times on Portland’s streets over the last couple years, will be on hand. The group’s leader, Joey Gibson, was arrested Friday on a felony riot charge related to a brawl outside a Northeast Portland bar on May Day. He told KGW on Thursday he’s unsure if he’ll go to the rallies. But following his arrest on Friday, Gibson urged his supporters to show up but not engage in violent or criminal acts.

Police response

While it’s not clear how many protesters will show up Saturday, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and Police Chief Danielle Outlaw have sent a clear message to those who come: violence will not be tolerated.

“Don’t come. We don’t want you here. I don’t care what side you’re on,” Outlaw said, referring to potentially violent protesters.

Earlier this week, Wheeler hosted a “community coalition to denounce violence,” which included other city leaders, public officials, law enforcement agencies, political activist groups and religious leaders.

“To those who perpetrate racism, sexism and bigotry, you are not welcome here,” Wheeler said at the event.

As for the police response to Saturday’s protests, Wheeler said last week that it will be “on a scale that this city hasn’t seen in years.” He said he’s directed Portland police “to use whatever means necessary and to amass whatever resources necessary to ensure public safety and to uphold the law.”

It’s not just the city making decisions out of concern for safety. Organizers of community events are as well. Several events that were planned in downtown Portland on Saturday have been relocated or postponed, and numerous businesses have announced that they will be closed.

visit this link .. 2-ac6a4478bf24

I wonder if Andy NoGo is going to make an appearance.

These White Supremacists really have the nerve to call their rally, "The End of Domestic Terrorism."

I guess they planning a mass suicide. Because they are the Number One Domestic Terrorists in the US.

I hope they don't think they are slick holding this rally on the anniversary of Charlottesville. RIP Heather Heyer.

I was going to head up there today. But, those nazi fuckers have been closer to home the last few weekends.

These are some shots from the downtown market last Saturday.

Where the fuck you finding zubaz pants in 2019? You been holding on to them things for 25 years.

These people were out there at a public market where people bring their kids to get their face painted and buy fresh vegatables. Less than a week after the El Paso shooting carrying their guns around.

Seen a lot of trump 2020 hats too. Don't really see them wearing that hat around town when they are not strapped though.

Talking to these crazy fucks is something else. Hopefully they took their asses up to Portland this weekend. So, I can buy my heirloom tomatoes in peace and not have to play watchman.

Shout out to all the comrades up in Rose City and I hope y'all stay safe.

This guy has the right idea.

Grab two females and enjoy the show.

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3 hours ago

De’Aaron Fox has withdrawn from Team USA

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sports | By 21

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6 hours ago

  Jay-Z after his deal with the NFL....

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  sports | By Sir_Burn_Alot

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39 mins ago

  Jon Jones- "How about me slapping Izzy in Africa?"

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sports | By Gramz

He's been sonning Chael all day on Twitter too

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3 hours ago

Aug 17 - Shell Workers Had To Attend Trump Speech To Be Paid, Were Ordered Not To Protest

18 people viewing this

news | By Jdog168

Workers at a massive new Shell plant in Pennsylvania had to attend a speech by President Donald Trump there earlier this week to be paid — and were ordered not to protest, reported the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Attendance was not mandatory for thousands of union workers at Royal Dutch Shell’s petrochemical plant north of Pittsburgh, but they had to forfeit pay for the day if they skipped, according to attendance and comportment information obtained by the newspaper.

“Your attendance is not mandatory,” one manager told workers, summarizing a memo that Shell sent to union leaders, the Post-Gazette reported, but only those who showed up at 7 a.m., scanned their ID cards and prepared to stand for hours through lunch would be paid.

“No scan, no pay,” workers were warned.

In addition, workers who decided not to listen to the president’s speech reportedly would not be paid overtime rates routinely built in for extra time during the week.

The newspaper said that they were also told: “No yelling, shouting, protesting or anything viewed as resistance will be tolerated at the event. An underlying theme of the event is to promote good will from the unions. Your building trades leaders and jobs stewards have agreed to this.”

“This is just what Shell wanted to do and we went along with it,” Ken Broadbent, business manager for Steamfitters Local 449, told the newspaper. He said he wouldn’t “bad rap” the situation.

“We’re glad to have the jobs. We’re glad to have the project built,” he said. “The president is the president whether we like him or dislike him. We respect him for the title.”

The new $6 billion plant, which has been under construction since 2017, is an “ethane cracker” plant. It will “crack” ethane, a natural gas liquid found in some natural gas deposits, and turn it into plastic pellets to be used in various plastic products. The plant will produce over 1 million tons of plastic. Environmentalists and community groups complain that the operation will harm the region’s air quality and will increase carbon emissions and plastic pollution.

Trump took full credit for the plant in his speech, even though it was initially approved in June 2016, during the Obama administration, CNN reported.

“It was the Trump administration that made it possible,“ Trump told workers. “No one else. Without us, you would never have been able to do this.”

He also told workers: “I’m going to speak to some of your union leaders to say, ’I hope you’re going to support Trump. If they don’t, vote them the hell out of office because they’re not doing their job.”

Trump was supposed to stick to addressing energy in his speech, but it morphed into a full-blown, free-range campaign speech.

visit this link .. b056fafd0c08db

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6 hours ago

  Anthony Joshua; “Lennox Lewis a clown, I don’t respect him.” 🤡

17 people viewing this

sports | By theFREAK

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