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#1  Cam & Jim was right about Karen Civil...

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  @hiphop      By ZigZag      4 hours ago

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#2 Sep 16 - Unvaccinated people account for 94% of the new coronavirus cases in Pennsylvania

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@news      By CurryDaGoat      2 hours ago

Yet yall prefer to take an unproven (for treating covid) horse dewormer.


. The vast majority of Pennsylvanians who have contracted the coronavirus in 2021 were not vaccinated, state officials said Tuesday, releasing new data on infections they said should persuade all eligible residents to get their shots.

Through early September, there have been nearly 640,000 positive cases of COVID-19 across the state, close to 35,000 hospitalizations, and almost 6,500 deaths. But 97% of the deaths were in people who were unvaccinated or partially vaccinated, according to state data, as were 95% of hospitalizations and 94% of confirmed cases

visit this link https://www.inquirer.com/ .. -20210914.html

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#3  Vado sh-ttin On Cam In Math Hoffa Interview

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  @hiphop      By beamjawn      6 hours ago

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#4 Klay gonna Yolk Mcgee up in traffic... This dude the OPP. Snitching HARD.

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  @sports      By Andrefrbk      2 hours ago

n*ggas didnt need to know this information... Wasnt his place to say this.

n*gga aint ya mans B...

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#5   You Rockin' These Shorts BXers?

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@gear      By whammy      3 hours ago

They're from a company called Black Balled.

They're a black owned golf apparel company.

visit this link https://blackballedgolf.com/

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#6  JA RULE shouldn’t have said this about 50 CENT and Candy Shop in the Verzuz…

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  @hiphop      By GrgeClrk      7 hours ago

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#7  Sep 16 - Wtf?!? Kid k*lls parents, siblings and pets and posted pics

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@news      By inthought      7 hours ago

visit this link https://www.ksat.com/news .. ss-police-say/

A juvenile male who allegedly posted pictures of his dead relatives and threatened a school in the Aransas Pass area k*lled himself as officers approached the crime scene, police said.
The Aransas Pass Police Department and the San Patricio County Sheriff’s Office said they discovered the 15-year-old boy’s body along with the bodies of three other people and two dogs in a trailer at the Aransas RV Park on Wednesday evening.
Authorities said they were tracking down the boy after he posted the graphic images of three people who he identified as his family members on social media.
It is unclear how they died, but SPCSO Sheriff Oscar Rivera said the boy, identified as William Quince Colburn III, claimed he k*lled them.
APPD said he also “threatened to continue violence at an area school.”

Officers with APPD, Ingleside Police Department and SPCSO tracked him to an RV where he lived.
When they asked him to exit the RV, he refused. Police said they then heard a single gunshot and a thud of him falling to the floor.
“Entry was made into the RV and (officers) immediately discovered the graphic scene shared over social media,” the APPD said in a news release.
Rivera identified the victims as William Colburn Jr., 63, Janna Colburn, 53, and Emma Colburn, 13.
The murder-suicide is still under investigation, and APPD is working with the Aransas Pass Independent School District and the Ingleside Independent School District.
There is no further threat to students or staff, police said.

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#8 Weekly What's Dropping Tonight Discussion Thread (9/16)

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  @hiphop      By BancoLux      3 hours ago

Tion Wayne - Green With Envy
Mozzy - Untreated Trauma
ZillaKami - DOGBOY
M1llionz - Provisional License
Curren$y & Kino Beats - Matching Rolexes
Rittz - S.O.S.
Injury Reserve - By The Time I Get To Phoenix (9/15)
osquinn - drive-by lullabies
Guap Tarantino - Quarantino 2
Onlybino! - Lov3 2 Hate
Moor Mother - Black Encyclopedia Of The Air

Juice WRLD - TBA
YoungBoy Never Broke Again - On My Side
Iann Dior - V12 (feat. Lil Uzi Vert) (9/14)
Coi Leray - Twinin Em
Comethazine - Spinback (9/15)
Lakeyah - 313-414 (feat. Tee Grizzley)
Lil Gotit - Father’s Day (feat. Lil PJ) (9/15)
Yung Bans - Blow Her Back Out (feat. KA$HDAMI)
Cash Kidd - 1 Up
Suigeneris - Milan
Thouxanbanfauni - Big Bandz (feat. MDMA)
GMO Stax - Can’t Save n*ggas (feat. Babyface Ray & Peezy)
Xhulooo - Opp Pack

New Mozzy and Spitta is always a blessing

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#9  Venom 2. Post credit scene leaked 🔥

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  @movies      By Triple0      4 hours ago

I'm honestly shocked this hasn't been posted on here yet. Ya'll slacking

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#10   Kazunori Yamauchi explains GT7 requirement for n*ggas with poor internet connection

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@games      By Blunted Sultan      6 hours ago

and some more interesting news for the people that will actually play this game

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#11  Man Goes vegan after finding pigs n*pple on his McDonald's bacon

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@wild'ish      By outstanding      3 hours ago

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#12   Shiba Inu on Coinbase

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@misc      By tdnupe3      35 mins ago

No talk of Shiba Inu being listed on Coinbase today?

I jumped in a few hours ago at .0000085

No idea how high it will go, and I won't tell any of you to throw money at this, but it just seemed like the right time to get in.

Definitely don't see any upside in the functionality department. This one is PURELY speculation and NOTHING else. But at that cheap a price, I couldn't help myself.

If this sh*t just goes to a penny.................. LAWD HAVE MERCY. I'm not one of these folks that's going to try endlessly hope and wait for it to hit $1.00.

.01 is my exit 1, .03 is my exit 2, and I'll just let the rest ride until I feel like cashing out.

Again, not trying to get anyone to jump into this the way I did. Do what you feel.

Disclaimer: I'm no crypto or investment guru, so I haven't looked at any charts, candles, analysis, etc for this. I'm not a broker or financial/investment advisor.

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#13  BX Member Almost Passes Out Drinking a Ginger Ale

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@wild'ish      By mcnasty07      2 hours ago

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#14   Marcellus Wiley with the worst top 10 list you'll ever see

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@sports      By kawgre12      7 hours ago

John Randle wasn't even the best player on those Vikings teams

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#15   Chicago Rapper THF Billa Shows Location at Gas Station and Looks Out for Opps!

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@hiphop      By YukiMarvin13      34 mins ago

He was tryna get in and out that gas station quick af lmao



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#16   Just watched Dune Part One

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  @movies      By Spartan 119      5 hours ago

First off, for the fans of the book. The movie captures the aesthetic beyond your imagination.. I was seeing sh*t I visualised as a youngin.. It was an amazing experience in Imax 3D..

For the people that haven't read the books,, the movie has minimal use of exposition and tries to explain the intricacies of the dune lore in a cinematic way..

Dennis Villeneuve has the vision bruh, the guy doesn't miss.
Blade runner was a test drive, this guys gonna create his legacy with the dune series

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#17   9 year old kids a hooper

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  @sports      By trill jackson      6 hours ago

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#18  Sep 16 - COVID-vaccine booster shot shows promise in Israeli study

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@news      By Top Goon      7 hours ago


Older Israelis who have received a third dose of a COVID-19 vaccine are much less likely to test positive for SARS-CoV-2 or to develop severe COVID-19 than are those who have had only two jabs, according to a highly anticipated study published on 15 September1.

The standard regimen for messenger RNA-based COVID-19 vaccines is two doses, but some governments, including Israel’s, have started administering third ‘booster’ shots. The latest study evaluated 1.1 million Israelis over the age of 60 who had received their first two doses at least five months earlier. Twelve or more days after receiving a third jab, participants were about 19.5 times less likely to have severe COVID-19 than were people in the same age group who had received only two jabs and were studied during a similar time period.

“It’s a very strong result,” says Susan Ellenberg, a biostatistician at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, who adds that the data might be the most robust she has seen in favour of boosters. But potential biases in the data leave some scientists unconvinced that boosters are necessary for all populations — and the data do not dispel concerns about vaccine equity when billions of people are still waiting for their first jab.

Israel, which got an early start on vaccinating its population, began offering third doses of the Pfizer–BioNTech vaccine in July, to people aged 60 and over. The latest analysis links the third jab not only with a significant reduction in severe COVID-19, but also with an 11.3-fold reduction in SARS-CoV-2 infections.

But Ellie Murray, an epidemiologist at Boston University in Massachusetts, cautions that observational studies such as this analysis can contain biases that are difficult to identify and account for. For example, people who sign up to get a booster might have a different risk of COVID-19, or behave differently, from people who do not get a third jab.

Ellenberg says that the authors try to address some of these potential biases. Even if not all biases have been eliminated, she says, the magnitude of the effect suggests that the booster offers some protection, at least in the short term. The authors of the study could not be reached before publication.

Global ramifications
The findings come as a slew of wealthier nations consider offering booster shots. An advisory committee of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will discuss Pfizer’s application to supply boosters in the United States on 17 September. One of the authors of the Israeli study is slated to present data to the committee.

Murray argues that the potential biases in the data, and insufficient evidence for waning immunity after vaccination, mean that the latest findings don’t indicate a “strong need” for boosters. “From a public-health perspective, it’s way, way more impactful to get more people vaccinated than it is to boost the vaccine effectiveness by a few percentage points in those who have already gotten the vaccine,” she says.

Murray is not alone in finding the Israeli results insufficient to justify boosters. A review2 published on 13 September by a team that includes two high-ranking FDA scientists cites a preprint3 of the study and notes that the short-term protective effect documented in Israel “would not necessarily imply worthwhile long-term benefit”.

Dvir Aran, a biomedical data scientist at Technion — Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, says that Israel has deployed boosters to stop transmission in younger people and to prevent severe disease and deaths in older people.

“Is it the best way? Whether a two-week lockdown would have given a similar result, I can’t answer that question,” he says. “But it’s an interesting approach, trying to stop an outbreak like this with vaccinations.”

visit this link https://www.nature.com/ar .. 86-021-02516-4

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#19  Is Astroworld the last real impactful album

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  @hiphop      By Jonny2soxs      5 hours ago

That album came out in 2018 and still gets played till this day

Most albums come and go but this had impact

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#20   Javale explains why he enjoyed playing with Lebron

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@sports      By SSJ4 Goku      5 hours ago

And before a civil war starts out...Not trying to start an argument. Just thought it was neat to hear someone give props & show admiration.

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