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Meek Mill home

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hiphop | By Joey96 - 3 hours ago

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Image inside ANOTHER DAY ANOTHER EXPOSED: Buzzing R&b Star Daniel Caesar Get CANCEL 4 Politics Tweets

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hiphop | By BigBallerLavar - 3 hours ago

It seems he was siding with Kanye

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SMH: Meek shouts out a DEA informant

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hiphop | By Papi - 3 hours ago

We gotta call a spade a spade

Desiree Perez is a DEA informant

visit this link .. ntry-1.2146139


The Daily News Sports Investigation Team didn’t mean to scare Damon Dash.

Dash, a co-founder of Roc-A-Fella records, says he was frightened by the I-Team’s 2014 report about Desiree Perez, a DEA informant and associate of Dash’s former partner Jay Z, who advised disgraced Yankee star Alex Rodriguez during the Biogenesis doping litigation.

“This is the one time that the paper did scare me,” Dash said during a March 4 interview on Sway Calloway’s SiriusXM radio show.
he story that spooked Dash revealed how Perez, the wife of longtime Jay Z wingman Juan Perez, became a cooperating witness for the DEA in the 1990s. After her 1994 arrest for possession of 35 kilos of cocaine, Perez struck a deal with the feds, agreeing to wear hidden wires to record her meetings with major cocaine traffickers. Her undercover informant work won her courtroom praise from federal prosecutors after she helped them break up major drug deals in Puerto Rico and Colombia.

Dash said the story made him hesitate to do business with Jay Z, given the fact that federal law enforcement has come down on Dash’s friends and acquaintances through the years.

“I read about his affiliation with an informant, that he’s in business with certain people,” Dash says. “It’s tricky for me to say, but just based on where I’m from, I can’t have nothing to do with that…There’s no more business being done with me and him until I understand the situation.”

Dash said he needed to have a "one-on-one" with Jay Z about the matter. Dash said the feds had been after him “for years” and had arrested some of his colleagues, including Kareem “Biggs” Burke, who founded Roc-A-Fella with Dash and Jay Z in 1995. In 2012, Biggs was sentenced to five years in prison for conspiring to distribute more than 100 kilos of marijuana.

“My man’s in jail, I cried over that,” Dash said.

Perez, who manages Jay Z’s 40/40 Club in Manhattan, is a fixture in the rapper’s Roc Nation production company. She was a powerful behind-the-scenes influence on Rodriguez in the summer and fall of 2013, when he launched a wild and unsuccessful effort to escape a season-long doping ban.

Based on Meeks raps that’s an L

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Image inside Wtf how is she 51??

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eyecandy | By SimonPhoenix - 3 hours ago

When i saw what her age was, i was like

Body looks good too, no wrinkles!

I want me a cougar!

And she got an ass

Wears black a lot tho but fu*k it

Keep looking up ☝🏾#over50

A post shared by Angelique Miles (@angeliquemiles) on

Damn her face cute too

I wanna make love to her on sum brazzers mum and son sh*t

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Image inside Kevin’s Heart - J. Cole (Official Music Video)

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hiphop | By CALViiiN - 2 hours ago


Kevin Hart

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NFL Josh Rosen ethers bust high school QBs that never did sh*t in college

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sports | By Clyde - 3 hours ago


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NBA Meek Mill free and attending 76ers game tonight

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sports | By Kliq - 2 hours ago

76ers better win

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Baddie running for her life

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eyecandy | By JacobWatch - 2 hours ago

WHAT YALL THINK SHE DONE 👀? She was shook to death...

A post shared by Who Da Fuck Wanna Go 2 Prison (@whodafuckwannago2prison) on

Anybody have any context, back story, or @ names related to this video?

I don’t need my bi*ch to be super hood, but if something pops off and you act like this you def sitting at the kids table for thanksgiving

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Infinity War reactions are online (no spoilers but read at your own risk)

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movies | By GodsFavorite - 2 hours ago

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Image inside "My Album Went Platinum In 1985 With No Features " - LL Cool J

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hiphop | By Louisvilleslugz - 2 hours ago

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Image inside Can you last with Steph?

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eyecandy | By ICONIC - 2 hours ago

Aight so boom. You and shorty just got back to your crib. Yall both lit, already gone off the henny. She bends over tells you she needs to go raw STRAIGHT BACKSHOTS ONLY! Honestly. How long you think lasting for?

#stephbadd #shegotit

A post shared by @ shegotit_ on

#stephbadd #amanduhhh

A post shared by Mr.Robot5000 (@mr.robot5000) on

#StephBadd #SeductiveSaturdays #Starlets

A post shared by Starlets NYC (@starletsofny) on

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NBA Pelicans considering NOT offering Boogie Cousins a max contract

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sports | By theFREAK - 2 hours ago

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Denzel: I'm passing the baton to Michael B. Jordan

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movies | By Joey96 - 3 hours ago

TSR STAFF: Talia O. @theclosetratchet _______________________________________ Last week, #MichaelBJordan sat down with the @NYTimes alongside #DenzelWashington where they discussed creating new opportunities for people of color. At the beginning of the discussion, Jordan had began to reflect on the time film critics began calling him a young #DenzelWashington after his performance in #FruitvaleStation. _______________________________________ “When someone says you’re like your idol,” Jordan said, “It’s like: ‘Really? You see that in me?’ I’d only done that one movie. But then I started using it as motivation,” he said. “I wanted to pop up on Denzel’s radar. He’s the OG. If I could get recognition from him, I know I’m going down the right path, you know?” That’s when Washington chimed in with, “And here we are, Mike! Looks like it’s working out already!” _______________________________________ Later, the men talked about creating opportunities for people of color and Washington explained that he is in the business of serving young people of color who want in the film industry. He said that he wants to see more people win, so he’s passing the baton! _______________________________________ “The way I see it, I’m in the service business now. I’m here to serve God, my family and young people of color in our business,” Washington said. He later added, “That’s why I’m here! That’s why I’m still in the race. And I’m passing the baton. What a lot of people don’t know is: When you pass the baton, you keep—(View more at TheShadeRoom.Com!) 📸: @gettyimages

A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on

Thoughts? Is MBJ overrated or is it just my hating ass?

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1/3rd Cherokee Wit A Phat Butt & Freaky Side

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eyecandy | By Dmv1989 - 2 hours ago

Lesa Nichole Aka Inkedsunshine

visit this link .. esanik_/?hl=en

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Shmurdas be home soon 29months

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hiphop | By black cobra - 3 hours ago

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NFL Breaking: NFL Guru Benjamin Allbright Leaks Then Deletes The Browns No.1 Pick 👀

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sports | By Southpaw - 2 hours ago

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sports | By suavehooper - 3 hours ago

PURE fraud

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BOX Keith Thurman vacates his WBC title! Garcia-Porter Ordered

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sports | By YOURKINGB4EVER - 3 hours ago

By Rick Reeno
According to World Boxing Council President Mauricio Sulaiman, Keith Thurman (28-0, 22 KOs) has vacated the WBC welterweight title.
Thurman has been inactive since March of 2017, when he won a twelve round split decision over Danny Garcia to unify the WBA, WBC world titles.
After the win over Garcia, Thurman underwent surgery for an elbow injury and remained on the shelf for the rest of the year. He was scheduled to fight against on May 19th, but he then withdrew from the contest after suffering a hand injury in camp. No opponent had been set for his return.

007_Keith_Thurman (720x480)_1
As a result of Thurman's decision, the WBC has ordered Shawn Porter and Danny Garcia to fight for the vacant belt. Thurman, who still holds the WBA's super title, will have the option to get an immediate crack at the winner when he returns.
Porter (28-2-1, 17 KOs), who lost a close decision to Thurman in 2016, became the mandatory challenger when he won a final eliminator last year with a knockout of Andre Berto. He came back in November to with a twelve round decision over Adrian Granados.
Porter is a former IBF world champion, and lost that title by way of a close twelve round decision to Kell Brook in 2014.
Garcia (34-1, 20 KOs) returned to the ring back in February, in his first bout since lost to Thurman, and scored a brutal knockout of Brandon Rios in what the WBC sanctioned as a secondary final eliminator - which made Garcia the second mandatory challenger in line.

After Garcia's victory, there was an in-ring confrontation with Porter - as the two boxers traded words during a live Showtime broadcast.
Besides his title run at welterweight, Garcia also held the WBC, WBA world titles at 140-pounds - and vacated both belts when he moved up in weight to pursue bigger fights.

Sourcevisit this link https://www.boxingscene.c .. rdered--127503
@GoldBluded @Spicy Egg Roll @Samich Eater @Superstarbrown7 @Wilder GOAT @southpawdachamp @BornInvincible @outkast @CEITEDMOFO @Japan @T-Money @mushroomman @giovanni24 @SLiP @Speed9402 @EscoNore @Aesop730 @AB AboutBuildin @ReggieA @young mad @1andonlyKingP @Blah @AC SLATER @ddash @jjdagreat @killa55 @foshomoney @dj X @stogz @dahabi @44wade @Supa mario @ty1hunna @whothebestmc @pandadays @El Caballero @ARosary @abacabb @Kyu @please samich @Prime P @Mahaat @Hold That @pierredaire @Michael 1987 @mikielee213 @Mr Fujaveli @CALViiiN @RichYung757 @killadre @Black Dynamite @Ish120 @Shipwreck @God Emcee @KnicksLost @Dray @Ash10 @Suavebeatz @timdog @LOONATIK @ReggieA @young mad @ZeusSlaps @BrBHZ @kmstokes @Y.G. @Jago @Blah @dirtybayrecordz @ddash @jjdagreat @killa55 @foshomoney @Soaring Seagull @stogz @dahabi @MACADEMICS @STILL.DETOX @ty1hunna @whothebestmc @pandadays @El Caballero @ARosary @abacabb @Kyu @Mahaat @Hold That @pierredaire @Michael 1987 @mikielee213 @Mr Fujaveli @YOURKINGB4EVER @CALViiiN @RichYung757 @killadre @Black Dynamite @Ish120 @EMER1TUS @Shipwreck @Knockout Kingz @Sithon @Aztlan @Drakehotel @Aladdin Saddam @Drk @ag410 @royman04 @Enfermo @GroveBoy740 @PineappleOG @GGG goat @Hydroman @Ace dealer @cluckaluck @Rique @pbb @foshoVoodoo @Anotha Samich @REG773 @vinceisallin @purecyse @Bloody Shark @jj01 @bones2009 @fatrenzo @Tha Boss @Joe Scumbag @CASUAL WIZ FAN @strungout @Special Edd @Renny9387 @jj01 @dirtybayrecordz @JOHNSNAKE06 @EasyPeel @imtheking @Hellmatic @Boogersugar @Debarge Reunion @Tha TC @BuffaloSouldier @CHAMPSIDE @tre0624 @maalisthatnigga @KobeThompson @Nov @tokinjohn @TheE @Iamsuprme @Ant McQueen @solo @Supreme7 @Jago @Capimp @CJ Schwarz @Streetdiscpl @acegutta22 @---Max-Payne--- @Magic23 @Quikz Keyboard @BobbyMaccaheaux @Slick Willy @richmoneycash @SpacelyPockets @BLACK FIST @Coffee @Solo214 @chiladin708 @largon @reald @sbbigmike

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Avengers Infinity War Spoilers

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movies | By bigkilla - 2 hours ago

So from what I've been able to gather on the internet because I'm weak and couldn't contain myself.. here are the spoilers verified by some guy who's supposedly in the know I guess and verified on Twitter and etc..

Here’s a play by play link on Reddit which seems to corroborate the following and supposedly the dude I mentioned above “Manabyte” is saying it’s correct

visit this link .. LA&sh=d7b30d24

Loki dies in first 20 minutes of the movie

Iron Man and Nebula are the only ones alive on Titan with few remaining on Earth

Hawkeye and Antman/Wasp not in movie

Gamora gets killed

Thanos does the snap ‘killing’ spider man, Bucky, Drax, Doctor Strange, Black panther among others *These characters will surely come back but leaves most of ‘original’ avengers along with Hawkeye, Antman, Wasp, and Captain Marvel to take bigger role in the next movie.

Hulk gets beaten pretty badly in the opening scene and is sent to earth by Thanos. Banner has hard time being hulk after this and is user of Hulkbuster.

Post Credit scene does involve Fury calling Captain Marvel prior to his ‘death’ with the snap.

Captain is alive as is all the original avengers.

Dinklage is indeed playing Dwarf king who helps forge Thor’a new weapon.

Spiderman gets badly injured prior in NYC battle before his ‘snap’ death.

Strange plays integral part in bringing Stark to the mix.

Hulk is never turned into ‘Hulk’ again. (Trailer with Wakanda scene of Hulk running up to battle is complete misguidance.

Gamora has indeed found Soul Stone previously but has hidden this information from Thanos. She does give herself up in a way to save others and gets killed by Thanos

Vision is killed in Wakanda

Iron Man and Captain America survive

fu*k man I promised myself I wouldn't read this sh*t but I couldn't stop myself.

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Image inside Meek mills first post

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hiphop | By black cobra - 2 hours ago

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