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Extended Footage of Young Lito at Irving Plaza.

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hiphop | By fullcircle - 5 hours ago

Ol playing both sides ass nigga

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wild'ish | By smoothhooper - 5 hours ago


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Well Damn meek is out here posting pictures with slave owners ?

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hiphop | By ovogoon - 4 hours ago

Can somebody tell me why it's cool to be associated with these racist motherfu*ker's smh

He showed me real royalty in Dubai @abbas_saj

A post shared by Meek Mill (@meekmill) on

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Rick Ross stuntin on Birdman: "Chicken man couldnt do all this"

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hiphop | By 44wade - 4 hours ago


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NBA Report: Don't expect Steve Kerr back this series

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sports | By FreeJavon23 - 4 hours ago

To his luck a Caveman could successfully coach the Warriors while he still gets all the credit


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NFL Warren Sapp calls Myles Garrett a "lazy kid who can't make 4 plays a game."

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sports | By theFREAK - 5 hours ago

Myles Garrett ➡️ 49ERS 🙏🏽

A post shared by 49ers (@ejgfx) on


9:27 AM PT
Adam Schefter
ESPN Senior Writer
As the NFL draft approaches this week, Hall-of-Fame defensive lineman Warren Sapp is struggling to understand why Texas A & M defensive end Myles Garrett is poised to be the No. 1 pick.

"I don't see it from this kid," Sapp said Sunday about Garrett. "I see the splash plays -- everybody gets those. Where's the game he took over? Where? Any defensive lineman who's the No. 1 pick, you turn up and you say, 'There it is!' This kid, No I don't. I'm a pretty plain and frank guy, and I watch the tape and he disappears. I watch the tape and he absolutely disappears."

Still, Garrett is considered the favorite to go No. 1 to Cleveland Browns, which also used the No. 1 overall pick in the 2000 draft on Penn State defensive end Courtney Brown.

Myles Garrett is the top-ranked prospect on many draft boards, but pass-rushers often struggle to put up big numbers as rookies. AP Photo/Eric Christian Smith
"I don't think this kid is as good as Courtney Brown, either," Sapp said.

Sapp believes teams have fallen for Garrett for one reason only.

"It's all about measurable," he said. "Once you hit the measurable, it's tough to get them old scout people off the numbers, and that's what (Garrett) has. He's big and he's fast. Now some defensive line coach is thinking, 'I can turn him into something.' How? I'm trying to figure this out. Really? Are we lowering the bar?"

Sapp said he has studied a handful of games that Garrett has played on tape, but he said it didn't take him long to realize the type of player that Garrett is. Now, as Garrett is closing in on becoming the first defensive lineman drafted No. 1 overall since Jadeveon Clowney in 2014, Sapp wonders how important the game is to him.

"I see a lazy kid that makes four plays a game," Sapp said. "This is the No. 1 guy? No, no, no. This ain't even close."

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Video inside Killer of Young Pappy Identified (Allegedly)

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hiphop | By KING JAYY - 4 hours ago

snitching but fu*k dude

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Homie Describes Experience With Jay Z, Mystikal, and Others

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misc | By T-Money - 5 hours ago

So an inside chick I know was talking about various experiences inside some of these rappers houses and described other attributes about them. Definitely a good read

Mystikal - long

Trick Daddy - long and full of energy

Twista - medium

Will Smith - long

Xzibit - long but comes to quick

Kool G Rap - Long but cant f**k

Talib Kweli - medium

Redman - hung like a banana

Black Thought - medium

Russel Simmons - small

Khujo from Goodie Mob - very long

Ja Rule - Long and full of energy

Jay-Z - Real thick and juicy but you cant stand looking at him when he’s on top

OutKast - Both big but Big Boi is bigger and fatter Dre’s is long and slim

Pete Rock - big

Puff Daddy - medium

Rakim - Long

Mobb Deep - havoc is big but Prodigy is small

M.O.P. - Long pipes but Danze has a smelly body odor

Nas - small

Nelly - medium

Scarface - medium

Snoop Dogg - too long

Ol’ Dirty Bastard - may his big d**k rest in peace

Clipse - They’re both long but they cant f**k and Pusha T’s breath stinks

Common - Long but too skinny

Da Brat - can eat a p**sy.

Mos Def - long but his breath stinks

Timbaland - long and fat but can't f**k and comes to quick

Too $hort - long and thick but talks to much s*it in bed

Q Tip - long but skinny. He has an a**hole personality

Mase - Long but he has an a**hole personality too

Master P - nice and long and can f**k

Method Man - Long but comes to quick

Missy Elliott - pu**y has a bad odor

50 Cent - medium/long

Big Punisher - The same size of a can of air freshener

Busta Rhymes - Big and long bit cant f**k. Just because you are left sore he thinks he did something.

Canibus - real long

Noreaga - Long but he cant f**k

Lil Wayne - nice and long

Kanye West - Big but he cant f**k

KRS-One - small

LL Cool J - Nice and fat

The LOX - All of them are big except for styles. styles is very tiny. And J Hood is abnormaly fat

Ludacris - Just perfect. Long and fat

DMX - Long and can fu*k forever

Fabolous - big d**k but comes to fast

Fat Joe - small at first but when erect he’s impressive.

Wyclef - Long but his breath stinks

Ghostface Killah - Long but he comes to quick

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Image inside Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory PART II

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eyecandy | By RocAFella Chain - 5 hours ago

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Image inside BREAKING: Ku Fu Kenny "DNA" Debut at #4 & "Humble" is now THE #1 SONG WORLDWIDE

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hiphop | By DSmith93 - 5 hours ago



Final predictions for Billboard
1 Humble 534 (+2)
2 Shape Of You 515 (-1)
3 That's What I Like 475 (-1)
4 DNA 361 (debut)
5 Mask Off 327 (+2)
6 iSpy 307 (=)
7 Something Just Like This 287 (-2)
8 Stay 278 (+6)
9 XO Tour Lif3 255 (-1)
10 Despacito 234 (+38)









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NBA First player since Jordan to score 35+ in first 3 playoff games

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sports | By o7media - 4 hours ago

ESPN stats

Leading the league in PPG in the playoffs

39/8/6 on 47% - MVP

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COD: WWII Leak Blowout – Normandy Setting, Co-Op Standalone Story, Private Beta for PreOrd

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games | By VGameRiffRaff - 5 hours ago

Today there are some juicy leaks about the upcoming game made by Sledgehammer (Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare) such as its setting, the availability of a cooperative standalone story mode and the fact that pre-orders will grant access to a private beta for Call of Duty: WWII. Here’s an overview of the game’s features from a retailer’s promotional material.

Call of Duty: WWII
3RD NOV 2017

Call of Duty returns to its roots with Call of Duty: WWII–a breathtaking experience that redefines World War II for a new gaming generation. Land in Normandy on D-Day and battle across Europe through iconic locations in history’s most monumental war. Experience classic Call of Duty combat, the bonds of camaraderie, and the unforgiving nature of war against a global power throwing the world into tyranny.

The Definitive World War II Campaign
Call of Duty: WWII tells the story of an unbreakable brotherhood of common men fighting to preserve freedom in a world on the brink of tyranny. Players enlist in a gritty intense journey through the battlegrounds of war. The campaign features bold, lifelike visuals with the kind of blockbuster cinematic authenticity that only Call of Duty can deliver.

Boots on the Ground Multiplayer
Call of Duty: WWII multiplayer engages players grounded, fast-paced combat across many of World War II’s most iconic locations. Players will also enjoy exciting new ways to interact and socialize with their friends and the Call of Duty community.

High-Octane Co-Operative
Call of Duty: WWII’s co-operative mode unleashes a new and original story. Play with your friends in this next-level standalone game experience full of unexpected, adrenaline-pumping moments.

visit this link .. ndy-coop-beta/

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Audio inside Frank Ocean- Lens ** THE GOAT IS BACK

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hiphop | By PBC - 4 hours ago

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NFL Giants GM WonÂ’t Commit To Exercising Odell Beckham Jr.Â’s Fifth-Year Option

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sports | By Southpaw - 5 hours ago

The Giants have 11 days to make a big decision about Odell Beckham, Jr.'s future -- whether they'll bring him back for 2018 or let him hit the open market.

There seems to be no doubt at all that the Giants will exercise their "fifth-year option" on Beckham's rookie contract before the May 3 deadline. It's a no-brainer decision for an all-pro receiver who's on a Hall of Fame pace through his first three NFL seasons and is still only 24 years old.

Still, for whatever reason, Giants GM Jerry Reese wouldn't commit to that fifth-year option just yet (and neither, by the way, would co-owner John Mara at the NFL owners meetings last month). There's no indication at all that the Giants won't pick up the option, but Reese left the possibility open nonetheless.

"We are going to discuss that when the time gets closer," Reese said on Thursday afternoon. "We will keep all of our options open with respect to that."
The options are pretty simple. With Beckham about to enter the final year of his rookie contract, the 2014 first-round pick can be retained by the Giants if they exercise the option, which guarantees him a 2018 salary that equals the average of the third-through-25th highest paid players at his position. That probably would be around $8 million.

If the Giants don't exercise the option, Beckham becomes an unrestricted free agent next March.


"You guys called it critical. I don't think it was critical," Reese said. "I think some of you guys framed it as critical, but I didn't see it that way."
OK, but after the season, Reese said Beckham is "a smart guy (who) sometimes doesn't do smart things." And he added "I see a guy who needs to think about some of the things that he does. … There are some things he does that he needs to look at himself in the mirror and be honest with himself about."

So, nearly five months later, has Beckham gotten that message?

"I think he's a guy that hears what we're saying," Reese said. "And like John (Mara) said, 'We are not worried about Odell.' He's a young kid, he's growing up every day, and we think that he's going to continue being a tremendous football player and a tremendous representative of our organization here."

Reese better stop fu*king around and sign that boy to a 8 year contract like the Megatron deal

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Video inside K-Shine Goes Off Hitman Holla.

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hiphop | By southernsmoke90 - 4 hours ago

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NBA Paul George doesn't commit to staying in Indiana

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sports | By Trotty Glizzy - 14 minutes ago

Dude checked out.

That was a fair question, you can't answer that then you know how you feel

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Image inside What Happened to the Cross Jesus Died On?

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wild'ish | By kiss0fdeath - 34 minutes ago

What Happened to the Cross Jesus Died On?

Candida Moss


Last week, Christians around the world celebrated the resurrection of Jesus. An integral part of this, the foundational moment in Christian history, is that three days earlier Jesus was hung on a wooden cross in a humiliating and agonizing death. By the Middle Ages the True Cross (as the cross of Jesus is known) would become the most significant relic in the Christian world. To this day, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem claims to possess pieces of it. But they arenÂ’t the only ones. Fragments of the True Cross are said to reside in churches and basilicas all over Europe. Is it possible that any of them are the real deal? Whatever happened to the scaffolding for the most important event in Christianity?

At first blush it seems unlikely that any given European relic of the cross would be authentic. In the first place there are just so many. By the end of the medieval period, every royal, high ranking noble, and semi-large was claiming to house important relics of one kind or another. In a satirical piece on pilgrimage, the world-renowned sixteenth century humanist Erasmus wrote, “So they say of the cross of Our Lord, which is shown publicly and privately in so many places, that, if all the fragments were collected together, they would appear to form a fair cargo for a merchant ship.” Clearly not every one could be authentic.

As it turns out, Erasmus was being hyperbolic. A survey of extant pieces of the cross, published in 1870 by de Fleury, concluded that actually the volume of fragments in circulation was not even enough to reconstruct a cross, much less build a boat. So far, so good, but are they real?

Jesus was executed in Jerusalem. Early reports suggest that the cross was then broken up and dispersed to major centers of Christianity. An inscription found in North Africa, dating to 359, makes reference to the cross, and Cyril of Jerusalem wrote in 348 that the “whole world” was full of relics of the cross, a statement that suggests the deliberate distribution of relics. In certain cases it seems that the distribution of relics was official and politically motivated: bishops in Jerusalem dispatched pieces to the Pope and the Pope shared them with powerful monarchs. Gifting relics was a way to curry favor with one’s allies.

In other cases people stole relics on the sly. In her late fourth century travel journal, a wealthy pilgrim named Egeria reports that when pieces of the cross were venerated during the Good Friday service in Jerusalem, deacons would be stationed nearby to ensure that people didnÂ’t bite pieces off. This had apparently happened in the past and seems to have continued at least as late as the medieval period. According to the 12th century History of the Counts of Anjou, Fulk Nerra of Anjou bit off a piece of the cross relic when he was in Jerusalem on a pilgrimage in the early 11th century. He then returned it to France where, according to tradition, they were entrusted to the monks at the abbey of Beaulieu.

Theoretically, therefore, itÂ’s possible for some of these relics to have been carved from (or nibbled off of) the original cross. The key question, then, is how do we know that the cross venerated in the fourth century was the actual cross on which Jesus was crucified?

Part of the problem is that the followers of Jesus and the first Christians werenÂ’t all that interested in the physical remains of the the True Cross, because crucifixion was a humiliating form of death reserved for criminals and slaves.

As prominent art historian Robin Jensen shows in her recently published book The Cross: History, Art and Controversy, second century Christians wrestled with the scandal of the cross and disagreed about how to interpret it. Unlike today, when crucifixes and crosses adorn churches and necks, early Christians did not incorporate the symbol of the cross into their liturgy, dress, or art. They were not ducking the crucifixion, she told me, but were trying to make sense of it. That process of making sense however does not appear to have included the artistic depiction of crosses or an interest in finding the True Cross itself.

For some of these reasons it was not until the fourth century that Christians even went looking for the True Cross. And this is where things start to get complicated. In her remarkable book, A Heritage of Holy Wood, Barbara Baert traces the origins of the legends associated with the discovery of the True Cross. According to the popular medieval legend, which reappears in retellings to this day, the cross was discovered by Helena, the mother of the emperor Constantine. In her youth, before she met Constantine’s father, Helena had been a “tavern girl” (a status that was in many parts of the empire equivalent to a prostitute). She took to the highly political world of the imperial empire and even seems to have engineered the execution of Constantine’s wife Fausta. The details of Fausta’s death are unclear but one version suggests that she suffocated in a bathhouse. In the waning years of her life she undertook a pilgrimage to the Holy Land where she commissioned the building of important churches and attempted to retrace the steps of Jesus. It was during the demolition of the Temple of Venus in preparation for the construction of what would be the Church of the Holy Sepulcher that the crosses were discovered. Excavators discovered three crosses buried together, but Helena could not tell which was which. The identity of the True Cross was confirmed by means of a miracle, and, in 335, Helena placed part of it in the newly-constructed Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem and sent another fragment to her son the emperor in Constantinople.

These fragments had a somewhat illustrious history. John Eldevik, a professor of medieval history at Hamilton College, told The Daily Beast that “[The]Jerusalem cross was carried into battle by the Christian forces against Saladin at the Horns of Hattin in 1187 and was supposedly taken as booty by the victorious Muslims. Later Crusaders, including Richard Lionheart and Louis IX, believed that Saladin or his successors still held it somewhere and attempted to recover it or ransom it.” Most cross wood relics in Europe, he added, traced their origins to the Constantinople fragment.

All roads, it seems, lead back to Helena’s discovery of the cross in Jerusalem. The problem is that our earliest sources for the “finding of the cross” story don’t mention Helena at all. Eusebius, who reports that Constantine asked the Bishop of Jerusalem to construct the Church of the Holy Sepulcher at the site of the Temple of Venus, never tells us anything about crosses. When Cyril of Jerusalem, our earliest source for references to the True Cross, refers to its discovery during the time of Constantine, he makes no reference to Helena. John Chrysostom, the bishop of Constantinople in the late fifth century, describes the discovery of three crosses in a homily in 390 C.E. He writes that the middle cross was identified as Jesus’ by the titulus (headboard) identifying Jesus as king of the Jews. But, again, he never mentions Helena.

The first mention of ConstantineÂ’s mother is found in a funeral oration that Ambrose of Milan delivered for the Emperor Theodosius in February 395. According to Ambrose, Helena needed the help of the Holy Spirit to discern which was ChristÂ’s Cross and that she, additionally, discovered the nails used to crucify Jesus. Helena also appears in a Church History written in 403 by Rufinus, who includes a story of a miraculous healing as the spiritual test by which the authentic cross was identified. Paulinus of Nola, an ascetic, also includes a version of the story that includes Helena and a miracle story (although they differ, in one version an invalid woman is healed, in another a man is brought back to life from the dead).

What do we make of these different versions? Rufinus, Ambrose, and Paulinus share a common core, but differ on many details including the involvement of the Bishop of Jerusalem in the discovery of the cross. Earlier but roughly contemporaneous references by John Chrysostom and Cyril of Jerusalem are really quite different.

Baert identifies Gelasius, the bishop of Caesarea in 367 and nephew of Cyril of Jerusalem, as RufinusÂ’ source and the origins of the legend about HelenaÂ’s involvement. She tentatively suggests that Gelasius included Helena and the miracle story in his version of events as part of his theopolitical agenda: he was a great admirer of Helena and Constantine and the story endeared him to their imperial heirs. Drawing on the work of continental European scholars Drijvers and Heid, she concludes that the construction of the Church of Holy Sepulcher on the site of JesusÂ’ tomb, the discovery of the cross, and the role of Helena are three stages in the evolution of the legend.

What all of this means is that we don’t know exactly how the True Cross was rediscovered. Nor do we have any plausible explanation for why it was that these particular crosses came to be interred intact, while the crosses on which ordinary criminals hung were repurposed. Eldevik told me, “While we know that people in Roman times sometimes scavenged nails and other remains from crucifixions for use as magic talismans, Jews would not have done this, and the cross itself was likely either destroyed or simply reused for other executions.”

If you’re a person of faith, the preservation of the True Cross can easily be explained as an act of divine protection. Historians would disagree, Eldevik said that it’s “quite unlikely” that any of the fragments are authentic. What we know for certain, though, is that Christians were so passionate about it that they would chew through wood to get a piece.

visit this link http://www.thedailybeast. .. s-died-on.html

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Ice Poseidon gambles $3000 in Vegas, loses it all, and marries a thot he met 3 hours ago

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wild'ish | By Pyrex - 34 minutes ago

As soon as he gets there, he takes 3 Jager Bombs to the face. Then his viewers all start donating thousands of dollars and he bets it all and loses everything. Then he proceeds to get married. This man is truly living life at 22. He's doing what we all WISH we could be doing, but our lives are boring compared to this excitement.

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Article inside Drake Denies Ever Meeting Woman Making Pregnancy Claims

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hiphop | By 313soulja - 4 hours ago


Sources close to the rapper are claiming that Layla Lace fabricated her Instagram posts accusing the rapper of ghosting after getting her pregnant.

Last week, model Layla Lace went public with claims that Drake had gotten her pregnant and was subsequently dodging her calls. Lace shared a series of alleged texts between her and the rapper on Instagram. She claimed that the two had met up in London and had sex, but after she discovered she was pregnant a few weeks later, Drizzy went silent on her.

According to TMZ, sources close to Drake claim that the rapper has never met Lace, and that her story was fabricated for attention. They are also denying "rumblings" that Drake's team had threatened to sue her over the posts, which have now been deleted. The source argues that there was no reason for Lace to keep the posts up after the story was picked up and Lace received the "attention" she was looking for.

Lace has not publicly responded to this development. While she deleted her posts, she has not officially retracted any of her claims. Read her original posts here.
visit this link http://www.hotnewhiphop.c .. ews.31561.html

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Image inside Q/A from Bill Nye's AMA on Reddit today

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wild'ish | By Black Naja haje - 34 minutes ago

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