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4 hours ago

Carmelo Anthony going through it

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sports | By kingPapi

Leave that man alone

Black men don’t cheat

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7 hours ago

 What's going on with Gina from Martin

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  movies | By Messy Marv WWE

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4 hours ago

 Method Man Deadlifts 405

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  hiphop | By UghhFan

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7 hours ago

Jun 26 - This will be the Legacy of Donald Trump

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misc | By phantomnation

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7 hours ago

 Are you Booking?

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  thotsdimesetc | By Tokinj approved

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4 hours ago

 Mister Cee leaves comment on video of The Game rapping; Game takes offense.

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  hiphop | By 187Proof

Mister Cee about to host a Young Buck mixtape any time now

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7 hours ago

Woj: Kevin Durant is considering signing with the Nets, Knicks, Warriors and Clippers

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sports | By theFREAK

View this post on Instagram

Happy #NationalSmileDay 😃

A post shared by Kevin Durant Fans (@kd35warriors) on

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4 hours ago

Enes Kanter takes shots at Zion & Julius Randle and Randle responds

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  sports | By GLOIN

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5 hours ago

LA LAKERS will receive a meeting with KAWHI LEONARD.

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  sports | By Spot Rusherz


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7 hours ago

 Young Buck – The Story of Foofy (50 Cent Diss)

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hiphop | By Eclectic

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7 hours ago

 Jun 20 - Prepare for glory, BITCOIN to breach $10,000

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news | By micropave

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3 hours ago

 Jun 26 - Mom ‘left for dead’ by school bully after reporting him to teachers

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news | By GLOIN

A New Jersey mother got “jumped” and beaten unconscious by a 13-year-old boy who had been bullying her son — just one day after she complained about the alleged torment, her lawyer says.

The bully was one of three students who had been threatening violence on Beronica Ruiz’s son — allegedly telling him “to go back to Mexico,” among other things.

“They were chanting, ‘Mexicans should go back behind the wall,’” attorney Daniel Santiago told

The alleged bullying went down inside the cafeteria of Passaic Gifted and Talented Academy School on June 18, and Ruiz, a Passaic County resident, was targeted a day later while walking with her son and 1-year-old baby in a stroller.

“This was a horrific and brutal attack,” Santiago said Tuesday. “It takes a certain level of insanity to brutally attack a mother with a stroller and leave her for dead.” The 35-year-old had to be hospitalized after the incident and was treated for a fractured eye socket, according to Photos taken at the hospital show her bruised and battered face.

Santiago said Ruiz was still suffering on Tuesday. He plans to file a lawsuit against Passiac Gifted on the family’s behalf — claiming the school did nothing to protect her child. “Lawsuits are the only thing that large institutions listen to,” Santiago said.

Ruiz claims her son reported the cafeteria bullying to school officials, but they failed to call and inform her. She went to the school later that day and complained to a vice principal, who allegedly admitted that he should have called — but was too busy with other matters, reports. “That’s a woefully inadequate response,” Santiago said. “’My bad’ is not a good excuse for not calling (the parents), not telling them.”
Ruiz’s attacker was taken into custody after the incident and reportedly charged with assault. Passaic Mayor Hector Lora confirmed his arrest Tuesday in a statement, which said the boy had also been suspended from school.

“As both a father and a husband, I am outraged over this incident,” Lora said, noting that the case was “being taken extremely seriously.”

“As mayor, these are things you wish would never occur in your city or anywhere,” he added.

“I have met with and spoken personally with the family. I have met with my chief of police, local officials and school administration as well as board members to make sure there is accountability and that this family receives justice as well as any help and resources we can provide. The details regarding what led up to this incident remain under investigation. However, one thing is very clear: what occurred to this mother is unacceptable and whatever we need to do as a city, as a community, to do better by our families and our children, we will do.”

visit this link .. mpression=true @ronnie can you add images in title

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7 hours ago

the angry toupee rants about usa womens soccer on twitter

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sports | By messy marv stan

visit this link .. 9333--sow.html

President Donald Trump accuses US women's World Cup soccer star Megan Rapinoe of "disrespect" after she swore never to visit his White House

President Donald Trump accused US women's World Cup soccer star Megan Rapinoe of "disrespect" Wednesday after she swore not to visit his White House.

In the latest of his public feuds with high-profile athletes and celebrities, Trump sent multiple tweets complaining about Rapinoe, whose short, dyed hair has made her one of the most recognizable faces of the mighty US team.

"Megan should never disrespect our Country, the White House, or our Flag, especially since so much has been done for her & the team. Be proud of the Flag that you wear," he tweeted.

In the same series of tweets, Trump announced he was inviting the US women's team to the White House and said "I am a big fan."

Rapinoe, however, "should WIN first before she TALKS! Finish the job!" he wrote.

The president's outburst followed the broadcast of a video clip in which Rapinoe dismisses the idea of visiting the White House.

Such events are a longtime tradition for successful sports teams and athletes but have run into a political minefield during the controversy-filled Trump presidency.

"I'm not going to the fucking White House," the US co-captain exclaimed in the clip on Eight by Eight, a football magazine. "No. I'm not going to the White House."

The reigning world champions have swept aside all challengers so far in the World Cup and meet the hosts France on Friday for a quarter final that Rapinoe says she hopes will be "wild and crazy."

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5 hours ago

 Why You Should Never Give Consent to Search-Dirty Cops Will Ruin Your Life

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  wild'ish | By supervillain

Watch this cop ruin this woman's life by planting meth on her.....

If you know you're clean... let them bring the k9 out... dont consent or this type of thing may happen to you..

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5 hours ago

 Rick Rock Reveals How Xzibit & Chino XL Got On Tupac's sh-tlist Radar

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hiphop | By Eclectic

"Multi-platinum producer Rick Rock recently spoke about being a part of some of the most legendary studio sessions and the first time he met Tupac on the Murder Master Music Show.

In an interview published on June 6 by Underground Society, Rock discusses his involvement in the recording process of Pac’s controversial hit “Hit ‘Em Up,” the late rappers decision to name drop Xzibit and Chino XL and the “Ain’t Hard 2 Find” studio session that involved E-40, B-Legit, C-Bo, Richie Rich and D-Shot.

“I was with Mike Mosley and we all caravanned from the Bay. It was me, Mike Mosely, C-Bo, and Richie Rich to get with Pac. We went to Death Row studios and he is playing us the album. Right after that, he said, ‘let’s do a song,’ and he was talking to 40 and C-Bo and all of them. I use to carry SP12 discs with me, 1200 discs, so in the studio, they had a 1200. While they were waiting I just loaded up, I put a disc in, pressed play and Pac said, ‘what’s that?’ and I said, ‘that’s you!’ It was that ‘Tradin’ War Stories’ song, Pac wrote his raps so fast!”

“I was there when he recorded, ‘Hit ‘Em Up,’ where he was like, ‘I’ll make sure all your kids don’t grow!’ I seen the Outlawz come in and tell them about whoever was saying something – Chino XL or somebody else like, Xzibit saying something. So, they was talking about that so he went in there and recorded it.”

The beef between Chino XL and Tupac began after Chino name-dropped the West Coast rapper on his 1996 debut album, Here to Save You All.

Chino’s opening verse in the song, “Riiiot!” included the line, “By this industry, I’m trying to not get fucked like 2Pac in jail.”

Rock continues by chronicling various studio recording sessions as well as his encounter with Pac after his confrontation with The Notorious B.I.G. at the 1996 Soul Train Awards.

“It was right after the confrontation at the Soul Train Awards with Pac and Biggie and them. They came back to Can-Am [studio] and me and Mike was still in there working on a beat for them. Left Eye was in there, Goodie Mob was up in there! That shit was crazy.

You can listen to the full episode here ""

visit this link .. shitlist-radar

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4 hours ago

 Jun 26 - A lady on IG that’s been right on every prediction makes one about our country

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news | By kingPapi

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7 hours ago

JR Smith Makes Audition Tape For LABron's Lakers

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sports | By Dun Language

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7 hours ago

 Did Dave East make cornrows poppin again?

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  hiphop | By NinetyThree94

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3 hours ago

  Paulie Malignaggi shares pictures of his fu-ked up hands after bare knuckle fight

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sports | By Aztlan

View this post on Instagram

Life is sometimes about being adventurous and trying new things. Many thought I was crazy for trying my hand at bare knuckle combat and while unfortunately I may not have been born with very durable hands, it is still an experience I get to look back on and say I lived it. People have always had very little expectations of me in my life but I can proudly say I've always fought my way to a better life. In life we all have obstacles and I've always been driven most when faced with adversity. In the end, despite my brittle hands (4 surgeries on my right hand) I have been able to accomplish more as mainly a 1 handed fighter than most fighters accomplish with 2 hands. And I did it with no shortcuts and having fought some amazing fighters, travelled to some amazing places and met some amazing people along the way. You always wonder if as you get older you still have the ability to dig down when things get tough. After 2 rounds Saturday night I sat in my corner now knowing I would be a 1 handed fighter for the remainder of this fight and I am proud I continued on and showed myself I still had a willingness to dig deep when faced with adversity as I found myself once again in a familiar predicament of having a damaged hand with a determined opponent across the ring coming to rip my head off yet now I was competing in a new form of combat. I assure you its not an enviable position but I'm glad I stayed true to myself as a man and as a fighter in the moment and continued to fight despite having to obviously adjust my strategy. Respect to @rushammer who always shows up to fight and give his best no mater what day or place or at what weight and respect to him for the fight on Saturday. Obviously I feel like I won the fight but that is in no way meant as a disrespect to him. I hope he can take the momentum he gained from this result and make plenty of money for himself and his family in his career . Here are some pics of my hands after Saturday nights fight . @bareknucklefc

A post shared by Paul Malignaggi (@paulmalignaggi) on

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7 hours ago

Breaking News: Warriors Arent Seriously Considering Kevin Durant's Delayed Sign & Trade

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sports | By Dun Language

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