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#1   I'm GIFTING someone 10,000 in CASH and pair of YEEZYS because I JUST CASHED OUT on TESLA

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  @wild'ish      By LootedmanLooted      10 hours ago

LEt me help you make your GOAL of 2022.. BEST COMMENT TAKES ALL !!
PIcking the WINNER @ the top of the month

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#2  K.Michelle Looking Totally Different Nowadays

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  @hiphop      By YSPromoshunz      12 hours ago

This sh*t crazy

Celebrities who are full of self hate and hate their selves so much that they paid big money to change the way they originally looked.

visit this link https://imgur.com/R8irZyK
visit this link https://imgur.com/Q1jVkPM

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#3  producer who made number 1 hits for dmx,others exposes irv gotti as a fraud producer.

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@hiphop      By classicrap1      14 hours ago


man i believe him. its crazy because i never seen dr.dre and irv gotti in teh studio actually making a beat on the internet or television back in the days.

if you never see a producer in the studio or a video of them making a beat. they are fraud.

i lost so much respect for irv gotti after this sh*t.

as a producer and former beat maker myself. i always said it was weird. how a how irv gotti beats sound too original and dope to be produce by one n*gga.

espically irv gotti beat sound on the level of swizz beatz,timbland, those dope rnb producer, and others.

sh*t sounded way too advance. dude uses too many different snares,kicks,hi hats, instruments and samples.

usually a producer has a siguature sound where they use a certain amount of the same instruments,snares,kicks and sounds.

i don't matter how creative or different they are.

you can tell a dj quik beat. from a timbland beat. or a dj paul and juicy j beat. from pimp c beat. or a dj toomp from heatmakerz.

plus if irv gotti really produced those beats. he discoaphy would be alot longer.

here is the famous hit that irv gotti claim was his

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#4   snoop got eli manning rockin the death row chain

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  @sports      By trill jackson      11 hours ago

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#5   Happy Birthday Alicia!

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@wild'ish      By isthistobe      15 hours ago

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#6   Sauce Walka Addresses The Pushing 🅿️ Controversy "Everyone Know It Came From H-Town"

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@hiphop      By Super Gremlin      17 hours ago

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#7   Jan 17 - WEF: Expect 3 more years of consistent volatility, uneven recovery

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@news      By Tehuti      13 hours ago

The World Economic Forum issued a dire warning to the world at large on Tuesday it will take society years to rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic, and any recovery will be bumpy at best.

"Only 16% of respondents feel positive and optimistic about the outlook for the world, and just 11% believe the global recovery will accelerate. Most respondents instead expect the next three years to be characterized by either consistent volatility and multiple surprises or fractured trajectories that will separate relative winners and losers," the World Economic Forum said in its annual Global Risks Report for 2022.

The report details a host of concerns top of mind among the 1,000 global experts and leaders that responded to a broad array of questions.

About 61.2% of responders said they were concerned about the outlook for the world, citing major problems such as climate change and infectious diseases. Only 15.8% held a positive or optimistic outlook for the world.

Among the list of worries, climate action failure was tops. Interestingly, infectious diseases ranked sixth on things experts and leaders were concerned about.

"As 2022 begins, COVID-19 and its economic and societal consequences continue to pose a critical threat to the world. Vaccine inequality and a resultant uneven economic recovery risk compounding social fractures and geopolitical tensions," the report said. "The resulting global divergence will create tensions within and across borders that risk worsening the pandemics cascading impacts and complicating the coordination needed to tackle common challenges including strengthening climate action, enhancing digital safety, restoring livelihoods and societal cohesion, and managing competition in space."

Looked at through the prism of a*set markets, the World Economic Forum's concerns are beginning to be appreciated by investors.

The S&P 500 dropped more than 2% at session lows on Monday as investors took their cue from the 10-year Treasury yield's march to 2% amid inflationary worries. Stocks ended the session slightly lower. Meanwhile, the Nasdaq Composite turned slightly positive, erasing earlier losses to end a four-day losing streak. Selling pressure continued, however, in high P/E multiple names such as Meta (formerly Facebook), Amazon and Palantir.

The World Economic Forum's report did little to alleviate any concerns on the part of investors with respect to the pace of the economic rebound.

"Although employment is approaching pre-pandemic levels in many advanced economies, globally the jobs recovery from the COVID-19 crisis is lagging the economic recovery global employment remains lower than it was before the pandemic and the Great Resignation in advanced economies has caused labour market participation to fall. Youth, women and lower-skilled workers have been especially affected. It will take the global economy at least until 2023 to create the jobs lost to COVID-19, but many of these jobs are expected to be of low productivity and poor quality, according to the International Labour Organization," the report stated. "Income disparities risk increasing polarization and resentment within societies."

visit this link finance.yahoo.com/

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#8  Jan 17 - FBI Letter to MLK Telling Him To k*ll Himself In 34 Days Or Face s*x-Smear

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  @news      By baskeeyacht      13 hours ago

But we can totally trust our government now this is the past it’s all good now I swear

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#9   T.I. TIP talks to ceelo green about his final album and he wants to distance himself from

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@hiphop      By Mrniceguy      10 hours ago

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#10   Watch: Jim Jones Laughs At The Freddie Gibbs f*ght

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@hiphop      By Playboy69      13 hours ago

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#11   Call the Coroner... Victim: Rudy gobert, Suspect: Russell Westbrook

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  @sports      By Supreme God      10 hours ago

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#12   Kyrie is just straight up dumb

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@sports      By GUMa      14 hours ago

believes everyone and everything is out to get him, a Grade A conspiracy nut

Kyrie just insinuated in his interview that Giannis injured him on purpose in last season's ECSF. This is a very dangerous claim to make but what can we expect from the flat vaccination society at this point.

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#13   Mike Tyson x Jake Paul agree to f*ght for $50 Million

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  @sports      By The Gary Group      17 hours ago

Despite being criticized for his lack of in-ring competition against experienced boxers and opponents his age, 2021 was a big earning year for Jake Paul. According to Forbes magazine, the 25-year-old made an estimated $50 million from his boxing matches. He was even named the "Breakout Boxer of the Year" by Sports Illustrated.

In response to his naysayers, the Cleveland native scheduled a f*ght with Tommy Fury for late December of last year. This would have been his first f*ght against a professional boxer but the younger brother of Tyson Fury backed out of the highly anticipated boxing match, due to a medical condition.

Now, it looks Jake Paul has his sights set on another professional boxer. But this boxing legend hasn't had a professionally sanctioned f*ght in over 30 years. According to reports, Mike Tyson is in the advanced stage of agreeing to a mega-f*ght against Jake Paul. If agreed upon, the bout could be worth nearly $50 million and it is likely to take place in Las Vegas later this year.

"Mike and Jake are on board for an exhibition bout in Las Vegas," said a Vegas source and alleged business a*sociate of Tyson. "A verbal deal has been struck to get it on, but like all forms of sports business, now it's all about the contracts and money split. Mike is looking for a certain figure to get into the ring with a profit share guarantee. Jake obviously has that on his mind but is keen to show the world that stepping into the ring with a man once called the baddest man on the planet, takes his boxing career to the next level. This f*ght bridges the gap between old school boxing fans and the new generation of followers."

This announcement comes about one month after the 55-year-old Mike Tyson was rumored to be interested in facing off against Jake Paul's older brother, Logan Paul, in a celebrity boxing match.

Sad to see Mike f*ghting a YouTuber especially for fixed f*ghts

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#14   Travis Kelce with that Cosmo Kramer Swagger

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@sports      By mac58      13 hours ago

The best in the business

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#15  Gunna outsells The Weeknd, has the number 1 album in the country

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  @hiphop      By Frankybaby      13 hours ago

There was a delay in announcing the numbers because of some "suspicious data submissions" but he got it in the end, Abel's label is not happy tho

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#16  My new widebody charger hellcat

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  @rides      By Luca Brasi      17 hours ago

Whats up fellas , I thought I was done with the hellcats for a while. But something keeps bringing me back to them. Heres my 3rd hellcat pickup

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#17   James Harden open to relocating?

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@sports      By Supreme God      17 hours ago

I'd be down to see Harden and Embiid

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#18   Michael Irvin - Pause

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@sports      By Slymm      16 hours ago

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#19  What a superman game would look like

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  @games      By Henri      13 hours ago

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#20   After 13 years and 182 games, Matt Stafford has won his first playoff game🚨👏🏾

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  @sports      By theFREAK      10 hours ago

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