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#1 Zach Lavine To The LA Lakers Confirmed??? LAVINE ON THE WAYYYYYYY!

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@sports      By Young Defiant      1 hour ago

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#2  May 24 - 2 Dead and Many Children Injured in Texas Elementary School Shooting

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@news      By SpyDa      2 mins ago

2 Dead and Many Children Injured in Texas Elementary School Shooting
The Uvalde Police Department said just after 1 p.m. that the a*sailant was in police custody.

More than a dozen children were injured in a shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, on Tuesday afternoon, and at least two people were dead, Uvalde Memorial Hospital said.

The two people who were k*lled had died by the time they arrived at the hospital, the hospital said on Facebook. Their ages were not immediately released. The conditions of those who were injured were unclear. The Uvalde Police Department said just after 1 p.m. that the a*sailant was in police custody.

In an earlier update, the hospital said several students from the school, Robb Elementary, were being treated in the emergency room.

Another hospital, University Health in San Antonio, said that it had received two patients, a child and an adult, from the shooting.

visit this link https://www.nytimes.com/2 .. ry-uvalde.html

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#3 Ricky Gervais (The Office creator) is getting cancelled on Twitter cuz of his new Special!

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  @movies      By ThaBIshop      3 hours ago


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#4 This proves the game was a male stripper

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@hiphop      By baddie      1 hour ago


LA n*ggas be male strippers like that ???

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#5  Talib Kweli Speaks on Cincinnati, Ohio robbery by a*sociates of MOOD

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@hiphop      By LordChaos      3 hours ago

cousin of an artist he worked with, robbed him last time he was here.
Punched him in the face, stole money
Says he was too comfy and was caught slippin
He no longer has love for the city, and was used.

He is getting blackmailed and harassed

Bugs and his cousin Dante (promoter from Cinti) asked him to do a show with Erica Badu, acted shady about how much he was getting paid... he didnt get a deposit and didnt press for it--

couple days before the show, an argument ensues and he decides not to do show, since he has no deposit he doesnt feel obligated, but since its in Cinti he feels like his fans are here and he wants to perform.
They argue again backstage and he gets punched for bringing up payment. He leaves the venue and goes outside.

This f*ght happened in 2019

Diss track made by Dante.

Says his babymoms and his kid are being harrassed and threatened and he felt in necessary to expose this group of younger rappers who have this music game twisted

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#6  Mr. Marcelo is in the hospital, looks bad (Curren$y cousin)

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@hiphop      By Its Dark At 9      1 hour ago

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#7  Who The fu-k Asked For This?

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@wild'ish      By The Watcher      1 hour ago

Opposites attract," the saying goes. True in physics; not always in relationships. Sometimes, opposites find good reasons to hate each other. And sometimes, when two opposites are thrown together, who knows what the outcome could be?

A new collaboration between two massive brands appears to be exactly that: a chaotic mashup where inevitable curiosity is the primary objective: Ritz Crackers and Oreo Cookies are being combined into a single sandwiched snack.

Oreo dates back to 1912; Ritz was launched in 1934. And yet, Mondelez International the corporate umbrella under which both brands have been since 2012 says the forthcoming Ritz x Oreo hybrid is the first time the brands have ever worked together.

Purely from a visual standpoint, the combo looks sensible: the Oreo wafer and the Ritz cracker are both round with similar circumferences and thickness. But things get trickier from there: The Oreo side of the self-described "salty-sweet" mixture features one chocolate wafer covered with the usual Oreo creme. Then, the Ritz side is inspired by Ritz peanut butter sandwiches, taking a single cracker and layering it with smooth peanut butter-flavored creme. The two halves are then jammed into one for a sandwich that looks like someone screwed up at the factory.

But is it a cookie? A snack? Not to imply that the mashup can't work, but even the brands themselves don't entirely seem to know.

"Over the past few years, Ritz has been exploring innovative partnerships and experiences to spark excitement around our iconic, buttery cracker," stated Alexis Yap, Ritz's senior brand manager. "We couldn't resist the opportunity to collaborate with our friends at Oreo on a snack that's part salty cracker, part chocolate cookie, and entirely delicious. This is a collab our fans won't want to miss!"

visit this link https://www.foodandwine.c .. ckers-sandwich

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#8  May 21 - Criminals had license plate flipper on Mercedes in Irvine Cali

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@news      By aquisite04      3 hours ago

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#9 Jacksonville rap star Ksoos father will testify against his son at trial

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@hiphop      By I Know      3 hours ago

The father of a viral rap star known as Ksoo will testify on behalf of the state in the first-degree murder case against his son, court records show.

Abdul Robinson Sr., 51, has agreed to cooperate with prosecutors in a high-profile murder case in which both of his sons are charged. Hakeem Robinson, 23, is charged with first degree murder. Abdul Robinson Jr., 27, is charged with second degree murder. Robinson Sr. is charged as accessory after the fact to first degree murder. Three others are also charged in the case.

Police and prosecutors allege Robinson Sr. is the leader of a violent drug gang known as ATK or Aces Top k*llers. His son Hakeem, who performs under the name Ksoo, is believed to be a member. Ksoo has helped popularize the genre known as murder rap because of how it celebrates the violent deaths of alleged gang rivals.

Hakeem Robinson was indicted of first-degree murder in two cases in March. In both, the victim was a rival Jacksonville rapper: Charles McCormick (aka Lil Buck, k*lled in January 2020) and Adrian Gainer (aka Bibby, k*lled in February 2019). He has pleaded not guilty.

Court records show Robinson Sr. has agreed to testify as a witness for the state in the McCormick case. He has been moved out of the Duval County Jail for his safety.

According to police and prosecutors, McCormick, 23, was fatally shot in Dames Pointe Plaza on Merrill Road on Jan 15, 2020. An off-duty officer witnessed the shooting. According to a warrant, he saw a gunman stand over McCormick and shoot him with a rifle before fleeing in a Nissan Altima. The a*sailant was captured on surveillance video, and prosecutors say Hakeem Robinson is the man pictured, something his lawyers deny.

After the shooting, the officer chased the Nissan until it crashed and three people fled, according to the warrant. Prosecutors say Hakeem Robinson's fingerprint was found on a rifle in the car and his hair found on a T-shirt nearby.

After the incident, the warrant says, Hakeem Robinson posted mocking comments on his Instagram account, including a Lil Buck video captioned "Byeeee byeeee" with emojis of waving hands. Another pictured Hakeem Robinson getting a pedicure with the caption "Kill a n----- then go get my toes done."

Its not clear from court records what testimony Robinson Sr. will provide in the case against his son. He also faces charges of accessory after the fact in the slaying of Damon Rothermel, 50, who was k*lled by a stray bullet while riding his bike near the intersection of Emerson Street and St. Augustine Road in January 2019. Police believe he was struck during a shootout between two vehicles, and that Robinson Sr. was in one of them.

Between the two cases, Robinson Sr. is facing three felony charges that could each carry sentences of 30 years in prison. His cooperation with prosecutors may reduce that.

Dominique Barner, one of the six defendants in McCormicks murder, is also cooperating with investigators. He told investigators Hakeem Robinsons beef with McCormick started after the latter talked [disparagingly] about [rapper] Willie Addison, according to the warrant. Addison (aka Boss Goon) was murdered Jan. 16, 2019, after a rap concert at Paradise Gentlemens Club on Baymeadows Road. He was Hakeem Robinsons half-brother.

Before his arrest, Hakeem Robinson/Ksoo made videos with rapper Kenyata Bullard (aka Yungeen Ace, also affiliated with ATK) whose video Who I Smoke is an internet sensation. Sampling the 2002 pop song, "A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlson, the song lists the names of several Jacksonville murder victims, including Bibby, whove been smoked. (Bullard survived a quadruple shooting near St. Johns Town Center in June 2018 that k*lled his brother and two friends.)

Who I Smoke is just one way that ATK affiliates have mocked Bibbys murder. Ksoo did so on Instagram in August 2020 when he posted pictures of a jersey exchange with former Jags running back Leonard Fournette. Fournette signed his #27 jersey to my bro Ksoo next to the letters ATK. In return, Ksoo gave Fournette a signed #10 Vancouver Grizzlies jersey emblazoned with the name Bibby (former NBA player Mike Bibby).

visit this link https://www.firstcoastnew .. 2-395079652444

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#10   Sacramento Rapper Lul Tys Shot & k*lled! (Full Video)

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@hiphop      By Made Media Mag      34 mins ago

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#11 May 24 - Biden to sign police reform executive order on George Floyd anniversary

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@news      By Kadroan      3 hours ago


President Joe Biden will mark the anniversary of George Floyds death by signing an executive order on Wednesday to establish new rules for use of force by federal law enforcement officers, theGrio has learned.

The presidential action is an attempt to fulfill a campaign promise in 2020 to reform policing on the national level, create accountability and protect civil rights.

Now, two years later, a source familiar with the anticipated executive order told theGrio that President Bidens unilateral move is an effort to be responsive after Congress failed to pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act a comprehensive police reform bill intended to prevent and remedy racial profiling and excessive use of force.

Some high-profile families who have been impacted by deadly police violence will be on hand for the presidential signing ceremony. The one order is expected to be signed to extend measures on police use of force after civil rights leaders submitted guidance requesting at least 20 executive actions.

Sources described the order as progressive and one that mirrors the State of Californias use of force statute, which more narrowly defines a justifiable homicide.

Any executive order signed by Biden could ultimately be reversed by another administration when he is no longer in office. However, the White House is hoping to do its part in lieu of legislative action from Congress. Attempts to pass a bipartisan Floyd bill fell apart when Democrats and Republicans failed to reconcile their differences on provisions of the legislation.

The executive signing will take place on the second anniversary of the death of Floyd, who was k*lled by Minneapolis Police on May 25, 2020. Video and images of Floyd losing the literal breath from his body and witnessed in perpetuity on social media forever live in the consciousness of Americans. Former officer Derek Chauvin, who placed his knee on Floyds neck for more than 9 minutes, was convicted of murder and was sentenced to 22.5 years in prison. Three other officers were also convicted for violating Floyds civil rights.

In the immediate aftermath of Floyds murder, mass demonstrations emerged in Minneapolis and around the world and galvanized a new global movement for racial justice while in the midst of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. At the time, then Democratic presidential candidate Biden traveled to Minnesota to meet with Floyds family.

More notably, he made the campaign promise to root out racial bias and brutality in policing through federal reform measures. Bidens decision to select Kamala Harris, a Black woman, as his vice presidential nominee was largely seen as a direct response to the moment.

However, after Biden was elected, the push for the Floyd bill became an uphill battle. In an effort to reach a bipartisan consensus on police reform, a coalition of lawmakers on Capitol Hill Democrats Sen. Cory Booker and Rep. Karen Bass and Republican Sen. Tim Scott met for several months. The two parties ultimately failed to reconcile their political differences and move the bill forward.

On the first anniversary of George Floyds murder, President Biden invited the Floyd family to the White House in hopes that he would have a bill passed by Congress to sign into law. A major sticking point was Republicans opposition to amending the legal provision known as qualified immunity that allows for a high threshold of legal accountability when an officer uses excessive or deadly force.

There was little public uproar over the failure to pass the police reform bill to suggest any political blowback.

Toluse Olorunnipa, co-author of the new book His Name Is George Floyd, told theGrio, its hard to see how our politics can navigate through [it] when people arent really discussing police reform in the public sphere.

Systemic racism is going to be a long f*ght to get to that place, said Olorunnipa, its an ongoing f*ght for those activists who were originally part of the Black Lives Matter movement and continue to f*ght for those same issues.

Rep. Bass, who is running in this years mayoral race in Los Angeles, said negotiations on a bipartisan effort to enact police reform failed because Scott wanted to roll back what Democrats saw as minimal accountability established by former President Donald Trump.

Senator Scott was actually proposing that we do less than President Trump and obviously we couldnt, Bass told theGrio.

Any time you do legislation, the most important measure is [to] do no harm. That would have done harm.

Scott, she said, also found that a proposal from Booker wasnt acceptable to him. Bass emphasized that Bookers proposal was the result of negotiating with law enforcement organizations like the Fraternal Order of Police, which endorsed the Floyd bill.

Well, if you cant go with that, then its off, Bass recalled of Democrats thinking at that time.

The congresswoman also noted that President Biden had not reversed Trumps previous police reform executive order. The Floyd bill, she said, wouldve simply put those measures into law rather than be potentially overturned by a future administration.

Beyond Wednesdays executive order signing, the Biden administration is expected to be urged by civil rights leaders to continue the push to reform police and practices through law. However, recent past events suggest Republicans may not have a political appetite for passage of the Floyd bill. Many believed that to be evident in Sen. Scotts lack of cooperation with Democrats once negotiations fell apart.

While Bass said she believed Scott was genuine in his quest to achieve bipartisan police reform in George Floyds honor, she also noted that the South Carolina lawmakers rising popularity among Republicans following his State of Union rebuttal to President Biden may have caused him to backtrack.

He raised a ton of money, said Bass. There was [also] word circulating, maybe hes presidential material.

During his speech, Scott, the Republican Partys lone Black U.S. Senator, infamously said that America is not a racist country.

The senator said that after the death of Floyd and Breonna Taylor in Louisville, Kentucky, he proposed a police reform bill that Democrats blocked from a debate on the Senate floor.

My friends across the aisle seemed to want the issue more than they wanted a solution. But Im still working, he said. Im still hopeful.

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#12  New audio with Charleston White checking 600 Breezy

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  @hiphop      By sideline      16 hours ago

New audio with Charleston White checking 600 Breezy

Charleston White seems to have purposely lied when he acted like he got checked by 600 Breezy. Now he is slowly releasing audio which appears to show him checking 600 or at least out barking 600 with ease.

In this new audio released, Charleston White brags about rapin and k*llin white folks and has lines like-

"I ain't never shot a gun at a n*gga... The bullets for the revolution."

"Anything that hurt a n*gga, we against it."

"Never go against yo people my n*gga... For us, by us, with us and of us. You against that, I'm against you. And I wanna die behind that"

"I done said what I said, I don't wanna understand it! I done said what I said, I don't wanna understand it!"

"Then let me entertain, quit talking to me n*gga. Let me keep entertaining."

EDIT: At first it was just audio, but now the actual video of it came out like right after or just before I made the thread.

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#13 Stephen A Smith Defends Josh Donaldson Racist Jackie Taunt Says That He Was Done Wrong

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@sports      By Playboy69      3 hours ago

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#14   Women are gaining steam without Kevin Samuels

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@wild'ish      By Soaring Seagull      28 mins ago


Hard on n*ggas movement ?

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#15 SNL is wack these days but..

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  @sports      By torious      14 hours ago

This was good
Sorry if repost, Keenan's impression of Perk is

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#16   Most Underrated Center Of All Time? The Unappreciated Underdog!

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@sports      By Young Defiant      21 mins ago

What could've Boston REALLY done without Big Perk?
Get all the boards, blocks, and best defensive match-ups at the time where Centers were still great! Even the things you don't ask for, a few lay ups, dunks and put backs every now and then.
The hall of famer never really gets talked about, it was always Paul Pierce, KG, Ray, and Rondo. All being in their prime, I could understand how Perk could be who falls in the shadows. You can ask any one of those guys today, they wouldn't have won a championship without Big Perk. Offense wins games, but Defensive wins Championships!

This dude has had games that most centers in today's game could only dream of having. Sure he's been tossed around later in his career. It happens, it's called Father time. Are we gonna crucify Michael Jordan for his Washington Wizards years? No we aren't right? So what more can you say or expect.

The stats don't lie, for his era, he was special and truly underrated. No he's not better than Shaq, or Kareem, but I'm just saying, why don't we mention Big Perk when we thinking of those BOS Championships runs? Say what you want, he's a champion. Some of these greats have yet to receive one. Something you might want to think about.

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#17 Peter King Top 10 Power Rankings

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@sports      By ahonui06      3 hours ago

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#18 Girl On TikTok Accuses Bears LB Roquan Smith Of s*xual a*sault

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@sports      By TheKumBucket      1 hour ago

This is crazy.

Chicago Bears linebacker Roquan Smith appears to be one of the top up-and-coming defenders in the entire NFL, primed for a large extension in the near future. But the latest news on Smith applies to some off the field accusations.

A TikTok user replied to a trend on the web accusing a few different people of s*xual a*sault. But most notably, she called out Smith of r*pe from his days at Georgia.

visit this link https://sideaction.com/nf .. rgia-days-bjs/

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#19 Chad from the Neptunes is a legend but damn he just gave a super awkward interview!

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  @hiphop      By GodBody      16 hours ago

No stamps needed the awkwardness starts instantly

Still Icons in the game!

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#20   Seattle and Vegas Are Expansion Targets

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@sports      By Pastor Ra      26 mins ago

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