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Image inside Leah Remini calls out Jada Pinkett for being a scientologist

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movies | By Shiva - 10 hours ago

TSR STAFF: Kyle Anfernee! @kyle.Anfernee #Roommates, actress Leah Remini came for #JadaPinkettSmith in her new tell-all memoir,Â*Troublemaker,Â*where she blasts Pinkett for still being a member of the Church of Scientology.Â* _____________________________________ “I know Jada’s in. I know Jada’s in. She’s been in Scientology a long time,” Remini toldÂ*The Daily Beast.Â*“I never saw Will there, but I saw Jada at [Scientology’s Hollywood] Celebrity Centre. _____________________________________ According to the Daily Beast, the actress is exposing all the secrets about the religion and even detailed a bizarre account she had with Jada and Will at Tom Cruise’s house, a well known Scientology spokesperson. _____________________________________ Sis said Tom had asked them to play a game of hide-and seek. Remini thought he was joking at first, and wrote, “he literally wanted to play hide-and-seek with a bunch of grown-ups in what was probably close to a 7,000-square-foot house on almost three full acres of secluded land.” _____________________________________ Remini said H to NO because she was wearing heels but that didn’t stop Jada from playing, “I had hoped that she had left [Scientology], but this was the tell-tale sign that she was still in.” _____________________________________ Remini also called Jada out for her comments she made on Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live,” when Andy asked her about Remini’s claims. _____________________________________ Andy Cohen asked Jada, ‘Have you read Leah Remini’s book?’, ‘What was that whole thing about playing tag?’ and Jada said, ‘Oh, she lied.’ He says, ‘Isn’t that weird, to play tag?’ and she--Read More At

A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on

Things you already knew for 200 alex

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Sep 18 - Hurricane Maria now a Category 5

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news | By El Caballero - 11 hours ago


Hurricane Maria is pounding the Leeward Islands as an extremely dangerous Category 5 hurricane and will follow that up with a potentially devastating hit on the already storm-weary Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, parts of which are still recovering from Hurricane Irma less than two weeks ago.

Maria is currently located about 15 miles east-southeast of Dominica and is moving west-northwest at near 10 mph.

Hurricane conditions should be spreading across Dominica, Guadeloupe and Martinique during the next few hours, with tropical storm conditions already occurring over portions of the Leeward Islands.

A hurricane warning remains in effect for Guadeloupe, Dominica, St. Kitts, Nevis, Montserrat, the U.S. Virgin Islands, the British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Culebra and Vieques. A tropical storm warning has been issued for Martinique, Antigua, Barbuda, Saba, St. Eustatius, St. Maarten, Anguilla and St. Lucia.

Hurricane watches include Saba, St. Eustatius, St. Maarten, St. Martin, St. Barthelemy, Anguilla and from Isla Saona to Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic.

Tropical storm watches have been posted for St. Vincent and the Grenadines, as well as from west of Puerto Plata to the northern Dominican Republic-Haiti border.

Maria rapidly intensified Monday thanks to a combination of low wind shear, a moist atmosphere and warm ocean temperatures.

"Maria is developing the dreaded pinhole eye," the National Hurricane Center said in its late Monday afternoon discussion. This is an indication of a strong hurricane, and just three hours later, Maria reached Category 5 intensity.

The last time the Atlantic had two Category 5 hurricanes in the same season was in 2007 with Dean and Felix. Irma was this year's first Category 5 hurricane.

Leeward Islands Impacts

Conditions have deteriorated quickly in Dominica, Guadeloupe, Martinique and St. Lucia as the eye of Maria nears the island of Dominica.

Hurricane conditions are possible through Monday night and Tuesday. This includes some locations in the northern Leeward Islands that were devastated by Hurricane Irma.

Of course, the strongest winds will occur within the small eyewall of Maria.

A storm surge of up to 6 to 9 feet above normal tide levels is expected in the hurricane warning area, including the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

High surf and dangerous rip currents are already impacting the Lesser Antilles and will persist even for a day or so after Maria's center passes by.

Rainfall totals of 10 to 15 inches are possible in the central and southern Leeward Islands, with locally up to 20 inches in some spots. That has the potential to produce widespread, life-threatening flooding and mudslides, particularly on mountainous terrain.

Maria is also expected to produce 4 to 8 inches of rain, with locally up to 10 inches, over the northern Leeward Islands from Barbuda to Anguilla.

Two to 4 inches of rain, with locally up to 6 inches, can be expected in the Windward Islands and Barbados.

Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and Hispañola Impacts

Maria may bring a devastating combination of storm-surge flooding, destructive winds and torrential rain to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, potentially as Category 4 or 5 hurricane Wednesday.

Residents and visitors in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands should be making preparations immediately for this upcoming hurricane strike.

"Locations may be uninhabitable for weeks or months," according to the National Weather Service in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Conditions may begin to deteriorate starting Tuesday in the Virgin Islands and then spread west toward Puerto Rico by Wednesday. Portions of the Dominican Republic and Haiti could see impacts from Maria begin as early as Thursday.

Puerto Rico may see 12 to 18 inches of rain, with locally up to 25 inches in some areas, through Thursday.

The Virgin Islands are expected to receive 10 to 15 inches of rain, with locally up to 20 inches.

The eastern Dominican Republic is forecast to pick up 4 to 8 inches of rain, with isolated 12-inch amounts.

These rainfall totals have the potential to produce widespread, life-threatening flooding and mudslides.

Prior to Irma, only four other Category 4 hurricanes had tracked within 75 miles of central Puerto Rico in historical records dating to the late 19th century. Hurricane Hugo in 1989 was the last to do so, before Irma's Category 5 swipe just two weeks ago.

Only three times before have two hurricanes passed within 75 nautical miles of the Virgin Islands during the same hurricane season.

Will Maria Threaten the U.S. East Coast?

In short, we cannot determine at this time whether Maria will directly impact the East Coast of the U.S. next week.

Whether Maria will ever pose an East Coast threat will depend on steering currents in the upper atmosphere over the western Atlantic Ocean and the eastern United States that cannot be pinned down this far in advance.

Interestingly, the potential for Jose to stall off the Northeast coast this weekend could play some role in determining Maria's long-term future path. For more details, see the link below.

(MORE: How Jose Could Affect Maria's Long-Term Steering)

Also, if Maria interacts with the higher terrain of Puerto Rico and/or Hispañola, that could also affect its future track and intensity.

If Maria would strike the U.S., and again, that is not by any means a certainty, that would not happen until early next week.

For now, all residents along the East Coast and Gulf Coast should monitor the progress of Maria.
visit this link .. ds-puerto-rico

Damn this sh*t was a category 2 when I woke up this morning

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Image inside Sep 18 - Wow: President Trump was RIGHT about being wire tapped

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news | By theFREAK - 11 hours ago


Exclusive: US government wiretapped former Trump campaign chairman
By Evan Perez, Shimon Prokupecz and Pamela Brown, CNN
Updated 7:41 PM EDT, Mon September 18, 2017

(CNN) US investigators wiretapped former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort under secret court orders before and after the election, sources tell CNN, an extraordinary step involving a high-ranking campaign official now at the center of the Russia meddling probe.

The government snooping continued into early this year, including a period when Manafort was known to talk to President Donald Trump.

Some of the intelligence collected includes communications that sparked concerns among investigators that Manafort had encouraged the Russians to help with the campaign, according to three sources familiar with the investigation. Two of these sources, however, cautioned that the evidence is not conclusive.

Special counsel Robert Mueller's team, which is leading the investigation into Russia's involvement in the election, has been provided details of these communications.

A secret order authorized by the court that handles the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) began after Manafort became the subject of an FBI investigation that began in 2014. It centered on work done by a group of Washington consulting firms for Ukraine's former ruling party, the sources told CNN.

The surveillance was discontinued at some point last year for lack of evidence, according to one of the sources.

The FBI then restarted the surveillance after obtaining a new FISA warrant that extended at least into early this year.

Sources say the second warrant was part of the FBI's efforts to investigate ties between Trump campaign associates and suspected Russian operatives. Such warrants require the approval of top Justice Department and FBI officials, and the FBI must provide the court with information showing suspicion that the subject of the warrant may be acting as an agent of a foreign power.

It is unclear when the new warrant started. The FBI interest deepened last fall because of intercepted communications between Manafort and suspected Russian operatives, and among the Russians themselves, that reignited their interest in Manafort, the sources told CNN. As part of the FISA warrant, CNN has learned that earlier this year, the FBI conducted a search of a storage facility belonging to Manafort. It's not known what they found.

The conversations between Manafort and Trump continued after the President took office, long after the FBI investigation into Manafort was publicly known, the sources told CNN. They went on until lawyers for the President and Manafort insisted that they stop, according to the sources.

It's unclear whether Trump himself was picked up on the surveillance.

The White House declined to comment for this story. A spokesperson for Manafort didn't comment for this story.

Manafort previously has denied that he ever "knowingly" communicated with Russian intelligence operatives during the election and also has denied participating in any Russian efforts to "undermine the interests of the United States."

The FBI wasn't listening in June 2016, the sources said, when Donald Trump Jr. led a meeting that included Manafort, then campaign chairman, and Jared Kushner, the President's son-in-law, with a Russian lawyer who had promised negative information on Hillary Clinton.

That gap could prove crucial as prosecutors and investigators under Mueller work to determine whether there's evidence of a crime in myriad connections that have come to light between suspected Russian government operatives and associates of Trump.

Origins of the FBI's interest in Manafort

The FBI interest in Manafort dates back at least to 2014, partly as an outgrowth of a US investigation of Viktor Yanukovych, the former Ukrainian president whose pro-Russian regime was ousted amid street protests. Yanukovych's Party of Regions was accused of corruption, and Ukrainian authorities claimed he squirreled millions of dollars out of the country.

Investigators have spent years probing any possible role played by Manafort's firm and other US consultants, including the Podesta Group and Mercury LLC, that worked with the former Ukraine regime. The basis for the case hinged on the failure by the US firms to register under the US Foreign Agents Registration Act, a law that the Justice Department only rarely uses to bring charges.

All three firms earlier this year filed retroactive registrations with the Justice Department.

It hasn't proved easy to make a case.

Last year, Justice Department prosecutors concluded that there wasn't enough evidence to bring charges against Manafort or anyone of the other US subjects in the probe, according to sources briefed on the investigation.

The FBI and Justice Department have to periodically seek renewed FISA authorization to continue their surveillance.

As Manafort took the reins as Trump campaign chairman in May, the FBI surveillance technicians were no longer listening. The fact he was part of the campaign didn't play a role in the discontinued monitoring, sources told CNN. It was the lack of evidence relating to the Ukraine investigation that prompted the FBI to pull back.

Renewed surveillance

Manafort was ousted from the campaign in August. By then the FBI had noticed what counterintelligence agents thought was a series of odd connections between Trump associates and Russia. The CIA also had developed information, including from human intelligence sources, that they believed showed Russian President Vladimir Putin had ordered his intelligence services to conduct a broad operation to meddle with the US election, according to current and former US officials.

The FBI surveillance teams, under a new FISA warrant, began monitoring Manafort again, sources tell CNN.

The court that oversees government snooping under FISA operates in secret, the surveillance so intrusive that the existence of the warrants only rarely become public.

For that reason, speculation has run rampant about whether Manafort or others associated with Trump were under surveillance. The President himself fueled the speculation when in March he used his Twitter account to accuse former President Barack Obama of having his "wires tapped" in Trump Tower.

The Justice Department and the FBI have denied that Trump's own "wires" were tapped.

While Manafort has a residence in Trump Tower, it's unclear whether FBI surveillance of him took place there.

Manafort has a home as well in Alexandria, Virginia. FBI agents raided the Alexandria residence in July.

The FBI also eavesdropped on Carter Page, a campaign associate that then candidate Trump once identified as a national security adviser. Page's ties to Russia, including an attempt by Russian spies to cultivate him, prompted the FBI to obtain a FISA court warrant in 2014.

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gear | By TalentAnR - 11 hours ago

Whats some of y'all favorite online stores
Im getting into the online shopping thing. Seem like same sh*t be everywhere with different prices.

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Video inside Tay600 to Lil Durk :"I F*cked Your Baby Momma, That's the Real Reason You Hate Me"

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hiphop | By CrazyNDaLasDayz - 6 hours ago

Idk why he bragging about fu*king that beast....

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Video inside Harlem Kingpin/DonDiva CEO Kevin Chiles Hot97 Intv Alpo & Azie Snitchin On Him & Crack Era

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hiphop | By PyrexVisionary - 10 hours ago

A must watch!

A young Kev Chiles

This Delson the dude sitting in on the interview who Lakey Da Kid rapped about on "One Never Knows" with Nas "Do he really be with Kingpins like Delson & Jesus?"

#vintage #delsonholloway @sharponeent #tbt 💪🏾💪🏾 #dondiva #dondivamag #streetcertified #trapradar

A post shared by Don Diva Magazine (@dondivamagazine) on

This is the dude Chuck from Mt Vernon who along wit Alpo & Azie snitched on Kev. LL hung out with him a lot as he did Po & A

I always knew A took the stand on the dudes who killed his aunt, the people in his stash house & who shot him in the head but never knew he snitched on Kev

And of course...

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Video inside Female Jogger In Denver Wont Stop Sh!tting In Front Of Families Home

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wild'ish | By droid3000 - 7 hours ago

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eyecandy | By woodthatdude - 10 hours ago

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Image inside Sep 18 - Breaking: Feds will Indict Paul Manafort

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news | By phantomnation - 11 hours ago

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Audio inside Cardi B - Bodak Yellow (feat. Kodak Black) [Remix]

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hiphop | By Chalky - 7 hours ago

Black Excellence

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Image inside It's official: T-Mobile to bump monthly unlimited throttling limit to 50GB (from 32GB)

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cells | By Tiko377 - 10 hours ago

Although it's started as a rumor based on a screenshot of a T-Mobile document, the increase of the monthly unlimited throttling limit has been recently confirmed by the carrier.

The said document suggests T-Mobile's “Fair Usage threshold” will be increased to 50GB. The last bump operated by the Uncarrier dates from May when the deprioritization threshold was increased to 32GB.

T-Mobile confirmed via Twitter that it will implement the new change on September 20, so starting later this week, customers shouldn't be throttled down if they exceed the old 32GB threshold.

Even though T-Mobile had by far the highest monthly unlimited throttling limit (32GB), the Magenta does not want to offer competition even the slightest chance to match its services. AT&T and Verizon offer a 22GB monthly limit, while Sprint has a slightly better offer (23GB), so they're pretty far from what T-Mobile will soon offer to its customers.

Keep in mind that after exceeding your monthly 50GB of data, your speeds will be reduced considerably in areas with overloaded network traffic. But 50GB is definitely a LOT and probably hard to match by other major US carriers.

source: T-Mobile, AndroidCentral

visit this link .. m-32GB_id98185

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NFL 8 NFL teams scored 10 pts or less this week: Defenses getting better or Offenses worse?

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sports | By ahonui06 - 6 hours ago

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Sep 18 - Obama Goes From White House to Wall Street in Less Than One Year

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news | By Alerts - 11 hours ago

Hillary Clinton says she made a mistake when she gave speeches on Wall Street after leaving government. Taking money from banks, she writes in her new memoir, created the impression she was in their pocket.

Her old boss doesn’t seem to share her concern.

Last month, just before her book “What Happened” was published, Barack Obama spoke in New York to clients of Northern Trust Corp. for about $400,000, a person familiar with his appearance said. Last week, he reminisced about the White House for Carlyle Group LP, one of the world’s biggest private equity firms, according to two people who were there. Next week, he’ll give a keynote speech at investment bank Cantor Fitzgerald LP’s health-care conference.

Obama is coming to Wall Street less than a year after leaving the White House, following a path that’s well trod and well paid. While he can’t run for president, he continues to be an influential voice in a party torn between celebrating and vilifying corporate power. His new work with banks might suggest which side of the debate he’ll be on and disappoint anyone expecting him to avoid a trap that snared Clinton. Or, as some of his executive friends see it, he’s just a private citizen giving a few paid speeches to other successful people while writing his next book.

“He was the president of the entire United States -- financial services are under that umbrella,” said former UBS Group AG executive Robert Wolf, an early supporter who joined the Obama Foundation board this year. “He doesn’t look at Wall Street like, ‘Oh, these are individuals who don’t want the best for the country.’ He doesn’t stereotype.”
Fat Cats

Since leaving office, Obama has delivered public and private speeches that are “true to his values,” Kevin Lewis, a spokesman for the former president, said in an email. “His paid speeches in part have allowed President Obama to contribute $2 million to Chicago programs offering job training and employment opportunities to low-income youth.”

Obama’s relationship with Wall Street hasn’t always been good. Bankers still boil over with rage about him, wincing over his 2009 line about fat cats as if the wounds were fresh. But his Justice Department prosecuted no major bankers for their roles in the financial crisis, and he resisted calls to break up the biggest banks, signing a regulatory overhaul that annoyed them with new rules but didn’t stop them from pulling in record profits.

The brokerage and investment bank Cantor Fitzgerald isn’t one of those giants. S&P Global Ratings announced this year that the New York-based firm’s debt grades could be cut to junk. Cantor’s investment banking division is run by health-care specialist Sage Kelly, who left Jefferies Group after divorce-case accusations became salacious tabloid fodder in 2014. His ex-wife later apologized for the storm caused by the claims, which he had denied.

Cantor Chief Executive Officer Howard Lutnick, whose firm lost more than 600 people in the Sept. 11 attacks, said the former president will make remarks and take questions. The three-day conference for current and prospective clients begins Sept. 25. Obama will be paid about $400,000, according to a person familiar with the arrangement.

“Everybody would like to come,” Lutnick said. “Hopefully, we will really talk about the Affordable Care Act in interesting and nuanced ways, which I think is really cool.”

visit this link More in Source

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NFL Ben McAdoo calls out Eli sloppy QB play

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sports | By ahonui06 - 5 hours ago

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NFL NYG's summed up in 1 picture

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sports | By Full Clip - 10 hours ago

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Sep 17 - Venezuela publishes oil prices in Chinese currency to shun U.S. dollar

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news | By BrotherMan - 11 hours ago

Venezuela publishes oil prices in Chinese currency to shun U.S. dollar

CARACAS (Reuters) - Venezuela published the price of its oil and fuel in Chinese currency on Friday in what it called an effort to free the socialist-run country from the “tyranny of the dollar,” echoing a plan recently announced by President Nicolas Maduro.

Maduro last week said his government would shun the dollar after the United States announced sanctions that blocked certain financial dealings with Venezuela on accusations that the ruling Socialist Party is undermining democracy.

The global oil industry overwhelmingly uses the dollar for pricing of products.

A weekly Oil Ministry bulletin published on Friday listed September prices in yuan, while including prices from previous weeks and months in dollars.

“This format is the result of the announcement made on Sept 7 by the president ... that Venezuela will implement new strategies to free the country from the tyranny of the dollar,” the ministry wrote in a statement released after the bulletin.

Venezuela’s yuan-based prices appear to be the result of multiplying dollar prices by the dollar/yuan exchange rate.

The price per barrel for the week ending Friday was 306.26 yuan, equivalent to $46.76 based on the exchange rate listed in a footnote. That is up from the previous week’s price of 300.91 yuan, or $46.15 based on the corresponding exchange rate.

The ministry did not respond to an email seeking additional details.

“Nobody is changing contracts for now,” said one oil trader consulted about the issue who asked not to be identified.

“Oil is a commodity that is traded almost exclusive in dollars. PDVSA’s debts, for example, are still denominated in dollars ... and that’s how they’ll have to pay bondholders,” the trader said, referring to the state oil company.

Venezuela’s Dicom currency system on Wednesday temporarily suspended the sale of dollars in order to incorporate other currencies.

Late socialist leader Hugo Chavez during his 14-year rule repeatedly vowed to back away from the dollar, which he said was being printed indiscriminately and was destined to lose its place as the world’s dominant currency.

But Venezuela remains dependent on the greenback given that it conducts ample commercial trade with the United States both through exports of oil and imports of U.S. food and consumer products.

Sanctions by the administration of President Donald Trump blocked U.S. citizens from buying new debt from Venezuela or its state oil company, but did not directly interrupt import and export operations.

visit this link .. -idUSKCN1BS0OG

Maduro is about to end up like Gaddafi

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Video inside Cardi B previewing some NEW music .. Fire? or Garbage

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hiphop | By YukiMarvin13 - 7 hours ago

lmao let’s see y’all hype this song up

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Image inside Sep 17 - Its becoming clear - Manafort is the EPICENTER of this whole Russia thing

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news | By phantomnation - 11 hours ago

Special counsel Robert Mueller, who is spearheading the FBI's investigation into whether President Donald Trump's campaign colluded with Moscow during the 2016 election, has added yet another prosecutor to his team who specializes in money laundering cases, Politico reported on Friday.

Before joining Mueller's team, attorney Kyle Freeny was leading the Department of Justice's charge to seize profits from the movie, "The Wolf of Wall Street," amidst allegations that Riza Aziz, a co-founder of the film's production company, Red Granite Pictures, used $64 million worth of stolen funds from the Malaysian government to bankroll the movie. Aziz is the stepson of Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, according to Law360.

In July, the DOJ filed several motions in court seeking the return of $1 billion in assets that it alleges was laundered through the US and used to buy big-ticket items, and lawyers representing Red Granite Pictures said in a court filing Friday that they'd reached a settlement with prosecutors.

The dispute is currently the DOJ's most high-profile money-laundering case, and Freeny was one of four attorneys representing the US government before she left the case in June.

Politico noted in its report that there appear to be some similarities between Freeny's work on the Malaysian money-laundering case and certain aspects of Mueller's investigation.

The "Wolf of Wall Street" case is being investigated as part of the DOJ's Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative, a program created in 2010 to address public corruption. The initiative is led by seasoned DOJ prosecutors as well as members of the FBI and other law-enforcement agencies.

In addition to the Malaysian money-laundering case, the program is also looking into overseas asset transfers made by Ukrainian officials, including former President Viktor Yanukovych.

Yanukovych is a prominent member of Ukraine's pro-Russia Party of Regions and is closely tied to the Kremlin. Yanukovych also used to be allied with former Trump campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, when Manafort served as his consultant. Manafort is widely credited with helping Yanukovych win the presidency in 2010. After being ousted in 2014 following widespread protests against his Russia-friendly positions, Yanukovych fled to Russia and is now living under the protection of the Kremlin.

Mueller's investigation into Manafort's work focuses primarily on his ties to the Party of Regions, which reportedly designated Manafort $12.7 million in undisclosed cash payments. Manafort's firm belatedly disclosed in a June filing that it had received about $17 million from the Party of Regions between 2012 and 2014.

Manafort has consistently denied any wrongdoing.

Mueller has so far given several signs that he's homing in on Manafort as part of the Russia investigation. In addition to probing the former Trump campaign chairman's relationship with the Party of Regions, Mueller has also teamed up with New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman as he examines Manafort's business dealings in the state of New York.

Freeny's expertise in prosecuting money-laundering cases could prove handy for the Mueller-Schneiderman investigation into Manafort's murky finances.

He has previously used shell companies to make cash purchases of real estate, then taken out loans against them. Though the practice is not illegal in itself, it represents a pattern that the US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (Fincen) believes indicates possible money laundering.

"It is apparent in our data that essentially criminals are parking dirty money, criminal proceeds, in luxury real estate, as a place to hide it, as well as place to invest it, as well as a place to enjoy it," Jennifer Shasky Calvery, the former director of Fincen, told Quartz.

Manafort bought four properties in New York City between 2006 and 2013 using shell companies and paid the full amount due for each property. Later, between 2012 and 2017, NBC News reported that Manafort borrowed $13 million against those properties. $6.5 million out of that amount came this year from a bank run by a Trump campaign economic adviser.

Though the purchases were initially made by shell companies, a WNYC investigation found that they were later transferred into Manafort's name without any payment.

Given that the majority of Manafort's real estate transactions reported thus far took place in New York, they could fall within Schneiderman's jurisdiction and may constitute the basis for criminal proceedings against Manafort in the state.

Although Trump could theoretically pardon close associates indicted on federal charges, his executive authority does not extend to state crimes, and legal analysts have speculated that Mueller is turning up the heat on Manafort to coerce his cooperation in the Russia investigation.

visit this link http://www.businessinside .. anafort-2017-9

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Video inside Tay Roc vs Dizaster Announced SMACK/URL Traffic 3

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hiphop | By Cosmo Kramer - 10 hours ago

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Video inside Thor 3: Ragnarok - 1987 Trailer

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movies | By servesurite - 7 hours ago

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