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#1 Jul 31 - Vaccinated are now the SuperSpreaders

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@news      By gdaze      3 hours ago

visit this link https://www.cnbc.com/amp/ .. mpression=true

visit this link https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMdcCGEWH/

visit this link https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMdcXP6Kv/

the # vaccine of deaths recorded is at 40,000

Spanish flu vax was considered too risky at 15 deaths and was shut down.

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#2  Allegedly what happened to Gonzoe

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@hiphop      By LilHaitiBaby      1 hour ago

3:45 mark of the video

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#3 Report: DeMar DeRozan willing to take pay cut to play with Lakers

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  @sports      By Kyu      2 hours ago

With [Russell] Westbrook now headed to Los Angeles, multiple league personnel contacted by B/R expect there to be significant interest from several veterans, including DeMar DeRozan, Rudy Gay and Carmelo Anthony, to forgo higher salary opportunities elsewhere and join the Lakers in pursuit of a championship,” wrote Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report.

visit this link https://bleacherreport.co .. ng-pg-carousel

Make it happen LeGM

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#4 OT How much Olympic Athletes get for medals

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@sports      By WeedCanuckman      1 hour ago

Yes there is the fact that they may get more through sponsors

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#5  WWE Released Bray Wyatt!!!!!

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  @misc      By Eclectic      3 hours ago


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#6 🔥NORE & The Drink Champs Podcast In A Nutshell!🔥😭

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  @hiphop      By PyrexVisionary      3 hours ago

Son, the look Beans gave Nore when he said “I am the only Beanie Sigel!”

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#7 ZUGACOIN.. Africa first CRYPTO COIN surpasses BITCOIN at $87,000

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@wild'ish      By GUS FRING      1 hour ago

visit this link https://www.google.com/am .. sts_position=0

Zugacoin surges to a fresh record, hits $87,000 against Bitcoin $41,000
July 29, 2021

By Rita Chioma Okoye

ZUGACOIN, the first Cryptocurrency in Africa surpassing every crypto records, taking the lead in the global market of Cryptocurrencies.

The top trending currency founded by Professor Archbishop Sam Zuga AKA Jehovah’s Field Marshall is trading at the value of 87,000 dollars against Bitcoin 41,000 dollars in the recent development in the world of Cryptocurrency.

Africans are advised to take advantage of ZUGACOIN for their Financial freedom especially as it is also on binance network SZCB and has been listed on 10 different Exchange including VinDAX and Pancakeswap.

ZUGACOIN which is barely a year old is currently on 3 different Blockchains, Ethereum, Binance and Samzuga Blockchain

This is also coming after the first Blockchain Main Net in Africa was successfully Launched by the philanthropic cleric.

Samzugacoin Blockchain Mainnetwork And Zugacoin (Zugascan) Explorer, is the first Blockchain Network created from Africa by an African and for Africa tech space.

Archbishop Sam Zuga who was recently honored as the First Professor of Digital Economy in the world is aimed at providing ways to help every willing average Nigerian to f*ght poverty and earn a better living.

According to the cleric, the poverty in Nigeria and Africa is artificial and God has given him the ability to alleviate the citizens out of its shackles, ‘if possible, eradicate it, if the poor people are willing and obedient to the process,” he clearly stated.

Explaining further how he intends to see his mission and vision accomplished, Sam Zuga stated that with ZUGACOIN every willing Nigerian and African should be able to begin their journey into financial freedom.

He also promises to teach Nigerians how to grow the money through digital economy principles.

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#8 OT Simone Biles is experiencing withdrawal from stimulants illegal in Japan

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  @sports      By A NON      3 hours ago

Back in 2016 she received a medical waiver to use the banned substances in the Rio Olympics. Her team tried to push last-minute legislation through Japanese lawmakers to make allowances for Olympians, but they were unsuccessful

She couldn't use her Ritalin so her recent struggles are related to withdrawal as well as mental struggles. One of course is more acceptable than the other.

Sources: visit this link https://abcnews.go.com/He .. ry?id=42081189


A hack of the World Anti-Doping Agency has drawn attention to commonly prescribed medications that are prohibited for use during the Olympics without a medical waiver.

Agency officials said Tuesday that they were hacked by Russian hackers and that multiple star athletes — including Venus Williams and Serena Williams — had their medical information released.

Among those targeted was gold-medal-winning gymnast Simone Biles, who is reportedly taking methylphenidate, a stimulant for treatment of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Biles, 19, took to Twitter today to say she was not ashamed of her condition.


The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) confirms that, again today, the cyber hacker Group “Fancy Bear” released a batch of confidential athlete data on their website, which they illegally obtained from a Rio 2016 Olympic Games account of WADA’s Anti-Doping Administration and Management System (ADAMS).

This time, the group released data concerning 41 athletes from 13 countries, including: 4 from Australia; 7 from Canada; 1 from Croatia; 2 from Denmark; 2 from Germany; 6 from Great Britain; 5 from Italy; 1 from Japan; 2 from Serbia; 1 from South Africa; 2 from Switzerland; 1 from Sweden and 7 from the United States.

The athletes are from the sports of Athletics, Basketball, Cycling, Fencing, Field Hockey, Golf Gymnastics, Judo, Rowing, Rugby, Sailing, Shooting, Soccer, Swimming, Table Tennis, Volley Ball, and Water Polo.

WADA is taking this situation concerning athlete privacy very seriously. The incident response team that we have a*sembled is actively working with law enforcement agencies in Canada and elsewhere, and acting on the intelligence obtained through our investigations to prevent any further intrusions. We are also consulting with leading cyber security experts to ensure that no further information is accessed from the broader ADAMS.

The group obtained access to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games account through spear phishing of ADAMS users’ email accounts through which hackers obtained ADAMS passwords. We still have no reason to believe that they have accessed the broader ADAMS system.

visit this link https://www.wada-ama.org/ .. untries-and-17

A Non noticed her getting thicker, which is very common when people get off amphetamines. Not trying to be negative. Mental health is important and this is a facet of it that examines it beyond America's borders. Do you think any other Americans are having the same issue in the Olympics? Could her struggles be examples of America's issue with drugs and sobriety? Or is it just wrong place wrong time?

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#9 OT Elaine Thompson asked about Sha'carri

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@sports      By rocknrolla      2 hours ago

Jamaicans go off

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#10 Meek mill says lil baby and lil durk gave him writers block 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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@hiphop      By Tracy Morgan      3 hours ago

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#11  Pop Smoke label put Dior on his album...AGAIN

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  @hiphop      By 215Philly      3 hours ago

This is fcking shameful/shameless stream farming. Dior is on every pop smoke project, literally every 1

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#12  Beanie Sigel Speaks on Fall out with Jay-z on Drink Champs

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@hiphop      By Adwerdz      1 hour ago

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#13  TMZ: Rapper Gonzoe, Friend of Tupac is Dead at 45

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@hiphop      By Top Goon      1 hour ago


Gonzoe the rapper -- a friend of Tupac and Ice Cube -- has been murdered.

Police say Gonzoe was shot 3 times in the chest near a gas station in Seattle, Washington. The gunman is still at large and cops are on the hunt.

The 45-year-old rapper -- real name Ronald Moore -- was from Los Angeles. He was a member of the Outlawz and got his nickname from Tupac himself. His albums include "If I Live & Nothing Happens," and he contributed on "Kuruption" and "Godzilla."

After Gonzoe was shot he ran to a Shell gas station that was close by and then collapsed. He was rushed to a hospital where he died overnight.

It appears he was shot while driving ... cops found a vehicle riddled with bullets in the area.

Gonzoe was a member of Kausion ... a '90s group supported by Ice Cube. The group's album, "South Central Los Skanless," rose to #37 on Billboard's Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums.

Rapper C-Bo paid his respects to Gonzoe on social media, posting a throwback video of the two of them out together

Gonzoe was reportedly "working on numerous business deals after the high-profile f*ght with Boskoe, with whom he started a boxing league with after squashing their beef," All Hip Hop explained.

Gonzoe had started a boxing league with fellow-rapper Boskoe100. The 2 of them got in the ring and fought it out to a draw back in April.

Gonzoe was 45.


visit this link https://www.tmz.com/2021/ .. eattle-murder/

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#14 are they about to k*ll off Kratos

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@games      By blackadamwarloc      1 hour ago

It’s little hints dropped all over the 2018 game

They even tell you who’s gonna do it

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#15 Jul 31 - Public health expert: 'Biden absolutely declared a victory too soon'

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@news      By Top Goon      3 hours ago

Public health expert Leana Wen says “President Biden absolutely declared a victory too soon” in the government’s efforts to combat the coronavirus.

Wen, a former health commissioner for Baltimore, Md., told Yahoo News in an interview published Saturday that “the single biggest mistake” made by the Biden administration was the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) decision in May to drop its guidance that fully vaccinated people should wear masks indoors.

She said that because the CDC’s guidance did not require individuals to prove they had been vaccinated, “the unvaccinated began behaving like they were vaccinated.”

“And what did we see? We saw exactly what I and many public health experts predicted at the time. The honor code did not work. Surges have happened because of unvaccinated individuals. Now with the Delta variant restrictions are coming back, except nobody’s listening anymore,” she said.

“President Biden absolutely declared a victory too soon,” Wen continued, adding that she did appreciate the administration’s “exceptional” efforts when it came to vaccine supply and distribution.

In an op-ed published in The Washington Post on Thursday, Wen further argued that the CDC needed to clarify its messaging when it came to masks and emphasize that “the problem is the unvaccinated.”

Wen said it made sense to recommend asking people to mask up if they live with family members who may have compromised immune systems or are unvaccinated, given that they could be carriers of the coronavirus.

But she said that the CDC’s latest guidance issued on Tuesday, which recommends people wear mask indoors in areas with substantial COVID-19 spread, implied that the issue was with risks of COVID-19 transmission among vaccinated populations.

She noted that CDC Director Rochelle Walensky had already stated unvaccinated populations were mostly responsible for the high rates of transmission.

“The CDC is also trying to urge localities and businesses to reimplement indoor mask requirements given surging coronavirus infections. That’s the right policy, but it’s using the wrong explanation,” Wen wrote in her op-ed. “The vaccinated are not a major source of spread. Even if every vaccinated person puts on a mask, that’s not going to solve things when the vast majority of transmission is by the unvaccinated.”

Instead, she argued that the CDC should have announced, “We need a return to indoor mask mandates not because the vaccinated are suddenly a problem, but because we don’t trust the unvaccinated to voluntarily do the right thing.”

When asked by Yahoo News if the U.S. should start mandating the vaccine, she maintained that previous mandates have worked with other diseases and could help in stopping the spread of COVID-19.

“We know that vaccine mandates work for other childhood immunizations. We have laws in all 50 states that mandate vaccines. That's the reason why we don't have polio, why we don't have smallpox, why we have relegated many of these illnesses that used to k*ll so many children to the history books. We could do the same with COVID-19,” Wen said.

visit this link https://thehill.com/polic .. ctory-too-soon

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#16  WTF this is the MOST degrading & Transphobic movie scene of all time!!

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  @movies      By ThaBIshop      1 hour ago


Can you image a trans-man (post-operation) watching this film for the first time blindly and how uncomfortable it must have been seeing someone who is just like you being treated like an alien or sum undiscovered creature???

Movies were so wild and disgusting back in the day. I’m glad things have moved on progressively. Sorry Yall I just wanted to get this sh*t off my chest phew!!

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#17 Charlotte Hornets got James Bouknight and Kai Jones last night...Buzz City finally got sen

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@sports      By Tweezy12      1 hour ago

Very good night for the Hornets....They also added plumlee to.the fold.....

But with the addition of Bouknight this means either rozier or Graham is gone right?

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#18  BeyoncĂ©, JAY-Z, Childish Gambino, Oumou SangarĂ© – MOOD 4 EVA (Official Video)

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@hiphop      By Top Goon      1 hour ago

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#19 Found a PS5 Console @ Meijer

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@games      By Hyper_Intel      3 hours ago

Two Friday's ago I woke up to a tweet about a guy in Ohio finding a PS5 at Meijer. So I visited my local one, well 15mins from me in Indiana and found 1. The Electronics section dude had to call his manager then meet her in the back to open and retrieve it. He told me they get them in every other week or so. This was 7:30am btw, most are open 24hrs. A lady back there said, "Oh, we finally have these in huh?" as we walked to the front register, so I a*sume no one besides certain electronics section people know they even have them. I wouldn't call, just keep going to the Electronics section and asking them every week. I also bought the 2 year $80 warranty in case something happens to it. I told myself after all the online "drops" I'm not fu*kin with online anymore and would wait for in-store, since all outlets seem to let bots do as they wish.

Hope this helps you guys out.

Recommend some games to buy; I have Ratchet & Clank and MK11 so far. Grabbing Madden, MLB the Show & NBA2K. If I see Spiderman on sale I'll get that too. Gotham Knights looks good, can't wait for that!

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#20  Jul 31 - Former informant 'White Boy Rick' sues FBI for $100m

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@news      By jbn2233      17 mins ago

His exploits were fictionalised in a Hollywood movie, and now the true story of a one-time teenage FBI informant has a new twist.

Richard Wershe Jr has filed a $100m (Ł73m) lawsuit against former FBI agents and prosecutors, alleging child abuse in connection with his time as an informant.

Wershe, now 52, spent three decades behind bars after a drug conviction.

Recruited at 14, he is thought to be the youngest FBI informant in history.

"I want this chapter in my life closed," Wershe said, surrounded by family at a press conference on Tuesday, on the one-year anniversary of his release.

Known as "White Boy Rick", Wershe's brief stint as an informant and his ultimate conviction inspired a 2018 movie of the same name, with Matthew McConaughey cast as his fictional father.

Wershe has said the moniker was not a nickname, but made up by the media around the time of his arrest.

Former Detroit police officers, retired FBI agents, former federal prosecutors and the city of Detroit are all named in the suit.

A spokeswoman for Detroit office of the FBI declined to comment on the suit because it is ongoing.

In the 10-page lawsuit, Wershe alleged he was initially contacted by federal agents after his father reached out to the FBI, saying his daughter was dating a known drug dealer.

He recalled meeting regularly with FBI agents and Detroit police officers to provide information on Detroit's drug gangs.

"Had I not been an informant for the task force, I would never have gotten involved with drug gangs or criminality of any sort," he wrote in the filing.

Wershe was "coerced" to continue the work, he said, despite what he described as an attempted a*sassination by local criminals once his link to law enforcement was suspected.

After two years working with law enforcement, Wershe was drawn to the other side. He told The Guardian in 2015 he was "blinded" by money, women, and material possessions.

He was convicted in Michigan at age 17 for possession of cocaine. His role as an informant was not admissible in court and he received a life sentence.

"I was misguided," he told the Guardian. "I went down a path that I never thought would affect the rest of my life."

visit this link https://www.bbc.com/news/ .. anada-57918115

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