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Article inside The Game Exposed By Another 15 Yr Old Girl Who He Almost Got Pregnant w/ PROOF

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misc | By HolyFatherSteve - 10 hours ago

Edit: the person made the page private all the posts are in the video

visit this link

#Repost #truthseekerknows_ ・・・ Part 3 see previous post #TheGame • #yourlossba

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NBA This The Nigga 2K Gave a 78 Rating To :mjdead:

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sports | By RIPSBG - 10 hours ago

I'm coppin Live

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Image inside Thick Ass Rihanna at it again, Another One!

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eyecandy | By Adwerdz - 12 hours ago

THICKUMS 😍 #rihanna #thick #healthy #strikklyhiphop

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Video inside 50 Responds to Spider Loc

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hiphop | By BornInvincible - 10 hours ago

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Image inside Rip Hamilton Reveals Rare Air Jordan 11 “Pistons” PE

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gear | By Hurricane Grave - 11 hours ago

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Aug 17 - parents claim 24% thc and 28% thc weed strains killed their son :cmonson:

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news | By messy marv stan - 11 hours ago

24% THC Alien OG

visit this link https://www.greenrushdail .. -year-old-son/

Are medical cannabis strains getting dangerously potent? Members of the Ziobro family, who say weed ended up killing their 22-year-old son, think so

Supporters of legalizing weed have long made the relative safety of cannabis one of their flagship arguments. And indeed, based on the limited research we have about marijuana, weed is much safer than other substances, especially compared to other legal goods like tobacco and alcohol. Death from causes linked to alcohol and tobacco claims the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans every year. The verified death toll from cannabis? Zero. There’s no known lethal dose of cannabis. But despite all that, one family says weed ended up killing their 22-year-old son.

Parents Say Weed “Ended Up Killing” Their 22-Year-Old Son

As she went to say goodnight to her son, Michael, Kristina Ziobro recalls finding him on his bedroom floor, unconscious. She rushed to call 911, but paramedics were unable to revive Michael. He had passed away.

Later that night, the Ziobros discovered two packages of medical cannabis in Michael’s room. After medical examiners found cannabinoids in Michael’s blood, his parents came to the conclusion that weed ended up killing their 22-year-old son

The law requires medical cannabis dispensaries to label the cannabinoid content of the products they sell. These labels let patients know the potency of their weed.

Typically, stronger and more potent cannabis is in high demand. Most dispensaries carry strains upwards of 25 percent THC. The packages in Michael’s room were labeled with 28 and 24 percent THC.

His parents think the potency of the weed caused their son’s heart to go into arrhythmia, killing him.

Medical Examiners Unable To Say If Cannabis Was Cause of Death

24% THC Ghost Og

A number of factors inhibit research on marijuana, including ongoing federal prohibition and problems with the quality of the cannabis used in official studies

Even so, a number of studies have identified promising therapeutic and medicinal qualities of cannabis. And of course, thousands of people have said they’ve found success self-medicating with marijuana.

But there is also a body of research that highlights the dangers of cannabis use, especially for young adults and teenagers. At just 22 years old, Michael Ziobros may have been especially at risk.

But the medical examiner who found THC in Michael’s blood, Dr. Junaid Shaikh, told Today that he was unable to determine for sure whether or not cannabis killed the young man. In his report, the examiner noted that there just isn’t enough information about the effects of cannabis on the heart.

Importantly, one recent study does point to higher cardiovascular risks for cannabis users. According to Barbara Yankey and her team at Georgia State University, people who used cannabis had a threefold higher risk of dying from high blood pressure

Final Hit: Parents Say Weed Ended Up Killing Their 22-Year-Old Son

Despite the inconclusive evidence, the Ziobros remain convinced their son died due to smoking extremely potent cannabis.

As such, they are unsatisfied with the explanation by the Union County Medical Examiner.

However, Dr. Shaikh did recommend in a letter to New Jersey state senator Thomas Kean that the Ziobros consider cardiovascular genetic testing to rule out possible hereditary causes for the arrhythmia that killed their son.

The Ziobros plan to follow that advice. But the Ziobros also hope that their tragic story will encourage others to take a closer look at the risks of using cannabis.

They knew their son used marijuana to treat his irritable bowel syndrome symptoms. And like him, they believed it was safe. “He just thought it was natural and organic and it ended up killing him,” said Kristina Ziobro.

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Meek Mill released and speaks

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hiphop | By Bkjj11 - 10 hours ago

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Video inside Aug 18 - Charlottesville victim's mother refuses to talk to Trump

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news | By talisman11 - 11 hours ago

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Aug 17 - The Man Who Wrote "Art Of The Deal" Thinks trump Will Resign

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news | By Bandito - 11 hours ago

Donald Trump’s Art of the Deal co-author Tony Schwartz is predicting that the
president is getting ready to call it quits ― and that the resignation will happen

He wrote on Twitter Wednesday:

In followup tweets in response to questions, Schwartz predicted Trump would
make a deal for immunity in the Russia investigation in exchange for his

“The Russia stuff will be huge,” he wrote. “He doesn’t want to go to jail.”

He also urged Trump’s opponents to keep up the pressure, and he slammed
the president’s elder children.

Read more here:
visit this link http://www.huffingtonpost .. b06ef724d64fd6

This is the guy who finessed trump out of 50% of the royalties for the book.
Ghostwriters never get that amount.

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Jordan Brand’s Frank Cooker debuted a new Air Jordan 1...

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gear | By Hurricane Grave - 11 hours ago

... and so does standing up for peace , harmony , equality and justice for ALL!

A post shared by Frank Cooker (@frankcooker) on

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Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition leaked

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games | By Blockburner28 - 6 hours ago

Microsoft could release an Xbox One X ‘Project Scorpio’ edition
The day-one console could have a 1TB hard drive, too.

Microsoft used "Project Scorpio" as the code name for the Xbox One X, its powerful new gaming console set to release on November 7th. According to a couple of leaks on German website Xbox Dynasty, the company will celebrate the launch with a new day one-style model in which the codename will show up on the console itself. The images show a clear "Project Scorpio" embedded vertically on the Xbox controller, along with a stippled pattern for the rectangular console itself. The specs also show a 1TB capacity, which should make space-hungry gamers happy.

It makes sense for Microsoft to commemorate the release of its powerful new console, of course, though it's kind of funny that they're making the codename somewhat official. This isn't the first time Microsoft has released a special edition on launch day, either. The company released a limited edition of the anticipated gaming box in June of 2013, complete with an embossed "Day One 2013" controller. This previous day one special edition also came with a unique Xbox Live achievement, too, though the leaked information doesn't mention one for this new edition.

visit this link .. oject-scorpio/

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Aug 17 - cox joins the additional $50 extortion fee for uncapped internet scheme

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news | By messy marv stan - 11 hours ago

visit this link .. xtortion-plan/

As Cox Communications continues to expand its arbitrary data cap program on its broadband customers, the company has announced a ‘cap relief’ option for customers willing to pay $50 more for the same service they enjoyed last year without a data cap

Company insiders tell DSL Reports Cox will introduce a new $50 option to avoid the data caps and overlimit fees the company began imposing in 2015 starting in its Cleveland, Ohio service area.


On Wednesday, Cox is expected to introduce two add-on options to help avoid the bill shock likely if customers exceed 1TB of usage per month and face the $10 overlimit fee for each 50GB of data consumed:

$30 a month for 500GB of extra data;
$50 a month to avoid data caps altogether and get back unlimited service.

These fees are in addition to whatever Cox customers currently pay for broadband service.


“An overwhelming majority of data is consumed by a very small percentage of internet users ” a memo to employees documenting the changes reads. “The new choices are great options for the small percentage of heavy users who routinely use 1TB+ per month and prefer a flat monthly rate, rather than purchasing additional data blocks. In Cox markets with usage-based billing, the less than two percent of customers who exceed the amount of data included in their plan still have the option of paying $10 for each additional 50GB of data when they need it ”
Such claims raise the same questions Stop the Cap! has always asked since we began fighting data caps in 2008:

If data caps only impact <2% of customers, why impose them at all?

Is the actual revenue earned from overlimit fees worth the expense of introducing usage measurement tools, billing system changes, and the cost of customer dissatisfaction at the prospect of an unexpectedly high bill?

What technical reasons did Cox choose 1TB as its arbitrary usage allowance other than the fact Comcast and other operators chose this level first?
Time Warner Cable executives privately admitted in internal company documents obtained by the New York Attorney General’s office that internet traffic costs represent little more than “a rounding error” in expenses for cable companies But for most consumers, $30-50 to buy a bigger data allowance is hardly that.

In short, the “solution” Cox has decided on this week comes in response to a problem the company itself created — imposing arbitrary, unwanted data caps and overlimit fees on a product that is already intensely profitable at the prices Cox has charged for years. This internet overcharging scheme is just another way to gouge captive customers that will likely have only one alternative — the phone company and its various flavors of DSL or a U-verse product that cannot compete on speed unless you are lucky enough to live in a fiber-to-the-home service area.

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Video inside 94-year-old builds pool in his backyard for the neighborhood so he doesn't feel lonely

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wild'ish | By mr_underground - 10 hours ago

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Image inside All Natural

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eyecandy | By Rabbit Run - 12 hours ago

addicted to the palm trees🌴

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A post shared by Kailey💋 (@carmelkillaaa) on

cleveland browns win super bowl LII

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did you see what I done?

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vacation's done, but I'm not finished

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passin' up on my old ways

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waiting to go back home likeee😌

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The Game still out here sliding into 16 yr old girls dm's

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eyecandy | By Tee Money103 - 12 hours ago

It seems like celebrities get themselves into all sorts of bother when it comes to sliding into people’s DMs and this time it’s rapper, The Game who’s been caught out.

The 37-year-old has apparently been sending messages to a 16-year-old girl via her social media.

I know it’s easy when you’re a famous musician to lose control of all the messages you’re sending, but maybe the fact her profile said ‘16’ on it next to her name was a bit of a give away?

Anyway, the ‘model’s’ social media profile on her Instagram account has it pretty much clearly stated: ‘Kenza 16’.

Of course it might mean something else… how many modelling jobs she’s had, how many days until her holiday, but I’m going to go with the fact it’s probably her age.

The Game – who fans will know loves a mirror selfie or two – apparently only sent a basic message with an emoji.

Kenza revealed via her social media the rapper had DM’d her and asked for her telephone number and the internet has responded, as it always does, mainly to call him a creep.

No doubt the 37-year-old will quickly blame it on something else, using the common excuse of saying he was hacked, or someone else was using my phone.

So far he hasn’t made any comment yet but I’m pretty sure we can expect one in the near future.

Kendra Boutif, who has over 180,000 followers on her Instagram account, had a lot of his fans commenting on her photos – and shock horror they haven’t been the nicest.

Shades from @doinfleek use code 'kenza' 💕

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Backless, strapless cleavage? Genius @sneakyvaunt 🙌 #ad

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I'm very excited to try out @flattummytea ! Have any of you tried it yet?💗 #ad

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Ion blame him Lil bih is cute tho ... N*gga couldnt even wait two years to get at her ... I woulda played that cool "talk to him about anything" friend til that 18th birthday

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Video inside Look at this Crazy speaker (will blow your mind)

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cells | By iamsoulja - 11 hours ago

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Aug 18 - Massive Anti Trump March Caracas, Venezuela

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news | By philty - 12 hours ago

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Video inside Aug 17 - Tapper: President Trump told the world to study a lie

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news | By Zazi3 The Beast - 12 hours ago

But his base ate it up. They believe his bullsh*t

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Video inside Aug 18 - Anonymous Hackers Release Personal Info of 22 GOP Senators

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news | By phantomnation - 12 hours ago

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Image inside Aug 18 - Art of the Deal Writer Says Trump Will Resign Before Year’s End

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news | By phantomnation - 11 hours ago


Author Tony Schwartz spent 18 months with Donald Trump putting together The Art of the Deal — Trump’s best-selling book. And having spent so much time with the man who is now President, Schwartz is convinced — he won’t be President much longer.

Appearing on Anderson Cooper: 360 Schwartz confirmed what he’d tweeted yesterday — that he believes Trump will resign before year’s end.”

“I think the snowball is beginning to gather momentum as it comes down the mountain,” Schwartz said. “It reminds me a lot of Watergate and the last days of Nixon. When the tide turns, it really turns and that’s what happened here.”

Schwartz has voiced a similar viewpoint before. The difference now is that he believes the end is coming almost immediately.

“[H]e paints even the most disastrous of things he does — including what he said about the events in Virginia over the past week — as evidence of his own brilliance,” Schwartz said. “So what he’s going to do is he’s going to blame it on the Democrats. He’s going to actually blame it on the Republicans. He’s going to blame it on anybody he can and he’s going to say that he did everything he could to save America.”

Cooper concluded the segment by asking Schwartz whether he ever heard Trump express a moral equivalence between racists and those who oppose them.

“The word moral never came up during the 18 months that I spent with Donald Trump,” Schwartz said. “That was not part of his vocabulary…The idea of moral equivalence, I guarantee you that that phrase is no more than a few days old in Donald Trump’s brain.”

visit this link .. days-of-nixon/

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