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Article inside The Tango Orejon gang has effectively banned 6ix9ine from San Antonio tonight

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hiphop | By CEITEDMOFO - 17 hours ago

And the Tekashi 6ix9ine drama continues... The rapper has been constantly in the news for gang drama getting in the way of his music with recent threats against him made by prominent L.A. gang members about his performances during NBA All-Star Weekend. Now, 6ix9ine is under fire regarding an upcoming performance in San Antonio, Texas, Tekashi is set to perform at Bar 23 in San Antonio on Thursday night, but he won't be there if Texas gang Tango Orejon has any say in the matter.

The venue has already ramped up their security measures in anticipation of Tekashi's arrival, but there is still a major fear that the rapper will get jumped, or worse. The gang made a statement directly to local news station KSAT, threatening 6ix9ine by saying, “If you come to Bar 23 this week, you’re getting f--ked up.” The extent of their threat is unclear and, while it doesn't stem directly from Tekashi's comments that he does not need to check in with rival gangs, the gang is more worried about the rapper's involvement in a sex crime against a minor.

Over the weekend, a group purported members of Tango Orejon appeared in a video threatening the rapper, who has a child sex crime conviction.

Some of the men brandish weapons as one main speaker says they will carry out "penitentiary rules" and "will burn bridges" when the rapper performs at Bar 23 at 4429 Walzem Road.

According to the Jezebel report, published earlier this month, the felony counts stem from a video created in February 2015 with a child. In the video, the rapper is seen standing "behind the child making a thrusting motion with his pelvis and smacking on her buttocks" while the 13-year-old performed oral sex on another man in a Harlem apartment. That person was charged separately, according to Jezebel.

One member of the Tango Orejon, Adam Rodriguez, claims that the crew is concerned that Tekashi is influencing local youths in a negative fashion and he says that he cannot speak on what will happen to the rapper if he shows up in San Antonio. KSAT reports that Tango Orejon is part of the most active and dangerous gang network in Texas but Tekashi doesn't seem worried, consistently plugging his debut tape on Instagram and other networks. He may need to pull up with extra shooters if the threats are legit.


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Image inside Nipsey Hussle FLOPS HARD, "Victory Lap" First Week Sales Projections At 40k

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hiphop | By SM - 17 hours ago

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Video inside Drake Called Rosenberg And Checked Him On "God's Plan" Criticism

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hiphop | By bluehefner96 - 16 hours ago

Good conversation....

The initiator...

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Image inside Tisha Campbell-Martin files for divorce from Duane Martin

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movies | By 504 - 13 hours ago

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Video inside Narcissistic female appalled hotel won't let her stay for free

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wild'ish | By Enigmatic1 - 16 hours ago

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In 8 hours, NY is going to get their Illmatic/It's Dark and Hell Is Hot part 2.

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hiphop | By echion911 - 17 hours ago


1. Billy
2. Gummo
3. Rondo (Feat. Young Thug & Tory Lanez)
4. Keke (Feat. Fetty Wap & A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie)
5. 93
6. Doowee
7. Kooda
8. Buba
9. Mooky
10. Gummo (Remix) (Feat. Offset)
11. Chocolate

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Star Brim explains why she leaked Blac Chyna's s3xtape

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misc | By trapclassics - 16 hours ago

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Image inside Juju Better Stop Liking My Post 😩

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eyecandy | By MySonAvery15 - 16 hours ago

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Feb 22 - Armed deputy assigned to Florida school hid outside during shooting

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news | By theFREAK - 12 hours ago


The school resource deputy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, waited outside the school building as the shooting unfolded last week, officials said.

Scot Peterson never went in after taking a position on the west side of the building, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said at a Thursday afternoon news conference.

Peterson resigned after he was suspended without pay by Israel pending an internal investigation into his actions during the shooting that left 17 people dead, Israel said. Peterson was eligible for retirement.

Israel made the decision to suspend Peterson -- who was armed and in uniform at the time of the shooting -- after interviewing the deputy and reviewing footage and witness statements, he said.

"What I saw was a deputy arrive at the west side of building 12, take up a position," Israel said of the video. "And he never went in."

Israel told reporters Peterson should have "[w]ent in. Addressed the killer. Killed the killer." Instead, the deputy waited outside for about four minutes. During that time, Israel said, Peterson got on his radio and took a position where he could see the western entry of the building.

Asked how he felt watching the footage, Israel said: "Devastated. Sick to my stomach. There are no words. These families lost their children. We lost coaches. I've been to the funerals, I've been to the homes. ... I've been to the vigils. It's just -- there are no words."

CNN was attempting to reach Peterson for comment.

Israel said two other deputies have been placed on restrictive duty while the sheriff's office investigates their actions during calls to the gunman's home before the shooting.

Since 2008, he said, the sheriff's office was involved in 23 calls involving either Nikolas Cruz or his brother. During some of the calls -- which were both in person and on the phone -- deputies met with Cruz's mother.

After speaking with the internal affairs department, Israel decided to put the deputies on restrictive duty while his office investigates "whether or not they could have done more, or should have done more," he said.

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Image inside Impregnate this 5'10 baller and have the next LBJ

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eyecandy | By Tom Herman - 16 hours ago

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CTheGod gives Donkey of the Day to Tekashi and also gives him some real advice!

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hiphop | By GodBody - 15 hours ago

Side bar I must be getting old because I never heard of this nigga until I started to come back to BX. Before I came back here I honestly thought Tekashi 69 was a dope ass video game.

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Image inside Here You Go You Horny Bastardz...

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eyecandy | By squirtofkahlua - 13 hours ago

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Video inside Young Thug Says He Won't Release New Music This Year Because of Deaf Brother

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hiphop | By SM - 8 hours ago

More bad news for fans of Young Thug, aka SEX, arrived on Thursday. After canceling his entire upcoming Australian tour due to complications with his visa application, Thug told fans that he isn't planning on releasing any music until 2019 out of respect for his brother.

"I've got a deaf brother," he told Hypebeast during a short video interview. "I've got a brother who can't hear or talk, so I want to act deaf for a year. So I ain't going to put out no music this year."

Looking forward, Thug explained that he plans to return next year with his long-anticipated Hi-Tunes project (sometimes stylized as Hy!£UN35), telling Hypebeast's cameras, "In 2019, I'm going to put out probably Hi-Tunes."

Thug is known for being a prolific artist, so he would be straying far from his normal release strategy if he's serious. Participating in Philipp Plein’s Fall/Winter 2018 and VFILES’ showcases during New York Fashion Week as the interview took place, Thug focused most of his thoughts on fashion. So, maybe that's how he'll spend his time if he isn't releasing music this year.

"I am fashion," Thug said. "I don't even think I can get no deeper. I wake up and breathe this. I used to look at the Discovery channel and look at the clothes they wore. I was like, 'Man, what if we could turn this into a cool outfit without diving under water. We need to make a fu*kin' fishing suit as a real outfit."

There's a good chance he has unreleased features on other artists' projects that will surface throughout the year, so we most likely won't be completely starved of new Thug verses. But let's hope he doesn't follow through on this particular promise: It's been a long ass time since we've gone a full year without a new Thugger project.

visit this link .. s-deaf-brother

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NBA This is why the NBA is the GOAT League

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sports | By Nappy Gilmore - 11 hours ago

Next @nba expansion team? 🤔 #WakandaForever

A post shared by NBA on TNT (@nbaontnt) on

Would y’all cop if a mock version was released?

Which team are we getting rid of to make room, The Raptors?

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Image inside Just Met Dave Chapelle

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movies | By Ari Gold - 16 hours ago

Still in shock. Not much to say but wow!

fu*k it.

Have at me Boxden

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Image inside Do My Nipples Offend You

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eyecandy | By The Watcher - 11 hours ago

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Image inside Cuban doll or Diamond of Crime Mob?

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eyecandy | By Go Vegan - 16 hours ago

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Image inside Who mama?

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eyecandy | By R0CAF3LLA_pimp - 17 hours ago

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sports | By smoothhooper - 12 hours ago

GOAT. Dude has JUST entered his athletic prime at 33

It's also clear Jordan Clarkson is lebrons new favorite teammate

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NBA “Shut up and just Tweet”

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sports | By Gang Sht - 16 hours ago

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