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1 hour ago

 Oct 14 - female columbian drug cartel assassin - i love to kill people

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news | By messy marv stan

visit this link .. ing-channel-5/

A FEMALE drugs cartel assassin who gave herself the grisly nickname "The Devil" has revealed how she loves to kill people - including pregnant women.

The Colombian laid bare the brutal cost of the drug trade in the country and even told how she killed her own cousin after being drawn into the cartel aged 15

A female drug cartel assassin has opened up about her murderous life for show Doing Drugs For Fun

She told Brit Chanel how she loved to kill

She spoke to a recreational cocaine user from the UK who travelled to Medellín, Colombia, for Channel 5 show Doing Drugs For Fun along with three other Brits.

The assassin told stunned Chanel how just eight days earlier, she had chopped up a man and dumped his body in the river because he refused to kill someone else.

Speaking from behind a bandana, she revealed she had been drawn into a life of crime due to the gruesome "kill or be killed" reality of cartel life in Colombia.

She told Chanel, 25, from Bristol: "I liked getting paid to kill.

"I love the madness. Not when I was a little girl, but from the age of 15 I've loved seeing things fall down around me."

When asked when her last hit was, the woman, who gave her name as The Devil, revealed in grisly detail how she murdered her latest victim.

She said: "Eight days ago I killed a guy because he wouldn't kill someone else.

"We chopped him up, put him in a bag, and threw him in the river and goodbye. Nobody is going to see him again."

The killer opened up about life in Medellín, which is at the centre of violent wars between cartels trying to control the drug trade.

She calmly explained to a horrified Chanel how she had to murder her own cousin to save her own life and said she "didn't give a s**t" about slaughtering pregnant women and dozens of men.


The Devil added: "I will carry on until I get killed, until that's it. There's no turning back."

Doing Drugs For Fun follows four Brits who admit using cocaine around Colombia to see the impact of their party lifestyle on those living in the country.

As well as meeting members of the warring cartels, the group spoke to locals, cocaine farmers and the authorities, who revealed a devastating number of children will be drawn into a life of crime.

Those kids who aren't forced into joining the cartels will be trafficked for sexual purposes

Channel 5 viewers were left horrified by Chanel's interview with the ruthless killer.

One wrote: "She killed a guy because he refused to kill someone else? WTF Lucifer's daughter is Colombian".

While another said: "This #DoingDrugsForFun programme was good....... hope they run the programme again in 10 years when some of them are bankrupt, lost their families and have got serious mental health issues. Because that's what really happens, in real life."

She also said she didn't 'give a shit' about murdering pregnant women

Chanel looked visibly shocked as she spoke to the assassin

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1 hour ago

 Hot 97 Has Banned All 6ix9ine New Music Upon His Release

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hiphop | By Eclectic

"Dont expect to hear 6ix9ine music on Hot 97 any time soon, because they will not be playing it now or in the near future. According to TMZ, the legendary hip hop station has placed a ban on Tekashis new music, once he gets out of jail. He will also not be performing at any future Summer Jam events because hes a liability.

An executive told the website that he will not get any radio spins for any old records either.

The only way he will get any burn is if there is a massive outcry from fans over a hit single that was out everywhere.

Though he just signed a recording contract from inside prison and plans to be active upon his release after giving up witness protection, he will not have the support of Hot 97 and quite possibly many others."

visit this link .. music-release/

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1 hour ago

Wilson Headset Went Down During 3rd Quarter, So He Called His Own Plays

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  sports | By droid3000

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1 hour ago

Godfrey shuts down Vlad tv

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hiphop | By Dj Mannie Fresh

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1 hour ago


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hiphop | By KingOfBoxden

Time stamp

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1 hour ago

 Oct 14 - Tᴙump shares fake video of him shooting up a church full of journalists

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news | By phantomnation

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13 hours ago

  Kanye argues with Kim about her thottiness

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  hiphop | By LostTenets

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1 hour ago

LaMelo Looking Sharp

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sports | By Banks36

Looking like hes growing mentally. Good basketball IQ, making smart plays, passing the ball.

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1 hour ago

 Dude killed robbing a store. Siblings angry he got shot.

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wild'ish | By popogogo


They really mad he got popped committing an ARMED ROBBERY and brandishing a weapon.

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11 hours ago

 Chris Brown Allegedly Caught Sniffing Coke Again Inside Dallas Night Club

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  hiphop | By ASNKA

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1 hour ago

 Oct 14 - The Danger of Being Yourself In South Korea. K-pop star Sulli found dead aged 25

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news | By mr_underground

The K-pop star Sulli has died aged 25.

Police told the BBC the singer's manager found her dead at her home near Seoul, South Korea.

They say they are investigating the cause of her death and are working on the ‎assumption that she may have taken her own life.‎

The star, who had more than five million followers on Instagram, was a former member of the band f(x) until she left in 2015 to focus on her acting career.

Some believe the artist, whose real name is Choi Jin-ri, suspended her K-pop work after struggling with the abuse she got online.

She was a "free spirit" according to music journalist Taylor Glasby.

"She was one of the idols who decided to live her life in the way she wanted to and that didn't always sit well with the general public," she tells Radio 1 Newsbeat.

In South Korea, pop stars are called idols.

"For idols, everything is about appearance, everything is quite monitored and she just didn't [monitor her content]. She was herself".

"She clapped back and she wouldn't take people's narrow-mindedness".

Taylor says Sulli's former band f(x) changed K-pop.

"They were one of the girl groups that didn't fit in, they did their own thing. Their music was more hard-hitting. It was innovative and complex, and it helped cement an entire sub-genre within K-pop - girl crush.

"When she left, her legacy became being outspoken. It became taking control of her own image. I admired her spirit to do so despite the constant negativity that was directed at her by some less open minded citizens."‎

Sulli's former f(x) bandmate, Amber Liu, has posted her shock at what's happened.

Sulli was known for being controversial. She unashamedly told her fans that they had a choice about ‎how to display their bodies. ‎

She was involved in the so-called "no bra" scandal where she showed her nipples on a number of ‎occasions.

The first pictures appeared on her Instagram account in May 2016 and she faced a huge ‎amount of abuse on social media.

Last month her breasts were shown by accident during a live ‎Instagram stream - which again caused controversy in conservative South Korea.

View this post on Instagram

ìë ì ì*ë?

A post shared by ìëêìë (Sulli) (@jelly_jilli) on

Sulli was good friends with K-pop star Jonghyun, who took his own life aged 27.

The artist paid tribute at his funeral in 2017.

visit this link .. sbeat-50041130

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1 hour ago

 Summer Walkers: I just might be a H0e, You gain more from a a sugar daddy or drug dealer

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hiphop | By Kodack sixnine

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14 hours ago

 Oct 13 - the face of heroin and meth addiction :kobeyuck:

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news | By messy marv stan

visit this link .. eroin-meth-son

visit this link .. 14309518609886

A desperate mother has shared chilling before and after photos of her son who she says is addicted to heroin and methamphetamine in an effort to bring awareness to addiction.

Jennifer Salfen-Tracy, of Wentzville, Mo., said her oldest son, Cody Bishop, is suffering from a drug addiction and she's been "hesitant on sharing" the private details of their lives, "but many people ask how things are going so I feel I should share."

"The face of heroin and meth," the mother wrote on Facebook Wednesday, "is reality for so many people and families in this world today."

Bishop is living in Las Vegas, where he's homeless, Salfen-Tracy said. In two drastically different photos of her son taken seven months apart, Bishop appears wildly different. The "before" shows Bishop seemingly healthy with a stocky build. In the "after" photo, Bishop appears substantially thinner, with markings covering his skin

"That is how fast someone is effected [sic]," Salfen-Tracy said.

"Hearing how bad he is doing is hard but not hearing at all is worse. The unknown is what makes a person not sleep at night," she said online. "It is hard to understand how someone who has families and children who love and need them live the life they do."

Salfen-Tracy said she prays to God that her son who, according to KSDK, was an athlete at Wentzville Holt High School in Missouri before graduating in 2011 "decides he is tired of living like this and wants to come home to get help."

The mother wrote that her son's problems with addiction are "not just a problem that my family faces but almost everyone knows someone who has a drug/ heroin addiction."

As of Sunday, Salfen-Tracy's post was shared and liked more than 100,000 times, and received more than 26,000 comments. She asks that if her son sees the post, to please call her

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14 hours ago

  We finally got 1 fellas!!!!!

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  sports | By ernmoney87

I just hit 8 team parlay!!!!! There is a God 😂 come up off of $5

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1 hour ago

Oct 14 - el mencho declares war on rival cartels - slaughters pregnant women and babies

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news | By messy marv stan

visit this link .. l-cocaine-war/

A MEXICAN drug lord dubbed the new El Chapo is ordering the slaughter of pregnant women and kids amid the countrys coke wars.

Cartel kingpin Nemesio Cervantes or El Mencho - has become the United States' new most wanted with a $10million bounty slapped on his head

His CJNG cartel are believed to be responsible for one third of all cocaine imported into the US

The ruthless cocaine lord is believed to be even more violent than El Chapo and does not even take mercy of women or children.

Specialist DEA agent Kyle Mori told Latin American news channel Univision: They are very violent.

Decapitations, dissolving bodies in acid, public executions, ripping out the heart, killing women and children, bombings against people

It happens almost every day. El Chapo was violent, but El Mencho has taken it to a new level.

The bodies of 44 missing people many of them women - were last month been found buried in a water well in an area of Mexico notorious for brutal drug cartel executions.

The grim discovery was made after locals in Jalisco state where El Menchos Jalisco New Generation Cartel(CJNG) is based - complained of a foul smell and when the well was dug up, the remains were found stuffed into 119 black bags.

He is the leader of the CJNG which is now arguably bigger than el Chapos Sinaloa Cartel.

In the past drug cartels would torture and kill enemies but not attack innocents.

But now there are no limits to the areas that drug cartels will enter or the barbarity of their tactics.

The greatest increase in the number of women and children killed is in areas controlled or influenced by the CJNG and authorities believe that the bloodthirsty band is behind the majority of the deaths.

There have been 88 women murdered since August in Mexico, according to official state figures, and more than half took place in areas where the CJNG has a strong presence. hjockingly, some were pregnant.

The rise in the killing of women has officially seen 638 murdered so far in 2019, with the vast majority down to the drug war.

Even Mexican politicians are saying the number of women becoming victims of the cartels has hit pandemic levels

Politician Guadalupe Almaguer tweeted: The number of deaths of women in Mexico is going up each year.

Currently therere (on average) 10.2 women killed each day. The violence against women is on a pandemic level.

Just one sickening example was the decapitated body of a woman found inside black bags in the town of Rio Blanco, in Veracruz, on August 21.

Agent Mori added: In my opinion, the JNGC is moving more drugs toward the United States, is responsible for more violence in Mexico and is moving a larger volume of money than the Sinaloa Cartel.

At that time, there were a lot of people who were reporting through our (US) consulate and our (DEA) office there that El Mencho was very important and would be the next Chapo.

The bodies recently discovered in Jalisco cut up and almost impossible to identify.

The state is home to some of Mexico's most ruthless drug gangs and it was the second major find of bodies there this year.

The corpses were discovered near a half built stable on a nine acre site surrounded by trees, which local media said had been abandoned years ago.

For several days there was a plague of flies" around the well and the smell became unbearable after the September rains.

Local media report that spokesman for the local authorities said many of those we have found in the graves have a criminal record.

The site is 35 minutes drive from Guadalajara, the capital of Jalisco state, a city where so far this year more than 15 burial sites, some holding dozens of bodies, have been discovered.

Last month, Jalisco New Generation Cartel(CJNG) drug cartel, which is among Mexicos most powerful, released shocking footage of a rival gangster being interrogated and then slaughtered.

Led by, El Mencho, the CJNG are currently fighting a number of rival cartels for control of Guadalajara.

In the video, a group of ten alleged gang members wearing military-style combat gear and armed with rifles surround a captured man from a rival drug gang.

According to local media reports, the half-naked man is said to be Aldolfo Mendoza Valencia, aka El Michoacano, who is one of the leaders of a rival gang the Santa Rosa de Lima cartel in the Valle de Santiago.

The rival cartel was started by two former CJNG members in 2018 when its co-founder Erick Valencia Salazar and another high ranking leader Carlos Enrique Sanchez left.

The CJNG reportedly specialise in the lucrative market for methamphetamine and some experts believe they have a 15 billion war chest, Rolling Stone reports.

After the capture and jailing of El Chapo, he has become the US authorities top cartel target.

The Jalisco cartel are also believed to be responsible for the beheading of nine people, whose naked bodies were dangled from a bridge.

Shocked cops found nine bodies hanging from the overpass alongside a massive banner threatening other drug gangs.

While the banner was not completely legible, it bore the initials of the Jalisco drug cartel, and mentioned the Viagras - a rival gang.

"Be a patriot, kill a Viagra," the banner read in part.

The murders, which happened in the next-door state of Michoacan, marked a return to the grisly massacres carried out by drug cartels at the height of Mexico's 2006-2012 drug war.

Alleged members of the Jalisco cartel the CJNG surround Aldolfo Mendoza Valencia, said to be a leader of a rival gang

Shocked cops found butchered bodies hanging from an underpass

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1 hour ago

 Book of Eli thirst:Man Walked 351 Miles for $ex With 14-Year-Old Who Was Undercover Cop

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wild'ish | By The Gary Group

A convicted pedophile named Tommy Lee Jenkins was arrested for reportedly trying to have sex with a 14-year-old girl after walking 351 miles to meet up with her according to police.

The situation did not work out for Jenkins however, as he was met with sheriff deputies and an FBI agent upon his arrival. 32-year-old Jenkins started sharing explicit messages with a teenager named “Kylee” who turned out to be a sheriff’s deputy, says the US Attorney’s office. Jenkins reportedly asked the teenager for photos while trying to push her to meet him for sex in the town he lives in. The teen refused, which led the man to start walking from where he was in Wisconsin while giving the teen updates on where he was at.

Jenkins was charged with using a computer to attempt to persuade, induce or entice a minor to engage in unlawful sexual activity. The man is facing 10 years to life in prison if he gets convicted.

Never trust a white dude with a black last name

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11 hours ago

Oct 13 - CNN Insider will release tapes of rampant biased throughout company

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news | By Binary

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13 hours ago

  Parent confronts teacher after finding knot on child for 2nd time!

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wild'ish | By rello99

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17 hours ago

  Poor Dog was just laying outside his owners door to protect him, when...

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  wild'ish | By eLvi

Poor Dog was just laying outside his owners door to protect him, when.... Leopard Hunts Pet Dog In Shimla City, India!

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11 hours ago

  Shannon has something to say to Cowboys fans.

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  sports | By Kodack sixnine

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