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MMA Ronda Rousey vs. Cat Zingano title fight set for UFC 182

By Tha Truth - 18 hours ago


About between Ronda Rousey and Cat Zingano on New Year's Eve weekend has long been rumored. It's now no longer just a rumor.

UFC president Dana White told "UFC Tonight" insider Ariel Helwani on Wednesday that Rousey and Zingano indeed will meet for the UFC women's bantamweight title at UFC 182 on Jan. 3 in Las Vegas. The bout between the two undefeated stars will be the co-main event on the card, which is headlined by a light heavyweight title fight between champion Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier.

Rousey (10-0), one of the UFC's biggest stars, is coming off a 16-second TKO of Alexis Davis at UFC 175 in July. Between the UFC and Strikeforce, Rousey has hardly been challenged. The 27-year-old has finished every single one of her career fights and only one opponent, Miesha Tate, has made it out of the first round. "Rowdy" is known for her signature armbar submission, but her striking game has come a long way.

Striking is what Zingano (9-0) excels at, though she is no slouch on the ground, either. Zingano, 32, secured her rightful place as No. 1 contender when she beat Amanda Nunes by TKO at UFC 178 last month. The Colorado native previously earned the distinction in April 2013 when she knocked out Tate, but a knee injury and the death of her husband sidelined Zingano for more than a year.

The UFC was in talks with former Strikeforce star and current Hollywood actress Gina Carano about returning to MMA, perhaps against Rousey for the title at UFC 182. But negotiations stalled and Zingano emerged as the most deserving challenger.

"I'm ready," Zingano said after UFC 178. "It's my time, I'm ready."
When the odds are made for that fight, Rousey likely will be an overwhelming favorite. Rousey expects to stop Zingano the same way she's beaten all her other opponents in the UFC.

"All of the ones they bring to me are legitimate challenges," Rousey said recently. "I work and prepare so hard that there's nothing they can do about it."

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NBA Iman Shumpert Wins An Emmy Award

By King Henry - 18 hours ago


Phil really finessin out here :phillol:

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BOX Floyd Mayweather is scared of black fighters

By Blue Mercury - 18 hours ago

Devon Alexander “Me Personally Floyd looks at a fighter who is going to pose the less threat to him you know and I did my homework and I have searched every Black fighter Floyd has faced and they all gave him some what of trouble Shane Hurt him, Chop Chop Corley hurt him”.

This is the point I was making that Manny Pacquiao is not the only fighter that Floyd Mayweather has “avoided” and not necessarily out of fear but of “greater risk” to reward. Devon Alexander believes Black fighters are slicker and make Floyd Mayweather “think” more when he is in the ring against them and Latin fighters are more aggressive and “flat footed”.

Devon Alexander went on to mention in the interview that Zab Judah gave Floyd problems in the beginning of their fight and Shane Mosley also gave Floyd trouble in the beginning and he landed a major shot against Floyd. I have also done some homework of strictly current “Black Fighters” that Floyd Mayweather has NEVER fought and some have held a belt which means they did something right to rise and climb the ranks to get a chance to fight Floyd Mayweather just because he holds the belts and according to the rules for “Belt Holders” for WBC, WBA, IBF, WBO the PPV buys and popularity” are not the criteria for a shot at the title.

article |

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NFL demarcus ware uses fake spin move to sack kaepernick

By trill jackson - 18 hours ago

creativity right there. wish he still wore the star

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NBA 2014-15 GM Survey

By MikeJones212 - 18 hours ago

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NBA BSPN LOST😂Kobe Bryant Voted Third Best Shooting Guard according to NBA GMs

By Kyu Read - 18 hours ago

Off-season rankings have been all the rage this off-season, and they haven’t been too kind to Kobe Bryant. Bryant was rated the 40th best player by ESPN, the 24th best player by Sports Illustrated, and one ESPN projection didn’t even have Kobe amongst its top-10 shooting guards. recently released its annual NBA General Managers survey and the GMs are much nicer to Kobe, ranking him tied for the third-best shooting guard in the NBA:

Who is the best shooting guard in the NBA?
1. James Harden, Houston — 63.0%
2. Klay Thompson, Golden State — 18.5%
3. Kobe Bryant, L.A. Lakers — 7.4%
Stephen Curry, Golden State — 7.4%
5. Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City — 3.7%

It’s a little weird to see Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant on this list, but GMs apparently have their own ideas as to what position each person plays. GMs also apparently disagree with Thompson and his agent on him being the best two-way shooting guard.

While no Lakers player topped any list, Kobe did receive votes in some other categories. He was voted the second toughest player in the league behind Tony Allen, the second best player to take the last shot of the game behind Kevin Durant, and the fourth best player at getting his own shot behind Durant, Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James.

Steve Nash was also on a couple of lists, being voted as the fifth best passer in the league, the fourth best basketball IQ, and tied for third as the player who would make the best head coach in the league.


But hmmm.....if he's the 3rd best SG according to NBA GM's, how can 40 something players be better than him? Damn BSPN take this L yo:takethisl:

BSPN, what happened to your integrity and knowledge? :tylereww:


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@modalee @bluedawgalex
@Kyu Read

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SC Lionel Richie "honored" Lionel Messi was names after him

By theFREAK - 18 hours ago

*tweet embedded

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NFL ESPN -- NFL trade deadline: Four explosive, albeit unlikely, hypothetical deals

By Clyde - 18 hours ago



Proposed trade No. 1:
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady to the Texans for Houston's 2015 first-round draft pick and wide receiver Andre Johnson

Before you scroll down to the comments section and leave the obligatory nasty note, consider that we asked a current NFL general manager if this incendiary, social media-exploding potential deal was plausible.

"Absolutely," he said. "It actually makes too much sense. The players in the Patriots' locker room know that their days are numbered. That's just the way it is in New England."

Tom Brady, the unlikely sixth-round draft choice who delivered three Super Bowl victories in a span of four years, knows this better than anyone. It happened to Drew Bledsoe, a franchise quarterback who lost his job to Brady early in the 2001 season, watched him win a Super Bowl and then was shuffled off to Buffalo ... for a first-round draft choice.

"If you play for the Patriots -- and, honestly, it doesn't matter if you're Tom Brady -- you're there as long as you're useful," Bledsoe said this past January in a television feature about the Patriot Way. "Tom will have his time, too. And he knows that."

That time, in our admittedly feverish minds, is now. Sure, the Patriots are probably on their way to an 11th division title in 12 years -- something that hasn't happened since the AFL-NFL merger -- but they haven't won a Super Bowl in nearly a decade. Three years ago, the Patriots spent a third-round pick on quarterback Ryan Mallett. He was not the Brady heir they imagined and wound up in Houston. There is a feeling within the New England organization that Jimmy Garoppolo, this year's second-round draft choice, might be that guy. He broke some of Tony Romo's most cherished records at Eastern Illinois, and, with Brady in what is widely perceived as decline, this transition could work.

The biggest factor in this trade is the Patriots' institutional arrogance, i.e., the belief head coach Bill Belichick has in his ability to do what's best for the team. Belichick's signature personnel moves feature the departure of a startling series of aging but still serviceable players: Bledsoe, Lawyer Milloy, Ty Law, Damien Woody, Richard Seymour, Mike Vrabel, Wes Welker and, just prior to this season, Logan Mankins.

His Houston counterpart, head coach Bill O'Brien, is a huge Brady fan, having served as his quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator and witnessed Brady's past two Super Bowl appearances from the Patriots' sideline. Ryan Fitzpatrick was O'Brien's choice to run Houston's offense, but wouldn't the Texans much rather have Brady in the huddle, showing the kind of emotion they already have on the other side of the ball with J.J. Watt? The Texans, who won two games a year ago, feel like they're getting closer to serious contention. Jadeveon Clowney, this year's No. 1 overall pick, looks ready to come back and contribute. Brady, even if he's sometimes missing targets he used to hit, would be a big addition.

There's precedent, too. Even the great Joe Montana, whom Brady idolized while growing up in the Bay Area, was sent packing by the 49ers, along with a safety and a third-round pick, for Kansas City's first-rounder. The Patriots, of course, would rather have DeAndre Hopkins, a 22-year-old version of Johnson, but they'll likely be content with the receiver who is 11 years his senior. New England would hope Johnson can contribute like another 30-something pickup back in 2007: Randy Moss.

Joe Montana was be traded to the Chiefs at age 36. So why can't Tom Brady be jettisoned at age 37?
Here are the salary mechanics of the deal: To trade Brady before June 1, the Patriots would carry $18 million in dead money in 2015, the money left on his signing bonus. Cutting Peyton Manning cost the Colts $10.6 million against the cap two years ago, so there is a precedent for a large number when the salary is replaced by a rookie contract. Brady's contract is interesting. His salaries for 2015-17 (a total of $24 million) become fully guaranteed if he's on the roster for the last game of the 2014 season. Hmm.

After an embarrassing Week 4 loss to the Chiefs, there were rumors Brady was at odds with the coaching staff's offensive philosophy. Welcome to Houston, Tom.

"I see the logic, but based on the last few games, I think it's too early to get on the Jimmy Garoppolo bandwagon," former Redskins and Texans general manager Charley Casserly said. "I think Brady can still play."

Which is precisely why O'Brien and the Texans have to scoop him up. Brady knows their system, and he gives them instant credibility. The Patriots get a desperately needed wide receiver and a valuable first-round pick in return.

Last year, before he played the Broncos, Brady was asked in an ESPN interview how he was coping with the loss of Welker.

"I'm used to it at this point," Brady said. "It's just the way it is. You have to be mentally tough enough to put those things aside and still perform at a high level. Because if you don't, there's going to be someone else here ready to take your job."


Proposed trade No. 2:
Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh to the Cincinnati Bengals for a second-round pick and cornerback Darqueze Dennard

Yes, the Detroit Lions -- of all teams -- are killing it on defense, and Suh, in the minds of gridiron gurus, is the best defensive tackle in the league.

But Suh's act seems to be played out in Detroit. By all accounts, he's gone after the season. He has already told people he would love to play for the Jets or Giants in New York -- his outsized personality might thrive there -- and it's been reported that the Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears, at the very least, are interested, too. So how could Suh possibly wind up in relatively sleepy Cincinnati midway through the season?

How did sometimes incendiary receiver DeSean Jackson find himself released by the Philadelphia Eagles after the 2013 season? How did Percy Harvin end up with the Jets? Sometimes, it's just time for both sides to part and start over.

Said one league general manager who wished to remain anonymous on the topic: "There's a feeling he won't be back. This is one way for the Lions to get something substantial for him."

Let's start with the Lions. Yes, they're super solid up front on defense, but is this team going to win the Super Bowl -- or even the NFC North? Some folks feel they'll go all-in with Suh in what looks to be his final year. Or ... they could pick up some help for the secondary and add a significant draft choice -- and make a serious run next year with a healthier Calvin Johnson.

The elephant in the room is Suh's gargantuan contract. The Lions could use the franchise tag on him for next year, but it would cost them $20 million, so that's very unlikely to happen. Even though his base salary is $12.555 million, he would cost the Bengals "only" ten-seventeenths of that for the remainder of the season -- $7.385 million, a salary-cap hit they can comfortably afford. Getting Dennard (Cincinnati's first-round pick in 2014 and a Michigan State product) from the corner-rich Bengals and a second-rounder would be a windfall. New defensive coordinator Teryl Austin has reinvigorated the Lions' defense -- Minnesota Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater will probably have nightmares for the rest of the season -- and will find ways to compensate.

The Bengals, meanwhile, think they're close to a Super Bowl. But lately, being close hasn't been enough. The famously frugal franchise is feeling the heat after going 0-for-3 in the postseason the past three years (FYI, they allowed 77 points in those three games). Cincinnati hasn't won a playoff game in 24 years (remember the Ickey Shuffle?) and Suh could be the game-changer to fix that. Andy Dalton, Giovani Bernard and A.J. Green have the offense clicking, but the way the defense has been playing recently (107 combined points allowed to the New England Patriots, Carolina Panthers and Indianapolis Colts) leaves the Bengals desperate on that side of the ball.

The trick for Cincinnati? Win a playoff game, change the franchise's culture and then convince Suh to sign a new contract that won't destroy the salary cap. Hey, stranger things have happened in the NFL.


Proposed trade No. 3:
Eagles trade running back LeSean McCoy, linebacker Brandon Graham and 2015 second-round and fifth-round picks to the Oakland Raiders for their (potential No. 1 overall) 2015 first-round pick

"Geez," former Redskins and Texans general manager Charley Casserly said with a laugh. "Put that one out there. If they see it, they might actually do it."

Consider this from the Eagles' perspective. We know general manager Howie Roseman likes to make deals (he's done the second most in the league since his arrival in 2010), and head coach Chip Kelly has demonstrated a willingness to part with valuable offensive assets (see DeSean Jackson). Like Bill Belichick, Kelly passionately believes in the system, which is to say, himself.

Last year, Kelly worked minor miracles with quarterback Nick Foles (27 touchdowns passes, two interceptions), but despite Philadelphia's fast start this season, there have been unmistakable flaws in the guy operating under center. For example, he has thrown seven interceptions through the first six games of 2014. It's quite possible Kelly is ready to move on from Foles.

What if we created a scenario in which he would be reunited with his former college quarterback, Oregon's Marcus Mariota? Kelly to Foles: Duck!

After the bounty of 2013 talent at quarterback, draft experts are suggesting there are only two consensus first-round talents at signal-caller (both underclassmen): Florida State's Jameis Winston ... and Mariota.

The Raiders are in the driver's seat to produce the pick that delivers Mariota, who has already mastered Kelly's mind-melting, slash-and-burn offense. There is a leap of faith required here, even with Oakland the NFL's only winless team. The Jets, Buccaneers and Jaguars all reached Week 8 with a single win, but the Raiders' difficult remaining schedule -- two games each versus the Broncos and Chiefs, plus the Seahawks and 49ers -- leaves them with the best chance to land the top pick.

Marcus Mariota has proven his dual-threat abilities are well suited for Chip Kelly's zone-read system.
The Raiders need bodies. This deal brings them four, two of whom can help immediately.

McCoy's salary cap number for 2015 is a heady $11.9 million, but it drops to under $9 million in 2016 and under $8 million in 2017. And the Raiders have plenty of cap space in the coming seasons.

Although McCoy led the league in rushing in 2013, Kelly seemed comfortable with Darren Sproles playing late in the recent oh-so-close game against the Rams. Plus, there are whispers of friction between Kelly and McCoy. Graham, a former first-round pick, has never quite been the player the Eagles imagined. In the 2014 draft, the Eagles were sitting with the No. 22 overall pick but didn't pull the trigger on Johnny Manziel because they believed either he wasn't the answer or Foles was. There are legitimate doubts about the latter. The Eagles can negotiate a new deal with Foles after this season but might be unwilling to give him a stout long-term pact. Foles hasn't demonstrated an ability to run Kelly's zone-read, and Mariota would allow him to expand the offense to its fullest potential. That's a prospect that would make the Eagles even more dangerous.

The Raiders likely will have a new coach next year. If the personnel department feels Derek Carr is the answer at quarterback, improving the talent around him is the priority. This trade is the best way to do it.

Proposed trade No. 4:
Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch to the San Diego Chargers for a 2015 fourth-round draft choice and running back Branden Oliver

Actually, the Chargers desperately need a center -- they've started four players at the position and placed two of them on injured reserve. Problem is, their best external options are probably Jeff Saturday and Matt Birk, who are retired and woefully undersized after drastic weight loss.

Let's send them the next best thing: a ferocious veteran running back who can put them over the top. Don't laugh. Through seven weeks, San Diego has the third-best point differential (plus-70) in the NFL. The Chargers think this is their year, and Lynch would thrust them into the frothy Super Bowl discussion.

At 28, he's not quite the beast he once was, but Lynch can still bring it. He's the Seahawks' leading rusher with 420 yards, and quarterback Russell Wilson (327 yards) is the only teammate close in that category.

Granted, this trade was much more plausible before Seattle jettisoned wide receiver Percy Harvin, sending the enigmatic playmaker to the Jets last Friday. Nevertheless, the Seahawks might not be done wheeling and dealing.

Lynch is still viable at 4.3 yards per carry, just over his career mark, but the Seahawks very possibly have considered parting ways with him after this season. They weren't happy with his training camp holdout. Seattle is paying Lynch $6 million this year, which prorated for a little more than a half season wouldn't be an awful hit for San Diego. The Seahawks would owe Lynch $7 million next year and he'd count $8.5 million against the salary cap. The Chargers, a little pressed for space, will find a way to make it work.

So this is house money for Seattle, a team that would be thrilled to get Oliver, a surprisingly effective rookie free agent out of Buffalo who is the leading rusher of the Chargers' injury-riddled running backs corps. The Seahawks are comfortable with Robert Turbin and Christine Michael as backup RBs. The salary swap is attractive because the Seahawks -- even after unloading Harvin -- are going to need all the space they can find to lock down Wilson.

The Seahawks may not be the devastating opponent they were a year ago, but they are still formidable. They signed defensive backs Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas to long-term deals and have a strong core in place on both sides of the ball. Moving on from Lynch before next year and finding a young set of replacement legs allows them to get into position for negotiations with their young, gifted quarterback.

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NCAAF University Of NoShow Classes (UNC)

By USC - 18 hours ago

The University of North Carolina Academic Support Program for Student-Athletes was found culpable of creating easy, non-show classes that catered to student-athletes in an effort to give them better grades.

Kenneth Wainstein, a former top U.S. Justice Department official, said during a press conference Wednesday that academic counselors ushered as many as 3,100 students – approximately 1,500 of them student-athletes – into bogus classes that were geared toward keeping student-athletes eligible for play over the past 18 years (1993-2011).

The academic impropriety in Wainstein's report is far greater than previously reported by the school or to the NCAA.

Wainstein said many academic and athletic officials knew about the scheme, which began with Deborah Crowder, a longtime manager for the Department of African and Afro-American Studies, and gave student-athletes inflated grades for what Wainstein termed “paper classes.”

.(AP Photo/Gerry Broome)
Paper classes were essentially classes that were independent study, had no professor and just required a paper at the end of the term. According to Wainstein, Crowder never gave students a grade unless they actually submitted a paper, but she awarded “artificially high” grades to the papers submitted regardless of their content.

In the end, the disparity was clear. Students enrolled in an Afro-American Studies paper class would finish with a 3.62 GPA versus a 3.28 GPA for students in a regular Afro-American Studies course.

For 81 students, the GPA boost from those paper classes gave them a 2.0 GPA that allowed them to graduate from UNC.

In all, athletes made up about 47 percent of the enrollments in the 188 lecture-classified paper classes. Of that group, 51 percent were football players.

Chancellor Carol Folt said during the news conference that she was shocked to learn that the academic improprieties were well known around campus and that no one did anything to stop them. Instead, the culture was allowed to fester simply to keep football players and other student-athletes eligible and counselors were not only knowingly enrolling student-athletes in these bogus classes, they were steering them in that direction.

“Like everyone who read it, I feel shocked and very disappointed,” Folt said. “I think it’s a case where you have bad actions of a few and inaction of many more. And had actions or processes been in place, we could’ve caught it and stopped it a lot sooner.”

Wainstein did note that he found no evidence that coaches or other athletic officials began this scheme and there was no financial incentive involved. Butch Davis, the UNC football coach at the time, said he did know the classes were easier, but had no idea an administrator and not a professor graded them.

However, Crowder said she felt pressure to create the paper class, which was later continued by Crowder’s boss, longtime department chairman Julius Nyang’oro, after Crowder retired.

Wainstein’s report was conducted over eight months and included 126 interviews. He said he did not find involvement at the highest levels of the institution, but did criticize the school for not noticing the red flags.

The NCAA and UNC released a joint statement Wednesday saying the investigation was ongoing, but did not mention whether sanctions would be coming.

"The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and the NCAA enforcement staff continue to engage in an independent and cooperative effort to review information of possible NCAA rules violations as announced earlier this year. The university provided the enforcement staff with a copy of the Wainstein Report for its consideration. The information included in the Wainstein Report will be reviewed by the university and the enforcement staff under the same standards that are applied in all NCAA infractions cases. Due to rules put in place by the NCAA membership, neither the university nor the enforcement staff will comment on the substance of the report as it relates to possible NCAA rules violations."

Fukn these doods over, sh*t sad really. Time to pay collegiate athletes.

Shad McCants probably feels he was genuinely wronged

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NBA Wall 29 points 7 assists, Melo 30 points game winner highlights

By st21 - 18 hours ago

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