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 Ariana Grande Says Big Sean’s Lyrics About Her pus-y Led To Breakup
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 Image inside First Look: Jared Leto As "The Joker"

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 Bruce Jenner Diane Sawyer interview Official Thread
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 Video inside Boxden member tries to hit on girl sitting next to her BF
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51 minutes ago

NBA Kris Humphries is a dumbass (tweet)

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| By King Henry - 51 minutes ago

*tweet embedded

(screenshot if tweet is deleted /r)

Tweeted this 20 minutes ago, in regards to the Bruce Jenner sh*t. He's being KILLED for this. fu*k is wrong with this nigga?

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4 hours ago


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| By STILL.DETOX - 4 hours ago

Friday, April 24, 2015
Chicago (SpikeTV)

Anthony Dirrell (No. 6) vs. Badou Jack
12 rounds – Super middleweight division

Daniel Jacobs (No. 10) vs. Caleb Truax
12 rounds – Middleweight division

Rey Vargas vs. Alfred Tetteh
10 rounds – Junior featherweight division

Roberto Garcia vs. Javier Molina
10 rounds – Junior middleweight division

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4 hours ago

BOX Wlad singing about Jennings

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| By redfirex123 - 4 hours ago

you know how Jennings nick name is "Bye Bye"

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4 hours ago

OT ESPN: Bruce Jenner: 'My brain is much more female than male'

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| By UptownBronx92 - 4 hours ago
Bruce Jenner said that he is transitioning to become a woman in an interview broadcast Friday night.

"Yes. For all intents and purposes, I'm a woman," Jenner said when asked if he is a woman by ABC News's Diane Sawyer on "20/20."

Bruce Jenner during the filming his reality show in 2014. JB Lacroix/GC Images
Jenner added: "I was not genetically born that way. As of now -- I have all the male parts and all that kind of stuff...we still identify as female. And that's very hard for Bruce Jenner to say. Because why? I don't want to disappoint people."

Jenner also told Sawyer: "My brain is much more female than it is male. It's hard for people to understand that. But that's what my soul is."

Jenner, 65, won the 1976 Olympic decathlon, setting a world record and making him an international sports start. Jenner later became an actor in a number of TV movies, a race car driver (winning the 12 Hours of Sebring race in 1986) and a successful businessman. Jenner married his third wife, Kris Kardashian, in 1991 and became part of the E! network series "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" in 2007.

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5 hours ago

BOX Must Be Nice: Diddy & Mark Wahlberg bet eachother $250,000 on Mayweather - Pacquiao fight

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| By theFREAK - 5 hours ago

*tweet embedded

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6 hours ago

MLB Classless Mets Prospect Syndergaard Explodes on Twitter

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| By italiansteve - 6 hours ago

Rising Apple, an affiliate for the NY Mets, tweeted that Syndergaard’s would miss his next start due to illness, causing a Mets fan to refer to Syndergaard as “soft” and state that a gamer like Steven Matz would never allow illness to prevent him from pitching. Syndergaard himself then swooped into the conversation and began defending himself. Here are the screenshots of his tweets.

Noah should have completely ignored this tweet, and in my opinion, delete his Twitter if it causes him such concern.

This was not the first time that a fan tweet prompted a response from Syndergaard. Below are screenshots detailing another conversation between a fan and Noah. The fact that Syndergaard chose to acknowledge another hater is concerning, to say the least.

It takes a special type of ballplayer succeed under the bright lights of New York City. And as a young playerÂ’s performance often fluctuates through the season, it is imperative that rookies to focus solely on improving their game and disregard the critics.

At the very least, I believe his checkered past, pushed over the top by recent Twitter activity, has raised significant concerns regarding whether SyndergaardÂ’s has focus to play in New York.

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9 hours ago

MLB Angels, Josh Hamilton may split in a matter of days

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| By Bkjj11 - 9 hours ago


Angels outfielder Josh Hamilton, who in February admitted to relapsing and abusing drugs and alcohol, may never play for Los Angeles again and could be gone from the team in a matter of days, according to an industry source.

Hamilton, 33, is currently in a baseball purgatory of sorts. The 2010 American League MVP is on the disabled list while recovering from offseason shoulder surgery but would like to resume baseball activities soon. The Angels, however, do not seem to want Hamilton back, and their aversion has nothing to do with his healing shoulder.

Team officials, including owner Arte Moreno and general manager Jerry DiPoto, appear displeased by HamiltonÂ’s self-reported relapse in February and a subsequent decision by an arbitrator that Major League Baseball cannot punish Hamilton. The Angels might also be skeptical that Hamilton, who underperformed at the plate during the 2013 and '14 seasons, will regain the hitting stroke that made him one of the most feared hitters in baseball from '08 to '12.

Hamilton, however, has two significant legal advantages over the Angels in his contract dispute: Contracts in baseball are guaranteed, and any discipline for HamiltonÂ’s relapse falls under the Joint Drug Agreement. angeles-angels

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9 hours ago

NBA League Review: Curry Fouled on Game-Tying Three Pointer

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| By joshdogg26 - 9 hours ago

*tweet embedded

in case it wasn't obvious

EDIT: full report for other calls 15-GSW-NOP.pdf

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9 hours ago

OT So No Media, ESPN, or Feminist Groups Outcry About Britney Griner Domestic Violence Case?

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| By JNumbaNC - 9 hours ago

*tweet embedded

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9 hours ago

NFL One Burning Draft Question for Each NFL Team

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| By UnoShawty1 - 9 hours ago

NFC East
Dallas Cowboys: Are the 'Boys done at running back?

Probably not. That's not to say they'll land Adrian Peterson; I simply don't see the Vikings trading Peterson unless they're offered a ton plus some G.I. Joes with the swivel-arm battle grip. While Dallas' upcoming draft should (mostly) revolve around defense, when the Cowboys get on the clock at No. 27 overall, it is possible that top prospect Melvin Gordon will be sitting there -- and I doubt they'd pass on the Wisconsin product, even with Darren McFadden on the payroll.

New York Giants: Hit the O-line, hit the D-line or look toward the future at QB?

New York picks ninth -- Brandon Scherff territory. But what if Marcus Mariota is still on the board around No. 6 or 7? Maybe Big Blue attempts to jump a couple of spots to make sure the Rams or Browns don't do the same. Such a move might seem far-fetched, but Eli Manning is heading into his 12th pro season, and many feel -- despite a solid statistical campaign in 2014 -- that his physical skills have already started to decline. Not every QB plays until he is 39. Oh, and this just so happens to be the last year of Eli's current contract.

and this just so happens to be the last year of Eli's current contract.

Philadelphia Eagles: Is Philly really set at wide receiver?

It seems doubtful. Yet, many draftniks still have Chip Kelly going for help in the back seven in Round 1, while others continue to speculate that Kelly might still make a play for Marcus Mariota. It's hard to believe the Eagles would trade for Sam Bradford without at least trying to upgrade the wide receiver depth chart. At this point, Jordan Matthews is not a WR1 and Riley Cooper is not a WR2. Otherwise, safety Landon Collins could go to the Eagles at No. 20.

Washington Redskins: Shore up the front seven or replace Robert Griffin III?

Methinks Washington gets an impact player up front, someone who can be Ryan Kerrigan's BFF. Meanwhile, it's all too easy to speculate that Washington will draft one of the top two quarterbacks if available. However, with other QB-hungry teams behind the Redskins, this could be an excellent opportunity to acquire as many names as possible from their top-100 draft board.

NFC North
Chicago Bears: Need over want?

That is always a thorny question this time of year. While many fans want to see Jay Cutler gone -- or, at least, riding the pine for Jameis Winston -- the reality is that Chicago does not have the tools to fill its new defense. Switching from the 4-3 to the 3-4 can be quite tricky, resource-wise, at least in that first year. If Nebraska pass rusher Randy Gregory or Washington nose tackle Danny Shelton is there, Chicago can make a solid, need-based selection. Ditto for wide receiver, as Kevin White or Amari Cooper would fit nicely.

Detroit Lions: Which line does GM Martin Mayhew hit with his early pick(s)?
Considering the losses of Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley in free agency, the idea of drafting someone like Malcom Brown or Jordan Phillips makes a whole lot of sense. The defensive line will have to be up to snuff, especially with Adrian Peterson likely playing Detroit twice. Of course, the offensive line could use a first-round talent, too. My colleagues Daniel Jeremiah and Brian Baldinger think Detroit could take a tackle like D.J. Humphries or Ereck Flowers. As for me, while I'm not ready to rule out a defensive back at No. 23, as it seems like you can never have enough quality there, my best guess is the Lions go with a DT.

Green Bay Packers: Can they take the best player available, or do they have to get a top-end corner?

Talk to cheeseheads, and they all want another corner. If only Congress were in such harmony. Well, Green Bay needs help at defensive line, linebacker and in the secondary. The Packers released two inside linebackers, and Tramon Williams is now playing in Cleveland. If I had to guess what Green Bay will go with in Round 1, it'd be ILB. But I also could see the Packers trading down. The 30th overall pick is an easy slot to move out of.

Minnesota Vikings: What to do with the cloud hanging over everything?

Let's make this clear: Minnesota has no reason to deal Adrian Peterson. The Vikings can tell him he can either play or sit; it really is that cut and dried. And what are the chances he'll choose to stay off the field after missing almost all of last year? Yes, Minnesota could, in theory, make a draft-day swap involving the longtime face of the franchise. One wonders if Jerick McKinnon can be a 20-carry-per-game back. On the other hand, why not draft a wide receiver at No. 11? But that might be a tough sell, as you know Mike Zimmer loves him some defensive backs. So, cornerback Trae Waynes, anyone?

NFC South
Atlanta Falcons: Will Dan Quinn err on the side of defense or go BPA?

If I'm an Atlanta fan, I'm hoping Marcus Mariota's stock suddenly drops as fast as a Falcons pass rusher on third-and-long. That way, the team could trade down from No. 8 overall and pull more value out of this draft. This group could use help on the offensive line, as well as at running back, wide receiver and certainly tight end. Will Atlanta pass up on a talented offensive lineman (like Iowa's Brandon Scherff) or a stud receiver (like Alabama's Amari Cooper) to bolster new coach Dan Quinn's defense? That's another question. At the end of the day, I'm saying linebacker Vic Beasley.

Carolina Panthers: O-line or bust?

Everyone's convinced GM Dave Gettleman will take an offensive lineman in the first round. But what if Melvin Gordon falls? Jonathan Stewart has not exactly been Cal Ripken the last few years. Nobody was big on the Michael Oher signing -- well, save for Gettleman -- and it seems as though tackle is the position to hit. But with several players available at that spot, like D.J. Humphries and Andrus Peat, perhaps the Panthers could trade down and still get the guy they want -- plus an extra draft pick, to boot.

New Orleans Saints: Is there a new formula in the Big Easy?

The Saints seem to be in prime position to get an impact defensive player at No. 13 overall. By landing center Max Unger in the Jimmy Graham trade, re-signing Mark Ingram and adding a speedy change-of-pace back in C.J. Spiller, GM Mickey Loomis and head coach Sean Payton give off the vibe that they're ready to change their offensive approach, or at least tweak it. However, if DeVante Parker is available at No. 13, it might be difficult for Payton to lay off. Do the Saints roll the dice on pass rusher Randy Gregory?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Stake the future of the franchise to a rookie QB with off-field question marks?

There are obviously serious questions about the character of Jameis Winston, who was recently sued by the woman who accused him of sexual assault in 2012. Winston's attorney, David Cornwell, did Winston no favors when he said the highly rated prospect is "not ready to be an NFL player off the field," even if he later said he thinks Winston is likely "more ready than most." I'm not saying Bucs GM Jason Licht won't go for the highly touted quarterback, but perhaps we shouldn't forget Licht's comments about passing on Greg Hardy: "At the end of the day, we didn't feel good about it."

NFC West
Arizona Cardinals: Time to bail on Andre Ellington?

The NFL is a cruel business. Andre Ellington played hurt at running back last season, and he had to work behind a below-average offensive line -- and yet, people want the Cardinals to either draft a running back or trade for Adrian Peterson. No matter what, the Cardinals simply can't afford to average 3.29 yards per carry again. That was the lowest figure in the NFL last season. We should note the club did add guard Mike Iupati in free agency. But still, the yards-per-carry mark must come up a yard for Arizona to take the next step. I maintain that the Cardinals will take a corner in Round 1. Then again, what if Melvin Gordon is sitting there at 24th overall?
St. Louis Rams: In the hunt for Mariota?

With news that the Rams were working out Marcus Mariota came the whispers about their possible intentions. OK, maybe they aren't whispers. So will St. Louis trade up? Dealing for Nick Foles does not mean the Rams can't draft another quarterback. First of all, we don't know if Foles is the middling guy we saw last year or the player who posted a 27:2 TD-to-INT ratio in 2013. Second, the Rams pick 10th overall, putting them in position to make a move, should one of the quarterbacks fall. Third, Foles will be a free agent after this season. Mariota landing in St. Louis could end up being the surprise of the draft.

San Francisco 49ers: Which defensive tackle will the Niners select?

Every one of our draft analysts has the 49ers taking either Arik Armstead or Danny Shelton. Makes sense; even with the addition of Darnell Dockett, the front line is in desperate need of an impact player, not merely a warm body that can play 500 snaps. On another note: Is tight end Vernon Davis nearing the end? Because if so, the club will be relying on Vance McDonald. And as much as the Niners run two tights, drafting someone else might be appropriate. I think Davis can still play, but given his down season in 2014, and the fact he is entering Year 10, well ...

Seattle Seahawks: Have they had bad drafts -- or do they just have a great team?

Seattle has only drafted one starter the past two years. For many teams, that fact would be emblematic of a poor scouting department or a GM going rogue. I was asked about that poor (recent) history on NFL NOW, and my response was this: GM John Schneider has built a whale of a roster poised to compete for a few years. So how many of the potential first-round draftees could start for the Seahawks in Year 1? Not many. Obviously, the trade for tight end Jimmy Graham altered the organizational course. Will Seattle change even more by drafting a wide receiver early, or do the Seahawks believe in the kids they have now? Either way, getting youth on the defensive line is important.

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9 hours ago

NBA Will Durant suffer the same fate as Yao Ming?

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| By UptownBronx92 - 9 hours ago

Heard they have the same injury.

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9 hours ago

NFL 1st rd prospect OT T.J. Clemmings has a stress fracture in his foot

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| By Bkjj11 - 9 hours ago

*tweet embedded

*tweet embedded

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9 hours ago

NFL Eagles QB Mark Sanchez on Tim Tebow

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| By Bkjj11 - 9 hours ago

*tweet embedded

http://www.bleedinggreenn... ow-quarterback

kinda blunt

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9 hours ago

BOX Got Damn!: Shannon Briggs & Deontay Wilder Going at Each Other Live on the Streets of NY!!

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| By Ladklap - 9 hours ago

Credit to @HeruDat

Prop Him Not me.

Props to @AJtheGreat for the this part.. forgot it to add.


Edit: Another Video added to OP. Different Video..

The Block is Hot

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10 hours ago

NFL Dion Jordan seems like he is finished in Miami

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| By Tiko377 - 10 hours ago

*tweet embedded

*tweet embedded

*tweet embedded

*tweet embedded

*tweet embedded

*tweet embedded

*tweet embedded

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10 hours ago

NBA Let's Redo The 2003 NBA Draft (At Least Top 10 or 20 Picks)

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| By DreamHaunter - 10 hours ago

1. Cleveland - LeBron James
2. Detroit - Darko Milicic
3. Denver - Carmelo Anthony
4. Toronto - Chris Bosh
5. Miami - Dwyane Wade
6. LA Clippers - Chris Kaman
7. Chicago - Kirk Hinrich
8. Milwaukee - T.J. Ford
9. New York - Michael Sweetney
10. Washington - Jarvis Hayes
11. Golden State - Mickael Pietrus
12. Seattle - Nick Collison
13. Memphis - Marcus Banks
14. Seattle - Luke Ridnour
15. Orlando - Reece Gaines
16. Boston - Troy Bell
17. Phoenix - Zarko Cabarkapa
18. New Orleans - David West
19. Utah - Aleksandar Pavlovic
20. Boston - Dahntay Jones
21. Atlanta - Boris Diaw
22. New Jersey - Zoran Planinic
23. Portland - Travis Outlaw
24. LA Lakers - Brian Cook
25. Detroit - Carlos Delfino
26. Minnesota - Ndudi Ebi
27. Memphis - Kendrick Perkins
28. San Antonio - Leandro Barbosa
29. Dallas - Josh Howard
30. New York - Maciej Lampe

*Notable Players From The Second Round

- Steve Blake
- Zaza Pachulia
- Mo Williams
- Kyle Korver

*Notable Players That Went Undrafted

- Jose Calderon
- Marquis Daniels
- Earl Barron

At least the top 20 first picks

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10 hours ago

NFL DRAFT RUMORS!! Amari Cooper (Alabama's Amazing WR) visits the Redskins

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| By Sithon - 10 hours ago

Amari Cooper, the uber-talented Alabama wide receiver, has made a pre-draft visit with the Redskins, The Baltimore SunÂ’s Aaron Wilson reports.

The Redskins and new general manager Scot McCloughan will have plenty of options with the No. 5 overall pick in ThursdayÂ’s first round of the draft, where Cooper or West Virginia standout Kevin White are expected to be available at the wide receiver position.

Selecting Cooper, many experts believe, could turn out to be a home run for any team. As a junior last season, the Heisman finalist recorded 124 receptions for 1,727 yards and 16 touchdowns. His profile indicates Cooper uses his elite speed to blow by defenders, but “stays there at the top of his routes.”

Check out the whole story here: ins-1-11372300

If you are a Redskins fan like I am (#HTTR)... what do you think we should do with the #5 pick during the draft next Thursday?? Stack up on Defense? Go for a stud WR and possibly trade Garcon or Roberts?? Trade down for more picks?? Address O-Line? Chop it up below!!

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10 hours ago

NFL Cowboys DE Greg Hardy beefin with his teammate already

4 people viewing this

| By Bkjj11 - 10 hours ago

*tweet embedded

*tweet embedded

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10 hours ago

NBA Anderson Varejao Plants an Unexpected Kiss on Iman Shumpert

4 people viewing this

| By UptownBronx92 - 10 hours ago

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10 hours ago

NBA Here's Tiger Woods Standing Next to Yao Ming

3 people viewing this

| By UptownBronx92 - 10 hours ago

*tweet embedded

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