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NBA Rewind: James Harden hits the James Brown after being crossed by random Nigerian dude

By Zeus Hands - 5 hours ago


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NBA Landry Fields FINALLY Speaks On Bad Contract Toronto EX-GM Gave Him....

By Dray - 5 hours ago

Fields was the surprise of the 2010 NBA draft, picked 39th by the Knicks while not even being listed on some experts' mock drafts. But when Fields joined the Knicks that year, he became the starting shooting guard under then-coach Mike D'Antoni's high-speed offense.

At the end of the season, Fields was named to the All-Rookie First Team after putting up impressive averages of 9.7 points on 49% shooting, 39% 3-point shooting, six rebounds, two assists, and one steal per game. Fields was largely considered the steal of the draft.

Fields' struggles with Toronto have been attributed mainly to injuries, as SportsNet's Eric Smith outlined in an interview with Fields. He's played in just 81 games, with only 24 starts, and hasn't averaged more than five points per game while hitting only 7% of his 3-pointers.

Fields has had several surgeries repairing the ulnar nerve in his right arm, also his shooting arm. He's had to go through constant rehabilitation, and as a result, he's had to learn a new shooting form. Fields is aware he hasn't lived up to his contract and that his struggles could cut short what once looked like a promising career

"There have definitely been times that I’ve thought about the contract and you look at the production and it doesn’t quite add up,"
he said. "But at the end of the day, I didn’t give myself this contract. The Raptors came and took a beautiful, wonderful chance that I’m forever going to be grateful for ... Whatever I can do for this team is what I’m going to do. Some people will never understand that but I have to be okay with that, otherwise I’ll send myself into a mental frenzy."

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NBA Knicks Front Office Confused By Bargnani's Continued Absence

By Dray - 5 hours ago

The continued absence of Andrea Bargnani with a strained hamstring will allow the New York Knicks further opportunities to evaluate other options at power forward.

“He hasn’t been able to practice the last few days so it wouldn’t be smart to jeopardize him by putting him into game action tomorrow,”
Derek Fisher said of Bargnani after the Knicks practiced for the fourth straight day Sunday in Greenburgh. “We’ve mixed the groups up a lot and we have some different guys in the frontcourt at times, different guys in the backcourt, so we’ll kind of reassess who has been effective this week and try to put a good lineup together.”

Quincy Acy has started the past three contests, but Fisher indicated Saturday that Jason Smith also is pushing for a starting spot.

“Anytime you have a big guy who can shoot mid-range, or really help and space the defense out, it’s gonna be great, especially with this offense. It’s just gonna help our team that much more,” said Smith, a free-agent signee who played the past four seasons for New Orleans.

“It doesn’t matter who's starting out there, if it’s Q or if it’s Andrea or if it’s Amar’e (Stoudemire) or if it’s me, all of us are capable of going out there and playing good minutes.

“And then on the back end of that, coming off the bench, we’re still capable of putting in good minutes. We just want to make sure we go out there and play hard and play within the offense and play smart.”

Via Peter Botte/New York Daily News


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NFL ESPN1stTake: Brandon Marshall Calls Out Jay Cutler ? (Video)

By Mariel619 - 5 hours ago

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NBA Redskins plan to start Colt McCoy in Week 8

By theFREAK - 5 hours ago

*tweet embedded

*tweet embedded

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NBA (VIDEO) 90's Nostalgia: Isaiah J.R. Rider 1994 Slam Dunk Contest

By T.O.N.Y. - 5 hours ago

:kobeiseeyouplaya: for you goofs that wasn't watching ball back then or the goofs that were just a sperm in someone's sack

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MMA War Machine Suicide Letter To Christy Mack

By Carlton Black - 5 hours ago



War Machine uses suicide note to blame victim Christy Mack as he claims ‘society has killed men’:
The MMA fighter, real name Jonathan Koppenhaver, quotes Nietzsche in the three page missive, where he boasts 'I was never meant to live in this era anyway.' The 32-year-old faces a slew of charges stemming from the alleged Aug. 8 attack at Mack's Las Vegas home, where she was left badly beaten.

An MMA fighter awaiting trial on charges of trying to kill his porn star ex-girlfriend penned a rambling, self-pitying suicide note before trying to hang himself from a jail cell bunk bed, according to a report.

War Machine, real name Jonathan Koppenhaver, apologized to his family and friends in the three-page missive before he tried to off himself last week at the Clark County Jail in Las Vegas, where he faces a slew of 32 charges related to the August beating on 23-year-old Christy Mack.

In closing his letter, obtained by TMZ, the domestic violence suspect claims “society has killed men. I was never meant to live in this era anyway.”
Koppenhaver calls Christy Mack his true love in the missive — though prosecutors allege he tried to kill her in August. TMZ

Koppenhaver calls Christy Mack his true love in the missive — though prosecutors allege he tried to kill her in August.
Enlarge Christy Mack spent weeks recovering from her brutal injuries before making her first public appearance at a Sept. 13 event in Los Angeles. Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

Christy Mack spent weeks recovering from her brutal injuries before making her first public appearance at a Sept. 13 event in Los Angeles.

“Verily, I often laugh at the weakling who think themselves good because they have no claws,” Koppenhaver wraps up the letter with a quote from German philosopher Nietzsche.

The tattooed brawler’s been jailed since mid-August when authorities found the man in Southern California days after he allegedly beat Christy Mack to near death at her Las Vegas home. Koppenhaver broke several bones in Mack’s face, knocked her teeth out, cut her with a knife and ruptured her liver in the brutal Aug. 8 attack, authorities said.

He also allegedly sexually assaulted her after finding her with friend Corey Thomas. Thomas, too, was beaten, police said.

The hulking 32-year-old had tied a piece of linen to his bunk bed and was red-faced and unresponsive when discovered around 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, TMZ reported.

A corrections officer cut the hand-fashioned noose, freeing the fighter who began to breathe in a labored manner and tried to speak, a source told the site.

That’s when the note was discovered.

“To: Christy, my one,” he writes to the woman he allegedly left near death after the brutal attack. “I truly love you and planned on being with you forever. I know that I had many flaws and that I wasn’t the best (boyfriend) at times … Not a day goes by that I don’t wish that you weren’t hurt that night, I hope you know that … I forgive you, please forgive me, I love you.”

Koppenhaver, who legally changed his name to War Machine in 2008, is charged with abusing Mack in incidents dating back to 2013. In his note, he bemoans his fate, even as he points his finger at other people, such as the prosecutor, Mack and even her agent.

“I still don’t understand how I got into this mess, I don’t know why this had to happen,” he wrote. “My life was going so well. I know that I made mistakes in the past but I had corrected that and was living life correctly. It is one thing to catch a case when you set out to commit a crime, but catching a case when you have nothing but good intentions in your heart is just so hard to accept.”

The brute faces domestic battery, sex assault, burglary, kidnapping and attempted murder charges. He’s been on suicide watch in a medical isolation unit and is due in court for a preliminary hearing Nov. 14

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NBA Tristan Thompson VICTIM SPEAKS

By Dray - 5 hours ago

*tweet embedded


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NBA Crazier Than J.R. Rider?

By bLazenLow - 5 hours ago

Too bad there isnt a further back view

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NBA Beats celebrates LeBron's homecoming with another epic commercial

By Tiko377 - 5 hours ago

"This is the city that raised you."

You can try shutting Beats out of the NFL, but there's nothing you can do about the company's impeccable advertising. The new NBA season gets underway this month, and Beats has teamed up with the league's biggest star, LeBron James, for its latest campaign. This long-form ad — which isn't the first to come from Beats — focuses entirely on James' homecoming and his return to the Cleveland Cavaliers. And yes, you'll see Beats‬‬ earbuds showcased prominently the whole time; Beats very much wants everyone to know that LeBron wears them while training.

But beyond the product placement, we see LeBron's intense gym regimen intertwined with flashbacks to his past: the Spring Hill apartments that served as his first "stable home", LeBron discovering his court passion at St.Vincent-St. Mary High School, and above all else, the inspiring role his mother played through his rise to superstardom. Now King James is back with high hopes of turning Cleveland into a championship team. That'll likely take some time. But with spots like these, Beats probably won't need to wait nearly as long to sell millions of headphones — especially in Ohio.

Beats' new campaign doesn't end with the single commercial, the company has also produced a number of shorter snippets (with voiceovers from Victoria James and LeBron himself) that shed more light on everything in the primary ad. Your move, Bose.

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