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NBA LeBron James Full Highlights 2014.11.24 vs Magic - 29 Pts, 11 Assists, 3 Stls, BEAST!

By Sour Disel90 - 21 hours ago

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NBA Scott Brooks Wants Serge Ibaka To Keep Shooting 3-4 Three-Pointers Per Game

By Dray - 21 hours ago

Serge Ibaka has already tied a career-high for three-point makes and attempts in a season with 23 and 60 respectively.

Ibaka's three-point shooting is expected to continue for the Oklahoma City Thunder after Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant.

“I think it continues,”
Scott Brooks said. :dead: “He doesn’t necessarily have to live out there and shoot 10 a game. But three or four a game is a good number for him.”:dead:

Ibaka is shooting a team-best 38.3 percent from 3-point range — the equivalent of an efficient 1.15 points per shot attempt (or a 57.5 percent 2-point shooter).

“He’s a great shooter,”:dead:
Brooks said. “He’s not just a great big-man shooter.”:dead:

Via Anthony Slater/The Oklahoman

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BOX Floyd Already Demanding Rematch Clause if He Fights Pacquiao

By republican01 - 21 hours ago

I could almost bet that they're gonna fight next year. Floyd will do more damage to his legacy if he loses against a lesser opponent and there's really no guarantees when it comes to boxing (in terms of a 'guaranteed' winner).

The simple fact that he's asking for practical concessions now, instead of the 'out of this world' demands he's made in the past, speaks volumes about the whole situation. It also doesn't hurt that his bosses at Showtime want to ultimately earn a profit on the six fight deal they signed him to.

Mayweather is believed to be demanding a re-match clause in the contract if he succumbs to the mounting pressure to fight Pacquiao and then loses.

That was revealed by Pacquiao’s iconic trainer, Freddie Roach, as he reviewed the prospects for a Mayweather fight before flying back from China to Los Angeles.

Roach told me: ‘My understanding is that Floyd is insisting on the re-match if Manny beats him, which I believe he will. That’s okay with us.’

And why not, given the huge amount of money which would be involved?

The original projection of boxing’s first $300 million fight will soar to one billion dollars if Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum succeeds in opening up the vast Chinese television market to pay-per-view.

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NBA Kemba Walkers Crosses Up CP3

By The Boat - 21 hours ago

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NFL Bills/Jets Game Interrupted By Two Idiot Fans

By italiansteve - 21 hours ago

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NBA (VIDEO) Derrick Rose Full Highlights 2014.11.24 at Jazz - 18 Pts, 5 Assists, Back And Looking Good!

By T.O.N.Y. - 21 hours ago

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NBA Kobe to Teammates: "Get the fu-k Out of My Way"

By tharegime - 21 hours ago

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NBA BXSC RoundTable: Did Lebron James Throw Games 5, 6 VS The Celtics In 2010

By T.O.N.Y. - 21 hours ago

I don't get why this isn't being talked about more, to me it was so obvious.

LeBron James and his "team" of advisers had a plan, and they executed it. The plan was to form a justifiable escape route out of Cleveland. A way to get out of Cleveland without everyone killing him for "not caring about winning." A way for him to say, "My team just wasn't good enough in Cleveland, I have to go where I'd feel I have a better chance of winning."

They pulled it off.

Force your team to win the game (which they can't) but do just enough to make it look like it's not too obvious you're throwing the game, but when momentum is on the line, throw it.

Executed PERFECTLY. Watch the tape.

Game 5
LeBron comes out dishing, not attacking at all. But they were at home so his teammates were actually getting it going. His only option was to get off the ball, totally uninvolved, so that his team would not be able to surge off him and make the game too close.

What does he do? Watch LeBron in Game 5, he spent more time standing in the corner away from the action than I've ever seen him spend in any game.

Many NBA experts have already said the same thing, not only was he standing around off the ball more than ever (what does an elbow injury have to do with that?) but when he did get the ball, he would swing it to a sometimes completely surprised teammate who was in no better position to create a shot than LeBron was when it left his hands. This play is not due to an injury, this is more than that.

With an injury, you're taking the shots, but they just aren't falling. By the way, did you notice in Game 5 when he did take shots they were Vince Carter-esque: Fading back for no reason (which he never does) and missing by a foot?

THE PLAN: Ok, everyone is suspecting you. What do you do? Make sure you stuff the stats so that it's not too obvious, but when it counts, make sure Boston gets the momentum play.


Game 6
LeBron comes out with a few dunks to quickly quell the notion that something is "up." Ok, he's going to try to play it cool tonight. LeBron starts driving to the basket in the first half to show that he's being aggressive. But what happens on 50% of the drives? He gets tied up, stripped, etc.

This almost never happens to LeBron. He was fumbling the ball so much on drives, what does that have to do with an elbow? Sure, credit the Celtics defense, but LeBron was clearly not going as hard as he usually goes when driving to the hole. He was simply leaving the ball out there for people to strip.

In the second half, Boston starts to pull away. Every time the Cavs had an important possession, LeBron would throw the ball away. One play in particular, he threw a cross-court pass to Anthony Parker coming off a screen, who was clearly coming out to the top of the court, but LeBron threw the pass to the corner. There was no way Parker would have gone to that corner. That was the most clear example of throwing the game of the night. That was not a turnover on accident. Watch the tape, I don't care what anyone says.

Ok, but it's getting obvious again that LeBron is fading, its time to show a little fight. What does he do? Come down two straight possessions and hit two straight 3's to pull his team back. That elbow sure did look bad on those perfect shots! Riiiight.

Now if you noticed, LeBron's body language after those shots was totally bizarre. What do you expect from LeBron after plays like that? Firing up his teammates? "LETS GO!" etc, excited, "We can do it!" right? No. Not at all. Actually LeBron looked extremely nervous, his hands were damn near shaking, like he was thinking, "That might have been too much, we are really close now."

Watch the tape. What do you do next time down the court? Turn it over. Because if you really want to win, you got to make the next play, or at least attempt to. But if you turn it over and Boston scores, the momentum and game quickly shifts back to Boston.

Mission Accomplished.

Also, did LeBron look like he was upset to any of you after the game? Not to me, not at all. He spoke the words he was supposed to speak, but there was no feeling behind them.

Also, interesting that before his press conference, he called for his "team" of advisers to meet with him in a closed-off locker room. I wonder why? Probably feeling some nerves after what he just did, and needed some advice on how to approach the media, what to say, etc.

The PLAN is to become a billionaire, and THE PLAN is to go to New York to do it.
Anyone questioning LeBron's ability to win playoff games after these performances is a damn fool. If he wanted to, he could have single- handily dismantled the Celtics in both these games.

But he has a different agenda, he wants to win, but he wants to do it on the big stage. He knew winning a title in Cleveland this year would not allow him to leave, that is why he wanted to win one so badly last year. He could still have won a chip for his city and justified leaving after losing this year. Remember how mad he was after the game last year? He didn't even shake the Orlando players' hands. That's the type of competitor LeBron is, think about it folks, It's so obvious it's not even funny.

Welcome to New York, LeBron James.

Written by Anthony "Elite" Parrino & Jose "Session" Cruz.

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NFL Calling All NFL Fans !

By theFREAK - 21 hours ago

If your playing Kansas City the rest of the season or during the week of the game against Kansas City, just a thought, change your avy to Eric Berry for the remainder of the season or during the week of when your team plays Kansas City.

This is terribly devastating news, My Raiders booster club is working to put something together to show support for him and the Chiefs organization.

I expect mixed responses just because of the people on this board.


*tweet embedded

*tweet embedded

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NBA Tom Thibodeau is getting tired of answering Derrick Rose questions

By timdog - 21 hours ago

Derrick Rose returned to the Bulls’ lineup for Monday’s win over the Jazz, and scored 18 points while dishing out five assists in 25 minutes of action.

It was only the eighth time in 14 games that Rose has been able to suit up for Chicago this season, and that’s led to plenty of questions about his health that have come on a daily basis, followed by an extreme level of scrutiny after the games in which he’s been able to participate.

Tom Thibodeau has historically been more than patient in dealing with this part of his job, but it appears as though the constant questions surrounding Rose are finally beginning to become a source of consternation.

From Nick Friedell of ESPN Chicago:

Asked whether Rose looked fatigued in the second half of Monday’s game, something the 26-year-old discussed before Monday’s shootaround in regard to his muscle recovery after missing more than a week, Thibodeau chafed.

“Oh I don’t know. Jesus. He’s got to get out there and play,” Thibodeau said. “I thought he did a lot of good things. You could see he’s not real comfortable with the ball yet, but that will come. When Derrick strings some games together, he’s going to take off. He’s got to go. That’s the bottom line. He’s got to go.”

The “he’s got to play” refrain isn’t new from Thibodeau, and it isn’t a slam on Rose for taking his time returning from injury.

It means that Rose needs to play to regain his form, and do so consistently to once again become the dynamic performer he once proved to be — which explains why after playing for the first time since missing four straight, Thibodeau was less than interested in critiquing the results.


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