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NFL Bills center Eric Wood says NFL teams are avoiding signing Michael Sam because of ESPN

By theFREAK - 18 hours ago

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NFL Alex Smith got paid

By all3rd - 18 hours ago

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NBA USA Basketball vs Turkey Full Highlights (video)

By JNumbaNC - 18 hours ago

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NBA Los Angeles Clippers to Sign Hedo Turkoglu

By italiansteve - 18 hours ago

One thing that the Clippers need is veteran help and that’s why they decided to roll with Hedo Turkoglu last year. He wasn’t a superstar with the Clippers but he was serviceable and that’s all Los Angeles really needed out of him. But while he would come cheap, L.A. held off on trying to sign Turkoglu this summer and that seems to be changing.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski from Yahoo! Sports, the Clippers are close to bringing back Turkoglu for another season after letting him twist in the wind this offseason.


Free-agent forward Hedo Turkoglu is nearing agreement on a one-year, $1.4 million deal to return to the Los Angeles Clippers, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

After working out a contract buyout with the Orlando Magic and signing with the Clippers in January, Turkoglu, 35, averaged three points in 38 games.
Turkoglu is needed not only for his veteran presence but also because he helps fill a roster spot that the Clippers need to fill. They have two open spots on their roster and while one may or may not be earmarked for Ray Allen, it seems that Turkoglu will be filling the other slot.

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NBA Raise your hand if...

By 0ddJoB - 18 hours ago

You really think Brook Lopez is better than Demarcus Cousins :xhah:

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NFL Rams will NOT add Michael Sam to practice squad

By theFREAK - 18 hours ago

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NBA Lakers Could Trade Julius Randle for Rajon Rondo

By italiansteve - 18 hours ago

The Boston Celtics will more than likely be trading Rajon Rondo in the near future as he has requested a trade and will be on the move before the season gets too far in.

Now that Kevin Love has been traded, all eyes were naturally going to move east to Rondo and heÂ’s apparently accepted that by requesting a trade. But the question now is where will Rondo get shipped to and what will Boston get back in return. The market seems to be set with the Love trade, as Boston will be asking the moon for their best asset.

As pointed out by NBA scribe Eddie Scarito, the Los Angeles Lakers could package Julius Randle, Steve Nash and/or Jeremy Lin in a package to acquire Rondo from the Celtics.

Los Angeles could offer some combination of draft picks, Julius Randle, and one or both of Jeremy Lin‘s and Steve Nash‘s expiring deals, plus the Lakers probably could be talked into taking on Gerald Wallace‘s $20MM+ that he’s owed over the next two seasons as well. This wouldn’t be a bad return for Boston, especially if they could rid their books of Wallace’s deal in the process. One major hitch would be convincing Rondo to re-sign with the Lakers, which MacMullan said he wouldn’t be willing to do.
Any move that the Celtics make will likely require the acquisition of a player selected in the 2014 draft and thatÂ’s where Randle fits in. Acquiring Lin would be a huge haul as well, since heÂ’s shown flashes in the past and needs the right environment to flourish.

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NFL No Bias: Cam, Kaep or Rivers?

By b_eazy - 18 hours ago

Based on the talent around them, which QB would you prefer on your team?

Cam has a veteran corps of WRs, plus Kelvin Benjamin and the trio of RBs with Cam getting goal line touches as well. Although he is coming off ankle surgery and a recently fractured rib(s).

Rivers has Keenan Allen, a white Darren Sproles type back in Danny Woodhead and a potential star TE in Ladarius Green.

Kaep has a ton of weapons, plus his own athleticism to bring him to potential elite status, but has had a shaky preseason with his offense.

Who do y'all see having the best season?

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NFL 49ers under Jim Harbaugh, lead NFL in arrests past 3 years

By theFREAK - 18 hours ago


Over on the 49ers blog, Eric Branch is handling the disturbing breaking news of the Ray McDonald arrest on felony domestic violence charges involving his reportedly pregnant fiancee at a party at his home in San Jose Sunday morning.

This is one more extremely troubling incident in what has become an ugly pattern under Jim HarbaughÂ’s tenure. Since the beginning of 2012, when Harbaugh and Baalke had control of the team for almost a year, the 49ers lead the league in player arrests. That statistic comes from the San Diego Union-Tribune database, which tracks NFL arrests.

Ray McDonald is the 10th arrest in 32 months. In second place, according to the database, is Detroit, with nine. Tampa has had eight arrests and several teams are tied with seven: Chicago, Cincinnati, Denver and Minnesota. Harbaugh’s brother John has dealt with six arrests during that time frame. Stretch the period back to the beginning of Harbaugh’s tenure, in early 2011, and the 49ers end up tied for second – Minnesota leads the league with 14, but has since switched coaches.

Not all communities are equal. Some areas may be more forgiving when a high-profile player is involved in a crime (though, to be fair, many believe the 49ers have gotten more than their fair share of legal breaks over the years in the South Bay). But a direct Bay Area comparison is the Raiders, who have had only three players arrested in the same time period.

And, just because 49ers and their fan base measure everything against the Seahawks, Seattle has had five arrests since 2012.

Thugs :smh:

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NBA A Detroit Piston believes jersey #'s 23, 24, and 8 should be retired throughout the NBA

By Clyde - 18 hours ago

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