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NBA Derrick Rose Rises Up for the Slam At USA Basketball Practice (video)

By Gremlin - 19 hours ago

Derrick Rose Rises Up for the Slam At USA Basketball Practice

Video inside YouTube


USA Basketball summer schedule
Dates Description Location
July 28-Aug. 1 Training camp Las Vegas
Aug. 1 USAB Showcase Las Vegas
Aug. 14-16 Training camp Chicago
Aug. 16 USA vs. Brazil Chicago
Aug. 18-22 Training camp New York
Aug. 20 USA vs. Dom. Rep. New York
Aug. 22 USA vs. Puerto Rico New York
Aug. 24-26 Training camp Gran Canaria
Aug. 26 USA vs. Slovenia Gran Canaria
Aug. 30-Sept. 14 FIBA World Cup Spain
Aug. 30 USA vs. Finland Bilbao
Aug. 31 USA vs. Turkey Bilbao
Sept. 2 USA vs. New Zealand Bilbao
Sept. 3 USA vs. Dom. Rep. Bilbao
Sept. 4 USA vs. Ukraine Bilbao
Sept. 6 or 7 Round of 16 Barcelona
Sept. 9 Quarterfinal Barcelona
Sept. 11 Semifinal Barcelona
Sept. 14 Gold medal game Madrid

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NBA Kobe Say's Jeremy Lin Has To Earn His Jersey Number B4 He Can Play For The Lakers (pic)

By GHova315 - 19 hours ago


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NBA Donald Sterling loses appeal; Steve Ballmer new owner of Clippers

By 44wade - 19 hours ago

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NBA Throwback :: Why Carmelo cut his hair. (video)

By Eazy123 - 19 hours ago

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NBA ESPN1stTake: Michael Jordan's Reaction To Lebron James #23(Video)

By Mariel619 - 19 hours ago

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NBA Derrick Rose: Ive become a smarter player, but Im mad it took me seven years to learn it.

By T.O.N.Y. - 19 hours ago

Video inside YouTube

LAS VEGAS — During one of the last scrimmages on the opening day of the Team USA training camp in Las Vegas, Derrick Rose brought the ball up, gave it up, quickly got it back and found himself open at the three-point line. Old Derrick Rose might have put that ball on the floor and gotten to the rim.

This Derrick Rose set his feet and knocked down the three.

It was just one snippet but was a nice example of what Rose says has changed about his game — it has matured.

“I’m able to control my body a little bit more, using my speed more, being smart with my speed rather than just running wild out there,” Rose said. “I’’ve become a smarter player, but I’m mad it took me seven years to learn it.”

Rose made one vintage Rose play at the Team USA scrimmage where he drew the contact, made the and-1 shot and hit the floor hard. But he’s not seeking contact like he used to on his drives.

“Trying to use a lot of floaters, a lot of pull-ups, stuff like that so you aren’t touched as much,” Rose said.

Rose added the last comeback taught him things about patience, something that he wants to apply on the court.

“I think when I came back last time I wanted it too bad. I was trying to force the game,” Rose said, having missed a full season then getting injured on a cut just six games into his return. “This time around I’m trying to let the game come to me, of course be aggressive at times, but be in control of the game and be smarter, and be able to run the team at the point guard position.”

Run a team that brings in Pau Gasol to pair with Joakim Noah, forming the best passing front court in the NBA.

“When you think about Gasol coming in, winning championships and bringing that experience to our team, him being around our bigs like Joakim and giving them advice and talking to them, I think that’s what we needed,” Rose said.

But right now he’s focused on Team USA. When USA Basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski was asked about this kind of setting being an ideal spot for Rose to slide back in he laughed.

“Any setting with Derrick in it is an ideal setting, when he’s healthy,” Krzyzewski said. “The ideal thing is he looks like he’s healthy and he’s put a lot of work in and he really wants it and we’re excited about him.”

Rose should make a Team USA roster that runs a lot of three guard sets and often uses guys pigeonholed as point guards in the NBA as two guards (and occasionally threes) working off the ball. Rose says he is good with that and would be willing to do some of that in Chicago.

“I can just shoot it, I can do a lot of catch-and-shoot, just running off floppy,” Rose said of a common NBA play most teams run that can free up a shooter for a quick shot. “Just trying to make the game easier and find ways to score, find ways to effect the game when I’m not scoring.”

Rose still has some Chicago fans to win back. After two years of injuries a guy those same people used to call tough gets another label. Krzyzewski just doesn’t get that at all.

“He’s one of the great people and one of the great players and to get multiple injuries like that can defeat anybody mentally. I don’t see that,” Krzyzewski said. “He should be applauded for what he’s doing. I’m a Chicago person and I’ve very happy he’s back, not just for Team USA but the Bulls.”


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NBA NBPA Hires a new executive director

By all3rd - 19 hours ago

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NBA Report: Suns' P.J. Tucker arrested for 'super extreme' DUI

By ogballer32 - 19 hours ago

Phoenix Suns forward P.J. Tucker was reportedly arrested in May for a DUI with an astoundingly high .22 blood-alcohol content, Paul Coro of reported Monday night. Police charged Tucker, 29, with a violation for running a stop sign as well as four separate counts of varying DUI charges. If prosecuted and found guilty, Tucker could face a standard penalty of up to 45 days in jail or some form of house arrest.

Curiously, the Suns signed Tucker to a new three-year, $16.5 million contract just last week. The DUI arrest occurred in May. It is unclear if the Suns knew of the arrest before offering him the contract.

Tucker averaged 9.4 points per game for the Suns during the 2013-14 season and emerged as a starter.

The police report stemming from the arrest, which was reported for the first time today by, describes Tucker's alcohol level as "super extreme," an apparent legal classification of any blood alcohol content level above .20.

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SC Lil Wayne Meets Real Madrid Soccer Players Sergio Ramos, Pepe & Jesus In Miami (pics)

By Danny M - 19 hours ago


Yesterday, Lil Wayne and Euro met some of the Real Madrid football/soccer players at their hotel in Miami, Florida. In the picture above and the pics below, Tunechi can be seen with Sergio Ramos, Pepe, and Jesus Fernandez Collado (who is better known as just Jesus).

If you are wondering what the Spanish team are currently doing in the United States of America, they are taking place in the International Champions Cup on their pre-season tour. They have already played and lost to Internazionale on Saturday, but they are still set to play Roma tomorrow and Manchester United at the weekend.

You can view two more photos of Weezy F Baby with Pepe and Jesus below! I’m sure Marcelo will be disappointed that he missed out on this opportunity to meet Wayne, because he is a big fan of him, but he is still currently on a break from his World Cup action last month.
Lil Wayne Meets Real Madrid Soccer Players Sergio Ramos, Pepe & Jesus In Miami

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NFL Another day, another fight at Eagles training camp

By illmatic826 - 19 hours ago

After a fight involving running back LeSean McCoy and defensive end Trent Cole on Sunday, another fight broke out in training camp for the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday.

According to Geoff Mosher of, a scuffle took place between receiver Jeremy Maclin and cornerback Bradley Fletcher during the team’s first full-padded practice of camp. The two players hooked up and exchanged blows after a physical play toward the end of practice.

“One thing led to another,” Fletcher said. “It’s football. Emotions get going and things happen, but we’re all just working to get better.”

Head coach Chip Kelly didn’t seem to be overly concerned about the fight between McCoy and Cole on Sunday either.

“Yeah, their emotions got the better part of them. Those things happen. It’s no different than sometimes little kids don’t get along very WELL and throw Tonka trucks at each other,” Kelly said. “…That two kids push each other in practice somewhere. It’s not a real big deal.”

The Eagles had just two fights in all of training camp a season ago. Now they’ve had two fights in as many days.

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NBA ESPN First Take: Derrick Rose At USA Practice (video)
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OT Stephen A. Smith suspended one week by ESPN
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