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OT Darko Milicic's Kickboxing Debut

By Ari Gold - 13 hours ago

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OT 21 Types Of People Who Ruin Every Pickup Basketball Game

By slipnslide85 - 13 hours ago


When it comes to having a good time, playing pickup basketball is as much of a sure thing as you can get in life.

Sure, we loving watching our favorite professionals do their thing on the court, but nothing, absolutely nothing, beats the thrill of victory in a tightly contested game of pickup basketball.

It is pure ecstasy.

But there are many ways that this seemingly un-ruinable experience can be ruined, namely by certain types of people.

You dread playing with them, you try to avoid having to pick them, but, eventually, you have to deal with them.

If you love playing the game at the recreational level, you’ll know what this is all about. Here are the 21 types of people you hate playing basketball with:

Running shoes guy

Nothing’s worse than when you can see a sprained ankle coming from miles away and the one who it’s actually going to happen to can’t see it.

Unreasonably sweaty guy

How can you possibly be motivated to play proper post defense if it means looking like a glazed donut afterward?

The Wrestler

The fact that this guy has no idea what a foul is makes it that much more difficult to explain why you just can’t clothesline a man driving through the lane

No basketball IQ guy

So you can’t wrap your head around the idea of setting a pick, tolerate the team passing more than five times during one possession or make a good cut, but you can shoot contested jumpers from 20 feet? Cool.

Fresh gear guy

There’s arguably no better way to make a mockery of your own fresh pair of high-tech goggles, extra sweat-resistant head band, Allen Iverson-esque sleeve, some brand new LeBrons and Nike elite socks than by going up for a layup like “iceman” from “Along Came Polly.”

The fighter

There’s something annoyingly ironic about the “toughest” guy in the gym not being able to take a mildly rough foul at the basket without catching feelings and trying to start a fight. “Here we go again.”

Tall-for-nothing guy

There is absolutely nothing more disappointing than being paired with a player who’s 6’7″ and then learning he can’t jump over a phonebook after you’ve already envisioned throwing a dozen alley-oops to him.

The jokester

There’s a lot of funny things that can happen during a pickup game. A lot. But they usually happen on their own. Few things are worse than the guy who consistently trying to make a joke out of the game that you’re trying to win.

The cherry-picker

Two words: C’mon bro.

“I don’t even ball” guy

“I don’t even ball” he tells you, as if that somehow reverses the shame of him going 0-7 on your team.

Late call guy

So we’re supposed to act like you totally didn’t have five seconds to watch your shot rim in and out before calling that foul?

No defense guy

The worse thing about these guys is that the only time they’ll get defensive is when you call them out for playing no defense.

The premature celebrator

You know this guy, the one who celebrates before the game’s even been won. The guy who’s piercing your ear with LET’S GOOOOOOOOOs and YEAHHHHHHs. Yeah, that one. Annoying.

The sore loser

On second thought, you have to give these guys credit for having the creativity to come up with so many reasons as to why your win was somehow illegitimate.

Deceptively bad guy

He looked like he had skill. He went up like he had skill. He moved around the court like he had skill. These things begin to baffle you more throughout the game as you learn he has no actual skill.

Deceptively good guy

I have no explanation for how ol’ four eyes with the Starburys is killing it during your intramural game, either.

Trash talker

These guys wouldn’t be so bad to deal with if they could actually take some heat themselves. As life proves constantly, though, those who dish it most can rarely take it.

The ball hog

These players have just enough skill so you can’t say they suck. You just wish you didn’t have to jump up and down waving your arms for them to pass you the ball as they contemplate taking on three men in the paint.

Know it alls

The game has barely started. You’ve never played with this guy before. And all the sudden he tells you when to post up, where to set screens — basically everything short of grabbing a whistle and telling you to start running suicides.

Hey, when the international rules of pickup games are changed to allow for coaches, I’ll let you know. For now? Kick rocks.

Old heads

This is just a no-win situation for you. Either you play relaxed and allow your boys to laugh at you while you get a whole bunch of hook shots hit in your face or you play hard and risk breaking one of their bones.

Zero stamina guy

If you’re under 25 and can’t run a full-court game… something’s wrong.
Bruh, :deadpg:

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NBA O.J. Mayo being sued by private airline company for using drugs and not paying $19K bill

By theFREAK - 13 hours ago

*tweet embedded

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NBA Jameer Nelson excited about trade to the Celtics

By ChiCity Fingaz - 13 hours ago

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BOX Roy Jones Jr. dissing Floyd

By elferoz - 13 hours ago

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NFL Stephen A Smith Going on Rant Regarding Jay Cutler

By Jacc Blacc - 13 hours ago

wow....just wow

calling someone a tick, a blood sucker, come on bro

yo, whats funny is if the bears keep cutler and he balls next year dude's will slurp on his dikk including stephen a smith and they'll pretend they never bashed the guy

i dont think cutler deserves this type of bashing, i mean the chicago O-Line at times doesnt allow him time to plot and plan when he has dudes up his ass every damn play :shrug:

i'll take cutler over rg3 and im a fukking skins fan to the death but cutler aint as bad as people try to make him seem, put cutler in that chip kelly offense i guarantee you cutler looks like a damn gawd

cutler shouldnt be the only one taking blame here

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NBA Top 5 Most Skilled Players In The League?

By Hoop Dreams - 13 hours ago


Not in order! Off Pure Skill


You cant argue with these players as being the most skilled players in the league.

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NBA New Toronto Raptors concept jerseys! Possibly next years uniforms

By L1C4 - 13 hours ago

Also a Logo

Them jerseys are sick :demarpraise:

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NBA James Johnson just blatantly disrespected Drummond's entire family

By SHootar - 13 hours ago

My god. That was disturbing.

Drummond with a retaliatory flagrant out of sheer embarrassment.

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NFL Jay Cutler: 5 Potential Trade Destinations

By italiansteve - 13 hours ago

The Chicago Bears are caught in a bad situation with their starting quarterback, and there could be some major changes on the way this coming offseason.

Jay Cutler has yet to prove that he is a legitimate starting quarterback that can take a team to the Super Bowl, and the Bears are getting fed up with his mediocre play this season. Jimmy Clausen has been named the starting quarterback over Cutler and the future of Cutler with the Bears is very much up in the air.

If the Bears do decide to shop Cutler around in trade talks, there will likely be a good amount of interest in him if teams are willing to pick up his salary.

Which five teams would make for the best landing spots for Cutler if the Bears do decide to move him?

1. Tennessee Titans


The Tennessee Titans would be the most obvious fit for Jay Cutler, as they are looking for a quarterback in a major way. Jake Locker hasnÂ’t worked out due to all of the injuries that he has suffered in his career, while Zach Mettenberger still has a lot of work to do before he becomes a legitimate NFL starting quarterback.

Cutler wouldnÂ’t have the type of weapons that he has grown accustomed to, but it would be a fresh start in a new system.

Cutler would probably be open to the idea as well, as he would be heading back to Nashville, Tennessee. He played his college football at Vanderbilt, and returning home is always something of intrigue for an athlete.

The Titans would be a legitimate suitor if the Bears do end up making Cutler available on the open trade market.

2. New York Jets


Obviously the New York Jets would be a team with major interest in acquiring Jay Cutler from the Chicago Bears, as they need a quarterback in a big way. He would be a major upgrade over either Geno Smith or Michael Vick, but there would be some concerns about the fit as well.

Cutler hasnÂ’t done all that well with the Chicago media, and the New York media is even harsher than Chicago.

While there will always be concerns about a new starting quarterback being acquired via trade, the Jets canÂ’t afford to allow those concerns to not pull the trigger.

Cutler would be an upgrade over what theyÂ’re working with, and he might be exactly what they have been needing. HeÂ’s not an elite quarterback, but he is a playmaker that can lead offenses to huge games when heÂ’s playing to his full potential.

3. St. Louis Rams


The St. Louis Rams arenÂ’t far away from being a legitimate playoff contender, but they need to figure out who their starting quarterback is going to be. Neither Shaun Hill or Austin Davis is the franchise quarterback that they need, but Jay Cutler could come in and solve that problem immediately.

The Rams have some great targets for him in Tavon Austin, Kenny Britt, Jared Cook, Stedman Bailey, and Brian Cook if they can bring them all back next season.

Cutler would be in a much better situation in the St. Louis offense than he has been in the BearsÂ’ system. Rookie running back Tre Mason is a very similar back to Matt Forte as well. The Rams would be very smart to go after Cutler if the Bears end up looking to trade him.

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers


How ironic would it be for Jay Cutler to end up with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Lovie Smith? The Buccaneers also signed former Chicago BearsÂ’ quarterback Josh McCown, but Cutler would be an upgrade over McCown in the Tampa Bay offense.

Tampa Bay has been looking for a franchise quarterback for a while now, and they might very well find their guy with a trade for Cutler.

Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson would be excellent targets for Cutler and the Buccaneers’ offensive system would fit Cutler as well — at least on paper.

Tampa Bay is a darkhorse to show interest in trading for a quarterback, but donÂ’t put it past them either.

5. Buffalo Bills


Another darkhorse suitor for Jay Cutler would be the Buffalo Bills, who are a piece or two away from being a legitimate playoff contender in the AFC.

The Bills have been extremely good this season with Kyle Orton as their starting quarterback, and Cutler would be a major upgrade over Orton. He would have budding star Sammy Watkins to throw to, and they have a solid all-around offense to go along with a very good defense.

Cutler hasnÂ’t had a good defense to have his back for quite some time now, and that would be a major help to him in Buffalo.

The Bills likely wouldnÂ’t be as aggressive as other teams in pursuit of a starting quarterback, but if they could get him at the right price they would be more than willing to pull the trigger.

Buffalo hasnÂ’t been this close to contention in quite some time, and they arenÂ’t going to turn away something that will make them better and take them a step closer.

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