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NFL NFL will release schedule on Wednesday night

By SM - 12 hours ago

The long-awaited release of the NFL schedule will take place on Wednesday at 8 p.m. Eastern.

The schedule release will, of course, be accompanied by a special on NFL Network.

And, of course, NFL fans will obsess over it, because obsessing over the NFL during the offseason is America’s second-most popular activity after obsessing over the NFL during the season. Even though we’ve known since the end of the 2013 season which teams are playing each other, we’ll all talk about which games are on national television and which teams got their bye weeks at good times and when the big rivalry games are taking place.

At the same time that the schedule is being announced, an NBA playoff game between Mark Cuban’s Dallas Mavericks and the San Antonio Spurs will tip off. Cuban will not be happy if the NFL schedule gets more media attention than his team’s playoff game. But given the status of the NFL as the fattest hog in sports, that wouldn’t be surprising.

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NBA Barkley Tells Cool Story of Team USA Playing Against Dirk For the First Time (video)

By QwestLove - 12 hours ago

I thought it was interesting... :shrug:

Video inside

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NBA Dwight Howard pre-back surgery (video)

By Eazy123 - 12 hours ago

before the back surgery >>>>>>

Video inside YouTube


dwight used to be nasty as fu*k and a joy to watch.. easily was a top 3-5 player
never had a post game but his explosiveness was something else and put him over the top

now that he don't got that same burst it affectin his game like mf'er

he don't look as big as he did when he was on orl too

his dunk contest performances too >>>>>

that being said he still one of the best bigs in the game today

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NFL Russell Allen suffered a career-ending stroke on the field

By meek92 - 12 hours ago

When the Jaguars released Russell Allen last week, it came as a major surprise: Allen was a starting linebacker and only 27 years old, and looked like an important piece of the team the Jaguars are trying to build.

Now we know why Allen is done with the Jaguars, and why he’ll never play football again.

Allen told Robert Klemko of that he suffered a stroke on the field during Jacksonville’s Week 15 game against Buffalo. At the time, Allen sensed something was wrong, but he didn’t think it was a big deal and actually stayed in the game. But neurological examinations have revealed that Allen has a dead spot in his brain and can’t risk playing a violent sport like football.

“It was strange because it was so routine,” Allen said. “We hit, I got off the block, no big deal. I felt something flash—like they say when you get your bell rung. I didn’t lose consciousness. I walked back to the huddle and finished the drive.”

Allen sounds at peace with his decision to leave the game, but it’s a frightening story nonetheless. NFL players are so tough that they’ll keep playing through anything. Even a stroke.

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NFL Vernon Davis: We must win a Super Bowl title

By SM - 12 hours ago

The best NFL teams currently reside in the NFC. Specifically, in the NFC West.

Two years ago, the 49ers nearly won the Super Bowl. Last year, the Seahawks did. This year, the 49ers want to finish the job.

“We must win a Super Bowl title,” tells NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk in an interview that will air on Tuesday. “You play this game, that’s what you play this game for. You play the game to go to the Super Bowl and that’s the only reason why we play to win and make it to the Super Bowl. So anything short of that would not be acceptable and I think my teammates know that as well.

“I mean, we’ve had multiple opportunities to make it and to win it. When we were playing back in New Orleans we played the Ravens we had a great opportunity in front of us but we just didn’t seize the moment but you know what the unique thing about it is we get another chance. We still have the same chemistry, the same guys that are back in the locker room but we have another chance to do it again.”

Recently, the 49ers tried to improve their chances by adding some depth by trading for quarterback Terrelle Pryor. But the Seahawks won out, given them arguably a better insurance policy behind the starting quarterback than Blaine Gabbert.

Then again, plenty of quarterbacks acquired by the Seahawks would make that statement true.

For the rest of the Davis interview, do what most (OK, many . . . OK, some . . . OK, a few . . . OK, maybe one) quarterbacks do and tune in to NBCSN at 5:30 p.m. ET. We’ll look at the 49ers’ draft needs, the Patriots’ draft needs (including an interview with owner Robert Kraft), and we’ll declare a winner for today’s poll question, appearing below.

And then leave the TV on NBCSN for Tuesday night’s NHL playoff action. It’s a doubleheader, starting with Boston at Detroit and ending with San Jose at Los Angeles.

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NBA Joakim Noah has sued his former shoe sponsor Le Coq Sportif

By Dray - 12 hours ago

NBA superstar Joakim Noah has sued his former shoe sponsor -- claiming Le Coq Sportif makes TERRIBLE SNEAKERS that may have damaged his feet ... TMZ Sports has learned.
Noah quietly declared war on the French company in a D.C. court back in November ... claiming LCS signed him to a 6-year $6 million deal back in 2007, only to screw him out of more than $1.65 million.

In the suit, Noah says he was pumped about the deal at first -- but shortly after he signed, LCS shut down its U.S. offices, fired the guy who signed Noah, and started looking for ways to back out of the deal. Noah claims things came to a head in 2013 when they suddenly stopped paying him money he believed they were obligated to pay.

Noah says despite the negative energy, he held up his end of the bargain -- and wore Le Coq shoes in every NBA game he played even though he claims they were "not well designed and likely contributed to [my] development of plantar fasciitis."

Noah says his medical condition likely linked to the crappy shoes "caused him to miss several games during the 2012-13 Chicago Bulls NBA season, including key games in the NBA playoffs."

Le Coq filed a counterclaim against Noah -- but it appears the two sides were able to strike a settlement because they suddenly dropped their cases against each other just last month.

FYI -- Noah has moved on to a new shoe sponsor ... Adidas.

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BOX Manny Pacquiao-Canelo Alvarez? Oscar De La Hoya, Bob Arum are talking

By STILL.DETOX - 12 hours ago

Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions hasn’t worked on a fight of substance with his former promoter and on-again, off-again rival, Bob Arum of Top Rank Promotions, in five years.
But De La Hoya, declaring himself “back and better than ever” as the president of Golden Boy, told The Times on Tuesday that he recently engaged Arum in conversation about ending boxing’s cold war that has blocked several attractive fights from happening.
One fight that De La Hoya says he’s interested in pursuing is a super-bout between Arum’s star fighter, Manny Pacquiao, and Golden Boy’s top star, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez.
“Anything’s possible,” De La Hoya said. “That’s one of the reasons I was extending the olive branch. The fans want to see these kinds of fights.”
Alvarez is scheduled to fight Cuba’s Erislandy Lara on July 12 in a 154-pound bout at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, but said he wants another fight later this year. Pacquiao said after winning a convincing decision over Timothy Bradley on April 12 at MGM that he wants to fight again in Las Vegas late this year.
Pacquiao, the World Boxing Organization welterweight champion, has previously fought at 154 pounds.
Golden Boy Chief Executive Richard Schaefer has also worked on all of Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s fights since 2007, but as for the idea of a Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather Jr. bout, De La Hoya said, “I don’t speak for Mayweather.”
Arum’s strain with Golden Boy has been mostly with Schaefer, with whom De La Hoya was having his own differences after the former world-champion fighter emerged from rehab.
“I’d be happy to talk to Oscar about any subject in boxing he wishes to talk to me about,” Arum said. “All this baloney about a cold war has never really applied to Oscar and myself. We can talk bout any subject in boxing rationally. … We might disagree on a particular point, but we can talk. I hope we’ll get together and have some significant meetings in the near future.”
De La Hoya checked into rehab last September, the week that Alvarez was defeated by Mayweather in the richest fight in boxing history.
“I was dealing with personal issues, but I’m back,” De La Hoya said. “Golden Boy is my baby. Boxing is my passion, boxing is my life. This is what I’ll be focusing on, growing the brand, making the fights people want to see.”
He said that his strain with Schaefer has been ironed out, with Schaefer getting an extended contract until 2018, and that “everything is peaches and cream.”
De La Hoya also made it clear his company philosophy now is that he wants to try to work with Arum.
“If anyone with Golden Boy has any differences with Bob, it’s on them,” De La Hoya said. “I have nothing against Bob and I feel making fights with Bob is beneficial to the fans and the market.”
Arum said he anticipates more talks with the 1992 Olympic gold medalist who became a massive pay-per-view success before losing to Pacquiao in 2008 and retiring.
“I’ve always had a good relationship with Oscar except when other people interfered,” Arum said. “Oscar and I got along famously and I think we will continue to in the future.
“Remember, we had a long and successful, very profitable relationship. It was a very happy time in both of our lives. To revisit that and to renew the relationship is something I look forward to.”
De La Hoya agreed.
“Bob, what he did for my career was amazing and I appreciate it, am so grateful. I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t extend an olive branch, end the cold war and make fights together. I will be making calls in the near future and we’ll make an event together very soon.”

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NBA Official NBA on TNT Playoff Thread

By Walt Thizzney - 12 hours ago

These ninja's jokes

Shaq ethering Dwight

Kenny " The difference between a professional and a pro"

Charles being Drunk

Gonna be a fun month

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NBA And the coolest player in the NBA is....

By bridouble - 12 hours ago


Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

For my money, Bob Dylan is the coolest man who ever lived.

Not only is Dylan a master wordsmith, out-of-the-box activist, rock-and-roll legend and song-writing king, but the way he handled the press during his mid-60’s was absolutely fantastic to look back on (and considering the fact that I’m only 24, all I can do is listen to his records and read about his life).

With my two biggest passions being music and the NBA, and with the sure-fire coolest man in music being Dylan, the question of who’s the coolest man in the NBA is next in line.

Historically, my starters for the Miles David All-Stars (an imaginary expansion franchise that spans generations) would be Pete Maravich, David Thompson, George Gervin, Julius Erving and Robert Horry (this team would average 165 points a game and give up 155).

To me, when dealing with coolness as it pertains to NBA players, there are a few things you have to take into consideration. Obviously, the way the guy plays is of the utmost importance, but that isn’t simply about production. Yes, being great helps, but it doesn’t guarantee you anything.

Guys who are original offensive prototypes are usually cool, especially if they sprinkle some flash on their originality. Also, having a big-time finesse component to your game is big in my book, as nothing is cooler than watching a professional basketball player and thinking “man, this guy probably has some moves on the dance floor.”

Physical appearance also plays a big part in determining coolness. I love Clyde Drexler and the way he played would definitely be defined as cool, but male-pattern baldness isn’t cool (sorry, Clyde). An original look is also a plus, especially if the look somehow coincides with the way the guy plays.

So, who’s the coolest man in the league? Could it be LeBron James? Nope, not good enough in clutch situations and not graceful enough. Could it be Kevin Durant? Nope, he just doesn’t have the look. Is it Dwight Howard? Just kidding. What about Chris Paul? Now we’re getting closer; he’s second on my list (little guy with a big attitude, a diverse skill set and the look of a movie star).

To me, the coolest man in the league is James Harden. Harden’s biggest area of concern is his defense. Why does his defense not factor into my decision? Because defense just isn’t cool (that’s why the Tony Allen fan club has four members). If you’re saying to yourself, “self, I don’t know if I agree with this whole defense isn’t cool thing,” then answer me this: Who would you rather watch, Steve Nash’s top-tier Phoenix Suns teams or those Chauncey Billups-led Detroit Pistons teams?

If you said the Pistons team you’re either from Detroit or you’re lying.

So what is it that makes Harden so cool? First of all, there’s the beard and the hairdo. He looks like the kind of guy who jams out to soul music and vibes to R&B late at night. When you match his look to his game, it all comes together.

Harden is a combination of Manu Ginobili and Paul Pierce on the court, mixing European finesse moves with an American street-ball savvy. Harden uses the Euro-step better than anyone not-named Manu, and his ability to expose the ball and finish through contact is second to none in today’s NBA.

Also, the fact that Harden doesn’t have elite length, quickness or athleticism makes his dominance all the more impressive. The Beard always looks composed on the court, which is definitely a cool characteristic as he seemingly glides up and down the floor with ease.

Obviously, coolness is objective and there’s no way that the average fan can agree on who the league’s coolest player is, but that’s the beauty of it. Everyone has a different take on what and who are cool. I’ve seen so many fans inside of the Houston Rockets‘ community absolutely trash Harden in favor of Jeremy Lin; a view I can’t see eye to eye with, but is certainly agreed upon by many (Lin is like a cult classic of sorts among fans).

That being said, for my money, no one is cooler than The Beard (although I’ve got to say that CP3 and Stephen Curry are pretty darn close)

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NBA Drake's Courtside Swag

By theFREAK - 12 hours ago

*tweet embedded

Video inside YouTube


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