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NBA Reggie Miller Thinks Kobe Bryant Will Average 21-23 Points

By T.O.N.Y. - 9 hours ago

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NFL ESPN1stTake: Johnny Manziel's Reaction To Being The Backup (video)

By Mariel619 - 9 hours ago

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NBA throwback of the goat teaching fools how to hoop (video)

By trill jackson - 9 hours ago

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NBA Sheed disses LeBron James (video)

By El Heat Index - 9 hours ago

I almost forgot about this clip. Sheed had to be one of the funniest/ realest dudes ever on the court:sheedhah:

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NBA Greatest play in WNBA history? (severely broken ankles) (video)

By Dee Grande - 9 hours ago

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NBA Meet the 3rd Splash Brother: DeMarcus Cousins (video)

By slipnslide85 - 9 hours ago

On a sidenote: Dear instagram, why you no embed ??? :ohcmonman:

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NBA V Stivsano new lawsuit claims Donald Sterling is gay.

By all3rd - 9 hours ago


V. Stiviano Lawsuit
Donald Sterling Is Gay
... I Was a 'Beard'
8/21/2014 4:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

V. Stiviano has just filed new legal docs in her war with Shelly Sterling -- claiming she NEVER slept with Donald Sterling ... 'cause he's into men and she was his beard.

TMZ Sports has obtained the lawsuit -- which Stiviano filed in response to Shelly's allegations that V. accepted cars and property from Donald that he didn't have the authority to give her.

In the new docs, Stiviano argues that the items in question were given to her in exchange for being Donald's "beard" -- and she insists Shelly knew about it.

Stiviano states ... she was "not ever a sexual partner of Donald T. Sterling" and "believes that [Sterling] is a homosexual and enjoys sexual acts and or sexual congress with males."

In the legal doc, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Stiviano says Shelly was "acutely aware of [Donald's] sexual orientation and condoned same as well as acknowledged and approved [Donald's] gifts of money [to Stiviano]."

Stiviano also says the gifts she received were NOT community property -- but rather Donald's separate property.

Stiviano is also suing Shelly and Donald for defamation -- claiming they slandered her in the media by calling her a thief and saying she embezzled money and property from Donald. She's demanding no less than $10 MILLION.

We reached out to Donald's camp -- so far, no word back.

Story developing ...

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NBA Tomorrow's the Big Day

By PrimeZaire - 9 hours ago


August 23, 2006
Carmelo Anthony sets the U.S. national team individual scoring record in an international game with 35 points against Italy in the FIBA World Championship tournament. This record was previously held by Kenny Anderson, who scored 34 points in a 1990 game.

8 year anniversary :mjcry:

Ohh yall thought I was talking bout 50th stimulus package a certain superstar's bouta receive... my bad :pause4:

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NBA Plymouth Rock Harden (pic)

By theFREAK - 9 hours ago

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NFL 2ND Annual BXSC NFL Pick Em Challenge Week 1 Picks!!!!!

By UrbanEnterprise - 9 hours ago

Last year i had over 80 participants in the 1st Annual BXSC Pick Em Challenge. Only 42 finished the season.

So far, only 36 (including myself) have answered to continue this season.

Only 100 total participants will be able to compete this year. I will honor the 36 who wanna continue from last year, which leaves 64 open spots

If a situation occurs where any one of the 36 from last year does not post their picks before the first NFL regular season game, i will honor your picks to replace theirs IF your picks are made before 100 other participants.

With that being said, WELCOME BACK!!

Now, Who Ya Got?!?!

Green Bay @ Seattle

New Orleans @ Atlanta

Minnesota @ St. Louis

Cleveland @ Pittsburgh

Jacksonville @ Philadelphia

Oakland @ New York Jets

Cincinnati @ Baltimore

Buffalo @ Chicago

Washington @ Houston

Tennessee @ Kansas City

New England @ Miami

Carolina @ Tampa Bay

San Francisco @ Dallas

Indianapolis @ Denver

New York Giants @ Detroit

San Diego @ Arizona


BXSC 2013 NFL Pick Em Champion-@Flawless Image will be defending his crown!! (174-81)




CHOOSE WISELY!!!!!!!!!! LETS GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!


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more on sports

NFL ESPN1stTake: Le’Veon Bell, LeGarrette Blount Arrested [Stay off the WEEEEDUH](Video)
By Mariel619 - 9 hours ago - 5 comments

NBA Minnesota Timberwolves to send Luc Mbah a Moute, Alexey Shved, & 1st-rounder to 76ers for Thad Young
By Motion - 9 hours ago - 68 comments

NFL Ranking QB's by Bad Games
By MythMade - 9 hours ago - 12 comments

NFL Snoop Dogg Steelers Rant on Instagram
By Akira Son Bio - 9 hours ago - 26 comments

NBA ESPN1stTake: Your Level Of Concern For Derrick Rose (Video)
By Mariel619 - 9 hours ago - 13 comments

NBA Effects of the triangle on MJ and Kobe
By Red Shock - 9 hours ago - 39 comments

NBA Ben Gordon selling his $4M Michigan mansion (pics)
By Dee Grande - 9 hours ago - 13 comments

NBA Most realisitc Kobe stat line...
By MannyAces - 9 hours ago - 49 comments

NBA Carmelo: Leaving Knicks 'Was Close'
By Dray - 9 hours ago - 19 comments

NBA *Godly* Kobe hits 6 game winners in 1 season 2009-2010 Finals MVP
By lefthookright - 9 hours ago - 72 comments

NBA Melo and KD playn pickup in the city (video)
By spunkyXL - 9 hours ago - 33 comments

NBA Sun's Reach Out to Wolves About Kevin Love Sign and Trade for Eric Bledsoe
By italiansteve - 9 hours ago - 21 comments

NFL The Official King of New York Game (NYJ vs NYG)
By italiansteve - 9 hours ago - 26 comments

MLB Red Sox close to signing Cuban OF Rusney Castillo
By StuNNa - 9 hours ago - 54 comments

NFL Le’Veon Bell to cops: “I smoked two hours ago. I’m not high anymore”
By bezngga1982 - 9 hours ago - 54 comments

NFL NFL Rookie Mike Evans -- INSANE NIGHTCLUB BRAWL ... Throws Punches at Bouncers (video)
By Dray - 9 hours ago - 132 comments

MLB Incarcerated Bob: "Yankees and Cashman To Part Ways..."
By Dangerously - 9 hours ago - 19 comments

BOX Roach: "golovkin is a protected fighter & brings nothing to the table for cotto"
By Ladklap - 9 hours ago - 27 comments

NFL It Was Christmas in CAROLINA: Cam breaks NFL record and had a great TD run, "Cant Wait!!"
By BHAMBOi293 - 9 hours ago - 77 comments

NBA Vince Carter owns the raptors (video throwback)
By wallace45 - 9 hours ago - 35 comments

BOX New Floyd Mayweather Gifs!
By PotheadFocker - 9 hours ago - 78 comments

NBA Shaquille O'Neal thinks Dr. J is 'the greatest player ever,' other strange thoughts
By timdog - 9 hours ago - 16 comments

NBA Kevin Love deal officially agreed upon
By prettyklever - 9 hours ago - 25 comments

NBA Luc Longley remembers the time Michael Jordan complimented him...then took it back
By The Bully - 1 day ago - 59 comments

NBA Ball in Nike's court for Kevin Durant
By timdog - 1 day ago - 19 comments

NBA Toronto Raptors Coach Got Snow-Bunny (video)
By Dray - 1 day ago - 8 comments

MMA Cormier's response to Jones' Olympic diss... (pic)
By Gramz - 1 day ago - 22 comments

NFL Andre Johnson: These new excessive penalties make you hate the game
By JBStarLife - 1 day ago - 11 comments

NBA USA vs Dominican Republic Basketball Highlights (video)
By JNumbaNC - 1 day ago - 4 comments

NFL Rams Release Isaiah Pead (2nd Rd Pick Received In RGIII Trade) After ACL Injury
By CheebaHawk21 - 1 day ago - 67 comments

NFL Forbes: Raiders no longer least valuable NFL franchise, See who got the crown
By Young_ - 1 day ago - 73 comments

NBA John Wall and Adidas turn Great Wall into a basketball court
By hayday12 - 1 day ago - 18 comments

NBA Report: Greg Monroe's Agent sought sign-and-trade with Thunder and Blazers
By JBStarLife - 1 day ago - 40 comments

NBA J.R. Smith Knicks Won (video)
By JNumbaNC - 1 day ago - 19 comments

NBA Heat showing interest in Emeka Okafor, Leandro Barbosa, Jordan Crawford, Andray Blatche, Ekpe Udoh
By Motion - 1 day ago - 78 comments

NBA Carmelo Anthony -- 'It's Only Right' ... Syracuse Ranked #1 Party School (video)
By Dray - 1 day ago - 5 comments

NFL Marshawn Lynch ice water challenge for ALS (video)
By SeattleWon - 1 day ago - 28 comments

NFL DeAngelo Hall on penalty emphasis: Seahawks got their ring, now we have to deal with consequences
By SeattleWon - 1 day ago - 9 comments

NFL Neck injury ends Cowboys LB Devonte Holloman's career
By Free Trotty - 1 day ago - 19 comments

NFL Giants and Jets Trash Talk Over "Kings of New York
By italiansteve - 1 day ago - 67 comments

NFL Harbaugh pulls 49ers off Levi's Stadium field
By SeattleWon - 1 day ago - 17 comments

NBA Kevin durant on first seeing 10-year-old stephen curry : “i thought he was white” (video)
By rayraysray - 1 day ago - 51 comments

NBA KD's rep has informed Nike of the $265M+ deal frm UA, Nike can match.
By nastii_nigga - 1 day ago - 62 comments

BOX Floyd Mayweather v Marcos Maidana(Rematch) Ref & Judges Announced
By ant30ant33 - 1 day ago - 15 comments

NFL Mike Pettine on Manziel: 'You could see a scenario where he doesn't play this year'
By Illuminati - 1 day ago - 9 comments

NFL Robert Griffin III calls out doubters on Twitter
By b_eazy - 1 day ago - 27 comments

NFL Who win NFL MVP?
By tre0624 - 1 day ago - 49 comments

NBA The greek freak upside (video)
By Xavi619 - 1 day ago - 12 comments

NFL Steelers RBs Le'Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount facing marijuana possession charges
By JaguarPawww - 1 day ago - 64 comments

NCAAB Coach Calipari vs Mike Francesa (Audio)
By Bkjj11 - 1 day ago - 11 comments

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