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NBA Phil Jackson In Response To BSPN Article About Kobe

By Hoop Dreams - 12 hours ago

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NBA NBA: Who is America's team?

By GrezyNclean - 12 hours ago

With a recent poll suggesting most people in the USA view the Denver Broncos as America's team, I decided to create this topic.

For me, it falls like this (mind you I'm not a fan of some of the teams listed, but I'll admit there brands in America and probably the world is significant)

NFL - Dallas Cowboys

MLB - New York Yankees

NHL - None (Altho you could argue, Pittsburgh Penguins, Chicago Blackhawks, or Detroit Red Wings)

NBA - Not Sure (Altho I'm strongly leaning towards the.....Los Angeles Lakers...I know, I know, I hate 'em too, but it is wat it is)

So I'm willing to listen to a few replies to see who is "America's team" in the NBA

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NBA LeBron: We're Not A Big Three, We're A Big Fifteen

By Dray - 12 hours ago

LeBron James is stressing the importance of the entire Cleveland Cavaliers' roster rather than repeat the Big 3 reputation of the Miami Heat while substituting Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love for Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.

"We're not a Big Three, we're a team," James said afterwards. "We're a Big Fifteen."

The Cavaliers will need significant contributions this season from the likes of Anderson Varejao, Shawn Marion, Dion Waiters, Mike Miller and Tristan Thompson.

"Are we ready for the (season opener), not right now,"
James said. "We will be. We will be as ready as any team is ready for the first game of the season. At the first game of the season, you're not ready to win the championship then."

Via Joe Vardon/Cleveland Plain Dealer

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NBA Open Court: 2014-15 Season Preview (Full Episode)

By ZeusSlaps - 12 hours ago

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NBA 2014-2015 NBA GM Survey

By Fly or Die - 12 hours ago


LeBron James' return to Cleveland has shaken up the NBA landscape, a fact that is strongly reflected in's 13th annual GM Survey. The additions of James and Kevin Love have turned the Cavs, who won 33 games last season, into the favorites in the Eastern Conference.
The league's general managers believe that we're going to see James vs. the San Antonio Spurs in The Finals for the third straight June and the fourth time in eight years. But the championship picture is also relatively wide open, as six different teams were picked to win The Finals and a seventh was picked to get there.
James was picked to take back the MVP award from Kevin Durant and is still the guy that with whom half of the GMs would most like to start a franchise. But it's becoming clear that Anthony Davis is the next big thing.
The GMs responded to 56 different questions about the best teams, players, coaches, fans and offseason moves. General managers were not permitted to vote for their own team or personnel. Percentages are based on the pool of respondents to each question of the survey, rather than all 30 GMs.

Which team will win the 2015 NBA Finals?
1. San Antonio -- 46.2%
2. Cleveland -- 15.4%
3. Chicago -- 11.5%
L.A. Clippers -- 11.5%
Oklahoma City -- 11.5%
6. Golden State -- 3.8%
Last year: Miami -- 75.9%
Which team will win the Eastern Conference finals?
1. Cleveland -- 70.4%
2. Chicago -- 25.9%
3. Washington -- 3.7%
Last year: Miami -- 86.2%
Which team will win the Western Conference finals?
1. San Antonio -- 55.6%
2. Oklahoma City -- 29.6%
3. L.A. Clippers -- 11.1%
4. Golden State -- 3.7%
Last year: San Antonio -- 40.0%
Which team will win the Atlantic Division?
1. Toronto -- 76.9%
2. Brooklyn -- 19.2%
3. New York -- 3.8%
Last year: Brooklyn -- 75.9%
Which team will win the Central Division?
1. Cleveland -- 60.7%
2. Chicago -- 39.3%
Last year: Indiana -- 51.7%
Which team will win the Southeast Division?
1. Washington -- 59.3%
2. Miami -- 29.6%
3. Atlanta -- 7.4%
4. Charlotte -- 3.7%
Last year: Miami -- 100%
Which team will win the Northwest Division?
1. Oklahoma City -- 92.9%
2. Portland -- 7.1%
Last year: Oklahoma City -- 96.6%
Which team will win the Pacific Division?
1. L.A. Clippers -- 81.5%
2. Golden State -- 18.5%
Last year: L.A. Clippers -- 89.7%
Which team will win the Southwest Division?
1. San Antonio -- 96.4%
2. Houston -- 3.6%
Last year: San Antonio -- 70.0%

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NBA Bill Simmons calls the Wizards ĎAmericaís Teamí

By st21 - 12 hours ago


Good news, Wizards fans. You’re supporting America’s Team now. Bill Simmons declared it so, in his NBA League Pass rankings with Grantland writer Zach Lowe.

That seems fun, I guess? Hop on the bandwagon, everyone! There’s plenty of room.

Here’s what Simmons and Lowe wrote:

America’s Team
Simmons: A.k.a. the 2015 Washington Professional Basketball Team! Guys, you had me at hello. You didn’t have to go and sign Paul Pierce. You had me at hello.

Lowe: I do not endorse this nickname. I do endorse John Wall fast breaks, Bradley Beal stretching his game, Nene¬ís passing and angry dunks, everything about Marcin Gortat, and Paul Pierce already getting four guys suspended and nearly smushing poor Tom Thibodeau in a Pierce¬ĖJoakim Noah sandwich. DeJuan Blair and Kris Humphries were sneaky good signings, and Professor Miller, PhD, is still holding office hours down in the low post for all you suckas. Maybe this team should be higher?

Washington earned 66 points from Simmons and Lowe. You can find an explanation of their ranking system here.


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NFL Janikowski is the Hardest Partying Athlete

By Dunknown24 - 12 hours ago

Video in link:
don't know how to embed but that's my kicker :arnoldcigar:

Porn star Brooke Haven -- star of "Assploitations 5" and "I Wanna Bang Your Mom" -- says she's hung out with TONS of athletes ... but there's ONE who parties harder than everyone else ... by far.

Haven -- who also appeared in "World Poke Her Tour" -- says the rager is an NFL star who still plays in the league.

The guy happens to be married with kids now ... but according to Haven, years before the athlete became a family man, the NFLer had one helluva wild side.

Brooke even tells a crazy story about the guy -- don't worry, it's safe for work.

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NBA Blake Griffin accused of b*tchslapping club goer in Vegas

By theFREAK - 12 hours ago

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NFL Ray Rice Halloween Costume

By theFREAK - 12 hours ago

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NBA Kevin Durant in vicious mens underwear battle with Russell Westbrook

By theFREAK - 12 hours ago

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NCAAF Todd Gurley to be reinstated
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NBA Sixers Won..Plans for Lottery Reform Fall Apart
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NBA "I wouldnt be back if Mike was here"-Jordan Hill
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NBA Kevin Love already getting used to his 3rd option status (GIF)
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NFL Floyd Mayweather wins $1.5 million on Raiders game
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NFL Some Seahawks Players Allegedly Donít Think Russell Wilson Is Black Enough
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NBA Why Dirk Nowitzki is a Better Superstar Than Kobe Bryant
By italiansteve - 13 hours ago - 27 comments

NFL Brett Favre : "Rams Austin Davis can be the next Tom Brady or Kurt Warner
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NBA Rewind: James Harden hits the James Brown after being crossed by random Nigerian dude
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NBA Landry Fields FINALLY Speaks On Bad Contract Toronto EX-GM Gave Him....
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NBA Knicks Front Office Confused By Bargnani's Continued Absence
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NFL ESPN1stTake: Brandon Marshall Calls Out Jay Cutler ? (Video)
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NBA Redskins plan to start Colt McCoy in Week 8
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NBA (VIDEO) 90's Nostalgia: Isaiah J.R. Rider 1994 Slam Dunk Contest
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MMA War Machine Suicide Letter To Christy Mack
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NBA Tristan Thompson VICTIM SPEAKS
By Dray - 2 days ago - 24 comments

NBA Crazier Than J.R. Rider?
By bLazenLow - 2 days ago - 22 comments

NBA Beats celebrates LeBron's homecoming with another epic commercial
By Tiko377 - 2 days ago - 25 comments

NBA Rajon Rondo could return from injury by regular-season opener
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NBA Derrick Rose puts Kyrie Irving in the Spin Cycle (gif)
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NBA Paul George already shootin in the gym.
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NFL Peyton Manning Sex Scandal: Largely Forgotten, Even With A Witness
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NBA ESPN1stTake: Stephen A.: LeBron is Right, Chicago is a Threat (Video)
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NBA Awww Kevin Durant riding scooting after surgery picture lol
By iloveIT - 2 days ago - 19 comments

NBA (VIDEO) Kyrie Irving vs Derrick Rose EPIC PG Duel Highlights Cavaliers vs Bulls (2014.10.20) - MUST
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MLB The 2014 World Series: Kansas City Royals vs. San Francisco Giants
By !!! - 2 days ago - 611 comments

NBA CBSsports: How is this not a travel on Tyreke Evans?
By Bkjj11 - 2 days ago - 22 comments

NFL Steelers' Antonio Brown About to Get Fined For This
By italiansteve - 2 days ago - 19 comments

NBA ESPN1stTake: Kobe to Blame for Lakers' Demise? (Video)
By Mariel619 - 2 days ago - 29 comments

NCAAF Football Players Fall Asleep in the Drive-Thru
By Jo Blow - 2 days ago - 5 comments

NBA Pau Gasol Didn't Sign With Miami Heat Because of One Reason
By italiansteve - 2 days ago - 27 comments

BOX Manny Pacquiao wants Danny Garcia at 140 lbs instead of Floyd Mayweather.
By Ladklap - 2 days ago - 45 comments

NBA Derrick Rose Highlights vs. Cavs - 30PTS (12/18 FG, 4/5 3pt FG) 5 REB, 3 AST, 0 TO (Video)
By Deuce Fortitude - 2 days ago - 65 comments

NBA REPORT: Source Claims Kobe Nearly Prevented Steve Nash Trade
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