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NBA Lambo (STEPDADDY) Has Arrived BX

By Dray - 7 hours ago


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NBA Many faces of lebron

By Dray - 7 hours ago

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NBA Carmelo Anthony busts a nut in Lebron's eye (video)

By King Henry - 7 hours ago

Clutch Gawd :meloorly:

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NBA Who is the best pf in the NBA thread

By WezLFaCe_KiD - 7 hours ago

Dirk and Timmy will be excluded they are already great and can kill any of these pfs in a given night and in the playoffs. they are top dawgs too but thread will go smoother without them .

its simple there are 5 choices but 25 options that will be tallied at a later date.

THIS THREAD IS FOR THIS YEAR NOT FUTURE CUZ AD IS THE FUTURE SO NO OVERRATING HIM BECAUSE OF THAT . unless u think he is the 1st or 2nd best pf than do you :sternmaybe:

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NBA T'wolves fan literally cant give away tix

By The Boat - 7 hours ago


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BOX Mikey Tyson Molested at Age 7

By WizDoM - 7 hours ago

Mike Tyson has revealed he was sexually abused by a stranger when he was a child growing up in Brooklyn.

The 48-year-old said during a radio interview earlier this week that the molestation took place when he was seven.

‘He snatched me off the street,’ the boxing legend said during a visit to SiriusXM’s Opie Radio show on Wednesday.

‘I was a little kid…[he was an] old man.’

‘[He] bullied me, sexually abused me and stuff,’ said Tyson. ‘Never seen him again.’

The father-of-eight said he managed to escape, and claimed it was a one-time incident.
Tyson said he never told anyone, including the police, about the abuse.

‘I just went on with my life,’ he said.

When asked by the interviewer whether the event changed him, Tyson answered: ‘I don’t know if it did or not.’
He added: ‘I don’t always remember, but maybe I do but I don’t. I’m not ashamed or embarrassed by it.’

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NFL Dallas Cowboys fans are losing their minds

By rayraysray - 7 hours ago

Dallas Cowboys Fan Loses Mind, Destroys Home After Washington Loss

Just when Dallas Cowboys fans dared to emotionally invest in their teamÂ’s success again, the franchise smacked into an unexpected speed bump in the form of Colt McCoy and a rabid Washington defense.

The 6-1 Cowboys came into Monday nightÂ’s game heavy favorites, but they lost in overtime after a banged up Tony Romo failed to move the ball downfield.

It was a tough defeat to stomach for a recently revitalized fanbase, but no one bore the brunt of defeat more than the home of one particularly angry Dallas fan.

DeadspinÂ’s Samer Kalaf brings us video of a man going on a wholesale demolition derby in his living room in the aftermath of the CowboysÂ’ Monday Night Football loss. Nothing is safe. Everything must go. Even the kitchen counter.

The destruction starts with an accidental coffee table breaking and quickly snowballs into a college home makeover.

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NBA LeBron James talks 2 media after Sucking during Season opening loss (VIDEO)

By Dray - 7 hours ago

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NBA Alec Burks agrees to four-year, $42 million extension with Jazz

By prettyklever - 7 hours ago

Utah Jazz guard Alec Burks has reached an agreement on a four-year, $42 million contract extension, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

View photo
.Jazz guard Alec Burks goes to the bucket against Rockets guard James Harden on Wednesday night. (USA TODAY Sports)
Jazz guard Alec Burks goes to the bucket against Rockets guard James Harden on Wednesday night. (USA TODAY Spo Â…
Reachable incentive clauses could push BurksÂ’ deal to $45 million, sources said.
Burks has developed into one of the NBAÂ’s better young shooting guards and is a cornerstone of the franchiseÂ’s youthful core.

Burks, a member of the 2011 NBA draft class, and his agent, Andy Miller, had until midnight EST on Friday to negotiate an extension with Utah – or Burks could’ve entered into restricted free agency in 2015.

Burks, 23, is the third young Jazz player, along with Gordon Hayward and Derrick Favors, to reach a four-year extension with the franchise.

The Jazz and power forward Enes Kanter ended extension talks Wednesday, and heÂ’ll enter into restricted free agency in July. Utah can match any offer sheet and retain him.

Burks has averaged 16.5 points in his first two games, two and a half points above his average in the 2013-14 season. Jazz coach Quin Snyder plans to feature Burks as a major part of his system.

Utah drafted Burks with the 12th overall pick out of Colorado in 2011.

This is the reason Kawhi and Klay will both get max deals

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NBA Kobe Courtside Talking Sh*t To Dwight Howard (Video)

By JNumbaNC - 7 hours ago

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NBA Happy Halloween From Swaggy P
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BOX Luis Arias Contronts Floyd After Being Dropped From TMT
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NBA Run DMC (Dirk, Monta & Chandler)
By Agentzer0oo0 - 7 hours ago - 23 comments

NFL Additional Joseph Randle audio stating "Dez didn't miss any days for smacking his mom."
By Kooper - 7 hours ago - 19 comments

NBA Ricky Rubio with No Regard for Human Life!!!
By #JewLife - 7 hours ago - 21 comments

NBA Confirmed: Russell Westbrook has a small fracture in his right hand.
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NBA Report: Kawhi Leonard unlikely to sign contract extension with Spurs
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NBA The Lakers May Throw Money At Lamarcus Aldridge
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NFL Halloween Costume
By Frasier - 7 hours ago - 50 comments

NBA Isaiah Thomas Says He ‘Envisioned Himself’ Playing For The Lakers
By T.O.N.Y. - 1 day ago - 29 comments

NBA Lance Stephenson Dunks on Larry Sanders
By bassy - 1 day ago - 23 comments

BOX Mike Tyson: Robin Williams And I Knew The Same Drug Dealer
By Avon_Barksdale - 1 day ago - 26 comments

NBA One picture to describe the Lakers season
By DanBootleg - 1 day ago - 22 comments

MMA MMA doing 2 on 2 Team fighting Now? Guy KO's 2 At The Same Time!
By GHova315 - 1 day ago - 14 comments

BOX Mike Tyson: 'Don Lemon full of s***t'
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NFL After arrest Cowboys Joseph Randle tries to bribe female cop for a masage
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NBA Isaiah Thomas with 23 points in 20 minutes in Suns Debut (Highlights)
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NBA Miami Heat's James Ennis POSTERIZES Rasual Butler (GIF)
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NBA Phil Jackson: Knicks 'not ready for showtime'
By katalist - 1 day ago - 19 comments

NBA Miami was using that fake crowd noise last night
By st21 - 1 day ago - 118 comments

MLB Breaking News: San Francisco Giants Win The 2014 World Series!!
By italiansteve - 1 day ago - 42 comments

NBA (VIDEO) Russell Westbrook Full Highlights 2014.10.29 at Blazers - 38 Pts, 6 Assists
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NFL Chris Johnson is “frustrated” with diminished Jets role
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NBA Chris Bosh Full Highlights vs Wizards (2014.10.29)
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NBA Eric Bledsoe ejected after complaining that Kobe is too "physical"
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NBA Norris Cole lookin like Robin out here, Wade been demoted to Alfred
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NBA MKG improved jumper
By pwayne - 1 day ago - 45 comments

MLB San Francisco Giants Fans Enter
By !!! - 1 day ago - 56 comments

NBA Nike's New Lebron Commercial: Together
By pandadays - 1 day ago - 31 comments

NFL Eagles linebacker Trent Cole fined $22,000 for hit on Carson Palmer
By lboog1423 - 1 day ago - 6 comments

NBA Kobe now cursed out in first two games of the season
By Loc Da Pusherman - 1 day ago - 118 comments

NBA Reddit user digs up old tweets from players
By Wardell Curry II - 1 day ago - 76 comments

NFL Sammy Watkins named Offensive Rookie of the Month
By JucoLegend - 1 day ago - 19 comments

OT Michael Jordan aka No Ni**as says Obama is a Shi**y golfer
By PrisonRules - 1 day ago - 13 comments

NBA Lebron poster is back
By Bkjj11 - 1 day ago - 28 comments

NBA One Play That Shows Perfectly Just How Bad The Lakers Will Be This Season
By Fly or Die - 1 day ago - 29 comments

NBA (VIDEO) Norris Cole Full Highlights 2014.10.29 vs Wizards - Career-High 23 Pts, Breakout Season!
By T.O.N.Y. - 1 day ago - 7 comments

NBA Marc Gasol Talks To Brother Pau About Phil Jackson
By italiansteve - 1 day ago - 14 comments

NFL Richard Sherman And Erin Andrews Halloween Costume
By MGz - 1 day ago - 14 comments

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