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Video inside The TRUTH About Jay-Z's "I Got The Keys" Video - A MUST F*CKIN WATCH!!!
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NBA NBA Rumors : J.R. Smith to Lakers, Nick Young to Cavs
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Article inside Method Man Quits Social Media Over Picture Of His Wife
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NBA DeMar DeRozan attempted a 360 poster dunk... would this have been the GOAT..

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2 hours ago

NBA NBA Rumors : J.R. Smith to Lakers, Nick Young to Cavs

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| By Kyu - 2 hours ago


The NBA rumor mill continues to churn, despite the fact that the upcoming season is months away. The latest buzz has free agent guard J.R. Smith heading to the Los Angeles Lakers and in turn, Nick Young could be replacing him in Cleveland.

According to various sources, the Lakers are interested in signing J.R. Smith as a free agent. The Cavs would like to bring Smith back for their defense of the 2016 NBA Championship, but he won’t come cheap. Smith has seen big free agency dollars going to lesser players this summer, and he has set his asking price at $15 million per season. That figure might be too rich for Cleveland, and that could open the door for other teams to woo J.R. Smith.


If the Lakers are able to acquire Smith, the NBA rumor mill suggests that the team will consider making room for him by waiving Nick Young. Young has two years and approximately $11 million remaining on his current contract. With Los Angeles already investing heavily in combo guard Jordan Clarkson this summer (four years, $50 million), it appears that Young would be the odd man out if J.R. Smith joins the Lakers.

J.R. Smith and the Cleveland Cavaliers have been in talks since the NBA’s free agency period began on July 1, but the two sides are far apart, as reported by UPI. The Cavs have already gone to their backup plan, acquiring veteran Mike Dunleavy from the Chicago Bulls earlier this month. Both Smith and the Cavaliers claim they want the shooting guard to remain in Cleveland, but it does not seem likely at this point.
In the NBA, rumors like this one come along on a regular basis. However, this one may have some traction as it makes sense for both teams. What do you think the odds are that J.R. Smith and Nick Young will trade uniforms next season?

Too bad this prolly ain't true

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3 hours ago

NBA Cleveland Cavalier Center Sasha Kaun retires after one NBA season

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| By ShowNoLove - 3 hours ago

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Sasha Kaun is going out on top.

The 31-year-old center who was part of the Cleveland Cavaliers' title team is retiring after one NBA season, according to

Kaun played 25 games for the Cavaliers this past year and didn't dress in the postseason, which made for a tough year after leaving CSKA Moscow in Russia. LeBron James, however, spoke fondly of the little-used center during the victory parade in June. inRead invented by Teads

"Sasha, everything you did this year that no one's seen, working out with Timo (Mozgov) every single day, committing to the game every single day," James said. "You worked out every single day with no vision of a coaching staff or us saying, 'Sasha, you're going to play. You're going to get minutes.' No entitlement. No entitlement all year, and you've got to be an unbelievable person and unbelievable professional to be able to take that and still come to work every day and give it your all."

The Cavs traded Kaun to Philadelphia this off-season. The 76ers then released him, making him an unrestricted free agent. The move paved the way for Cleveland to sign veteran Chris Andersen, who officially inked a one-year deal on Friday. It pushed Kaun into this decision.

He also cited ankle problems that have hindered him recently, preventing him from handling the intensity of the NBA game the way he would like.

"I was very blessed and fortunate to play as long as I have," Kaun told the Journal-World. "I had a great experience for the (Russian) national team and professionally. Overall, it's been phenomenal.

"I want to say thank you to all the fans who have cheered for me in the years I was at KU and followed my career afterward as a professional. I'm happy to be a Jayhawk and look forward to seeing everybody once I'm back at the games (as a fan). I'm just excited to be part of the (KU) family."

Kaun finishes his eight-year pro basketball career with an NCAA title, an NBA championship and an Olympic medal, helping Russia capture bronze in 2012.

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3 hours ago

NBA Caption this pic

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| By Black Cobra - 3 hours ago

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3 hours ago

NBA DeMar DeRozan attempted a 360 poster dunk... would this have been the GOAT poster dunk?

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| By Eazy123 - 3 hours ago

Some more angles of DeRozan's attempted 360 poster dunk. Bruh... (Via @bleacherreport)

A video posted by SLAM (@slamonline) on

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5 hours ago

NBA Paul Pierce returning to Clippers for his 19th season, will not retire

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| By theFREAK - 5 hours ago

Paul Pierce.#TalkWithTheYouth #BostonCeltics #LosAngelesClippers #PaulPierce #NBA

A photo posted by Kevin Ng (@kevin.ng_) on

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5 hours ago

NBA Best Young Player Other Than KAT

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| By _Player2 - 5 hours ago

Nobody with this combination of athleticism, defense and unselfishness has ever failed.

Skills ain't even that bad either

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6 hours ago

NBA Kristaps Porzingis 2015-16 Rookie Season Offensive Compilation - Too SMOOTH!

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| By CRE4M - 6 hours ago

Cant wait to see how he progress this upcoming season.

Hopefully he learns to be more tough inside the paint. Dirk 2.0 soon

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6 hours ago

NFL Jed York Has His Scapegoat, Trent Baalke (BASG Article)

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| By Fresh.E - 6 hours ago

Subject: 49ers Name Tom Gamble Assistant General Manager

And there you have it. Prescient story ruined. Thanks, Jed. You just had to let the world know what I had already assumed over the weekend and for several weeks prior.

To be fair, I wasn’t the only one to make the startling declaration that Trent Baalke could be on the hot seat. Many fans have connected the dots, and Tim Kawakami expressed a similar lament to the one I had in the moments after the 49ers announced their new Assistant General Manager.

Gamble will replace Baalke within six months

That’s my prediction, and I’m sticking to it. If the 49ers start 0-6, Gamble could supplant Baalke as the team’s GM as early as October. If they meander to the finish, not looking absolutely terrible but never playing all that well either (finishing anywhere from 5-11 to 7-9), the change will take place a day or two after they lose to the Seahawks on Jan. 1 … if it doesn’t get leaked before then. (Insert winking emoticon.)

Most of us know little about Gamble other than his resume. The 49ers lovingly detailed Gamble’s accomplishments in yesterday’s press release, which also included this vote of confidence from the incumbent.

“Tom is an accomplished talent evaluator who grew up around the game of football,” said 49ers general manager Trent Baalke. “Having spent the last 28 years of his life in the NFL, his wealth of experience has been invaluable to our organization for almost a decade. Tom is a hard-working professional and more importantly a good man. We are excited he will continue to play an integral role in the development of our team.”

Before we start thinking about how they seem like such good buddies, and one would never directly or indirectly oust the other, remember what Baalke said five years ago.

“I met this man six or seven years ago at a college All-Star game and I fell in love with his energy.”
“He had passion. It really became evident that this guy had the ‘it’ factor. He had what we were looking for.”
“This is the start of a new generation.”
“What we have to do is bring back the culture of winning. He’s a guy who can lead the 49ers franchise back to where it rightfully belongs.”
OK, maybe Baalke didn’t call Jim Harbaugh “a good man,” but we should probably take Baalke’s niceties with a grain of NaCl. It’s not like Baalke makes any of these front office decisions anyway, and there have been five signals that the Yorks might think about parting ways — mutually, of course — with Baalke.

1. They’re running out of things to change (and people to blame)

Over the last couple years the 49ers have changed their stadium, uniforms (for a couple games a year, anyway), head coach (twice), starting quarterback, and Paraag Marathe’s title. Other than demoting Jed himself (ha!), there’s only one alteration left.

2. They tightened the purse strings

The 49ers have more available cap room than any other team with a roster that could use a lot of help. Does anyone think it was Baalke’s choice to be so frugal? Unless he’s saving up for one of the top free agents who won’t be available for another year, a GM will always spend as much as his budget will allow. However, GMs don’t set budgets.

It might be slightly more complicated than saying that the Yorks wouldn’t allow any excess spending on free agents because they’re cheap or they didn’t trust Baalke to make smart purchases. The 49ers aren’t a premium destination these days due to their quarterback situation and never ending turmoil. Plus, agents and players are easily spooked by the pay-as-you-go style of contracts the 49ers prefer.

However, rest assured — this argument that there were no Pro Bowl players available in free agency, and that’s why the 49ers effectively sat out, is pure spin. If Baalke was given the chance to spend, like he did on Torrey Smith a year earlier, he wouldn’t have hesitated. If this team keeps losing, he’s out of a job.

3. Chip Kelly is here to stay (for a while)

The 49ers’ new head coach signed a four-year deal worth a reported $24 million, so the Yorks would never consider making him a one-and-done guy like Jim Tomsula. And unless Baalke had a major change of heart in regards to his football philosophy, Kelly probably wasn’t his first choice. This decision, hiring an offensive-minded innovator with more than a few doubters throughout the league, seemed like Jed trying to channel his uncle when he hired Bill Walsh before Jed was born.

As we all know, Kelly and Gamble are known to be close. If things get rocky this season, as they almost surely will, Kelly and Gamble could be looked at as the duo to pull the 49ers out of their tailspin. Who knows, maybe that’s already how the Yorks see them.

4. Baalke deserves any and all scrutiny

One of Baalke’s most noteworthy draft choices is known for embarrassing the 49ers (Aldon Smith). Others either garnered media attention the 49ers surely didn’t want (Chris Borland), or simply annoyed them to no end due to flakiness and insubordination (Anthony Davis). His 2012 draft was one of the worst, if not THE worst, in franchise history. He wasted millions last offseason on Darnell Dockett, Shareece Wright and Reggie Bush, and the team has progressively gotten worse in three consecutive seasons.

Jed famously called Baalke “Trader Trent” during the 2015 draft, but what does he have to show for those trades? The 49ers have the NFL’s worst roster (on paper), meaning a lot of the young players he’s acquired need to prove their worthiness ASAP or Baalke is going to look even worse than he already does.

The Yorks also loved Tomsula, and had to admit a massive mistake when they fired him after his only season as head coach. Baalke escaped their wrath that time, but maybe they feel like Tomsula was forced to lead a team that never had a chance, due to several personnel decisions that didn’t turn out particularly well.

OK, I’ll put it another way. Do we really think the Yorks would pin 100% of the blame for Tomsula’s short, bumbling, failure-ridden tenure on themselves?

5. Jed doesn’t call him “Trenty B”

Just like he showed his love for Tomsula by calling him “Jimmy T,” we saw that kind of familial closeness after Jimmy T’s termination when Jed talked about Baalke.

There are very few general managers that have built championship-caliber rosters and I think it’s important that we have somebody with that experience and having a good staff around him, like [senior personnel executive] Tommy Gamble, like guys like that that have been there and done it that we can continue to build this thing because this is going to be a very important offseason for us.

I can already picture it, sometime around Jan. 3 or 4, 2017: “We expect to win Super Bowls. We haven’t achieved our goal in recent years, but I have the utmost faith that Tommy G and Chippy K will build, teach and mold a championship-caliber roster. A roster that wins with class. A roster that the faithful can be proud of.”

Actually, I pictured this press conference quote a few days ago, but Jed solidified this vision with yesterday’s announced promotion. Sometimes they make it so easy to figure out what will happen — and who they will scapegoat — next.

I believe Baalke is out if 49ers start out pretty sh*tty. It's either Baalke or they'll blame it on whoever Chip Kelly chooses as his starting QB

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6 hours ago

NFL Seahawks & Pete Carroll reach extension through 2019

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| By SeattleLost - 6 hours ago

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6 hours ago

NFL Panthers extend future pro bowl safety Coleman for 3 years

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| By PineappleOG - 6 hours ago

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8 hours ago

BOX Smfh @ BSPN w/ Max Kellerman Talkin Floyd, TC & Pacquiao.. Rather them not talk boxing.

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| By AB AboutBuildin - 8 hours ago

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8 hours ago

NBA Pic | Latrell Spreewell Done Loss His Mind

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| By T.O.N.Y. - 8 hours ago

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9 hours ago

NFL Cutler is not the root of Bears Problems, here is the proof

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| By illmatic826 - 9 hours ago

visit this link .. use.html?nhp=1

It’s been five years since the Chicago Bears last made the playoffs, and a lot of the blame for that drought has been placed squarely on QB Jay Cutler and the massive seven-year, $126 million contract he signed after the 2013 season.

While the Bears haven’t won much of anything since the team traded for Cutler in 2009 — save for one NFC North title back in 2010 — we can’t simply pin Chicago’s failures on the quarterback.

Throughout his time in the Windy City, Cutler has been around a league average quarterback. Sure, he hasn’t been a model of consistency, but his QBR, ESPN’s proprietary stat that adds more context to a passer’s performance, has never dipped below 48.

QBR is one of the better available metrics when it comes to correlating with team success. But that’s not the case with Cutler and the Bears. Here’s how the team has fared compared to Cutler’s individual success:

The correlation (.0017) is statistically insignificant. It’s as if Cutler’s performance doesn’t affect how many games the team wins or loses, which is remarkable considering the importance of the quarterback position in the modern NFL.

The stretch from 2012 to 2013 illustrates how little Cutler’s performance has impacted the Bears’ win total. He had one of his worst statistical seasons in 2012, but the team still won two-thirds of his starts. In 2013, by far the best season of his career, Chicago couldn’t even make it to .500.

So what has been the deciding factor for the Bears during Cutler’s time in Chicago? The answer is defense, and overwhelmingly so. Here’s how the Bears’ winning percentage in games started by Cutler correlates with the defense’s league rank:

A .72 correlation is ridiculously high considering that a defense is only on the field for about half the game, on average.

Essentially, when the Bears defense is good, the Bears are good, regardless of what Jay Cutler does. And since Lovie Smith was fired after the 2012 season, the defense hasn’t been very good. Stalwarts like Brian Urlacher, Lance Briggs and Charles Tillman either retired or just got old, and injuries ravaged the front seven, forcing Chicago to play inexperienced backups in key roles.

This does not totally absolve Cutler of the Bears recent struggles. His gigantic cap hit certainly affects the team’s ability to build a competent defense. And it calls into his question his standing as a franchise quarterback. The best quarterbacks in the league are able to elevate their teams into playoff contention every year, and Cutler has not been able to do that.

Of course it’s not too late for Cutler to develop into one of those guys. He actually took some vital steps toward that status in 2015, when his presence in the pocket and ability to navigate tight areas while keep his eyes downfield vastly improved. He still needs cut down on mental mistakes and could take more ownership of the offense before the snap.

If Cutler can take those developmental steps late into his career, he’d be more than just a non-problem for the Bears. He’d be a solution.

Dont kill the messenger.

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9 hours ago

OT Rich Piana works out with The Mountain!

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| By micropave - 9 hours ago

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9 hours ago

NBA Carmelo Anthony destroyed Amare Stoudemire's Legacy career!!

9 people viewing this

| By lefthookright - 9 hours ago

If you think about it, Amare Stoudemire is clearly 1 of the greatest power forwards in the history of the NBA. This guy came straight from high school to the League completely raw. He has classic performances in the playoffs that have been overlooked. He was able to flourish in an era where Duncan, Shaq, dirk, and garnett reigned in popularuty. People dont realize that he was responsible for Steve Nash's success, career, and MULTIPLE MVP awards(at least 1 shouldve gone to Kobe). I feel like hes the forgotten Big Man of the era. Its a shame because he was the most athletic PF i have ever seen(sorry kemp but Amare was better).

Melo Theory- Amare's 1st year in NY was a crazy season. Amare was actually the leading MVP candidate the 1st half of the season(before the Melo trade). Amare was on the brink of proving that he is a franchise player. in fact he was chosen to be the franchise player. He was going to be the cornerstone of the new and improved NY knicks. The minute carmelo arrived, it became a power struggle. There are interviews of carmelo and stat BOTH saying "its my time". Carmelo ego and love for snacks destroyed something great. The funny part is that the Knicks were gonna make the playoffs that year before the Melo trade. #4 seed

Im aware that amare had injuries but im speaking on the chemistry and beef after the arrival of Marshmelo Fathony. Amare was BALLING OUT OF HIS MIND BEFORE THE TRADE. By their 2nd year his touches started to decline BIG TIME. Carmelo was just chucking BIG TIME. And hes been chucking ever since.


5 months ago Amare put Melo on blast for being a selfish hating ass nigga. notice how that shiit got swept under the carpet. NYPOST and NYDAILY news both covered it.

visit this link .. icle-1.2546844

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9 hours ago

NFL Michael Vick's brother on Twitter pissed,NFL playerLeseanMccoy stole his girl

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| By ShowNoLove - 9 hours ago

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9 hours ago

OT ESPN's Michael Smith HOH

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| By colvinman 79 - 9 hours ago

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9 hours ago

NFL Odell Beckham Jr Showing What He's Going To Be Doing To Josh Norman All Year

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| By italiansteve - 9 hours ago

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9 hours ago

NFL Titans Hosted WR Andre Johnson For A Visit

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| By italiansteve - 9 hours ago

Mark Berman of Fox 26 reports that free agent WR Andre Johnson was seen at the Titans’ facility on Tuesday.

Adam Schefter confirms that Johnson did, in fact, visit with the Titans on Tuesday.
According to Schefter, it was just a “feel-out session.”

Berman doesn’t say if Johnson tried out for the team, but this would be the first reported interest in the veteran receiver since he became available several months ago.

Johnson previously mentioned that he has no plans to retire and is instead preparing for his next opportunity in the NFL.

“That hasn’t changed,” Johnson said back in April, via the Houston Chronicle. “I’m just training right now and just waiting for an opportunity. When that comes I’ll take advantage of it.”

“It’s always different being somewhere different, when you’ve been somewhere for 12 seasons,” Johnson said. “It is what it is. Things didn’t work out the way we wanted them to, but it happens. I understand. It’s part of the business and you just move forward.”

Johnson, 34, if a former first-round pick of the Texans back 2003. After 12 years with the Texans, Johnson signed a three-year, $21 million contract that included $10 million guaranteed with the Colts last March.

However, he was unfortunately cut loose in a move that freed up $5 million in available cap space for the Colts.

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10 hours ago

BOX Kenny porter squared up with terence crawford in an alley; recalls "bud wouldn't back down

2 people viewing this

| By cluckaluck - 10 hours ago

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