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Video inside French Montana Says Khloe Kardashian Still His Babe, Gucci Mane Didn't Help His Career

By JNumbaNC - 10 hours ago

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Video inside Chief Keef - Back From the Dead 2 [Anticipation/Discussion Thread] *10/31/2014* #SosaSeason

By Nasty Neighbor - 10 hours ago

Keith Mozart comin through for us this holiday season :banderasohno: he gon trick or treat us on halloween with Back From the Dead 2, feed us on thanksgiving with Mansion Musick, bring us into the new year with UFOverload 2, then get this decade's valentine's day massacre jumpin with Thot Breaker. But this Halloween we gettin that BFTD2, filled with Sosa & Young Chop production.

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Image inside Nicki Minaj's boyfriend responds to Drake & Wayne slander

By Frankybaby - 10 hours ago

K bruh :mjlol:

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Image inside Pic of Kidd Kidd ridin around in NIissan

By ajeana - 10 hours ago

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The "90's simpin" appreciation thread

By Laronla - 10 hours ago

Nothing like that good ol 90's simpin, I'll start it off with a nice little banger

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Video inside Powerhouse 2014 Interviews: Remy Ma, Chris Brown, French Montana, Bobby Shmurda, Young Jeezy.

By BreakfastClub - 10 hours ago

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Video inside Powerhouse 2014 Interviews: Childish Gambino, Ne-Yo, Kid Ink, T.I., Tinashe

By BreakfastClub - 10 hours ago

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Kanye West Pops Up @ Open Mic In New Jersey

By 4Chun500 - 10 hours ago

This must have been dope and awkward all at the same damn time. Aspiring rappers and poets were baffled—in a good way—when Mr. Kanye West walked into The Dopeness in Jersey City. According to, everyone was star struck inside the Mexican restaurant, which serves as the Wolf Juice hip-hop open mic on a monthly basis for young rappers.

What caused the appearance of West? Jahmila Sandifer, 17, whose performer name is Jay Hype, is the daughter of one of Kanye’s closest friends. Last night (Oct. 29) served as her first showcase debut. This was enough to spark Kanye’s appearance and cause mayhem at the open mic.

“It happened so fast and everyone was in shock,” said restaurant owner Jon Scanlon. “It was a 15-minute thing. I walked him to the back, he used the restroom. He came and gave her a big hug and a kiss, watched her perform, and he was out.”

Sandifer was shocked by the arrival of West, but wasn’t deterred by his star power during her performance.

“Kanye is a very, very big idol in my life and I try to incorporate the stuff he does into my work,” said Sandifer. “He gives me pointers and I take it very seriously…his opinion is always in the back of my mind.”

As far as Jay Hype’s performance is concerned, according to Kanye, she did the damn thing. Jay Hype’s father received a text from West saying, “Baby LeBron killed it.”

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Video inside DEJ LOAF & her Gal Pal Previews new song " GET THAT BIG DIC# OFF OF ME "

By ajeana - 10 hours ago

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Marvin Gaye Family Wins First Legal Battle Against Robin Thicke, Pharrell, & T.I.

By mdemaz - 10 hours ago

The singer, along with collaborator Pharrell, has lost the first legal battle against the Marvin Gaye Family. Judge John Kronstradt has ruled in favor of the Gaye family after a team of music experts proved that elements of the smash hit reflected substantial similarities to Marvin’s song “Got to Give It Up.” While Thicke, Pharrell and even T.I. attempted to protect themselves by filing a countersuit against Bridgeport Music and the Gaye family, it seems the lawsuit will be a lengthy affair, especially since the Gaye family already declined a 6 figure settlement offered by Robin himself.

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Cleveland ethers Justin Beiber at Cav's Home Opener
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Video inside Godfather 50 SMS Audio headphone installation at Heineken Music Hall
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BigGucciSosa Stream out now #SosaSeason
By NoLastName - 10 hours ago - 63 comments

Image inside Hov. Migos. Rowdy Rebel
By chrismb - 10 hours ago - 65 comments

who got more classics Gucci Mane or Young Jeezy? Vote!
By WizDoM - 10 hours ago - 38 comments

Image inside Fredo Santana & Kevin Gates
By SeattleWon - 10 hours ago - 40 comments

Image inside Drake Halloween costume
By A.Dot789 - 10 hours ago - 24 comments

Image inside Nas Gettin Sucked Off By Madonna In The Studio (Pic)
By PyrexVisionary - 10 hours ago - 123 comments

Video inside UDUBB Network Presents: T-Rex vs Shotgun Suge
By KushKaleem - 10 hours ago - 19 comments

Nas addressed ghostwriting rumours on "The Season"
By Les Feuilles - 10 hours ago - 25 comments

Video inside Chanel West Coast Tells The Story Of Having 2 Bad Trips Off Molly At Coachella
By Danny M - 10 hours ago - 5 comments

Video inside Late 90s/Early 00s Cash Money Appreciation Thread
By BangEm904 - 10 hours ago - 7 comments

Video inside Before Dej Loaf would get your whole "fombily"...she was in college
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Video inside treach reacts to props filled discussion between ice t and eminem
By trill jackson - 10 hours ago - 11 comments

Video inside 50 Cent talks about Charles Barkley's dirty secret comments, Eminem, Mr. Probz, TV shows, SMS etc.
By A.Dot789 - 10 hours ago - 12 comments

By JETSoverERTHING - 10 hours ago - 30 comments

Video inside T Pain lookin Flabby and sick but his voice without auto tune better than average
By NellyTheGreat - 10 hours ago - 26 comments

Video inside E-40's reaction time is insane!
By whothebestmc - 10 hours ago - 37 comments

Chief Keef - Back From The Dead 2 Mixtape
By Dabc32 - 10 hours ago - 37 comments

Video inside Lupe Fiasco - The Instrumental [Unreleased Video]
By 10th Wonder - 10 hours ago - 6 comments

Audio inside Lupe Fiasco - Mazinger feat. PJ [prod. by SX]
By styxz - 10 hours ago - 49 comments

Video inside Daylyt video in a nice pink dress and thot wear dissing Young thug with choppas
By Star - 10 hours ago - 49 comments

Image inside BeyoncĂ© & Blue Ivy Dress Up As Janet & Michael Jackson For Halloween
By Avon_Barksdale - 10 hours ago - 15 comments

Video inside Lil Durk Announces Date for "Nuski Got Da Strap"
By SlimDunkin - 10 hours ago - 4 comments

Video inside Heckler Throws Cup At Def Loaf On Stage, T.I. Comes To The Rescue And Spazzes During Powerhouse 2014
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Eminem VS Jay-Z: Who you got? [2006 onwards]
By A.Dot789 - 10 hours ago - 36 comments

Audio inside Chief Keef - Feds (Produced by Young Chop) #SosaSeason
By Nasty Neighbor - 11 hours ago - 0 comments

Audio inside Diggy Simmons – Aint Bout To Do (Feat. French Montana) (Prod. By DJ Mustard)
By Steve - 11 hours ago - 16 comments

Audio inside Sean Mo ft Lil Herb & Cap 1- In Me
By SlimDunkin - 11 hours ago - 0 comments

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