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Jagged Edge - JE Heartbreak II (2014)

By Gremlin - 4 hours ago

Jagged Edge - JE Heartbreak II (2014)

J.E. Heartbreak 2 is the eighth studio album by American R&B group Jagged Edge. It is a sequel to their multi-platinum 2000 album J.E Heartbreak. The group tweeted the proposed track list on August 2, 2014, stating that there is 57 days until its release.

The first official single is, "Hope" which was released on June 17, 2014 on iTunes. The official music video for "Hope" was released on July 29, 2014.
Track listing

01. Intro 0:42
02. Future 3:47
03. Familiar 3:20
04. Hope 3:36
05. Things I Do For You 2:38
06. Love Come Down 3:34
07. It's Been You 2:45
08. Wanna Be (Romeo) 2:51
09. Getting Over You 4:05
10. Ready 4:13
11. Make It Clear 3:38
12. No Half Steppin' 3:30
13. Posters (We Stay On One) 3:25

Label So So Def, Hard Case Records
Producer Jermaine Dupri, Bryan Michael Cox, Brandon & Brian Casey


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Ras Kass & Apollo Brown - Blasphemy (2014)

By Gremlin - 4 hours ago

Ras Kass & Apollo Brown - Blasphemy (2014)

Ras Kass & Apollo Brown got an album together said to be out October 28th
It's called Blasphemy and this should be the tracklist & Cover:

01. Next Caller
02. How To Kill God
03. H2O (feat. Pharoahe Monch & Rakaa Iriscience)

04. Please Don't Let Me
05. Strawberry
06. Giraffe pus*y (feat. Royce The 5'9", Xzibit & Bishop Lamont)

07. Roses (feat. 4Rax)
08. Deliver Us From Evil
09. Too Much of a Good Thing (feat. Larina)
10. Animal Sacrifice
11. Humble Pi

12. 48 Laws Pt. 1
13. Francine
14. Drink Irish (feat. Slaine, Sick Jacken & Sean Price)
15. Bon Voyage

Should be dope, Apollo got some dope beats. :agreement1:

Product Details

Release Date: Oct 28, 2014
Record Label: Mello Music Group
Barcode: 659123040020
Item #: MMG058CD

Featuring: 4 Rax; Bishop Lamont; Larina; Pharoahe Monch (of Organized Konfusion); Rakaa Iriscience (of Dilated Peoples); Royce 5'9"; Sean Price (of Heltah Skeltah); Sick Jacken (of Psycho Realm); Slaine (of La Coka Nostra); Xzibit

Producers: Apollo Brown

In his seminal memoir Soul on Ice, Eldridge Cleaver wrote, "All the gods are dead except the god of war." Ever since Ras Kass titled his 1996 opening salvo after Cleaver's book, the critically revered Carson, CA rapper has waged verbal warfare against all those with aims of obscuring the truth. Rappers, preachers, politicians – none have been spared from the wrath of his sharp, illuminating rhymes.

Blasphemy, the collaborative album from esteemed Mello Music Group producer Apollo Brown and Ras Kass, is a thought-provoking and highly personal treatise on the unspoken. The sub-rattling and operatic opener "How to Kill God," a scathing indictment of major religions and the transgressions enacted in their name, serves as a statement of purpose. No "ism" is out of bounds, no topic too untoward. Whatever you hold sacred isn't above aggressive inquiry.

Behind the boards, Apollo Brown orchestrates with divine aural vision. Though Blasphemy is his first album with a west coast rapper, he doesn't retread g-funk synth grooves. He also forgoes the minimal, rubbery bounce popular with the current crop of west coast talent. Amidst a sea of production crafted for the drug-addled turn up, his work is a life preserver, saving ardent hip-hop fans with hard-hitting beats made buoyant by donuts of soul and blues. On his deftly layered suites, drums hit with the force of an unabridged Bible to the dome, the samples masterfully selected and utilized. With Blasphemy, Brown has created MPC gospel, sonic scripture.

In his seminal memoir Soul on Ice, Eldridge Cleaver wrote, "All the gods are dead except the god of war." Ever since Ras Kass titled his 1996 opening salvo after Cleaver's book, the critically revered Carson, CA rapper has waged verbal warfare against all those with aims of obscuring the truth. Rappers, preachers, politicians – none have been spared from the wrath of his sharp, illuminating rhymes.

When not eviscerating MCs and poking holes in theologies, Ras Kass surrounds himself with a rogue's gallery of decorated veterans. Pharoahe Monch, Rakaa Iriscience, Xzibit, and Royce Da 5'9" are among the handful of the elite lyricists present. Each delivers their singular bars in top form, making the songs on which they appear some of the best posse cuts you'll hear in 2014.

Above all, this album displays Apollo Brown & Ras Kass' undeniable synergy. Their sacred writ is the same, their blasphemy for those who want to think as they nod to the rhythm. When Ras Kass crucifies supposed facts over Apollo's beats, it's clear he is the West Coast's preeminent philosopher. When Apollo's blaring suites soothe your soul, it's an ontological fact that he ranks among the best producers in the game. With Blasphemy, the duo has delivered the truth.

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Video inside GGN Trailer Park Boys

By eric wright - 12 hours ago

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Image inside [ChiWire] P. Rico Robbed Bosstop for Sosa Old Chain

By Nasty Neighbor - 12 hours ago

*tweet embedded

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Meek Tweets For The First Time Since Going Inside, IS HE FREE??!

By Young_ - 12 hours ago

*tweet embedded

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Download this song for youtube promo... dot com

By postaldude234 - 12 hours ago

We've all heard it before, but does anyone know the actual instrumental to this intro?

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Shady XV: Eminem is Dropping a New Album & I Don’t Care [DJ Booth]

By mdemaz - 12 hours ago

I met Eminem during his hiatus from music, after Encore but before Relapse. Not in the physical, but through a song called, “Sing For A Moment.” The Aerosmith sample grabbed me, but in the third verse, when he says, “That's why we sing for these kids, who don't have a thing,” chills crawled across my skin as if a blizzard was summoned by his words. Every line after sunk into me. I wasn’t a child of poverty or misfortune, but I had nights where rap records were the only comfort when high-school melodrama turned my world dismal. He struck that cord, like an angel does a harp. Before this encounter, Eminem was just the white boy on that 50 Cent song ("Patiently Waiting") who the media loathed and parents despised. I began to see what so many saw, uncovering what was beyond the surface, beyond the antics, beyond the beef, a voice of empathy.

Old Em albums are like walking through a museum of George Condo’s paintings. Swirling madness, radiant insanity, a desolate depiction of reality from a madman that never lost his humor; he could transform into an emotional story-teller, and a song later be a witty, punch-line mastermind. It felt like discovering a rapper that escaped Area51, an artist of this caliber must have been created in a laboratory, next to Pharrell and Beyoncé.

When news of Relapse surfaced in 2009, by then I was a full fledge fan. Slim Shady LP, Marshall Mathers LP, The Eminem Show, even the original Bad Meets Evil mixtape were constantly in rotation, and I was ready to be a part of the next phase. It was like Jordan returning to the league after baseball; sadly the result was equally as disappointing. The first single, "Crack A Bottle," isnÂ’t bad, it introduced us to the accent that felt more silly than annoying. It wasnÂ’t until "We Made You" that I knew what real disappointment was. The blizzard returned, chills crawled, with the realization that I was witnessing the death of Superman. To this day, that song makes me cringe in agony. Even though "Beautiful" is a masterpiece, along with praise worthy wordplay and incredible technicality, Relapse is an album drowned in immaturity that could only entertain kids thriving for an odd future.

I understood the plight of hardcore Jay Z fans after Kingdom Come. He wasnÂ’t the rapper they awaited to emerge from retirement, but his redemption came a year later with the release of American Gangster. I had hopes that Marshall would redeem himself once he scraped Relapse 2 and decided to call his next album, Recovery. The accent was replaced by aggressive shouting; Meek Mill is nothing in comparison. I tried to enjoy the album, but it had no lasting-appeal. His progress is two steps forward, one step back, and yet still a commercial success.

My patience ran thin when in 2013 The Marshall Mathers LP2 was announced, thirteen years after the original. The 41-year-old rapper re-dyed his hair blond as a symbol of returning to Slim Shady. Watching the video for first single "Berzerk" is the biggest budget mid-life crisis IÂ’ve ever witnessed. Rick Rubin, the Dumbledore of music, couldnÂ’t save the record. Then comes "Rap God," a six minute display of lyrical prowess that is cool the first time, but who wants to revisit that song when you have an entire catalog that proves his echelon of rhyming? The album came and went. It didnÂ’t stir me to purchase or pirate the project. A month after it first dropped, it was almost as if it didnÂ’t exist.

It's 2014 now, Shady Records has been around for 15 years. To celebrate their fifteenth anniversary, the label will be releasing a double disc album entitled Shady XV; one half greatest hits, the other brand new material from Slaughterhouse, Yelawolf, D12 and Slim Shady himself. IÂ’ve read spam emails from Princes in Africa during the Ebola crisis that left me more interested. ThereÂ’s no doubt that Eminem still raps circles around a vast majority of his contemporaries, but he lacks substance. He isnÂ’t the voice of empathy that I gravitated toward and the humor has grown stale. WeÂ’ve witnessed him slay all his demons - Kim was killed, his mother left with an empty closet, his daughter grown up. The media has found new targets, the drugs have been discarded, he has filled albums with life and lost his livelihood.

There will be statues built of Eminem on 8 Mile, a true hip-hop gladiator, one of the greatest to ever breathe into a microphone, but IÂ’m likely to never find his music interesting again. His success is at its highest ever, an Eminem album will sell in a recession, depression, and alien invasion, but does that equate to good music? IÂ’m okay with the songs that will never expire; "Kim" for the heartache days, "If I Had" for the overdraft nights, "Hailie's Song" for fatherhood, and "Till I Collapse" for the gym. Countless treasures from 1999 to 2004 that will age like Nia Long. Hopefully, Em starts to breed the talent around him - Slaughterhouse, Kendrick Lamar, Yelawolf, are all strong enough to carry the weight. These are the torch bearers that will lead Aftermath and Shady Records into many more years of hip-hop excellence. Not Marshall Mathers.

R.I.P Proof.

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Video inside Justin Bieber's Boxing Lessons With Floyd Mayweather (HILARIOUS!!!)

By bqstudios - 12 hours ago

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Article inside ESPN Bomani Jones Recounts Witnessing Ma$e Run From Charlamagne Tha God?

By Tha Truth - 12 hours ago


Sports analyst and cultural commentator Bomani Jones recounted his weekend activities at the REVOLT Music Conference, which included seeing Mase on the retreat from Charlamagne Tha God.

The initial word is that Mase, the rapper turned pastor and now rapper, again, stepped to Charlamagne. However, according to Jones, what he witnessed was the former Bad Boy rapper in retreat from someone who was possibly CharlamagneÂ’s boy, muscle, bodyguard or whatever you want to call him.

Jones commenting that a dude rocking boots despite being in a tropical environment is indeed a hint that said dude is probably Â’bout that life.

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Image inside Freeway Robbed For Rocafella Chain?[RUMOR]

By Carlton Black - 13 hours ago


*KINGPIN TV EXCLUSIVE* – Philly rapper and former Roc-a-fella Records (Jay Z/Damon Dash) artist, FREEWAY, was “allegedly” robbed by several men at a recent concert in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada which is a city approximately 30 min east of Toronto.

Freeway had a scheduled tour stop in Oshawa, on October 11th, as part of a Canadian tour that would take him to spots across the country. However,

word is the complete tour was cut short after he “allegedly” got robbed in Oshawa after the concert. Our reliable inside sources tell KINGPIN TV that Freeway, who performed at the Oshawa Music Hall, was approached by several men in a group while he was sitting on a couch in the general area of the venue. The men scolded Freeway to give up his coveted Roc-a-fella chain. After Freeway refused, they grabbed him, a short scuffle in sued and the chain was ripped off his neck. Oddly, Freeway was at the venue alone and had no entourage or security to aid in the scuffle. We’re told he left the country and did not finish the rest of the tour, however that is yet to be confirmed.

This story is still developing as more information is coming in. A lot is still being verified as to what is completely true and/or false. There is no follow up as to if Freeway has attempted to get the chain back. Only time will tell. Nobody was injured, however there is a search by authorities for the assailants. Update to follow.

UPDATE: Mon. Oct. 20, 2014

This photo and video of one of the alleged assailants was just sent to us, of him holding the snatched Roc-a-fella chain and in the video speaking on it! We’ve reached out to FREEWAY’s camp and have yet to get a response on his/their side of the story.


“Aight… Shoutout to FREEWAY, you nah’em sayin’. Just came back from probation, and f*ck I’m still on the road so guess a n*gga didn’t drop no dimes ya know. So good lookin’ man, you still a real n*gga you nah’em sayin’.“

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Army of the Pharaohs - Heavy Lies the Crown (2014)
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