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Article inside Lil Wayne Breaking his Own Records
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 NBA PIC | Roy Hibberts Defensive Shot Chart, Damn.

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 Image inside Rawan
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 Video inside 50 Cent: What They Don't Teach You in Business School
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23 minutes ago

Video inside Asap Rocky About To Fight During Drakes Performance At Wireless

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| By Ozymandias7115 - 23 minutes ago

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24 minutes ago

The Flaws of FWA

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| By ADJK06 - 24 minutes ago

1. Too much Autotune
It was unnecessary on most songs like "My Heart Races On" and on the joints without it he actually sounded natural and hungry. On some songs, the autotune was pitched too high which is a far cry from the syrupy, baritone voice Wayne naturally has that has been his signature for so long. Autotune should've only been used for slow parts of verses and hooks. Which brings me to my next point...

2. Hooks
Usually Wayne is great in this department but some of these hooks are unbearable like "I'm That Nigga" and "Post Bail Ballin". Best hook on here is "Pick Up Your Heart".

3. Production
I think this goes hand in hand with Hooks because they both determine the vibe of the song. I think this albums production is all over the place and even amateurish in some songs like "I Feel Good" and "Pull Up". A steep drop from great production during his Carter 2 days. He should've had more beats like "Murda", "London Roads" and "Pick Up Your Heart". I'm sure there's great producers itching to work with Wayne and he's got MAAAD connections. Why the wack beats?

4. "Pick Up Your Heart" should've been executed differently
This isn't really a flaw I guess it's more my opinion but this song is a diamond in the rough. It has the potential to be a hit but it's still a risk with him screeching all over the hook. He should've used that calm low voice for the full hook like on these songs

And no autotune during the verses

The actual rapping on this sh*t is dope though. This nigga Wayne is doing great lyrically. I swear I wish I could go in the studio with these artists and Executive Produce they joints sometimes.

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49 minutes ago

Video inside 50 Cent's Top 10 Rules for Success

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| By Hovi Bryant - 49 minutes ago

  1. Be You
  2. Believe in yourself
  3. Don't be ashamed of your past
  4. It'll happen when it's supposed to happen
  5. It's not about the money
  6. What will your legacy be?
  7. Do what you love
  8. Don't be afraid
  9. Give back
  10. Have a sense of humor

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50 minutes ago

Audio inside Key! - They Hate It (Prod. by Dexter Dukarus) #ScreamingDreams

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| By the coolest - 50 minutes ago

Screaming Dreams coming soon (July 8th?)

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2 hours ago

Video inside 50 Cent: What They Don't Teach You in Business School

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| By ogghosttrain - 2 hours ago

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3 hours ago

Video inside Strong words!! Nick Cannon - Intelligence Meets Wisdom! (Spoken Word)

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| By chosenwonder - 3 hours ago

Sorry if already posted.

This is the hardest, realest rap I've heard come from nick cannon. Whether he wrote it or not it's very deep imo.

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3 hours ago

Audio inside Yung Mazi - How To Get Away With Murder

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| By stansodmg - 3 hours ago

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3 hours ago

Article inside Complex review: Fwa 9/10*******

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| By Saddam1234 - 3 hours ago

1. "Glory" — Wayne is spitting wow, this beat gets an R.I.P it works a little better here as an intro than it did when it dropped dolo.
2. "He's Dead" — My first thought: "Oh God, is this some Rebirth sh*t???" But wow, I'm into it. "Rest in peace to the Cash Money Weezy, he's dead." Wayne is really going there off the rip. What I'm feeling most about this is it doesn't sound like the same Weezy song I've heard 18 times across his last seven projects.
3. "I Feel Good" — Lmao...Wayne bodied James Brown on his own sh*t??
4. "My Heart Races On" — Wayne is going through it. This is a lightweight memorial to the good ol YMCMB days.
5. "London Roads" — This album is so mellow so far. (Also, London on da Track is bipartisan in this Wayne-Thug schism, I take it?)
6. "I'm That Nigga" — Be careful what you wish for, Frazier. Wtf is this Lil Chuckee ass beat, bruh? What the hell is a HoodyBaby? SKIP
7. "Psycho" — "I fell asleep in it like Whitney"...Weezy sounds like 08 Weezy on this.
8. "Murda" — Cory Gunz is alive? Junior Reid's hook is basic, but I'm feeling this otherwise. Wayne and company murder this,good effort.
9. "Thinking Bout You" — "Bow wow wow yippie yo yippie yay/Can't trust these hoes to-day." Wayne pays homage to a Cash Money classic by U.N.L.V.
10. "Without You" — Bibi Bourelly kills this. She wrote Rihanna's "bi*ch Better Have My Money." This feature is a step forward for her. Simp Wayne is one of my favorite versions of Weezy.
11. "Post Bail Ballin" — Guess the bail wasn't too much cause Weezy got out on this one.
12. "Pull Up" — This album is only getting better. Euro had dope bars on that last Young Money tax-write-off group album. It'd be real cool if Wayne could put his technical skills to use for an entire album.
13. "Living Right" — My cousin just collected $50 from me. I bet against Brick Khalifa and what do you know? He lowkey killed this. Wtf is happening?
14. "White Girl" — This song is Modern Wayne in a microcosm. Over a plodding beat that Wayne nevertheless attacks ("It's Lil Wayne, nigga/I been the sh*t since Lil Zane, nigga"). Also, check out the Beyoncé and Solange lines.
Overall, I'd advise listening >>>>>>>
15. "Pick Up Your Heart" — And now we're back in Breakup Album mode. This is the best beat on the entire album. Do Cool & Dre even answer the phone for anyone except Wayne these days? This song is great.

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3 hours ago

Statik Selektah - Lucky 7 (2015)

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| By Gremlin - 3 hours ago

[01:21] 01. Intro (feat. Hannibal Buress)
[03:14] 02. Another Level (feat. Rapsody)
[03:21] 03. Beautiful Life (feat. Action Bronson and Joey Badass)
[03:22] 04. Hood Boogers (feat. Your Old Droog and Chauncy Sherod)
[02:58] 05. The Locker Room (feat. Dave East)
[04:01] 06. In The Wind (feat. Joey Badass, Big K.R.I.T. and Chauncy Sherod)
[03:39] 07. Crystal Clear (feat. Royce Da 5Â’9')
[02:32] 08. How You Feel (feat. Mick Jenkins)
[03:20] 09. Murder Game (feat. Smif N Wessun, Young M.A and Buckshot)
[02:54] 10. Gentlemen (feat. Illa Ghee, Sean Price and Fame of M.O.P.)
[03:07] 11. Bodega! (feat. Bodega Bamz)
[04:26] 12. The Trophy Room (feat. Skyzoo, Easy Money, Domo Genesis and Masspike Miles)
[04:36] 13. Sucker Free (feat. JFK)
[03:20] 14. Wall Flowers (feat. Your Old Droog, Termanology, and Lord Sear)
[03:19] 15. Top Tier (feat. Sean Price, Bun B, and Styles P)
[03:20] 16. Silver Lining (feat. ASAP Twelvyy, Kirk Knight, and Chauncy Sherod)
[03:24] 17. Cold (feat. Wais P and Jared Evan)
[03:39] 18. All You Need (feat. Action Bronson, Ab-Soul, and Elle Varner)
[04:43] 19. Scratch Off (feat. CJ Fly, Talib Kweli and Cane)
[03:31] 20. Alone (feat. Joey Badass)
[01:24] 21. HarleyÂ’s Blues

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3 hours ago

Ghostface Killah And Adrian Younge - Twelve Reasons To Die II (2015)

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| By Gremlin - 3 hours ago

Ghostface Killah And Adrian Younge - Twelve Reasons To Die II

01. Powerful One
02. Return of the Savage (Feat. Raekwon and Rza)
03. King of New York (Feat. Raekwon)
04. Rise Up (Feat. Scarub)
05. Daily News
06. Get the Money (Feat. Vince Staples)
07. Death's Invitation (Interlude Feat. RZA)
08. Death's Invitation (Feat. Scarub, Lyrics Born and Chino XL)
09. Let The Record Spin (Interlude feat. RZA)
10. Let The Record Spin (Feat. Raekwon)
11. Blackout (Feat. Raekwon)
12. Resurrection Morning (Feat. Raekwon and Bilal)
13. Life's a Rebirth (Feat. RZA)

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4 hours ago

Video inside Old Childish Gambino standup. Notice anything?

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| By Roo 50 - 4 hours ago

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4 hours ago

Video inside Peewee Longway Admits On Waiting On Gucci Mane To Get Out Before Signin Record Deal

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| By SlimDunkin - 4 hours ago

Peewee Longway real af!

he said " swear to god, love wop n everythin he ever did for everybody. Couldnt a did a better job"


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4 hours ago

Image inside On This Day, July 4, In Hip-Hop History…R.I.P Mausberg

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| By Avon_Barksdale - 4 hours ago

2000: On July 4, 2000, up and coming Compton rapper Johnny “Mausberg” Burns was murdered. Edit: Yesterday, July 4, 2015, marks fifteen years since his untimely death.

As a young affiliate of DJ Quik, Mausberg rose to prominence quickly in the California streets during the late 1990s. Some slated him to be the “West Coast Notorious B.I.G.” In the span of his short career, Maus appeared on famous complication albums and worked with the likes of Nate Dogg, Warren G and Snoop Dogg. Mausberg’s flow was on Snoop’s No Limit Top Dogg album on the track “Don’t Tell” in 1999.

Although he was young in the rap game, Mausberg was making all the right noise. With a debut albums nearly complete, Maus was robbed and shot multiple times while sitting in the passenger seat of a car in his hometown on July 4, 2000.

Maus was signed under Sheppard Lane Records and the company released his debut album, Non Fiction, after his death. Mausberg was 21 years old.

In 2007, XXL spoke with DJ Quik on the anniversary of his protege’s death. “He was such a big talent. He was bigger than life,” Quik said of the budding MC.

R.I.P Mausberg. -r-p-mausberg/

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4 hours ago

Article inside Lil Wayne Breaking his Own Records

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| By Dollarsign - 4 hours ago

24 hours later... 3.1 Million Hits/600 plus Comments AND STILL COUNTING. Wayne breaks his own records! #FWA

This Guy Following is strong and Loyal Crazy!!!
even rappers with better skills can't stop what he have done to the game.

*tweet embedded

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15 hours ago

Audio inside Young Thug - Paradise (CDQ)

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| By WhyEsElvrSurfer - 15 hours ago

Our patience has paid off, YSLimes and Apes

Now it's time for Again


Shots at Wayne in the beginning
@-The Snitch- @whitesand @Flawless700

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16 hours ago

Audio inside Lil Boosie Badazz - Really Really

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| By deLeet - 16 hours ago

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16 hours ago

Video inside Thugga winning!! IPhone commercial, with "good times" in background

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| By Flawless700 - 16 hours ago

Snitch where you at with the meanwhile???

That bi*ch Wanye I know is heated.

Just saw the commerical on tv

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17 hours ago

Audio inside Chris Rivers - "Catfish Love" f. Tyler Woods

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| By d2921 - 17 hours ago

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17 hours ago

Audio inside Young Thug - Like ft. Trae The Truth & Skeme !!!!

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| By SlimDunkin - 17 hours ago

look what i jus found

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17 hours ago

Video inside G-Unit & TMT Fontainebleau Pool Party

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| By A.Dot789 - 17 hours ago

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Jul 4 - Scientist claims immortality within reach :ohnoes:

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