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Most controversial rap albums?

By TROLLUMINATI187 - 1 hour ago


willie d - welfare bi*ches

the convicts-illegal aliens


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Image inside Big Sean - Dark Sky Paradise (album coming soon)

By GigantesWon - 1 hour ago


Well, earlier this month Big Sean told us that his new album would be his darkest yet, and today its title and cover art confirms it as his upcoming album will be titled Dark Sky Paradise. Check out the cover art below and our recent interview with Sean here. Dark Sky Paradise is set to have features from Drake, Kanye West and more!
Sorry if a Repost. Will delete if needed.

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Throwback: Jay-Z puts 50 Cent on suicide watch (It's Hot-1999)

By ECam The God - 3 hours ago

I'm about the dollars what the fu*k is 50 Cents?:jaycigar:

Top Snitch Curtis never got over that L:hah:

All hail Emperor Hov:jaysuccess:

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Image inside 15 Years Ago The LOX Dropped...Where Were You Back In 2000?

By Avon_Barksdale - 3 hours ago

Where were you on Jan 25, 2000? :stressed:

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Image inside Kanye West "I'm Not Signing That Pic, That's Kim's OTHER Wedding!"

By Avon_Barksdale - 3 hours ago

Kanye West had a sweet moment when he arrived in D.C. Sunday. A fan wanted him to sign a picture of his bride Kim Kardashian on their wedding day, Problem is, the guy had the wrong groom! Kanye and Kim were making their way to their limo when the autograph hound extended his arm, photo in hand. Turns out it was from wedding number 2, when Kim married pro-basketball player Kris Humphries . You would think Kanye would have blanched, but this is the new, improved, hyper-social Kanye West!


TMZ Video:


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Video inside Lil Wayne Is Hosting A “Sorry 4 The Wait 2” Listening Party, Sends Shots To Birdman On Twitter

By Danny M - 3 hours ago


Lil Wayne normally parties at LIV nightclub on Sunday evenings for “LIV on Sunday’s”, but tonight will be different as Birdman and his Rich Gang friends are hosting a party there!

So Tunechi will instead be hosting a listening party that is invite-only for his Sorry 4 The Wait 2 mixtape at The Villa By Barton G in Miami Beach, Florida.

Weezy also went on Twitter yesterday to announce this party and even sent shots to Baby: “SFTW2 party tomorrow night at da Versace mansion! Fux wit me!! U won’t be sorry no u won’t be sorry! Go to LIV for what?”
Lil Wayne Is Hosting A “Sorry 4 The Wait 2” Listening Party, Sends Shots To Birdman On Twitter

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Troy Ave announces big news

By A.Dot789 - 3 hours ago

*tweet embedded

2015 is Troy Ave's year :success:
The haters are sick :westbrooksmirk:

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Video inside Never Before Seen: Ol’ Dirty B*stard Raw and Uncut Interview

By UghhFan - 10 hours ago

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Video inside Jay Z Forcing A Laugh On Late Night

By Frasier - 10 hours ago

This got me dying... :jayhah:

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Video inside Riff Raff with the Aquaberry Bangs...

By GBREEZE - 10 hours ago

this nigga is a clown


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Rapper with a terrible name battles another rapper with a terrible name
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Jarren Benton - Slow Motion EP (2015)
By KJHARDY - 1 day ago - 0 comments

NE-YO - Non-Fiction (2015)
By ROC585 - 1 day ago - 6 comments

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