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Video inside Jae Millz says Lil Wayne Was Quick to Sign Me to YMCMB in Vlad Interview

By Guvnor - 4 hours ago

:mjlol: Of course he was. They got your soul in the thrift shop now but not your album.

Also he doesn't deny that he is writing :iseeyou:

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Image inside Wiz Khalifa Says Amber Rose Split Rumors Are False, Has Show Cancelled In Michigan

By Avon_Barksdale - 4 hours ago

Wiz Khalifa says no one should "pay attention to the hype" regarding rumors he split with Amber Rose, has his September 13 show at Michigan State was cancelled due to fan shooting.

There had been some speculation as to whether Wiz Khalifa and his wife Amber Rose were in hot water with each other and contemplating divorce. The Pittsburgh native recently put those rumors to rest.

Recently speaking with Columbus, Ohio's Power 107.5, Wiz said the rumors aren't true and that he and Amber actually celebrated their one-year anniversary the day after his latest album Blacc Hollywood was released.


"Nah, hell nah," he said when asked about the rumors. "I wouldn't pay attention to the hype. It's actually our one year anniversary today."
Also during the interview Wiz was asked about the Michael Brown case and the recent protests that came from it in Ferguson, Missouri.


"I think it's really unfortunate and it's something that kind of repeats itself especially in African American history where it takes a tragic situation to bring light to a situation where people need to come together, support each other whether it be one person's family or an entire city," he explained. "At the end of the day these are real life situations where we all need to support each other and have each other's best interests in mind."
Wiz Khalifa's September 13 show at Michigan State University was recently cancelled after a man was fatally killed backstage at a tour stop last weekend. According to the Hattisburg American, a ”review of recent events and assessment of campus concerns” ended the show's slated occurrence. It is unclear if the recent shooting was the cause however it was soon after it that the school made the cancelation announcement.

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Video inside Daylyt says "Skill Is Not a Factor in Today's Hip-Hop" during Vlad TV Interview

By Guvnor - 4 hours ago

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Article inside Killer Mike Wants More Police Athletic Leagues, Less Armored Tanks

By ogghosttrain - 4 hours ago

Suddenly a de-facto spokesman for a subset of reactions to Ferguson, Missouri, Killer Mike continues to bring his unique, evocative, and thoughtful opinions to the media following the murder of Michael Brown earlier this month.

Mike recently appeared on FOX Business, alongside Kennedy (of Â’90s MTV fame). Entering with some powerful blanket statements regarding his name, his arrest record, and his support of the 4th Amendment and the National Rifle Association, the Run The Jewels Rap star moves forward in speaking about keeping police officers safe.

Bigga, whose father and cousin are in the Atlanta Police Department, wants police to have more community engagement through outlets like the Police Athletic League, more than armored tanks, as has been the case with FergusonÂ’s protests.

Further, Mike demands that community members “know their police” through these platforms. The rapper champions small election voting, and building two-way relationships with departments, especially surrounding rights.

Mike lambasts the local Ferguson Police Chief for the various perceived infractions following the Michael Brown murder, including tear gas on American protestors, fears of moving towards an Occupied state, and why he does not qualify his points and opinions with race.

Killer Mike Wants More Police Athletic Leagues, Less Armored Tanks (Video)

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Video inside Big Boy Teaches Godfather 50 Cent How to Throw a Baseball| BigBoyTV

By JNumbaNC - 4 hours ago

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Video inside Floyd Mayweather takes a shot at 50 Cent when asked about ALS bet

By A.Dot789 - 4 hours ago

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If Detox did drop, what would them first week sales look like?

By SOD RG - 4 hours ago

I personally think Dr Dre is more scared than 50 to flop. I understand though, if I was Dre I wouldn't want Need A Dr and Kush to be the songs introducing my last album to the world. I guess he just doesn't have the right songs yet. I think if detox would have dropped back when the singles were in place that it would have been kinda ass. But if detox was to drop now what them first week sales look like? What u think? Or do you think Dre would pull a bi*ch move with apple to fake sell copies like Jay & Samsung? 375k I'm being nice.

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Video inside Kid Cudi Faints During North Coast Music Festival Performance

By Avon_Barksdale - 4 hours ago

*tweet embedded

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*tweet embedded

Kid Cudi collapsed in the midst of his headlining performance at the North Coast Music Festival in Chicago last night (August 30).

In footage uploaded to Youtube by a concertgoer the Satellite Flight rapper can be seen walking around the press area below stage before signing an autograph for a fan. Shortly after signing the autograph Kid Cudi collapsed backwards before being carried away by the security team on hand. The incident took place while the artist was performing his 2009 single “Pursuit of Happiness.”

Cudi took to Twitter shortly after the performance to quell fears of serious health concerns, blaming the faint on not eating well leading up to the festival.

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Video inside 50 Cent talks about his past & music career [Chronicles Documentary]

By A.Dot789 - 4 hours ago

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Article inside Boldy James Describes What Nas Is Like

By Avon_Barksdale - 4 hours ago

@Nuff Ganja :nasshocked: or :nasdatass2: ? :agreement1:

Nas, Mac Miller and Boldy James came together in a Southern California studio three months ago. An image from the session emerged on Miller's Instagram page, making fans of the three emcees wonder what the trio was working on. MTV's Rob Markman referred to it as a "Hip Hop Dream Come True" in a headline about the photograph. XXL's G. Valentino Ball said the "Hip Hop universe can only hope" for some music from the three acts. James, now signed to Nas' Mass Appeal Records imprint, says music did come from the studio run.


"Mac [Miller] cooked up the beat from scratch," he says in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. "I see big home [Nas] scribbling his sh*t, whipping his sh*t up, inking some crazy sh*t up. I'm over here trying to think, 'What the fu*k do I say in the studio with Mac Miller and Nas?'"
Boldy's response came easily as he answered his question with,

"I'ma do the best me I can do."
Throughout the session, Boldy was able to see similarities between himself and his new label boss.


"He a real laid back, smooth guy," James says of Nas. "He reminded me a lot of myself, so I could see where the interest probably comes in. I'm not a real animated guy. You feel me? I'm just kicking the sh*t, talking my sh*t. Just like my dude do."
Boldy, who says he was raised off Nas' discography, was also happy that he wasn't disappointed when he met one of his favorite emcees.


"He was actually everything that I thought he would be when I met him," Boldy says.
That's not always the case in this industry, he adds.


"You meet a lot of niggas and when you meet 'em, you find out they some cornballing-ass-square-dancing-niggas and you lose interest in being a fan of theirs," he says. "So, Nas was just a good dude. He was the nigga who I thought he was."
Nas, Boldy James, Fashawn and Bishop Nehru are among the acts working on the upcoming Mass Appeal Records compilation album, set to be released September 2.

Mac Miller's post featuring Nas and Boldy is below.

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Image inside BX, I Need One Of Ya' Ninjas To Upload A Link For Every Raekwon #tbt Series He's Dropped
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