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10 hours ago

PS4 ASK Update unlocked the 7th CPU core for gamung

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| By AllThatPiff - 10 hours ago

Recent PS4 SDK update unlocked 7th CPU core for gaming
Since launch of PS4 we had many reports from devs that games on PS4 can access only 6 CPU cores, while the other two were dedicated to OS. Here is one of them from GG and their postmortem on making launch game Killzone Shadowfall [full PDF]:

In effort of trying to get at least some performance back against PS4 that took commanding lead with 50% stronger GPU and more dev-friendly memory system, Xbox One team at MS unlocked 7th CPU core [shared between game and some OS services] and added a slight overclocking, which has over the last year provided some wins against PS4 in heavy CPU-processing scenarios. Now it looks like Sony has updated its SDK [as quietly as always] and enabled their developers to also access 7th CPU core. Proof comes from the changelog of the recent update of FMOD, a popular audio gaming middleware.

Firelight Technologies FMOD Studio API
Detailed Revision History

17/11/15 1.07.03 - Studio API patch release (build 69975)


LowLevel API - When using System::recordStart the provided FMOD::Sound can now be any channel count, up/down mixing will be performed as necessary.
LowLevel API - Improved performance of convolution reverb effect when wet is 0 or input goes idle.
LowLevel API - PS4 - Added FMOD_THREAD_CORE6 to allow access to the newly unlocked 7th core. /revision.html
[found by Mabru from B3D]

While MS was very loud with promotion on their SKD updates [they needed a good word mouth this gen], Sony is usually very quiet on their releases, even substantial ones [PSP CPU overclocking abbility, numerous PSP&Vita&PS3 shrinking of OS memory footprint,etc]. On the same page you can find that FMOD got support for 7th Xbone core in January of 2015.

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10 hours ago

Article inside Dead or Alive Extreme3 not coming to U.S. because of feminism and political correctness

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| By mr_underground - 10 hours ago

You want the boobs? YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE BOOBS!

The backstory for the Dead or Alive Xtreme video games almost sounds like a parody. No matter how many attack reversals, tag-team combos, or multi-tiered arenas publisher Koei Tecmo crams into the long-running Dead or Alive fighting series, the first thing gamers everywhere associate with it is the massive chests of its female characters.

“In that case, why not ditch all the fighting elements and shift even more focus to the bouncing breasts?” seems to have been the logic behind making Dead or Alive Xtreme Volleyball, the 2003 title that jettisoned male players from the playable cast and plunked the series’ female martial artists on the sand for a mix of sports, mini-games, and bikini dress-up.

But if that all sounds like a joke, the development team team has been laughing all the way to the bank. After strong sales of the original spinoff, Dead or Alive Xtreme got a full-fledged sequel in 2006 and a scaled-down portable version, Dead or Alive Paradise, in 2010.

Koei Tecmo is set to go back to this soft, supple well again with Dead or Alive Xtreme 3, a multi-platform release for both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. While the game isn’t quite finished yet, Koei Tecmo has been releasing a steady stream of updates showing off the game’s visuals and gameplay.

Fans in Japan are eagerly anticipating the game’s February 25 release date, when the summery graphics should make the fantasies it’s offering doubly appealing. Gamers in the U.S. and Europe, though, will be left out in the cold, according to this statement made by the developers in response to a Facebook query about Dead or Alive Xtreme 3:

“We do not bring DOAX3 to the west and won’t have any plan change in the future. Thank you for asking.”

“Do you know many issues happening in video game industry with regard to how to treat female in video game industry? We do not want to talk those things here. But certainly we have gone through in last year or two to come to our decision. Thank you.”

The “issues” being referred to are no doubt increased sensitivity in the west regarding how female characters are portrayed in works of fiction, video games included. So while all three prior Dead or Alive Xtreme games were released in North America and Europe, it looks like the third numbered installment is staying exclusive to Japan.

But while Koei Tecmo’s decision of where to release the game is being affected by overseas attitudes, those sensibilities don’t seem to have influenced what content is actually being put into the game itself. The Japanese version of Dead or Alive 3 (which is now the only version) seems to be operating under the nonchalant acceptance in Japanese society that, yeah, most guys enjoy looking at slim, busty women in bikinis.

n any case, Koei Tecmo’s decision not to publish Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 in western territories isn’t going to prevent anyone who really wants to play the game from doing so. Japanese PlayStation 4 software is compatible with consoles sold in North America and Europe, and it’s not like the game’s deep gameplay or rich story require strong proficiency in the Japanese language.

Granted, specially importing the game means western fans will have to pay a few extra bucks, but that really shouldn’t be an issue. Given how very specific Dead or Alive Xtreme’s niche is, price-based demand for the game is far, far less elastic than its stars’ chests.

UPDATE: Championing the game for the North American market is game developer HuniePot, which made a name for itself with its tile matching/adult dating simulator HuniePop, which released last January. Compared to the explicit sexual content of HuniePop, and its currently in-development HunieCam Studio (which invites players to “Become the ultimate smut peddler!”), Dead or Alive Xtreme 3’s scenes of bikini-clad young women frolicking on the sand and relaxing by the poolside seem squeaky clean, and are well within the limits of what HuniePot is comfortable attaching its name to, and the company says it would happily pay Koei Tecmo one million dollars for the rights to publish the game in North America.

On the other side of the Atlantic, Instacodez, an online video game retailer with offices in Dubai and Madrid, is offering twice as much, although without specifying whether its figure is in US dollars or Euros. due-to-issues/

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12 hours ago

Image inside Star Wars:KOTOR free for Android

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| By RileyEsco - 12 hours ago

For all the BX fam on an Android, it's currently free on the Amazon App store. o-apps&sr=1-12

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13 hours ago

Video inside Top 10 Worst Fighting Games

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| By Duke Togo - 13 hours ago

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13 hours ago

Video inside NBA 2k16 Play Now - Houston Should Take Notes!

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| By PBC - 13 hours ago

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24 hours ago

Target.coms #1 Console for Black Friday 2015

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| By Snow - 24 hours ago

Offering the Uncharted PlayStation 4 bundle for $299.99, the Gears of War Xbox One bundle for $299.99 plus a $60 gift card, and the Super Smash Bros + Splatoon Wii U bundle for $249.99, Target has announced that the Wii U was not only the best-selling console through their website this Black Friday, but also the #1 item overall.

With deals beginning early on Thanksgiving, Target saw its biggest day for online sales yet on Thursday, and the best-selling Black Friday items were highlighted by the retailer:

-Gaming consoles were popular in stores and online, including Nintendo Wii U, which was the top selling item on

-Apple iPads were top sellers in stores and online. On average, Target sold an iPad every second throughout the day on Thanksgiving. Apple Watch was especially popular in stores.

-Movies were a big hit in stores with guests buying more than 3 million on Thanksgiving.

Target CEO Brian Cornell talked about their Black Friday success:

Target got a head start going into Black Friday with the record-breaking launch of Adele’s new album and our ‘10 Days of Deals’ promotion. The momentum continued with our Black Friday presale, and on Thanksgiving, we saw millions of shoppers take advantage of great offers online and in our stores. Overall, the response from our guests has been very positive, with some of the best days we’ve seen on We expect to see the demand continue throughout the weekend and into December as we offer more savings on the year’s most popular gifts, including Star Wars and Apple products.

With such a strong showing at Target this Black Friday, do you think the Wii U could potentially beat the PS4 and Xbox One as the top-selling console for November?

http://www.playstationlif... box-one-wii-u/

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1 day ago

Article inside Lizard Squad Brings PSN Down? Test Run for Christmas?

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| By acegutta22 - 1 day ago


PlayStation Network is down on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. Sony has updated its PlayStation status page to confirm the outage, and dozens of people are complaining that they can’t sign into PSN on social media. This downtime is preventing players from enjoying online multiplayer games like Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Destiny: The Taken King, and Star Wars: Battlefront. But the problem is also affecting primarily single-player games that require a connection to PlayStation Network as well as video services like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and Hulu Plus. 7/psn-is-down/

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1 day ago

Video inside Black Ops 3 Gameplay (29-8)

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| By Golden Flamez - 1 day ago

I know I'm late with the cod videos but here's a decent one. If u tryna link and run some games lemme know

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1 day ago

Image inside PS4 Remote Play Support Coming To PC/Mac

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| By GoSensGo - 1 day ago

*tweet embedded

No additional details at this moment.

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1 day ago

Image inside Dreamcast: Nov. 27 Marks 17th Anniversary of Sega Video Game Console Release

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| By Rawfury - 1 day ago

im old as fu*k man.

It might have been the Dreamcast’s 16th birthday in America a few months back, but today actually marks the console’s full and proper 17th birthday, since it was on November 27, 1998 that the Dreamcast was first released in Japan.

RIP, little guy. Your controller is still a thing of wonder.

A moment for gaming history. Lets not act like ya'll niggas didnt burn the games on blank discs(the hustle) ium=Socialflow

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2 days ago

Video inside Wayment.....Michael Jackson was a playable character in Ready 2 Rumble? :deadpg:

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| By CadillacVyse - 2 days ago

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2 days ago

Image inside Xbox game prices slashed up to 50% in Microsoft Store Black Friday sale

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| By Bazileus - 2 days ago

$10 gift code with some purchases


Assassin’s Creed Syndicate with $10 gift code – $39.99
Forza 6 with $10 gift code – $34.99

Gears of War Ultimate Edition – $14.99

Madden NFL 16 with $10 gift code – $26.99

Destiny: The Taken King Legendary Edition with $10 gift code – $34.99

Dying Light – $14.99

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt with $10 gift code – $24.99
Mad Max with $10 gift code – $24.99

Batman: Arkham Knight with $10 gift code – $24.99

Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition – $19.99
There's a lot more

http://www.microsoftstore... SZFCjWPr0ATw)()

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2 days ago

2015 PSN Flash Sale Black Friday

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| By Snow - 2 days ago

PlayStation 4 Games

Arcania: The Complete Tale – $15.00
Assassin’s Creed Syndicate – $35.99
Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Gold Edition – $52.19
Axiom Verge – $13.99
Batman: Arkham Knight – $37.49
Batman: Arkham Knight Premium Edition – $62.99
Batman: Arkham Knight Season Pass – $29.99
Blood Bowl 2 – $34.99
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Digital Deluxe Edition – $89.99
Capsule Force – $6.00
Color Guardians – $6.00 (cross-buy)
Darksiders 2 Deathinitive Edition – $23.99
Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess – $25.00
Destiny: The Taken King Add-On – Price Not Shown
Destiny: The Taken King Legendary Edition – $39.59
Destiny: The Taken King Collector’s Edition – $49.59
Dishonored Definitive Edition – $15.20
Evolve Season Pass 2 – $12.50
Extreme Exorcism – $11.69 (cross-buy)
Farming Simulator 15 – $34.99
FIFA 16 – $35.99
Godzilla – $12.00
Grand Theft Auto V – $35.99
Grand Theft Auto V + Great White Shark Card – $40.00
Hatoful Boyfriend – $5.00
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number – $7.50 (cross-buy)
I Am Bread – $9.74
J-Stars Victory VS+ – $18.00
King’s Quest The Complete Collection – $29.59
Legend of Kay Anniversary – $15.00
LEGO Jurassic World – $34.99
Madden NFL 16 – $35.99
Mad Max – $44.99
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – $44.99
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor GOTY – $23.99
Minecraft: Story Mode Season Pass – $18.74
NBA 2K16 – $47.99
NBA 2K16 Michael Jordan Edition – $59.99
Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere of Influence – $47.99
Nova-111 – $7.50 (cross-buy)
N++ – $13.99
Onechanbara Z2: Chaos – $20.00
PES 2016 Digital Bundle – $44.99
PES 2016 20th Anniversary Bundle – $52.49
Project CARS – $20.00
Pure Hold’em – $17.99
Risen 3: Enhanced Edition – $23.99
Samurai Warriors 4-II – $39.99
Skylanders SuperChargers Portal Owner’s Pack – $29.49
The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 – $10.00
The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited – $24.00
The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited Imperial Edition – $32.00
The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited Premium Edition – $40.00
The Order: 1886 – $10.00
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – $25.00
Titan Souls – $7.50
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 – $29.40
Tour de France 2015 – $20.00
Toy Soldiers: War Chest – $8.99
Toy Soldiers: War Chest Hall of Fame Edition – $15.00
Transformers Devastation – $24.50
Trials Fusion Awesome Max Edition – $16.00
Wolfenstein: The New Order – $9.00
Wolfenstein: The Old Blood – $6.60
WWE 2K16 – $44.99
WWE 2K16 Digital Deluxe Edition – $60.29
Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist – $14.99
PlayStation 3 Games

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 – $39.49
Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess – $25.00
Destiny: The Taken King Add-On – Price Not Shown
Destiny: The Taken King Legendary Edition – $39.59
Destiny: The Taken King Collector’s Edition – $49.59
Extreme Exorcism – $11.69 (cross-buy)
Farming Simulator 15 – $27.99
FIFA 16 – $35.99
Godzilla – $12.00
Grand Theft Auto V – $25.20
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number – $7.50 (cross-buy)
J-Stars Victory VS+ – $12.00
King’s Quest The Complete Collection – $29.59
Legend of Kay Anniversary – $3.75
LEGO Jurassic World – $27.99
Madden NFL 16 – $35.99
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – $37.49
Minecraft: Story Mode Season Pass – $18.74
NBA 2K16 – $47.99
Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere of Influence – $39.99
Nova-111 – $7.50 (cross-buy)
PES 2016 Digital Bundle – $37.49
PES 2016 20th Anniversary Bundle – $44.99
Samurai Warriors 4-II – $31.99
Skylanders SuperChargers Portal Owner’s Pack – $29.49
The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 – $3.00
Tour de France 2015 – $16.00
Transformers Devastation – $24.50
WWE 2K16 – $44.99
PlayStation Vita Games

Amnesia: Memories – $9.00
Color Guardians – $6.00 (cross-buy)
Hatoful Boyfriend – $5.00
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number – $7.50 (cross-buy)
Hyperdimension Neptunia ReBirth3: V Generation – $12.00
Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed – $12.00
J-Stars Victory VS+ – $12.00
LEGO Jurassic World – $13.99
Nova-111 – $7.50 (cross-buy)
Samurai Warriors 4-II – $31.99
Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment – $10.00
Titan Souls – $7.50
*Prices are in USD and may be higher in Canada.

http://www.playstationlif... eals/#/slide/1

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3 days ago

Namco Bandais loading screen patent is expiring this Friday

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| By Da Ill One - 3 days ago

Ever wondered why your typical video game loading screens are filled with lore or random tips? Well, there are plenty of companies who had wanted to put minigames in loading games, but they were unable to do so due to a patent that Namco Bandai has held for the past 20 years since 1995: patent US 5718632 A, which gives them ownership of putting minigames on loading screens. Companies who want to keep players entertained during those dreadful minutes either have to pay Namco Bandai for the right to do, or find some other way to keep people entertained.

However, the good news is that the 20 years are finally up, with the patent expiring this Friday. To celebrate this momentous occasion, a “Loading Screen Jam” will be held on Friday in order to “stick it to the man”, as said by the organisers. The jam is about creating interactive loading screens, or creating games or interactive material based on “infringing the now-defunct patent in any way possible”.


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3 days ago

Video inside Attack on Titan-Trailer 2

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| By Chuck_Remixed - 3 days ago

February 2016 for Japan. No release date for the west yet.

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3 days ago

PSN Co-Op Sale: Up to 80% Off Borderlands, Rocket League and More

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| By Chuck_Remixed - 3 days ago

10% Discount Code: FH24P5BDR6
*Note* You might want to hold on to the discount code cuz Sony kinda hinted at a black friday sale.

Hi everyone! The holiday season is fast-approaching and we’re getting into the spirit of giving with deals on games best played together. Save up to 80 percent on co-op and multiplayer titles you can enjoy with family and friends, on the couch or online. PlayStation Plus members save up to 90 percent.

The one-time use only 10% Storewide Coupon can be combined with all upcoming sales and offers throughout their promotion windows (including any Black Friday deals that may or may not be coming your way *wink, wink). So choose wisely, but don’t wait too long – all qualifying purchases must be made by December 1, 2015.
First price is the sale without being a psplus member, the second price is the price with psplus.


Battlefield 4 PS4 $15.00 $12.00 $29.99
Battlefield 4 Premium Edition PS4 $24.00 $18.00 $59.99
Battlefield Hardline PS4 $21.99 $19.99 $39.99
Battlefield Hardline Deluxe Edition PS4 $24.74 $22.49 $44.99
Battlefield Hardline Ultimate Edition PS4 $49.49 $44.99 $89.99
Borderlands: The Handsome Collection PS4 $27.00 $24.00 $59.99
Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons PS4 $10.00 $8.00 $19.99
Castlestorm Definitive Edition PS4 $6.00 $4.50 $14.99
Defense Grid 2 PS4 $6.00 $4.50 $14.99
Diablo III: Reaper Of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition PS4 $34.79 $29.39 $59.99
Evolve PS4 $18.00 $16.00 $39.99
Evolve Digital Deluxe PS4 $22.50 $20.00 $49.99
Far Cry 4 PS4 $30.00 $19.80 $59.99
Fluster Cluck PS4 $3.00 $1.50 $9.99
Lara Croft And The Temple Of Osiris PS4 $8.00 $6.00 $19.99
Lara Croft And The Temple Of Osiris & Season Pass Pack (Deluxe Edition) PS4 $11.60 $8.70 $28.99
Overruled! PS4 $6.00 $4.50 $14.99
Payday 2: Crimewave Edition PS4 $25.00 $20.00 $49.99
Penarium PS4 $6.99 $5.99 $9.99
Rayman Legends PS4 $20.00 $16.00 $39.99
Rocket League PS4 $13.99 $11.99 $19.99
Towerfall Ascension PS4 $6.00 $4.50 $14.99
Trine 2: Complete Story PS4 $4.00 $2.00 $19.99
Ultra Street Fighter IV PS4 $17.49 $14.99 $24.99
Army Of Two: Fortieth Day PSP $4.00 $2.00 $19.99

Army Of Two The Devil’s Cartel PS3 $4.00 $2.00 $19.99
Battlefield 4 PS3 $10.00 $8.00 $19.99
Battlefield 4 Premium Edition PS3 $24.00 $18.00 $59.99
Battlefield Hardline PS3 $21.99 $19.99 $39.99
Battlefield Hardline Deluxe Edition PS3 $24.74 $22.49 $44.99
Battlefield Hardline Ultimate Edition PS3 $49.49 $44.99 $89.99
Bomberman Party Edition (PSone Classic) PS3 $2.40 $1.80 $5.99
Borderlands 2 PS3 $6.00 $5.00 $19.99
Borderlands: Borderlands: Ultimate Edition PS3 $9.00 $7.50 $29.99
Borderlands: The Pre-sequel PS3 $21.99 $19.99 $39.99
Bust-a-move 4 (PSone Classic) PS3 $2.40 $1.80 $5.99
Castle Crashers Trial PS3 $4.50 $3.00 $14.99
Castlestorm Complete Edition (PS3 & Vita) PS3 $4.50 $3.00 $14.99
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare PS3 $7.94 $5.84 $14.99
Contra: Shattered Soldier (PS2 Classic) PS3 $2.50 $1.50 $9.99
Diablo III: Reaper Of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition PS3 $23.19 $19.59 $39.99
Double Dragon Neon PS3 $2.00 $1.00 $9.99
Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z PS3 $12.00 $9.00 $29.99
Dragon’s Crown PS3 $20.99 $17.99 $29.99
Far Cry 4 PS3 $30.00 $19.80 $59.99
Final Exam PS3 $5.00 $2.50 $9.99
Jeopardy! (PS3 Full Game – D&D) PS3 $8.00 $4.00 $19.99
Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days PS3 $4.00 $2.00 $19.99
Kane & Lynch: Dead Men PS3 $3.00 $1.50 $14.99
Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light Trial PS3 $4.50 $3.00 $14.99
Max Payne 3 (PS3 Full Game) (D&D) PS3 $6.00 $5.00 $19.99
Max Payne 3 (PS3 Full Game) (D&D): Max Payne 3: The Complete Edition PS3 $7.50 $6.00 $29.99
Max Payne 3 Complete & Red Dead Redemption Bundle PS3 $6.60 $5.10 $29.99
Max Payne 3: Max Payne 3 Rockstar Pass PS3 $4.50 $3.75 $14.99
Metal Slug X (PSone Classic) PS3 $2.40 $1.80 $5.99
Midnight Club Los Angeles: Complete Edition – Digital PS3 $6.00 $5.00 $19.99
MX vs. ATV: Alive – Digital PS3 $8.00 $4.00 $19.99
MX vs. ATV Supercross PS3 $12.00 $6.00 $29.99
Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One PS3 $10.49 $7.49 $14.99
Rayman Legends (PS3 Full Game) PS3 $20.00 $16.00 $39.99
Realms Of Ancient War PS3 $3.00 $2.00 $9.99
Red Faction: Guerrilla Digital PS3 $8.00 $4.00 $19.99
Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition (Digital) PS3 $10.50 $7.50 $29.99
Resident Evil 6 PS3 $8.00 $6.00 $19.99
Resident Evil Revelations PS3 $12.00 $9.00 $29.99
Serious Sam 3: BFE PS3 $5.00 $2.00 $19.99
Tales From Space: About A Blob Trial PS3 $4.00 $2.00 $7.99
Tales From Space: About A Blob Trial: Tales From Space: About A Blob Premium Bundle PS3 $5.00 $2.50 $9.99
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows PS3 $5.85 $4.95 $14.99
Trine 2 PS3 $3.00 $1.50 $14.99
Ultra Street Fighter IV PS3 $20.00 $16.00 $39.99
Wheel Of Fortune (PS3 Full Game – D&D) PS3 $8.00 $4.00 $19.99

Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z PS Vita $8.00 $6.00 $19.99
Dragon’s Crown PS Vita $20.99 $17.99 $29.99
Rayman Legends PS Vita $13.50 $10.80 $26.99
Resident Evil Revelations 2 PS Vita $20.99 $17.99 $29.99
Unit 13 PS Vita $10.49 $7.49 $14.99 ague-and-more/

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3 days ago

Sony reveals range of playstation vr & controller tracking combinations

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| By Da Ill One - 3 days ago

User tracking is an essential part of any high end virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD), and PlayStation VR is no different. Sony Computer Entertainment’s (SCE’s) upcoming device users the PlayStation Camera to track lights that emit from the HMD, much like it does with the DualShock 4 controller and its light bar. The PlayStation 4 can track up to four devices in any combination with this system. Recently, SCE itself has showcased just how varied those combinations can become.

The image above is taken from a slide showing during SCE Technical Account Manager Vernon Harmon’s recent ‘Embrace Virtual Reality with PlayStation VR‘ talk at the 2015 Montreal International Game Summit. It showcases six different combinations of tracked devices. Note that each seems to contain five devices in total, suggesting PlayStation VR itself doesn’t count as one four. One setup includes the HMD and four DualShock 4s, while the rest show various combinations of the HMD, the controller and the PlayStation Move motion controller.

But this isn’t a strict limit, as Harmoned explained: “As you can see from this sampling there are a lot of different combinations of tracked controllers that can give you a number of different multiplayer configurations. And this isn’t even taking to account that you can have a second screen controlled experience on a mobile device that’s used as additional control inputs. And also this is only local control configurations; you could have networked situations that introduce more combinations with other VR headsets and controllers.”

PlayStation VR is set to ship in H1 2016. VRFocus will continue to follow the device closely, reporting back with the latest updates on its progress.

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3 days ago

PS4 is two months ahead of the PS2 in sales

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| By Snow - 3 days ago

Sony’s news this morning that the PS4 had passed 30.2M units sold to consumers is pretty impressive. To truly understand why its a significant feat, we have to look back on Sony’s PS2.

The PS2 came out in 2000 and took 26 months to reach the 30.2M mark for sold to consumers, the PS4 is hitting in 2 months early at 24. To be fair, the PS2 did have one more competitor than the PS4. The Dreamcast, Xbox and GameCube were all vying for the attention of consumers so the PS2’s number could be just as impressive or close to it in that regard.

Of course, the PS2 really took off when the system dropped from $299 to $199 in May 2002. It remains to be seen if Sony will drop the PS4’s price in a similar fashion in 2016, opting for a small $50 cut last month.

Another factor is that the PS2 had a much healthier Japanese console market and still couldn’t reach the PS4’s current sales in the same time period. The PS4 has begun selling a bit better in Japan since its most recent price drop, over 20k per week which is up from 8k-12k per week, so the fact that the PS4 has gotten to 30M off mostly Europe and the US makes this number even more eye catching. Imagine if the PS4 had always been selling a steady rate in Japan? It could already be at 32-34M.

So don’t let anyone tell you the home console is dying out. Sony’s PS4 console is outpacing their greatest console success story, the PS2, by two whole months. The markets for each console are wildly different so this isn’t an entirely an apples-to-apples comparison but the fact that we can say it at all in 2015 after years of naysayers predicting the death of consoles is a positive sign for the whole industry.


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3 days ago

Video inside PS Plus: Free Games for December, 2015

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| By Snow - 3 days ago

Full Lineup:

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, PS3
Freedom Wars, PS Vita
Gauntlet: Slayer Edition, PS4
King’s Quest — Chapter 1: A Knight to Remember, PS4
Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken, PS Vita

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3 days ago

Video inside Baseball Riot coming to Xbox One, Win 10, PS4, Vita, in December.

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| By Snow - 3 days ago

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Slowbucks Goons Pulled Up On 50 Cent At Club Lust & Left With Their Heads Leak..
1 day ago
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Image inside BREAKING: Kendrick Lamar x J Cole - Black Friday (Album In Feb)
1 day ago
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Image inside violet aura, Highimstefani, AngelinaBankss (which ever is her real na..
24 hours ago
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BOX 11/28/2015 - Wladimir Klitschko vs Tyson Fury - Official Fight/Predicti..
1 day ago
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Nov 27 - UPDATE: Gunman who opened fire at Colorado Planned Parenthood taken i..
1 day ago
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Video inside Classic Movies!!! I hope you haven't missed out
1 day ago
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Video inside On Blast: Man Sends A Message To His Wife's Secret Lover After She Chea..
1 day ago
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Target.coms #1 Console for Black Friday 2015
1 day ago
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