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Video inside Anyone want to have a snowball fight tonight?

By Da Ill One - 1 day ago

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Video inside Resident Evil: Revelations 2’s Opening Cinematic Trailer

By Pleasure Boy - 1 day ago

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Image inside Amazing Red & Black PS4 “Suzaku Edition” Announced by Square Enix and Sony for Final Fantasy Type-0

By Pleasure Boy - 1 day ago

During a livestream from Jump Festa, Square Enix and Sony Computer Entertainment just announced a definitely awesome special edition PS4 for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.

The console will be released on March 19th in Japan, and will cost 46,980 yen plus taxes, including a red and black 500 GB console, a matching controller, the game, access to the Episode Duscae Final Fantasy XV demo and a code to download a special dedicated theme.

It will also come with 15 days of PlayStation plus and the usual complement of monoaural headset, power cord, HDMI and USB cables.

The console will be sold in limited quantities, and as usual thereÂ’s absolutely no word on a western release.
Type0PS4 (1)


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Video inside Dragon Quest : Heroes PS4 Gameplay

By Pleasure Boy - 1 day ago

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Video inside New The Order 1886 Trailer Is Genius Marketing

By Pleasure Boy - 1 day ago

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Rumored Street Fighter V details: roster size, stage effects, story mode and more

By nanci627 - 1 day ago

Several new rumors have popped up for the upcoming Street Fighter V, which you can preorder right now with this page on Amazon. The new round of whispers originated from YouTube video, which has now been set to private, of a French commentator in the fighting scene by the name of Ken Bogard talking about several features in the sequel.

A forum user from NEOGAF posted a translation of what he was saying. WhatÂ’s so interesting is that Ken Bogard revealed that Street Fighter V is using the Unreal Engine 4 more than a week before Capcom officially confirmed the news. So his revelation may give more credence to other rumored tidbits.

Ken Bogard also mentioned that Capcom is going to be adding time and weather effects in the sequel while a new mechanic called the V-Trigger will allow you to change your fighting stance. The roster size for Street Fighter V may be limited to 16 as well with no Super Street Fighter 2X + EX style update being planned.

Last but not least, the commentator also explained the existence of a PC version. The reason why Capcom wanted to release the game on computer platforms is for countries such as Africa, Latin America and South Asia.

According to Amazon, Street Fighter V is targeting a release sometime in March of 2016.


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Video inside PS4/PS3 Exclusive JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure 1st Trailer

By Pleasure Boy - 1 day ago

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Image inside Uncharted 4 On PS4"Looks Incredible", Naughty Dog Is "Most Talented, The Best Out There": Adam Boyes

By Pleasure Boy - 1 day ago

At PlayStation Experience event, Naughty Dog showcased the first gameplay of the next installment in Uncharted franchise, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. Almost everyone applauded the efforts of Naughty Dog on Uncharted 4 from critics to fans to developers such as Rockstar Games.

Adam Boyes, VP of Publisher & Developer Relations at PlayStation also stated some glowing things about gameplay debut of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End and Naughty Dog. Speaking at 15 Mins Long Bonus Round Show on GT, Boyes stated that initially he just saw only few small snippets of presentations during PSX rehearsals, and so his excitement level was on to a different level when new stuffs like Drake making use of grappling hook were showcased during the event.

As a whole, Boyes stated that Uncharted 4: A Thief's End looks "Incredible", and added that with each passing game it is getting really very hard to beat Naughty Dog. According to Boyes, Naughty Dog is "Most Talented" and "The Best Out There".



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Bungie: 12,869,066 Players Have Taken Destiny for a Spin

By Da Ill One - 1 day ago

Bungie has released some end-of-year statistics for Destiny, and according to the developer, at least 12,869,066 players (and counting) “have picked up a controller and taken Destiny for a spin” since its release this year. Together, they’ve created 22,932,276 Guardians, and have spent 872,404,449 hours battling enemies.

We’re also told that Atheon has been destroyed 2.4 million times, and that Crota has been ended 769 times and counting. Expressing its delight at what it considers “staggering statistics,” Bungie thanked fans and revealed that a team of five hundred developers are currently working on Destiny to make sure that the in-game world continues to evolve.

This is your work as much as it is ours. As innumerable and immeasurable your ongoing contributions to our game may be, we numbered and measured anyway, attempting to sum the damage and devastation of a few million enlightened Fireteams.

In the span of time you have spent playing Destiny, the Curiosity Rover could have made the voyage to Mars more than one hundred thousand times*
If the Guardians populating Destiny occupied a single city, it would be as large as New York City and Los Angeles, combined
Atheon has been shattered 2.4 Million times
At least a dozen of those kills were without cheese
Crota has been Ended 769 times, and rapidly counting
But only once by a Fireteam of one (step it up, everyone else)

Signing off the last update for the year, David ‘Deej’ Dague requested Destiny veterans to go easy on “Christmas noobs.” The company believes that its about to “receive a stampeding influx” of them over the holiday!


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Coolio finally got a PS4 for Christmas

By OG Killa - 1 day ago

You better marry her bruh :mjcry:

You coulda atleast bought this bi*ch a real xmas tree nigga :juststop:

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Image inside Box Art Revealed for The Order 1886 PlayStation 4 Bundle on Amazon France
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Ubisoft’s dastardly trick – The free game comes with a legal catch
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Video inside Super Saiyan 4 Goku vs Super 17 - Dragon Ball Xenoverse Gameplay
By mystic boy - 1 day ago - 32 comments

Officially-licensed Full HD PlayStation 4 Monitor from Hori gets U.S. release date and more info
By Da Ill One - 1 day ago - 27 comments

Article inside Miyamoto Confirms Work Underway on New Nintendo Consoles
By Tiko377 - 2 days ago - 22 comments

Video inside Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 - HQ 1st Official Trailer | Jump Festa
By Chuck_Remixed - 2 days ago - 37 comments

Video inside Final Fantasy XV Trailer [NEW Dec 20, 2014]
By PseuDEEnym - 2 days ago - 41 comments

Video inside Star Citizen Will Destroy WoW
By bluntednt - 2 days ago - 23 comments

Article inside Shadow of Mordor Has 'Only Scratched the Surface' of Monolith's Middle-earth
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Video inside Dragon Quest: Heroes - Jump Fiesta Trailer
By mystic boy - 2 days ago - 2 comments

Video inside EB Games Lost
By goldenera - 2 days ago - 39 comments

Sony Exec: “I Think There Will Be a PS5;” Doesn’t Know if it’ll be Physical or Based in the Cloud
By Da Ill One - 2 days ago - 43 comments

Article inside Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare' US Retail Sales Reportedly Less Than 'Ghosts' 27% Decline
By Tiko377 - 2 days ago - 28 comments

Video inside 343 Industries Announces Six-Part Halo 5 Multiplayer Beta Video Series
By LaRy BLanco - 3 days ago - 0 comments

ANDREAS 2 SOON Home News Gaming Consoles Nintendo could use shape-shifting LCDs from Sharp on a new
By CrAkKedOuT - 3 days ago - 1 comments

Article inside Microsoft Wants Halo to Last Another 30 Years
By Tiko377 - 3 days ago - 19 comments

Tekken x Street Fighter is Still Happening
By Remy Lebeaw - 3 days ago - 7 comments

Square Enix unveils Mevius - New FF title
By Shiva Hysteria - 3 days ago - 16 comments

Video inside Call Of Duty Deathmatch Gameplay (29-5 record)
By CyberShotMo - 4 days ago - 22 comments

Time Crisis 5 (Coming to arcades March 2015)
By Speed9402 - 4 days ago - 19 comments

Nintendo is knocking it out of the park with Amiibo.
By K1 - 4 days ago - 62 comments

Steam Holiday Sale 2014 Official Discussion Thread
By Msirae Faythung - 4 days ago - 21 comments

Image inside GTA V Spreads Holiday Cheer with Mines and Homing Rockets
By Doc Logical - 4 days ago - 32 comments

Judge allows lawsuit over Killzone Shadow Fall's 1080p graphics to proceed
By Msirae Faythung - 4 days ago - 24 comments

Minecraft: Story Mode coming in 2015
By BasedCali - 4 days ago - 20 comments

Amazon 1 Hour Shipping in Manhattan
By Dice - 4 days ago - 10 comments

Halo 5 Beta Starts Dec 19 - 21 for Preview Members Only
By LaRy BLanco - 4 days ago - 196 comments

Video inside Evolve's Wraith monster steals the show
By iamsoulja - 4 days ago - 3 comments

Guilty Gear Xrd NA demo is up
By Chuck_Remixed - 5 days ago - 9 comments

Hatred is back on Steam Greenlight after Gabe Newell apologizes to the developer
By Msirae Faythung - 5 days ago - 7 comments

AC Unity Patch 4 puts a new spin on pop-ins
By Jesszman - 5 days ago - 28 comments

Report: Microsoft's 'Arcadia' service will stream games, apps
By Msirae Faythung - 5 days ago - 20 comments

Image inside BX Trending On Twitter About GTA: San Andreas 2
By JNumbaNC - 5 days ago - 52 comments

Assassins Creed Unity patch mistakenly 39gb on X1, no ETA on fix
By Jesszman - 5 days ago - 27 comments

Image inside >>Remote Play now works on ALL Android devices NO ROOT! <<
By NaMeLeSs- - 5 days ago - 31 comments

Best Buy 12/21-12/24- Gamers Club Unlocked $30.00
By XxHeAtMaKeRxX - 5 days ago - 29 comments

Video inside Life is Strange - Trailer
By nanci627 - 5 days ago - 4 comments

Video inside Gamespot (EB Games) Commercials running in Canada... shoot me now please
By RaptorsWon - 6 days ago - 16 comments

Video inside Until Dawn | PlayStation Experience Demo Playthrough
By Pleasure Boy - 6 days ago - 10 comments

Video inside Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams – Director’s Cut available for Xbox One
By LaRy BLanco - 6 days ago - 12 comments

Video inside Halo 5 Beta Menu Screenshots Released!
By nanci627 - 6 days ago - 1 comments

Video inside Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor's 'Lord of the Hunt' DLC Arrives Tomorrow
By LaRy BLanco - 6 days ago - 11 comments

Controversial mass murder game Hatred appears on Steam Greenlight, Valve removes it an hour later
By Msirae Faythung - 6 days ago - 30 comments

Image inside "Holiday Sale" Tab Added to Xbox One Homescreen
By LaRy BLanco - 6 days ago - 73 comments

Video inside Gta heists trailer
By calviiin - 6 days ago - 35 comments

Image inside psn Holiday Sale Week 3
By Remy Lebeaw - 6 days ago - 14 comments

2014's Game of the Year Nominees Revealed - IGN
By nanci627 - 6 days ago - 34 comments

Article inside Wwe 2k15 dlc releases today
By tre0624 - 6 days ago - 36 comments

Marco Polo on Netflix makes me want a Jade Empire sequel. Based Bioware pls bless us again!
By CadillacVyse - 6 days ago - 19 comments

Sears To No Longer Sell Games and Putting All Games In Stock On Sale
By Da Ill One - 6 days ago - 47 comments

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