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7 hours ago

Horizon: Zero Dawn Livestream Coming From Gamescom

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| By Da Ill One - 7 hours ago

*tweet embedded

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7 hours ago

Exclusive : Both Nvidia And AMD Sides of The GameWorks Story – PART 1

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| By CrAkKedOuT - 7 hours ago

Both Nvidia And AMD Sides of The GameWorks Story – Addressing Misconceptions And Getting To The Bottom Of The Issue Part 1

For this story we engaged with Nvidia and AMD to hear both sides of the GameWorks debate and get to the bottom of the issue. And I’m quite pleased to say that both parties were very receptive. There’s been a lot of confusion, a lot of hearsay, misconceptions and mischaracterizations around several aspects of this vital issue that we mean to address head-on today. And with the help of both Nvidia and AMD we’re hoping that we will come out with a clear understanding of both perspectives at either end of the discussion table and perhaps even find common ground from which potential solutions can spawn.

We should start by explaining what GameWorks is and the motivations that had sparked its creation.

What GameWorks Is And Why It Exists

GameWorks is a developer program set-up by Nvidia to provide game developers with a collection of graphics libraries and tools aimed at improving the visual quality of games. It includes technologies such as PhysX – Nvidia’s proprietary physics engine – as well as VisualFX which encompasses a number of Nvidia optimized rendering techniques and in-game visual effects. These include things like shadows, anti-aliasing, depth of field, global illumination, hair simulation, ambient occlusion, lighting and other effects.

Below you will find the VisualFX solutions as listed on Nvidia’s website.

VisualFX provides solutions for rendering and effects including:
  • HBAO+ Enhanced Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion
  • TXAA Temporal Anti-aliasing
  • Soft Shadows Improves on PCSS to reach new levels of quality and performance, with the ability to render cascaded shadow maps
  • Depth of Field Combination of diffusion based DOF and a fixed cost constant size bokeh effect
  • FaceWorks Library for implementing high-quality skin and eye shading
  • WaveWorks Cinematic-quality ocean simulation for interactive applications
  • HairWorks Enabling simulation and rendering of fur, hair and anything with fibers
  • GI Works Adding Global Illumination greatly improves the realism of the rendered image
  • Turbulence High definition smoke and fog with physical interaction as well as supernatural effects

Nvidia told us about several motivations which formed the primary driving force behind the development of the GameWorks program. For starters the program would allow the company to both widen its scope of reach and speed up the adoption rate of its technologies. The company had grown frustrated from how slowly things moved and it had to accelerate the turnover of its investment in this field. Faster and wider adoption means that more games can leverage more of Nvidia’s tech. This in turn translates to the creation of more games where the company can positively influence both the performance and the visuals to offer users of its latest GeForce products a better experience. But perhaps more importantly it gives the company a competitive advantage by which it can justify its investment.

We’re told that the rate of adoption was lacking because games had grown more complex and so had the visual effects and rendering techniques in these games. By offering developers the convenience of an easy to integrate dynamically linked library – essentially a middleware solution – that’s already optimized for Nvidia’s hardware, it can cut back tremendously on the development time and allow game developers to dedicate their resources to focus on other areas in their games.

The fact that Nvidia maintains tight quality control measures over its GameWorks libraries means that it can guarantee the level of quality and performance of each feature once it’s in the game. It also means that the company can more quickly and readily update and iterate on each library to introduce better visuals and superior performance characteristics on a regular basis. This in turn gives Nvidia a more authoritative say in how the feature runs and looks in the game, after all it is its intellectual property.

This approach of providing game developers with ready-made effects in the form of DLLs as a middleware solution differs from the traditional approach that Nvidia has taken before GameWorks’ inception. And also differs from the approach that its competitors, namely Intel and AMD, continue to follow. The traditional approach involves supplying game developers with the source code of the feature so it can be implemented directly into the game rather than through a middle layer. The developers would have complete freedom over how the feature is implemented, they can look at the source code and make changes to it as they see fit. In this case the game developer would maintain the ultimate say in how their game looks, runs and more importantly how it’s optimized.

With the GameWorks program developers can gain access to source code through a licensing deal with Nvidia. However this means that developers are not allowed to share this code with anyone else without a license, this obviously includes Nvidia’s competitors like AMD and Intel. However we’re told that game developers are still allowed to optimize GameWorks features for competitors’ hardware without showing it to them and as long as it does not negatively impact the performance of Nvidia hardware.

This is inherently different from the industry standard approach discussed earlier, where the developer not the hardware vendor – in this case NVIDIA – gets to decide who can and cannot see the code and what they can do to it. It brings us back to the earlier point about how GameWorks enables Nvidia to have a more authoritative say in the game’s performance.

I also have to point out an important distinction here between a regular GameWorks-developer partnership and a source license. By default Nvidia provides GameWorks features in binary only builds without source code. The license to gain access to source code is not automatically given to Nvidia GameWorks partners and certainly not for free. If the developer wants access to the source code they have to specifically request a source license and are required to pay a fee. Unfortunately, Nvidia has not shared with us or any other publication what this fee is.

And this is where things get quite complicated and a few points of contention arise; both from AMD’s perspective and some game developers’ perspective. The first of which is that this puts some limits on the developers’ control over their game. Because it’s not their own code, rather it is Nvidia’s code that they’ve merely licensed. So they have to follow the guidelines set forth by the licensor. And this creates a different dynamic where some decisions – that would traditionally be made by the developer – would now be delegated to Nvidia instead.


“It’s not CD Projekt Red’s decision to allow the Nvidia tech to work on AMD GPUs – that is Nvidia’s decision and most commonly-used features from us are platform-agnostic. It’s the same for CPU-based PhysX and Clothworks as well.”

Clearly the implications of this beg a serious discussion and there were many questions that we wanted to ask both NVIDIA and AMD, so we talked to both. Let’s start with NVIDIA first. I’ve personally spent over an hour on the phone with NVIDIA’s head of PR for GameWorks, Brian Burke. He eagerly wanted to get on the phone to kick off this discussion and an hour long international call is nothing to sniff at. I’ve made sure to make mention of this because it just goes to show how important this debate truly is and how much it means to NVIDIA, so hats off to Brian for reaching out to us!

We discussed NVIDIA’s GameWorks developer program at length as well as some specifics with regards to its implementation in some games like The Witcher 3. But because the discussion had gone on for such a long time I followed up with Brian to distill it down to one digestible interview.

Interview with NVIDIA’s Brian Burke

What’s the difference between Nvidia’s The Way It’s Meant To Be Played sponsorship program and the GameWorks developer program?

TWIMTBP is our promise of a great gaming experience. GameWorks helps us achieve that promise. GameWorks encompasses all of the game-related technologies we’ve invented over the years, the graphics technologies and the tools to implement them that help game developers build better games. It is backed by over 300 visual effects engineers who develop libraries, developer tools, and samples, and who work closely with developers to help enhance their games.

In other words TWIMTBP is a marketing program through which game developers can partner with Nvidia to co-market their game. While GameWorks is a developer program through which NVIDIA can work with game developers to integrate its GameWorks IP – library of optimized visual effects – into the developers’ IP in this case video games.

Nvidia has managed to work with developers for years to implement technologies invented by Nvidia, for example HBAO and TXAA in Crysis 3, why does Nvidia see a need for the GameWorks program now?

We created GameWorks to advance gaming at a faster pace. To make games better, faster. Everyone at NVIDIA believes that great gaming hardware needs great gaming content. So we invest an enormous amount of our resources in making games better.

We used to just give out code samples for effects, and we still do. But as effects became increasingly more complex, just giving away code samples was not effective. It took too long to get the effects in to games and created work for developers. So we turned our library of special effects into a middleware solution. Productizing them into middleware is a more production-oriented approach to game effects. It makes integration easier and allows effects to be adopted by more developers more quickly, accelerating the pace of innovation in games.

This is what we had mentioned earlier with regards to games’ visual effects growing more complex and NVIDIA’s motiviation to speed up the rate of adoption of its IP.

Are game developers precluded from optimizing source code provided by Nvidia through the GameWorks program for non Nvidia hardware ?
No. Our agreements with developers don’t prevent them from working with any other IHVs to optimize their game or any GameWorks features. GameWorks is a middleware, and like any other middleware we offer developers a source licensing. We provide source code, under license, to developers who request it. Licensees just can’t redistribute our source code to anyone who does not have a license.

If a developer requests source code for an Nvidia GameWorks feature, under license, and is then provided with source code, is that developer then free to edit that code as they see fit to optimize it for IHVs other than Nvidia ? assuming they don’t redistribute it.

Yes. As long as it does not lower performance on NVIDIA GPUs

This is an important point to touch on. NVIDIA does not enforce any limitation, contractual or otherwise, on game developers’ ability to work with AMD to optimize their games. However because game developers’ are dealing with NVIDIA’s intellectual property it does exercise control over all GameWorks features and will always have the final say with regards to what can and cannot be done with any of the code it owns.

Can you talk about some of the new GameWorks effects that Nvidia has in the pipeline and will be bringing out ?
We can’t discuss unannounced stuff.

Does partaking in the GameWorks program preclude a game developer from working with AMD to implement an alternative to a specific GameWorks visual effect like HairWorks for example?
No. We don’t prohibit them from adding technologies from other IHVs to their games.

Are game developers, who partner with Nvidia to co-market their game, contractually obligated to use GameWorks code in their game ?
We want to market with games that offer the best gaming experience. Typically that means games with our tech inside. It’s not required.

Again we wanted to make sure there was no ambiguity with regards to any sort of limitation that a GameWorks partnership would entail. The GameWorks program itself does not inherently preclude game developers from working with AMD to implement AMD specific technologies.

A GameWorks partnership isn’t equivalent to an exclusive The Way Its Meant To Be Played co-marketing partnership for example. Where it is naturally expected that Nvidia technologies would exclusively be incorporated into the game. Or on the other end of the scale an exclusive AMD Gaming Evolved partnership, where tech from AMD would exclusively be incorporated into the game. GameWorks itself is an enablement tool, it could be used in a game that’s subject to an exclusive Nvidia co-marketing deal or equally end up in a game that is not.

What other methods besides editing source code can an IHV like yourself or your competitor use to optimize the performance of a specific in-game visual effect ?

It is not impossible to optimize without source code. We don’t get source code for every game. But we still do a great job ensuring games run great on our platform as long as we have reasonable access to builds. Many developers don’t provide source code for their games to third parties, so we optimize games based on binary builds. We invest tens of millions of dollars annually in creating these technologies and it’s our intellectual property. We won’t share our IP with our competitors and I think that’s reasonable.

There are a couple of vitally important points that invite discussion here. The first is that Nvidia fully recognizes the importance of source code access and optimizing through source code. This is why the company, as discussed earlier, provides developers with the option of acquiring a source license to see and adjust source code. This is because Nvidia understands that there’s a lot that can be achieved through working directly with the source code itself. And undoubtedly improving and refining source code is often what yields the best results and leads to the most impactful performance improvements. Which is why it remains as one of the most desirable methods for optimizing performance in games and in fact it can sometimes be the only solution to the problem.

Continued in next post...

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7 hours ago

Microsoft Solitaire is now a freemium game.

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| By batmanwithprep - 7 hours ago

Windows 10 comes bundled with the Microsoft Solitaire Collection, gathering a bunch of variations on the eternally popular card game. But included withing the game are ads for other products and services — and if you want to remove the ads, Microsoft is charging $1.49 a month (or the bulk discount of $9.99 a year).

In the menu, users see an option to "Upgrade to Premium." Click it, and you get this display:

For your $1.49 a month, you get a score boost in TriPeaks and Pyramid, and the chance to win a bunch of extra "coins," the in-game currency you win by completing challenges. You don't need it to play Solitaire, and the game itself plays more or less as it has since Windows 3.1 in the early nineties. But if you don't want to pay, get used to those ads.

As PCWorld notes, this isn't the first time Microsoft has charged for Solitaire, and Windows 8 had a similar paid plan for its version of the card game. The main difference is that Solitaire didn't come bundled with Windows 8, as it does with Windows 10. This means that this is going to be front-and-center for a lot more users taking their free upgrade to Windows 10 this week.

Solitaire isnÂ’t the only game that comes with Windows 10. Back in May, Microsoft announced that Candy Crush Saga will be pre-installed on the newest version of Windows, allowing the company to cash in on the annoy-your-friends-by-begging-for-hearts game.

From Business Insider

Countless hours in the school library wasted on Windows 95 version of Solitaire. The memories.

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9 hours ago

Red Ash Gets Funded Thanks to Massive Backer. PS4 and Xbox One Versions Confirmed.

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| By Da Ill One - 9 hours ago

Red Ash, the Mega Man Legends successor which has been struggling on Kickstarter the past month, has managed to get funded. How? Well it's thanks to the massive support of FUZE Entertainment, a Chinese game company that specializes in distributing and publishing AAA games. Their support have managed to give Comcept enough budget to port it to PS4 and Xbox One. Well, that's good news!

Kickstarter money will from now be used to expand the project's stretch goals. What those new stretch goals are remains to be seen.


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9 hours ago

Madden 16 – Top Defensive Tackles Ratings Revealed

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| By Da Ill One - 9 hours ago

EA Sports continues their Madden 16 ratings reveal for the top players by position and today they revealed the Defensive Tackles. The top players are as follows:

1. Ndomakung Suh: 96 Overall – 98 Strength, 97 Power Moves, 95 Hitting Power, 95 Pursuit and 95 Block Shedding. Suh continues to be one of the most well rounded Defensive Tackles in the NFL. He has the size and quickness to be an every down player. Will he continue his production? Or will he let up after signing his HUGE contract with Miami?

2. Gerald McCoy: 95 Overall – 98 Power Moves, 92 Strength, 89 Tackling, 87 Block Shedding and 93 Pursuit. Hands down the best pass rusher of all Defensive Tackles in 2014. McCoy had a great season, even though the talent around him was lacking. The only other Defensive Lineman to have more Quarterback pressures was J.J. Watt. That’s impressive company.

3. Marcell Dareus: 94 Overall – 95 Tackling, 94 Strength, 92 Power Moves, and 94 Block Shedding. One of the best interior run stuffers in the NFL. Dareus will be transitioning into Rex Ryan’s defense, which should see his production improve from 2014.

4. Kyle Williams: 93 Overall – 90 Strength, 88 Tackling, 91 Block Shedding, 87 Pursuit and 94 Play Recognition. Williams is a fantastic pass rusher but also underrated in the running game. Paired with Dareus, this is the best Defensive Tackle tandem in the NFL.

5. Aaron Donald: 92 Overall – 93 Strength, 90 Tackling, 92 Power Moves, 90 Pursuit, and 82 Speed. Donald came into the league riding high off of a fantastic combine performance. He had an even better rookie season. He has the size and an explosive first step to be a huge disruption for opposing offenses.

Honorable Mention –

Haloti Ngata – 92 Overall
Last years top 5 included Ndamukong Suh (97 Overall), Geno Atkins (96 Overall), Gerald McCoy (95 Overall), Kyle Williams (95 Overall) and Jurrell Casey (93 Overall). We had some familiar faces, but a couple new ones as well. McCoy had the best season of all the top players listed, while Suh is still considered by some to be most well rounded. DonÂ’t sleep on Aaron Donald though. The kid is poised to improve on his great 2014 season and very well could receive the top Defensive Tackle honors. One glaring omission in my opinion, was Sheldon Richardson. Quite possibly the star of the vaunted Jets defensive front, Richardson has improved every year since his rookie season.


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9 hours ago

Image inside NBA 2K16 Advanced Gamepad Controls

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| By Da Ill One - 9 hours ago

Below are all the basic and advanced NBA 2K16 controls for Xbox and PlayStation gamepad controllers, revealed by the Microsoft SmartGlass app.

Basic Offense
Left Stick: Move Player

Pro Stick(Right Stick): Dribble Moves/Shooting/Passing

L2/LT: Post Up
R2/RT: Sprint.

L2/LB: Call Play (tap)/ Pick Control (hold)

R1/RB: Icon Pass

X/A: Pass/Touch Pass

Circle/B: Bounce Pass (tap)/Flashy Pass (double tap)

Square/X: Shoot (tap for Pump Fake/Hop, double tap for Spin Gather)

Triangle/Y: Lob Pass (tap)/Alley-Oop (double tap)

Up on D-Pad: 2K Smart Play

Right on D-Pad: Points Of Emphasis

Left on D-Pad: Quick Plays/ Offensive Strategies

Basic Defense
X/A: Player Swap (closest to ball)
Circle/B: Take Charge
Square/X: Steal
Triangle/Y: Block/Rebound
Right on D-Pad: Points of Emphasis
Left on D-Pad: Defensive Sets
Down on D-Pad: Substitutions

Jump Shot: Move and hold the shot stick in any direction (toward hoop for bank shot)
Stepback Jumper: Move and hold the shot stick away from hoop
Hop Gather: Press Square/X while driving (left stick determines direction of hop)
Spin Gather: Double tap Square/X while standing or driving
Putback Dunk/Layup:Move & hold the shot stick in any direction during an offensive rebound.
Dominant/Off-Hand Dunk: R2/RT + Move and hold the shot stick left or right to with that hand (while driving)
Mid-Air Change Shot: Start dunk/layup, move the right stick in any direction while in the air
Pump Fake: Start a jump shot, then quickly release the shot stick
Step Through: Pump fake then press and hold the shot stick before pump fake ends
Euro Step Layup: Move and hold the shot stick away from hoop left/right (while driving) toward hoop.
2-Hand Dunk: R2/RT + Move and hold the shot stick toward hoop (while driving)
Flashy Dunk: R2/RT + Move and hold the shot stick away from hoop (while driving)
Runner Floater: Move and hold the shot stick away from hoop (while driving close)
Normal Layup: Move and hold the shot stick toward hoop while driving (right stick direction determines finish hand)
Reverse Layup: Move and hold the shot stick toward the baseline (while driving baseline)

Crossover: Move the right stick toward off hand, then quickly release
Between Legs Cross: Move the right stick between off hand and playerÂ’s back, then quickly release
Behind Back: Move the right stick away from hoop, then quickly release
Stepback: R2/RT + Move the right stick away from hoop, then quickly release
Signature Size-ups: R2/RT + Move the right stick in any direction then quickly release
In and Out: Move the right stick toward hoop then quickly release
Hesitation (Quick): Move the right stick toward ball hand then quickly release
Hesitation (Escape): Move the right stick toward ball hand but slightly back from hoop then quickly release
Spin:Rotate the right stick from ball hand around playerÂ’s back, then quickly return to neutral
Half Spin:Rotate the right stick in a quarter-circle from ball hand to hoop, then quickly return to neutral
Triple Threat Jab: Move right stick left or right then quickly release (while in triple threat)
Triple Threat Combo Move: Move the right stick toward the hoop then quickly release (while in triple threat)
Triple Threat Stepback: R2/RT + Move the right stick away from hoop, then quickly release (while in triple threat)
Triple Threat Spinout: Rotate the right stick then quickly return to neutral (while in triple threat)

Pass: X/A (left stick selects recipient)
Bounce Pass: Circle/B (left stick selects recipient)
Overhead/Lob Pass: Triangle/Y (left stick selects recipient)
Flashy Pass: Double tap Circle/B (left stick selects recipient)
Icon Pass: Press R1/RB then press action button of desired receiver
Fake Pass: Triangle/Y + Circle/B (while standing or driving)
Alley Oop: Double Tap Triangle/Y (left stick selects recipient, toward basket for oop-to-self)
Rolling Inbound: Triangle/Y during baseline inbounds
Give and Go: Press and hold X/A to retain control of passer, release Circle/A to receive the ball back
PRO STICK Pass: R1/RB + right stick

Off-Ball Offense
Call for Ball: X/A
Call for Alley-Oop: Double tap Triangle/Y (while cutting toward hoop)

Basic Defense
Left Stick: Move Player

Right Stick: Quick Step/Hands Up/Contest
L2/LT: Intense D
R2/RT: Sprint.

L2/LB: Defensive Strategies (tap)/ Double Team (hold)

R1/RB: Icon Swap

X/A: Pass/Touch Pass

Fast Shuffle: Press & hold L2/LT or R2/RT & move the left stick in any direction.
Hands Up Defense: Press and hold right stick in any direction
Shot Contest: Press right stick towards shooter

Pass Contest: Press right stick away from dribbler

Off-Ball Defense
Post Up/Ball Denial: L2/LT when near opponent (based on distance to basket)
Deny Hands Out: right stick in any direction
Ball Pressure: Press right stick toward ballhandler
Fight for position in Post: L2/LT + Left stick into defender (when posted off-ball)
Deny/Front Post: L2/LT + right stick left/right (when posted off-ball)

On-Ball Defense
Intense-D: Press and hold L2/LT when in front of dribbler
Quick Step Cutoff: Move the right stick in the direction you want to step
Crowd Dribbler: Press and hold L2/LT when near the dribbler
Fast Shuffle: Press and hold L2/LT + R2/RT, move left stick in any direction
Hands Up Defense: Move and hold the right stick in any direction
Shot Contest: Move and hold the right stick in any direction when near shooter(during shot)
Vertical Contest: Move and hold left stick away from the shooter and press Triangle/Y
Swat Block: Hold R2/RT and press Triangle/Y
Take Charge: Press and hold Circle/B
Flop: While in take charge, release Circle/B, press Circle/B
Intentional Foul: Repeatedly press or press and hold X near ballhandler
Double Team: Press and hold L1/LB
Icon Double Team: Press L1/LB press and hold the action button of desired double teamer

Advanced Controls
Positional Playcall: Press L1/LB, then press teammateÂ’s action button and choose play from menu
Basic Pick Control: Press and hold L1/LB
Advanced Pick Control: Press and hold L1/LB. Use R1/RB to choose Roll vs. Fade and R1/RB to choose pick side.
Set Screen: Circle/B
Call for Screen: Triangle/Y
Icon Pick Control: Press L1/LB, then press and hold the action button of desired screener
Slip Screen and Early Fade: Call for pick, then press L1/LB again at any time before the screener gets hit to have him slip or fade early

Post Moves
Enter/Leave Post: Press and hold L2/LT to post up, release L2/LT to faceup
Drive to Key: R2/RT + Left stick toward key
Drive to Baseline: R2/RT + Left stick toward baseline
Quick Spin: Rotate the shot stick to outside shoulder
Hook Drive: Rotate shot stick to inside shoulder
Fakes: Move the shot stick in any direction but away from hoop

Post Shots (Shotstick)
Post Hook: Shot stick left or right toward hoop (close range)
Post Fade: shot stick left or right away from hoop (beyond close range)
Post Layup: Move and hold the shot stick left or right toward hoop (close range) while the left stick is deflected
Shimmy Shot: R2/RT + shot stick left or right away from hoop
Post Hop: Push left stick left or right away from hoop, then press Square/X
Post Stepback: left stick away from hoop, then press Square/X
Dropstep: left stick toward hoop, then press Square/X
Pump Fake: Start a shot listed above, then move the shot stick to neutral

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9 hours ago

Mafia 3 Leak Reveals Story and Character Details

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| By Da Ill One - 9 hours ago

A recent Mafia 3 leak has revealed keys aspects of whatÂ’s to come in terms of story. Following a major Twitter announcement made by 2K games, we now know that Mafia 3 is expected to show itself off August 5th for the first time. Many Mafia 3 leak details had surfaced in the past. Now that the game is close to seeing the light of day, we have more leaked details surfacing. This time, the Mafia 3 leaks center directly on whatÂ’s to expect in terms of character and plotline.

A while back, details on an upcoming “Take Two” project had leaked over the web. There was little to go off of back at this point. The details described key characters and setting of the project via a popular casting network. The date was back in March of 2014, the casting was looking for characters that fit specific roles to portray in the game. We now see that the original leak (which can be found here) confirms that Mafia 3 was indeed the game in question. With that being said, other details present in the original leak are now thought to be true as well.

Mafia 3 Leak – Story, Setting and Character Details

The Mafia 3 leak confirms that one of the characters was being called Franklin. Franklin is a mixed race man who was born in Louisiana. This man was brought up in a racially segregated South. His characteristic are described as strong, street-smart, and very loyal. After the teaser picture posted by 2K, we can see the setting does mirror what you would expect from a 60s-70s Louisiana area.

Another interesting character was detailed in the Mafia 3 leak. Mickey is an Italian young man. He is significantly younger than the others which shows in how he is more talk than action. He is a teen or early 20s guy who attempts to take more credit than he deserves which leads him into a lot of trouble down the road.

The next character detailed in the Mafia 3 leak was being called Tony. Tony is Italian and to no surprise has been detailed to have been born in Louisiana. The man is said to be well dressed and more organized than a typical gangster. His heart follows money. The actor chosen to portray this part was required to have a natural Italian accent.

In the teaser image we see a clear female silhouette as well. In the Mafia 3 leak there was no information about the female character. The three males however are thought to be seen in the teaser image above. There have been more rumors about coop and multiplayer game play. You can hear openworldgames.comÂ’s thoughts on this by clicking here. So far all information on Mafia 3 leak details are considered rumors. We will officially learn more once the trailer premiers next week and official details hit the web. Stay tuned for more Mafia 3 coverage as it comes. This game already looks awesome.


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9 hours ago

Video inside How To Have Custom Xbox One Gamer Pictures

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| By YoungInfamous - 9 hours ago

I just did it but we should have the real option to upload custom pics.

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10 hours ago

Image inside Dying light: The following dlc expansion revealed, new location, vehicles and more

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| By Snow - 10 hours ago

Techland has just announced the latest piece of DLC for Dying Light as, The Following. However, this time the DLC is an actual expansion of the game, and itÂ’s going to include a lot of content.

According the press release Techland is, “adding a number of bold game-changers to create one massive expansion. Something big that will give the game a brand-new flavor. The new map alone is the same size as all the previous maps from Dying Light combined, so there is a lot we’re packing in here.”

The new expansion will include a number of new features, including vehicles and a new story mode to follow. You can check out the first screenshots of the DLC just below.

The Following will be free to all current Season Pass holders and will be shown off behind closed-doors at Gamescom, with a public reveal occurring “shortly” after. cles-and-more/

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10 hours ago

Video inside Who all tried the xbox one games on PC with Windows 10?

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| By katalist - 10 hours ago

Playing some Forza horizon 2 sh*t is dope g-walkthrough/

Microsoft has made much ado about Windows 10's support for streaming Xbox One games to your PC, but how do you actually do it? There's a good chance that you can figure it out if you're reading this, but Microsoft has helpfully posted a full walkthrough in case you or your friends need some help. The gist? You'll need both an Xbox One controller and an Xbox Live account, of course, but you'll also need to make sure that the Xbox One is set to allow game streaming in the first place. We could see that easily becoming a stumbling block if you're rushing to get started. The guide is also a friendly reminder of what you can do once everything is working, such as voice chat (with a microphone) and controlling the Xbox One's menus. It's simple enough... let's just hope that PC-to-Xbox streaming isn't any more complex.

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11 hours ago

Counter-Strike Bot Saves The Day, Becomes Match MVP

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| By CadillacVyse - 11 hours ago

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13 hours ago

Article inside Spencer: The Community Asked for the Elite Controller

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| By Tiko377 - 13 hours ago

Xbox boss Phil Spencer was recently interviewed by Edge magazine, as reported by GamesRadar, and was asked if the Xbox team wanted the Elite controller or whether the community had asked for it.

"Definitely from the community," answered the Spencer. "There’s a lot of innovation that happens in the controller space – people want more customisation when they’re at the higher end, and they want to be able to make it their controller. Whereas for me I take the default setup that I’ve learned. But you think about your eSport pro gaming, which is a very, very strong growth category: those people – a growing segment of our population – really care about making the controller feel exactly the way they want it to feel. "

Spencer feels that the standard Xbox One controller is nonetheless the best controller they have made besides the Elite controller:

"I think that controller," said Spencer," especially with some of the recent modifications we made with the audio jack and the shoulder buttons, is the best controller, obviously, that weÂ’ve made up until the point the Elite controller comes out. We look at the Elite controller as being for somebody who feels theyÂ’re an elite competitive gamer, and thatÂ’s great for them, but weÂ’ll continue to be very supportive of our Xbox One controller. ItÂ’s what a vast majority of our gamers will be playing on for the life of the console." te-controller/

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13 hours ago

Article inside Xbox One's Rare Replay Could Add More Games as DLC

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| By Tiko377 - 13 hours ago

Upcoming Xbox One game Rare Replay, which includes 30 games from the iconic UK developer's history, could add even more titles after launch as DLC. During a special Twitch livestream today, Rare lead engineer James Thomas said it was no simple task to choose the 30 that did make the cut, and that post-launch DLC could be a way to bring more games into the mix.

"There is a wealth of titles that we could dip into; a huge heritage beyond the 30 that we chose," Thomas said. "But that's what made choosing the 30 so hard in the first place. We had to put aside [our own personal] preferences. We hope we've done [that], but you never know, there could be space for more."

One game that didn't make the roster that Thomas and other Rare developers talked about was 1989 NES Tarot card-reading title Taboo: The Sixth Sense. They might have been joking, however.

Another glaring omission from the Rare Replay is beloved N64 game 007 GoldenEye. But there is a good reason this game is missing. In addition to potential licensing problems, Rare explained to Polygon in June that GoldenEye doesn't exactly fit the criteria (worlds and characters Rare made independently being the first) for games it wanted to put in the package.

Rare Replay launches on August 4 for $40. Check out the 30 games included in the package below, as compiled by Giant Bomb.

Atic Atac
Lunar Jetman
Sabre Wulf
Knight Lore
R.C. Pro-Am
Cobra Triangle
Snake Rattle N Roll
Digger T. Rock
Solar Jetman
R.C. Pro-Am II
Battletoads Arcade
Killer Instinct Gold
Blast Corps
Jet Force Gemini
Perfect Dark
Conker's Bad Fur Day
Grabbed by the Ghoulies
Perfect Dark Zero
Kameo: Elements of Power
Viva Piñata
Jetpac Refuelled
Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts
Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise

What game would you like to see added to Rare Replay if Rare does indeed decide to add more titles as DLC? Let us know in the comments below. /1100-6429299/

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15 hours ago

Blizzard to Announce Next World of Warcraft Expansion at Gamescom

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| By Msirae Faythung - 15 hours ago

Eye of Azshara?

The next expansion for World of Warcraft will be revealed next week at Gamescom, Blizzard Entertainment has announced.

In a post on Twitter, the studio confirmed the new expansion will be revealed during a special live stream event on August 6 at 9am PDT.
*tweet embedded


While Blizzard has yet to reveal the name of its next major add-on, the company filed a trademark for something called 'Eye of Azshara' late last year. Might this be the name of WoW's new expansion? We'll know soon enough, as Gamescom is just one week away.

For more on Blizzard's popular MMO, check out our review of its latest expansion Warlords of Draenor, in which IGN's Leif Johnson praises the game for its "diversified questing" and "beautiful new world."

Taken from IGN.

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16 hours ago

Video inside Some Devil's Third Gameplay

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| By warning - 16 hours ago

sh*t looks good to me

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17 hours ago

Nintendo Made More than $60 Million in Profit in the Last 3 Months

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| By Da Ill One - 17 hours ago

Nintendo just released its financials for the last three months (April-June), and the company performed spectacularly. Whereas analysts were predicting an operating loss of about $1 million, Nintendo actually managed to generate $9.28 million in operating revenue. However, if you account for currency exchange and short-term investments, Nintendo actually made roughly $67 million in profit. Unfortunately, this number has seemed to slip through most of the coverage surrounding Nintendo today.

Nintendo attributes this large success to the release of Splatoon, which has sold more than 1.6 million units since its launch on May 30th.


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17 hours ago

August PS + games announced

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| By Da Ill One - 17 hours ago

Entering PS Plus on 4th August:

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris (PS4)
Limbo (PS4)
God of War Ascension (PS3)*
Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones (PS4, PS3, PS Vita)
Sound Shapes (PS4, PS3, PS Vita)**
CastleStorm Complete Edition (PS3, PS Vita)


Ill grab that Lara Croft game, liked it on the Xbox one with the four player coop, already have Limbo, god of war and Stealth inc 2

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19 hours ago

You Might (One Day) Be Able To Stream PC Games To An Xbox One

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| By batmanwithprep - 19 hours ago

Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system debuts today, enabling Xbox One game streaming to PCs. While that's a neat feature for Xbox One owners, Microsoft is working on streaming PC games to Xbox One consoles too. In an interview with The Verge, Microsoft's head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, reveals the company is working on the feature. "We understand if you're going to go PC to Xbox, we need to get keyboard and mouse working completely so you could play those games," explains Spencer. "In terms of where we want to go with our platform, those are absolutely in scope of things that we want to do."

The real challenge of getting PC to Xbox game streaming working is encoding games and having the right amount of bandwidth to stream them to the Xbox One. Streaming from Xbox One to Windows 10 PCs is a lot more predictable "because we know exactly what you have," says Spencer. "It's actually a little more challenging doing the encoding on the PC side to the Xbox, but challenge is good." There's no timeline on when this might arrive, but it's clearly a challenge Microsoft is willing to tackle.

It's early days for Xbox and Windows integration, but if the Xbox app is anything to go by then the future of gaming on Windows 10 is going to be interesting. "[Gamers] want to play games on the device that they want to play on. They want to play with their friends and they progress whenever they sit down," explains Spencer." Because of that, the roadmap and our focus on what's going on, Windows is incredibly strong."

Taken from The Verge

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19 hours ago

Image inside Rumor: Destiny 2: The Shattered Suns Coming September 2016, New Rumor States

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| By Pleasure Boy - 19 hours ago

The first Destiny is arguably still not complete, relying on piecemeal content released every six months just to be worth playersÂ’ attention, and only getting anywhere near a critical mass of content with the upcoming Taken King expansion, but it looks like Bungie is, as discussed earlier, already looking ahead at Destiny 2.

This new rumor gives us more insight into just what that might be. Apparently, Destiny 2 will be called Destiny: The Shattered Suns, and it is due for a release as early as September of next year. So far, so good, but hereÂ’s the kicker- apparently, Destiny 2 will use a sort of subscription system, where paid DLC is replaced by regular free updates as long as youÂ’re subscribed.

The actual rumor follows below. Remember to take it with a healthy helping of salt:

“Now for Destiny 2.0, this will be a completely new game. It is titled currently as “Destiny 2 – The Shattered Suns” and is planned for release on September of 2016. You will still be using your current characters. It will focus heavily on Osiris and his endeavors as he is the main quest giver in the game. A new form of enemy is said to be in development, Possibly Ahamkara? Couldn’t get a straight answer from anyone on that.

“Mercury is also supposed to be a big player in “Destiny 2 – The Shattered Suns”. The main area in which the guardian will explore. Bungie has also hired on Hollywood writers for the story of this game as well. A new voice for the ghost is also being implemented. Bungie apparently stated that they are not going to continue with DLC’s, but instead release free raids, planets, etc. throughout time. They will only be continuing with the main games after TTK and its successor DLCs.

“Finally as a bonus, there is not going to be trading implemented into the game ever. Stated,”Activision got sent a letter regarding what not to do on a mmorpg from Blizzard, and trading was on that list”. Also that there is no 6th chest in the VoG or has only been known by a small group of people in the studio. It was just a bluff to keep us occupied for The Taken King most likely.”

I’m not sure just how believable all of this is, especially given all the fake ‘insider leaks’ and rumors that have percolated about Destiny since time immemorial. A lot of it also sounds like Bungie has finally gotten its head out of its ass, and will actually do right by its customers, and we all know just how unlikely that is. Still, it is intriguing, and something worth keeping an eye on.


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1 day ago

Video inside Whack your boss -- rated gĂ´r

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| By Shnappyheads - 1 day ago

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