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Halo theme composer "terminated without cause" by Bungie

By Jesszman - 9 hours ago

*tweet embedded

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Rumor: PSN Name Change Option in the Works; Upcoming PS4 Update Made With the Help of Sony Vegas Dev

By Da Ill One - 9 hours ago

Looks like some interesting things are on the horizon for PS4 users, at least according to Tidux, an industry insider that is known for having leaked many details about the UI of the PS4 before it was disclosed, and that kept a very solid track record since then with his leaks.

First of all, looks like the endlessly requested option to change oneÂ’s PSN nickname may finally be coming (Update: Tidux mentioned afterwards that this feature isnÂ’t in the upcoming 1.7 update for the PS4, so itÂ’ll probably come afterwards):

To those of you who do not like your PSN name, things are looking brighter #PS4

Secondly, looks like some of the developers working on Sony Vegas Pro lent their aid in improving the PS4 video suite for an upcoming update .

Speaking of video editing, itÂ’s some of the guys behind Vegas PRO who helped with latest update, I understand they have found some handy and good solutions.

If youÂ’re unfamiliar with Sony Vegas Pro, itÂ’s one of the best non-linear video editing software suites available on the market. I use it regularly, and the perspective of its developers working on the PS4′s video tools would definitely be a boon for the console.
Of course, as all the information coming from insiders, all of this should be taken with a pinch of salt, but considering TiduxÂ’s past reliability, things are indeed looking bright.


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Image inside EA Sports Unveils First Look at NBA Live 15

By illmatic826 - 9 hours ago

NBA Live 14 returned after a three-year hiatus (a hiatus mostly inflicted by 2K10’s drubbing of Live 2010) only to immediately be widely ridiculed by the Internet, mostly due to the game’s laughably poor graphics:

Many wondered if that game’s missteps would spell the end of the Live series, but EA Sports isn’t about to give up that easily. They’re hard at work on NBA Live 15, and the crew unveiled news that they’re going around meeting with every NBA team in order to better capture players faces.

You can see the video of the EA crew explaining the process — as well as behind the scenes footage of the scans, on the Celtics’ official website.

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Video inside Captain now a playable character in Dark Souls! 1080p 60fps!

By CadillacVyse - 9 hours ago

Video inside


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Sony's Yoshida Has Been Banned Twice on Miiverse

By LaRy BLanco - 9 hours ago


Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios, revealed that he's been banned twice on Miiverse, Nintendo's social networking service.

Talking with Mark Cerny last week (and reported by Engadget), Yoshida admitted that he's gotten into trouble on Miiverse two times. "The first time was because I had my Twitter account in my profile, and that's against the rules," Yoshida said. "The second time is because I wrote, 'I love PS.' You're not supposed to promote a commercial product in Miiverse, so they correctly interpreted 'PS' as 'PlayStation.'"

Yoshida told IGN last year that he owns two Wii U consoles and plays Wii U games with his daughters. Last week, the Sony executive told a journalist at a private dinner that Microsoft was smart for promoting Phil Spencer to head of Xbox. "He's the most human guy there," Yoshida said.


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The 0.1 Percent

By TheInevitable24 - 9 hours ago


PlayStation 4's slick Trophy interface shows how rare each Trophy is, and I thought, why not chronicle some of PS4's rarest Trophies as we approach its sixth month anniversary. Which Trophies out there are owned by 0.1% of players? Let's find out. (Please note that DLC Trophies have been excluded.)

Dead Nation -
Platinum (Unlock all Trophies)

Don't Starve -
The Silent (Bronze): Unlock Wes

Killzone SF -
Platinum (Unlock all Trophies)

Madden 25 -
Platinum (Unlock all Trophies)

Mercenary Kings -
Coronation (Gold): Clear all missions of the game.
Craftsmanship (Gold): Craft over 100 knifes and 300 gun parts.
Decorator (Gold): Craft 20 Ornaments and 20 Banners.
Five-Star General (Silver): Reach the Five-Star General rank.
Foodie (Bronze): Activate all 14 food skills.
Grim Reaper (Bronze): Defeat over 10,000 enemies.
Jack of All Trades (Silver): Unlock all Proficiencies.
Major Pain (Silver): Clear all Major rank missions without using Rations nor First-Aid kits. Millionaire (Bronze): Earn over $1,000,000.
Pistol Pro (Silver): Clear all 10 Primary missions of the game with the Bolt 45.
Speed Runner (Gold): Beat the fastest time of all missions of the game.
The Bionic Merc (Silver): Craft all Bionic Mods.

NBA 2k14 -
Platinum (Unlock all Trophies)
Collect 'Em All (Bronze): Complete the '13-'14 NBA Collection MyTEAM.
Not One, Not Two, Not Three... Okay, Just One (Bronze): Win a championship in an online league.
There's More? (Gold): Complete the Historic Collection in MyTEAM.

Rayman Legends -
Platinum (Unlock all Trophies)
Truly Awesome! (Silver): Reach the final level of Awesomeness.

Steamworld Dig -

Master Prospector (Gold): Get all four gold stars in the same playthrough.

Towerfall Ascension -

Battle Stenography (Silver): Earn every award in Versus Mode.
Massive Mythology (Bronze): Play 20,000 rounds of Versus Mode.**
Tall Tales (Bronze): Play 1,000 rounds of Versus Mode.**
Thief's Badge (Bronze): Beat 30 diamond times in Trials Mode.
Time Lord (Silver): Complete all 36 stages in Trials Mode, with a total best time of under 2 minutes.

**These trophies are so rare they are unlocked by 0.0 percent.
Do you have any of these?

I'm currently trying to get MGS:GZ rarest trophy -Unlock all trials (1.3 percent)

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Sony Computer Entertainment Sells All its Square Enix Shares: Expects a Profit of 4.8 Billion Yen

By Da Ill One - 9 hours ago

Sony Corporation just announced with a press release that Sony Computer Entertainment reached an agreement to sell all its 9,520,000 Square Enix shares to the financial firm SMBC Nikko Securities.

The sale is expected to net Sony about 4.8 billion yen (just south of 47 million dollars) in profits, even if the press release mentions that the final income from the sale will be released tomorrow.

The press release did not specify the reason behind the sale, but itÂ’s possibly a move in live with earlier sales of assets aimed to consolidate the corporationÂ’s overall financial situation.


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Image inside The Best Video Game Wingmen/Sidekicks

By CadillacVyse - 9 hours ago

Been packin mario ass around since he was :notimpressed:. Yozilla is the real brains behind the operation. #BasedYozilla

The Arbiter was the best kept secret of Halo2. A great tale of betrayal and redemption. And he is voiced by the underrated Keith David! #BasedArbiter

#BasedGarrus Garrus was bout that life in ME1. But in ME2 Garrus became :droseyaboy:. Like the best friend you never knew you had..he was gonna ride with you til the end.

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Naughty Dog Reveals ‘The Last Of Us’ Grounded Bundle

By Da Ill One - 9 hours ago

Naughty Dog has just revealed what they are calling the Grounded Bundle for the PlayStation 3 version of The Last of Us. It will be the third and final expansion headed for The Last of Us and adds things to both the singleplayer and multiplayer modes.

The following is a list of all the things the Grounded Bundle will be adding to the game:

Grounded Mode – New extra-hard single-player campaign difficulty

Reclaimed Territories Map Pack – Contains new multiplayer maps Wharf, Capitol, Coal Mine and Watch Tower

Survivalist Weapon Bundle – Contains new weapons Specter, Double Barrel, Enforcer and Launcher.

Situational Survival Skills & Professional Survival Skills

Full-Auto Rifle

Condemn (OR) Condone:
Welp, if youÂ’re a masochist and want to put yourself through a campaign that Naughty Dog claims is ridiculously hard, then the Grounded Bundle is for you. If youÂ’re sane, then you still get a lot of other cool stuff too, so people of all mental states win with this new bundle. Hooray!


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inFAMOUS Second Son Patch dropping tomorrow. Few Surprises added....

By CrAkKedOuT - 9 hours ago

I have some good news for you. We’ve made great progress on the inFAMOUS Second Son patch on PS4 I promised you a couple weeks back. In fact, we expect to publish it on PSN tomorrow, April 17th.

Now first, let me update you on the specifics I promised, and then toss in a few extra goodies that we managed to squeeze in when nobody was looking. First — addressing one of the top two requests we’ve gotten — you’ll be able to disable the HUD, and once you’ve finished the game you’ll be able to adjust the time of day as you like.

We also promised, and have included, an option to cap the game frame rate at 30 FPS if you prefer playing this way. To set expectations for you all: this is a frame rate cap — not a lock. It won’t eliminate the rare instance of a dropped frame during gameplay.

But that’s all stuff you expected. Let’s talk about a few surprises, saving the best for last:

- A handful of localization text changes, and a couple of fixes for rare crashes in the game (Thanks to all of you who uploaded reports on those, they were extremely helpful!).

- If your controller runs out of batteries in the middle of gameplay, your game will pause. Our art director pulled a hamstring scrambling to get his second controller mid-boss-battle, so we needed to fix this.
If you’re choosing expert difficulty, we let you know within the options dialog if you’re qualified for the “Unstoppable” trophy the moment you opt in.

- Photo Mode.

Wait, what’s that last one? We were totally amazed at the quality of the screenshots you all shared. Amazed. So we thought we’d try to help you all out. With this patch, you can enable photo mode within the options. Once you do that, clicking L3 will pause the game, and allow you to use a suite of our internal tools (like setting depth of field) to take even more amazing shots.

To hold you over until the patch goes live tomorrow, check out the brief video tutorial above showing how the Photo Mode works!

Final full disclosures and fine print: these options and settings, including frame rate, will reset to defaults each time you restart the game. We chose to not disturb our game save file format with this patch in order get these features to you as quickly as we could. Additionally, Photo Mode will only work in situations where the camera is freely movable by players. In scripted sequences/cutscenes you can still take screenshots of course, just not with the Photo Mode tools.

We hope you enjoy the new tools and the Photo Mode, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with! Enjoy, and talk again soon.

Video inside YouTube (new url)

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