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Post your top 5 favorite games of all time.

By SpazzOut - 21 hours ago

1. The Last Of Us :success:

2. Uncharted 3 :duncansuccess:

3. God Of War 3 :dogsuccess2:

4. GTA V :mjcigar3:

5. Uncharted 2 :rocksuccess:

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Wander: A Non-combat MMO Coming to PS4

By Remy Lebeaw - 21 hours ago

Hello, everyone! This is Crystal from Wander, here to tell you a little bit about ourselves and what weÂ’re doing way down here on the bottom of the Earth (AKA Australia).

Wander is the brainchild of Melbourne resident Loki Davison, who noticed a shocking absence of games that didn’t primarily focus on violence in order to tell a story, and decided there was a niche that desperately needed to be filled. That — coupled with a slight preoccupation with flight, travelling, and music — led to the conception of Wander, an MMO game that lets you explore a majestic environment in several different forms – a giant tree, a soaring griffin, a sea creature and more.


“I was somewhat of a nomad for a long time. I wandered around Central Asia, Siberia, the Arctic and Himalayas. Growing up I played a lot of MUDs (text based MMO games) and wanted to make a game that was atmospheric, relaxing and multiplayer. Wander draws on a lot of that experience. I wanted to collaboratively explore in a game.” – Loki

You start off deep in a forest you canÂ’t remember, occupying a form you donÂ’t recognize. Clues can be found by examining your surroundings, and you may even encounter others like yourself who can help you and share information. During your journey you may also hear the mysterious, siren-like tones of opera singers, and following these songs will lead you to even more exciting discoveries, like the ability to change your shape and acquire new ways of exploring the world.

Playable characters in Wander include the Oren – a walking, sentient tree, and the form you occupy at the beginning of the game; the griffin – with the power of flight; the azertash – with the ability to swim and breathe underwater; and the swift and agile hira. Each of these forms has several unique and gorgeous variants, all with their own cultures, backstories, and specific ways of interacting with other forms and tribes. Along your way you’ll discover lorestones, mysterious records that teach you bits of the history of the planet and its inhabitants. Eventually, if you’re lucky, you might even learn the ultimate secrets of this mysterious and beautiful world.

YouÂ’ll be able to try out Wander at PlayStation Experience, next month in Las Vegas. WeÂ’re very excited about our first visit to Vegas, where weÂ’ll be showing off some great new content. WeÂ’ve got a new weather system in, with storms and wind (things get wet when it rainsÂ… weÂ’re really happy about that) and lots of new narrative and cultures. WeÂ’re hoping to be ready to show off some of the Azertash underwater city as well.

Wander is set to be released in March 2015, but before that you can catch us on our Twitch channel for a very special series that will showcase live gameplay with an original story featuring a vibrant cast of characters, just to give players a little taste of the narrative and role-playing potential of Wander. We’re pretty excited — and a little scared — to be the first ever live drama broadcast on Twitch! The first episode will be live tonight at 4pm PST.


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World of Warcraft Subscriptions Back Over 10 Million

By Msirae Faythung - 21 hours ago


Warlords of Draenor spurs subscriber spike.

World of Warcraft subscriptions have once again passed 10 million, Blizzard Entertainment has revealed in the wake of the release of the fifth expansion for its world-leading MMORPG juggernaut.

Blizzard reports that, based on internal data, the Warlords of Draenor expansion (which was released last week) has shifted more than 3.3 million copies. Its release appears to have spurred a boost in subscribers across all major regions.

“We’re thrilled that so many players jumped in to play Warlords of Draenor on day one and are having a great time with the new content,” said Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment. “We poured a lot of hard work and passion into this expansion, and we appreciate all the kind words from players and the overwhelming support they continue to show for World of Warcraft.”

As of June 30 this year, subscribers to World of Warcraft had decreased to 6.8 million, although they climbed to 7.4 million during October. The last time subscriptions spiked to over 10 million coincided with the release of the previous expansion pack, Mists of Pandaria.

World of Warcraft subscriptions peaked in excess of 12 million in October 2010, a figure reached following the launch of the game's second expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, in China.

If your World of Warcraft account was active as of last Friday, November 14, Blizzard is giving you five days' worth of subscription time on the house to make up for Warlords of Draenor's launch stumble.

Taken from IGN.

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Video inside This needs to be a thing - Sonic Generations: Mario and Luigi mod

By mystic boy - 21 hours ago

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Article inside ‘Battlefield 5’ Release Date, News And Updates

By mystic boy - 21 hours ago

First and foremost, the release date for "Battlefield 5". While "Battlefield 4" was released in 2013, with downloadable content (DLC) available online recently unleashed, "Battlefield 5" release date remains on a vague 2016, possibly due to EA focusing on the upcoming "Battlefield: Hardline" that is set to be released in March 17, 2015.

Breaking away from the military setting, upon the "Battlefield Hardline" release date, fans of the "Battlefield" franchise will experience both playing the police and the criminals. As a law enforcer, the player will assume the role of SWAT officer, Nick Mendoza who straddles the line between good and evil as his character is also involved in criminal activities.

This upcoming "Battlefield: Hardline" will focus on the police and the existing war on crime as well as those members of the force who choose the dark side, so to speak. While "Battlefield: Hardline" has moved away from the traditional players of the "Battlefield" series, the upcoming "Battlefield 5" will revert back to the original players of the "Battlefield" franchise.

Blake Jorgensen of EA shares the gameplay of "Battlefield 5" upon its release date. Talking during the UBS Global Technology Conference, he shares "That ['Battlefield 5'] will be a return to a Battlefield military-style game; more to come on that."

Stay for more news and updates on "Battlefield 5". "Battlefield 5" release date has been set on the holiday season of 2016. Hopefully, no more delays are encountered and production goes on smoothly.

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Image inside Famitsu just released new Bloodborne scans revealing new weapons, enemies and locations

By Ole-G - 21 hours ago

That whip though!

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Article inside Red dead redemption ps4/xbone march 2015!

By DavidAames729 - 21 hours ago


With sequel in development now...

Just like GTA V, Red Dead Redemption is going to the PS4, Xbox One and PC as revealed on PAX Prime if the reports are to be believed.

Cyberland reported that the Red Dead game series is going to the PS4, Xbox One and PC and Red Dead Redemption PS4, Xbox One and PC version was allegedly shown behind closed doors at PAX Prime and that's not all, the Red Dead Redemption PS4, Xbox One and PC version release date has been allegedly set for March 2015!

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It should be noted that earlier this year, VG 24/7 has reported that Red Dead Redemption "appeared on a database made by Microsoft to help in determining application compatibility with its various operating systems."

According to the report of VG 24/7, The Red Dead Redemption PC version was shown with various compatibility statuses for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1.

But the good news for RDR fans doesn't stop there as the Red Dead Redemption 2 release date is set for next year, Fall 2015 if the reports are to be believed.

In a report by the Motoring Crunch, they have spotted the profile of senior game developer at Rockstar on a social networking site, it appears that the next game that Rockstar is working on right now is Red Dead Redemption 2.

According to the Motoring Crunch, The senior engineer, Feinstein, revealed that he is working on a sequel to a famous IP from Rockstar. The lad is was part of the team that brought the Max Payne series. Based on the reveal, only three titles are in contention for getting a sequel.

They are identified as Red Dead Redemption, Bully and Manhunt. All three are Rockstar's success stories and they all deserve a sequel. However, Red Dead Redemption is the most popular of the pack.

As reported by Cyberland, Red Dead Redemption 2 release date was tentatively set at Fall 2015 and with Rockstar working on it right now, gamers should expect an E3 2015 announcement and the Red Dead Redemption 2 release date on Novemnber 2015 for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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HBO GO Launches on Xbox One Today

By iamsoulja - 21 hours ago

Today, HBO GO is arriving on Xbox One in the U.S., bringing along every episode from every season of your favorite HBO shows. With HBO GO, subscribers can watch the latest episodes from shows like “True Detective,” “Game of Thrones” and “Girls,” along with your favorite hits like “Entourage” and “The Sopranos.” HBO GO on Xbox One features Kinect voice and gesture control so you can easily search the entire catalog via gestures or voice commands.

Find the HBO GO app in the Apps section of the Xbox Store.

The following TV providers authenticate HBO GO on Xbox One: AT&T, Bend Broadband, Blue Ridge Communications, Cablevision, Charter, ComcastÂ’s Xfinity, Cox, DIRECTV, Dish, Grande Communications, HTC Digital Cable, Massillon Cable/Clear Picture, Mediacom, Midcontinent Communications, RCN, Suddenlink, Time Warner Cable, Verizon, and Wow! For more information on cable providers to authenticate the HBO GO app, please visit HBOÂ’s website.

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Video inside Game Of Thrones Trailer-TELLTALE

By calviiin - 21 hours ago

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Halo: The Master Chief Collection Patch Releases Tomorrow 11/20/14

By YoungInfamous - 21 hours ago

Tomorrow afternoon (Thursday, Nov. 20), our latest content update will become available. This particular content update addresses matchmaking performance, UI, gameplay, and title-specific issues. We are on track for a release of mid-late afternoon Pacific Time for this content update, and will immediately let you know when it is available. For now, here is a change list of what will be included. As a note, many of the below issues are sub issues that were caused by larger umbrella problems that we have addressed with this update.

Addressed a number of issues that resulted in extended matchmaking times and low matchmaking success rates.
Made a number of updates to how matchmaking progress is communicated to the player. With this update, you’ll see better, more frequent and more informative status updates throughout the matchmaking flow – so “Players Found” for example, will be displayed to let players know where they are in the matchmaking process instead of simply wondering if it’s going to connect.
The improved matchmaking flow is as follows:
Searching for more players
Players found
Finalizing matchmaking process
Connecting session
Made an update to ensure that parties stick together when returning from the post-game carnage report
Prevented the ability for players “kick” other players from matchmaking games
Made an update to ensure that the Roster correctly displays the “searching” UI rather than “My Game Session” while searching for players
Removed the possibility to boost ranking through a custom games exploit
Made an update to ensure that players cannot get stuck in the matchmaking screen during map voting
Made an update to ensure that the “Connecting to your game” message no longer incorrectly displays in the lower right of the screen during gameplay
Made an update to the “team creation” phase that allows players to be grouped by team
Made an update to prevent players from seeing the “connection failed” dialogue if disconnected during the map voting screen
Improved roster / matchmaking lobby stability
Made improvements to the accuracy and stability of the “Game Session Details” UI
Improved version compatibility

Improved emblem and nameplate behavior to ensure that they do not reset to default (especially after game sessions)
Corrected career stats that did not update uniformly across different profiles in multiple titles
Improved Forge map display names in Theater
Corrected various medal inconsistencies across titles

Made updates to the attainability of various achievements, including “Goat Roped,” “Monopolized,” “You’re Joking,” and “Devastating.”
Improved Halo: CE career stat tracking
Resolved scoring and time HUD reset and display issues
Made an update to ensure that rival emblems are displayed correctly

Improved consistency and reliability of shot registration
Improved headshot hitboxes
Fixed an issue where respawning players could momentarily appear at their death location
Made an update to ensure that the match ends when the entire opposing team quits
Improved fall damage consistency (specifically in regards to uneven surfaces)
Improved Halo: CE menu and loading screen stability
Improved consistency with multikill rewards
Made an update to improve post-game carnage report accuracy for Halo: CE FFA games
Updated default language settings

Made an update to ensure that the team color shown in pre-game lobby matches in-game
Improved a variety of networking issues to allow for improved consistency between host and clients in peer to peer matches
Improved a variety of networking issues to allow for improved gameplay consistency
Made an update to service tag functionality, allowing for service tags to appear for all players
Improved the post-game carnage report to correctly display team color
Made an update to ensure that the match ends when the entire opposing team quits
Improved “original” medal icon functionality in split-screen
Improved host migration functionality
Corrected “headshot” stat tracking
Addressed a crash that occurred with the Scarab skull
Addressed art errors that occurred on the opening cinematics for “Uprising” and “High Charity”

Made an update to prevent players from gaining achievements in Forge
Improved Forge item display names
Resolved text overlapping issues
Improved split screen stability
Made an update to resolve the notorious “-1th” scoreboard text
Improved lobby functionality to address players not being able to reconnect to the party leader after completing a match
Improved host migration functionality
Corrected vehicle and weapon thumbnails in the “Tools of destruction” table in the post-game carnage report
Addressed a dedicated server issue that caused gameplay physics issues on Stonetown
Improved split-screen party functionality to ensure that players are not directed to a broken lobby screen after completing a game session
Improved Forge mode stability
Made an update to King of the Hill scoring to prevent multiple hills from counting down at the same time
Improved Shrine objective spawn points
Improved King of the Hill and Ninjanaut mode stability
Addressed an issue where controller vibration could persist during the pause menu
Improved Race mode respawn zones

We have additional content updates on the way, and work is already underway in an effort to continue to improve your experience with Halo: The Master Chief Collection. We thank you for your continued patience and support.

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