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Video inside This man died during surgery, met god & asked him, "what's the meaning of life?"

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wild'ish | By Gerald21pa - 15 hours ago

Starts at 4:10

Powerful can't wait for the day to meet him and have a cool conversation.

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Image inside In what order are you smashing? :cp3datass:

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eyecandy | By 1997 - 16 hours ago

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Secret second EarthÂ’ that could be home to ALIENS will be exposed tomorrow :aliens:

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wild'ish | By mjcry - 23 hours ago

@Flex Luger
@Red Beard

visit this link .. osed-tomorrow/

Astronomers expected to announce discovery of potentially habitable planet orbiting nearby star

ASTRONOMERS are preparing to announce the discovery of a potentially habitable second Earth orbiting a nearby star, it has been claimed.

Last month, sources leaked news that the European Southern Observatory (ESO) had spotted an alien world orbiting Proxima Centauri, our closest stellar neighbour.

An anonymous source from the ESO told German publication Der Spiegel the discovery is the closest habitable planet to Earth, which means we could reach it within our lifetime.

It is not yet known whether the second Earth could support living organisms

But the astonishing finding was not officially announced, sparking furious speculation that the second Earth has deliberately been kept a secret.

Now the ESO is set to finally reveal details of the planet at a press conference tomorrow and astronomers are also likely to discuss whether it has the potential to support life.

“The still nameless planet is believed to be Earth-like and orbits at a distance to Proxima Centauri that could allow it to have liquid water on its surface — an important requirement for the emergence of life,” the source said.

“Never before have scientists discovered a second Earth that is so close by.”

Since its launch in 2009, NASAÂ’s planet finding Kepler Spacecraft has discovered more than 4000 exoplanet candidates.

Of these, there have been 216 Earth-like located within the Goldilocks Zone — the region around a star in which the surface temperature of an orbiting planet might support water.

The problem is that while most of these Earth-like planets are habitable, they are located thousands of light years away, which means they are out of our reach.

Astronomers from the observatory had previously claimed to have found the then-closest exoplanet to Earth in 2012, although subsequent analysis cast doubt on its existence.

A shot of Promixa Centauri snapped by the Hubble Telescope

Despite this misstep, the unnamed source claim this latest discovery is authentic and the result of intensive work.

“Finding small celestial bodies is a lot of hard work,” the source said.
“We were moving at the technically feasible limit of measurement.”

If the findings are correct, Russian billionaire Yuri MilnerÂ’s search for intelligent life could focus on heading to the planet.

As part of Milner’s plans, Project Starshot intends to send a laser-sail driven-nanocraft to Alpha Centauri — the closest star system to the Solar System — in the coming years.

With the craft able to travel up to 20 per cent of the speed of light, if Project Starshot was to rethink its objective, it would be able to reach the Earth-like planet orbiting Proxima Centauri in less than 20 years.

However, mastermind of Project Starshot Professor Phillip Lubin said the focus will likely stay on Alpha Centauri.

“The discovery of possible planet around Proxima Centauri is very exciting. It makes the case of visiting nearby stellar systems even more compelling, though we know there are many exoplanets around other nearby stars and it is very likely that the Alpha Centauri system will also have planets,” he told Universe Today.

The European Southern Observatory are expected to officially announce the finding at the end of August.

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NBA Gamblers Threatened To Kill Jamal Crawford After Losing Thousands At Mjs Restaurant

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sports | By droid3000 - 19 hours ago

In the middle of this fantastic Jamal Crawford profile on ESPN’s ‘The Undefeated,‘ there’s a tremendous story of the last night the NBA point guard shot dice. It involves Michael Jordan, Ray Allen and some professional gamblers who won a lot of money off the then 20-year old Crawford.


Then he went down. Way down. Into a hole there was no coming back from. He began making bets with money he didn’t have on hand with a group of professional gamblers used to getting paid on the spot.
As Crawford tells the story, it’s one we’ve all been in on a trip to Atlantic City or Las Vegas, but never at a private game with hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line.


Over what is believed to be a two-day span, he said, he lost in the neighborhood of $100,000. A person with intimate knowledge of the game claims Crawford lost several hundred thousand and Allen lost even more. And that, days after the dice game, a call was placed to Goodwin, Crawford’s agent, to inform him that Crawford had not yet squared his debt with one professional gambler.
“OK,” Goodwin said, according to the person with intimate knowledge of the game. “What does he owe? Jamal is good for it.”
“No, you don’t understand,” the go-between said. “If he doesn’t pay now, these guys will kill Jamal.”
“Kill Jamal?!! He’s an NBA player. He gets paid as soon as the season starts. Give me the dude’s number.”
The story says that Crawford’s agent squashed the matter, but also that Crawford hasn’t gambled since that night. [via The Undefeated]

visit this link .. ichael-jordan/

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Article inside Meek mill tried to block drake from philly turnup

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hiphop | By Silchas Ruin - 19 hours ago

I am no fan of meek mill, but this dweeb has to be one of the most stupid human beings to ever walk this planet. With all his probation issues, he is still getting involved with all this sh*t? Details are now coming out today that Drake called him a pus*y in Washington and did what he did in Philly because Meek tried to press him behind the scenes. This is what ebro was eluding to on the Hot 97 show this morning. SMH - This dude is going to get himself sent back to jail. Anyway see article below:

visit this link .. ia-nightclubs/

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Image inside DC x RapALot Family!

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hiphop | By DaBlackBinLaden - 15 hours ago

So Y'all Can Calm Down...

My nigga fa life! Don't u ever get it fucked up! @meekmill #MobTies #RapALot #DC #Family

A photo posted by J Prince Jr (@jprincejr) on

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Article inside Universal Music CEO Lucian Grainge Reportedly Orders End of Exclusive Releases For Artists

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hiphop | By flix02 - 19 hours ago

Is this the first sign of the fierce streaming wars being over?

Ever since downloads took a backseat and streaming became the priority for artists and labels, there has been a lot of talk around “exclusive” releases. Over the past 18 months or so, some of the biggest artists in the world have chosen to go for an exclusive window of release with one service or another, but the major players in the cold war have been Apple and TIDAL.

While artists such as Beyonce, Jay Z and Kanye West have favored TIDAL (where they own a stake), Frank Ocean and Drake have signed deals with Apple Music for their albums. It’s now an open secret that the artists receive some sort of extra compensation for the exclusivity, although none of the streaming companies have revealed the amounts so far.

Some argue that the “exclusive” releases are good in the long run because it keeps filling the artists’ pockets but others believe that the practice is very “anti-consumer” and thus needs to stop as soon as possible. The latter section of folks also believes that it is almost unfair trade practice and that the music fan should be left open to decide which service(s) he/she wants to subscribe to, based solely on the quality and user experience.

Last month, Kanye West, who himself released his latest album The Life of Pablo exclusively on TIDAL, surprised many when he ranted about the Tidal-Apple “beef” and supported the theory that it’s messing up the music industry.

So who is going to take the first step?

According to legendary music critic and analyst Bob Lefsetz (you can read about him here if you are unaware of his credentials), Chairman and CEO of Universal Music Group, Lucian Grainge has sent an email to all executives in the company to end all future exclusive releases for artists on its roster. Lefsetz revealed this in an email sent out to subscribers of his newsletter.

“Lucian Grainge sent out an email to Universal executives today ending all future exclusives with Universal artists.”

Just a couple days ago, Lefsetz sent out a newsletter to his subscribers ranting about the trend of exclusive releases and slammed Frank Ocean for following it just to make some extra money.

If this development is true, it is indeed a huge one. Remember that Universal Music Group is the parent company for labels like Republic (Drake), Def Jam (Kanye West, G.O.O.D. Music, Frank Ocean, Justin Bieber), Interscope (Eminem, Dr. Dre) and many more. If this goes through, it will certainly be another twist in the ever changing music industry which continues to struggle in terms of finding a way of making all players in the game happy.

visit this link .. s-for-artists/

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Video inside Tory Lanez Leaves Angela Yee A Love Letter

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eyecandy | By Carlton Black - 16 hours ago

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Image inside #APN:👻️She Likes Getting Choked👻️

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eyecandy | By CALViiiN - 22 hours ago

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NBA Oh My. Brandon Jennings Disses Harrison Barnes For Riding The Bench During The Olympics

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sports | By The Boat - 23 hours ago

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Image inside I like this 21yr old... 👈👍👌

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eyecandy | By tokinjohn - 23 hours ago

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Video inside Diddy Shows Up At Summer '16 Tour

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hiphop | By Carlton Black - 15 hours ago

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Image inside Former California high school student wins $6 million settlement after impregnating Englis

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wild'ish | By 0100001 - 23 hours ago

A former California high school student who impregnated his teacher has walked away with a $6 million settlement from the school district — reportedly one of the largest single-victim sex abuse settlements ever from a public agency.

The one-time pupil at Citrus Valley High School in Redlands, who is now 21, received the whopping payment Friday, more than three years after the arrest of his former teacher and lover, Laura Whitehurst.

“The size of this settlement represents the gravity of the damage done to this young victim and his family and it also highlights the extreme malfeasance and neglect by school officials who turned a blind eye to the criminal conduct of a teacher and failed to protect a student,” Vince Finaldi, an attorney for the student, told The Los Angeles Times.

But through the settlement, the district admits no wrongdoing, and places all blame on the teen-loving teacher.

Whitehurst, a former AP English teacher, was slapped with 41 felony sex assault charges for her relationship with this student and two others, all of whom were under 18 at the time.

The student who won the $6 million settlement said his sexual relationship with Whitehurst started in 2012, when he was 16, and continued for about a year. The two regularly had sex at her apartment, and Whitehurst gave birth to their child in June 2013 — while the boy was still in school.

Whitehurst was arrested one month later and faced up to 29 years behind bars. In court proceedings, the student told a judge he felt “sick to my stomach” from the “manipulation” he received from his teacher.

As part of a plea deal, Whitehurst was sentenced to one year in jail and released after only four months.

Whitehurst, 29, is now a registered sex offender — and shares custody of the child with her former student.

The student’s attorneys accused the school of ignoring warning signs about the relationship — including a photo of Whitehurst and the student together in a birthing suite. The school district did not start investigating their illicit romance until six weeks after the baby’s birth.

Through the settlement, no one else in the district will face criminal charges for the case.

visit this link .. icle-1.2760618

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NFL Steelers suspended WR Martavis Bryant and Stephen A Smith arguing on twitter

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sports | By Bkjj11 - 23 hours ago

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NBA Derrick Rose needs to chill 😂😂

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sports | By talisman11 - 22 hours ago

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Kodak Black Charged With Sexual Assault

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hiphop | By killuminati - 24 hours ago

@Regrann from @balleralert - Kodak Black Accused of Sexual Battery In South Carolina - blogged by: @eleven8 -
Last week it was reported that rapper, #KodakBlack, was to be released from jail, but his release was postponed after the courts realized he had three out of county holds, 2 misdemeanors, 1 felony. Finally there has been more information as to what those holds/warrants are.
One of the 19-year-old #PompanoBeach rapperÂ’s warrants stems from two misdemeanor weed-related charges in St. Lucie County, while the other warrant stems from a felony charge of criminal sexual conduct in South Carolina. "According to investigators, on or about February 7, 2016 Dieuson Octave is alleged to have engaged in the sexual battery of the victim at a hotel located at 2120 West Lucas Street, Florence, SC," Major Michael M. Nunn, a spokesman for the #FlorenceCounty Sheriff's Office, said in an email statement.
The statement did not go into further detail, and itÂ’s unclear when Kodak Black will have to face trial for these other incidents. Until then, he remains behind bars. #Regrann

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Video inside Diss that made Lil Uzi wanting to Fight at Festival

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hiphop | By Chance902 - 19 hours ago

sh*t kinda fire...Uzi still better tho...That yo bi*ch yo stylist part heat

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Video inside Aug 23 - Cops mistake 10 year-old boy for adult suspect, chase him with guns drawn

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news | By WasabiTuna - 23 hours ago


Legend Preston, who is just 10 years old, had been playing with a basketball when his ball rolled into the street, and he chased after it, only to find several police officers with their weapons drawn.

The New Jersey police officers had been chasing down an adult armed robbery suspect when they came across Legend, who ran from the police in terror because he thought he was in trouble for chasing his ball into the street.

“I ran because they thought that I rolled the ball into the street on purpose, and they were just holding shot guns at me trying to shoot me,” Legend said.

Police then chased Legend down an alley before neighbors intervened.

“He’s only 10 years old, how you all chasing him? He’s only a kid. I’m like, that’s messed up,” said neighbor Jackie Kelly.

Legend’s mother later posted a video of her son, in tears and “petrified,” after the incident to draw attention to what had happened.

“These policemen who had guns drawn on my child are still on these streets,” said Patisha Preston.

Just think, if he moved a way they thought was threatening he would've been shot.

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WWE Presents 8/23/16 Smackdown Live!

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misc | By Syringe - 19 hours ago

Bryan to reveal two new championships on SmackDown Live tonight

In the wake of SummerSlam, SmackDown Live will make history! Plus, what will The Phenomenal One say about John Cena'a post match actions at SummerSlam, who will step up to challenge WWE World Champion Dean Ambrose and can the Women's division handle the SmackDown Live debut of Nikki Bella?

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Video inside Cam'ron Speaks On Ending Issues W/ 50 Cent, Jay-Z & Nas

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hiphop | By Carlton Black - 23 hours ago

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NBA Derrick Rose needs to chill 😂😂
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