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Gucci Mane Stories

hiphop | By pojo18 - 6 hours ago

Saw one of these threads on 50 and thought it was great, so I decided to make one about ATL legend Gucci Mane, Any stories you have heard or know about WOP before / during rap . Or stories you have heard from people around him etc etc

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TDE Is Doing Jay Rock Dirty Yo...

hiphop | By Retro - 6 hours ago

Let your entire camp release lack luster albums all fu*king year long & my nigga Rock can't even get a single :whatisthis:

And on top of that, if he does drop he'll be eclipsed by Kendrick's release so they're setting him up for a hot flop in more ways than one :whatisthis:

After hearing "i" I know for damn sure I want Rock's album more now. Haven't heard a thing but a promise that he will drop though :whatever:

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Image inside She's Cute And All, But Are We Supposed To Ignore This Ni66a Being Abducted By Aliens In The Back?

wild'ish | By BasedonMars - 6 hours ago

So we supposed to ignore this nigga being abducted by aliens in the back?

her father gone be pissed if she don't return them boots before he get up for work

When you trying to be lowkey but the weed in your pocket too loud...

Fresh up out the mausoleum with the "Tomb-dust" 11's

This lil nigga writing lyrics to his new mixtape

When you read a "You up?" text in the morning because you passed out the night before...


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Video inside Rick Ross "The Truth is more Sinister" appreciation thread

hiphop | By JBoogie - 6 hours ago

:jordanlol: @Jacc Blacc @lexdaghost @CosbySweater thank y'all for reminding how funny this sh*t was
Rick Ross Confesses To Being A Corrections Officer:

You can tell he's faking to when he starts talking about he gave up a scholarship to leave the hood. Because of "dope boy ambitions" nigga the only reason you slang is to make enough so you can get your family out of there. No nigga in his right mind would turn down a full ride to be a dope boy.

But this interview is comedy enjoy y'all

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The Game.....Has One Of The Best Songs Of The Year.

hiphop | By Littlefinger1 - 6 hours ago


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Video inside Sunset Overdrive Embargo Lifted early review

games | By BunsBundy - 5 hours ago

Some Quotes

"What did you think of the game 2 hours in? were you inspired to play the rest which has to be about a 40 hour average?" " put me to sleep"

"So far i cant believe that these are the guys that made resistance 3"

"So far this is tremendously dull"

"Tedious combat that has no spark"

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 Kanyes Wife Said She Would Give Her Pus*y To Divorcee Johnny Depp

hiphop | By HipHopFactz - 6 hours ago

While Kim married rap superstar Kanye West in a lavish ceremony held in Florence, Italy on May 24, she reveals that growing up and sharing a room with big sister Kourtney, now 35, they both had their fair share of celebrity crushes.

'I loved Johnny Depp, I am obsessed with him,' she gushes, adding: 'and she (Kourtney) is really into Leonardo DiCaprio. So we had cutouts of them on our wall next to our Michael Jackson posters.'

With sister Khlo, now 30, several years younger than her siblings, she was left out of the loop.

'I don't know who Khlo was into,' Kim admits. 'She was younger than us, so it wasn't cool for us to hang out with our little sister.'

As Kim continues her own evolution, going from sex-tape star to reality star and now hoping to be taken more seriously as an actress, the doting mom recently filmed a cameo for CBS comedy 2 Broke Girls.

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Katt Williams Bentley Stolen By Too $hort, Suge Knight Involved

hiphop | By messy marv stan - 6 hours ago

Katt Williams, Too $hort, and Suge Knight are all apparently indirectly involved with the Leland Yee corruption case, according to the latest reports. But what does Williams Bentley have anything to do with Yee allegedly selling rocket launchers?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Katt Williams certainly knows how to get into some crazy situations. Williams allegedly pulled a gun at a comedy store according to reports and somehow even managed to get entangled in the Suge Knight shooting case. You also dont want to get into a Twitter fight with Williams, but you do want to be a fan in a wheelchair.

Earlier in 2014, the FBI had Leland Yee arrested for bribery and various corruption charges. His arrest also happened to be alongside other notorious gang members like Raymond Shrimp Boy Chow.

Yee was best known for his efforts to strengthen open records, government transparency, and whistleblower protection laws. Ironically, Yee was also known for pushing gun control laws in California even though its alleged he was involved in a deal to buy assault rifles and rocket launchers. He also was trying to broker a deal between an international arms dealer and an Italian gangster from New Jersey.

When the FBI investigated these matters, they had an undercover FBI agent secretly wiretap and record various conversations. This is where Katt Williams Bentley comes into play, because a man named Barry Blackwell House was bragging about what he could do.

House said he could send two goons to do whatever UCE 4599 [the under cover agent] wanted, the wiretap summary reads according to SFWeekly. One of the goons was from New York and would do anything. UCE 4599 asked if the goons could damage a vehicle to send a message to someone. House responded thats a done deal, thats too easy. I call that the sleeper. House told UCE 4599 he didnt even have to meet the goons to minimize his culpability in the event.

It turns out that House allegedly stole Katt Williams Bentley because Too $hort wanted revenged on the comedian for not paying the rapper for a 2012 performance. Apparently, Suge Knight was involved in the matter but federal prosecutor William Frentzen wrote that Black backed down rapper Suge Knight and summoned the help of his organization to steal Williams Bentley. While the circumstances are a bit vague, SFWeekly says it sounds like House managed to convince Knight, who often hangs out with Too $hort, to stay out of it. Then House got his motorcycle club, the Made Men, to help steal the Bentley.

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 NBA Dwyane Wade takes Post-Game Interview to Another Level

sports | By PrimeZaire - 6 hours ago

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Rich Homie Quan Pops:hillwhoa:

hiphop | By Loxy Miracles - 6 hours ago

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Find me a Soprano's or Breaking Bad scene fu-king with this

movies | By Chalky - 5 hours ago


this scene is so damn powerful ain't nothing fu*king with it.

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NFL Adrian Peterson Halloween Costume

sports | By theFREAK - 6 hours ago

*tweet embedded

:imout: :imout: :imout:

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NBA Reporter asks Kobe where he would rank Steve Nash among all-time point guards....

sports | By Clyde - 5 hours ago

*tweet embedded


Mamba aka GOAT jr with another lowkey ether :kobelmao:

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Video inside Comedian Spanky Hayes Responds To Tyrese With His Own Diss Video!

hiphop | By ajeana - 6 hours ago

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Image inside She's cute but.... (basedonmars type thread)

wild'ish | By STR0MILE SWIFT - 6 hours ago

did his father love him?!

Bae wants ice cream

bae wants a pizza!

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NBA Were we too quick to write Dwayne Wade off?

sports | By tygamann1 - 6 hours ago

After Lebron's first year with the Heat when D-Wade handed over his alpha status to Lebron, I think D-Wade took a passengers seat to Lebron in a sense where he just did what was necessary to win games, rather than keep his game in tip top shape. (duh right?)

But after watching some of his games/highlights this preseason, Did we all write him off too quickly?

Of course its only preseason, and he isn't the jumper he used to be, and neither does he have the first step he used to have, but he's doing stuff I haven't seem him do since the first year of the Big 3.

Bold prediction for D-Wade and the Heat this year.

70/82 games played
Heat make the 3 seed in the East

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 NFL Top 10 Diva's in The NFL

sports | By italiansteve - 6 hours ago

I name the Top 10 divas in the NFL. These are players who cry when things do not go their way, or cause disruption over the smallest things. Divas can be detrimental to the team chemistry. They cause a lot of friction on the team, and a lot of times players have to walk on eggshells when they are around them.

I decided to go over a list of the Top 10 divas who have complained their way to the top. They are not necessarily bad people, but dont let them get angry. You wouldnt like it when theyre angry.

So lets take a look at these ten NFL divas and what got them on this list.

10. Cam Newton

Cam Newton is a terrific player. After a turbulent college career at the University of Florida and Auburn University, he burst onto the NFL in 2011 and had a record breaking rookie season.

It was after his rookie season that Newton exhibited diva tendencies. In his first Pro Bowl, Newton acted standoffish and big-timed other players by not signing autographs or taking pictures with their families.

Pete Prisco of asked the players there about Newtons behavior. He was a total -hole, one AFC player said. Who did he think he was? He acted like the big s. Here he was at his first game and he acted like he was the star. Guys didnt like that.

As a result, AFC defenders, who usually dont rush the quarterback, rushed Newton hard and even sacked him.

9. Mike Wallace

Mike Wallaces first three seasons were great in Pittsburgh. He rose to become one of the NFLs premiere receivers. Because of that, he felt that his rookie contract was beneath him. He grunted and groaned and missed training camp when he did not get the contract he wanted.

In Miami, Wallace has continued his diva ways. He has not gotten on the same page with quarterback Ryan Tannehill, and has complained about it, even after victories.

After his first four games in Miami, Wallace spoke about his unhappiness. Im definitely worried about it because its game four, Wallace said Wednesday, via Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald. Im not paranoid or anything but in Week Four its not the way I imagined my first four weeks going. Definitely not. Im pretty sure its not the way anybody imagined it going.

8. Aaron Rodgers

In 2012 during one of the many Green Bay Packers blowout wins over the Chicago Bears, Rodgers stepped back to make a throw. His receiver, James Jones, ran a bad route and the ball was intercepted. Rodgers proceeded to go out and undress Jones on the field of play for making Rodgers look bad.

After the blown Failed Mary touchdown call against the Packers by the replacement refs a couple of seasons ago, a photographer was trying to get video of Rodgers, who hits the camera.

Rodgers receives no criticism for those actions. Lets say someone like, say, Jay Cutler was to do the same. Critics may call for his banishment from the NFL.

It isnt just on the field where Rodgers is a diva. He gets upset at any perceived slight.

In an interview done on 60 Minutes, we got to see how sensitive Rodgers is. He doesnt like people talking about his height (a fan in the video meets Rodgers and comments about how he looked shorter than on television and Rodgers seemed visibly upset). Former teammate Greg Jennings spoke about how the players had to be careful about what they said about Rodgers so as not to offend him.

Of course, Rodgers did not like 60 Minutes talking about how sensitive he was and publicly denounced the interview, thus proving them right about him being so sensitive.

7. Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel comes into the NFL as one of the biggest divas in college sports. He got away with getting paid for his autograph (half a game suspension? Ha!). He got away with being too drunk to perform at Peyton Mannings football camp. He got away with a variety of things in college.

Manziel then went to the NFL and is now trying that same act there. He is finding things different as a professional.

Manziel flipped the bird in a preseason game against Washington, and he got dinged $12,000 for it. He spent some of training camp partying it up, while Brad Hoyer spent his time working on the playbook and, surprise, Hoyer ended up winning the starting quarterback job for the Cleveland Browns.

Manziel says he will not change for anyone, not even for the NFL. Thats fine. If he doesnt work on improving, however, he will be another in a long line of players who thought they could be bigger than the NFL and found out otherwise.

6. Steve Smith Sr.

Steve Smith Sr. looks like he is mad at the world, like the world did him wrong. For a guy who is a star receiver in the NFL, he should lighten up.

Smith is a player who takes anything that does not go his way as a personal attack on him. He did not like the changes going on in Carolina back in 2011 when the Panthers drafted Cam Newton and hired Ron Rivera, a move that most would welcome after a horrible season. Not Mr. Smith.

Smith got so upset, he cleaned out his locker and put his house up for sale. That move did not work for him, though, and he returned and had some good seasons with Cam and company.

The team decided to part ways with Smith this offseason and they released him. They wanted to get younger receivers, and quieter receivers. Smith eventually signed a 3-year, $11 million contract with the Baltimore Ravens.

After that incident in 2011 where he wanted to get out of Carolina, and after fights he had with teammates, Smith was now upset that he was not going to be in Carolina anymore. That apparently did not sit well with him.

The Ravens met up against the Panthers, and Smith promised blood and guts. He fulfilled that promise, making 6 catches for 139 yards and two touchdowns in a Ravens blowout.

After the game, Smith continued his verbal barrage on the Panthers, apparently not satisfied with embarrassing them on the field.

He called a Charlotte radio station to continue the trash talking. Now that I play well youre going to try and say that Im a distractionive always been a distraction, but I didnt beat my wife. Yeah I hit some teammates six or seven years ago but I never beat my wife.

That was in reference to Greg Hardy being convicted (it is currently under appeal) for beating his wife, one of the cases this season that highlighted the domestic violence problem that hit the NFL.

Stay classy, Mr. Smith!

5. Percy Harvin

Percy Harvin is on his third team now after being traded from the Seattle Seahawks to the New York Jets last week.

The talented receiver was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings. He became a deep threat, and was just a super talented receiver. Then he started to miss games because of migraines and he started to fight with both head coaches he had and he rehabbed his injured ankle away from the Minnesota trainers. Most importantly, he wanted a big new contract.

The Vikings grew tired of Harvins act. Surprisingly, the Seahawks swooped in and gave up three draft picks one of them a first round pick to acquire the talented playmaker.

The Seahawks then turned around and signed Harvin to a 6-year, $67 million contract. A season later, they dump him for a conditional pick. Depending on how he plays, the pick could be anywhere from a second round pick to a fourth round pick.

The Seahawks invested a lot into Harvin, then dump him for a conditional pick? What happened?

It was reported that Harvin was a time bomb ready to blow. He complained about touchdown receptions being called back because of penalties. He also got into a fight with Golden Tate (now with the Detroit Lions) before the Super Bowl, and another with Doug Baldwin before the last exhibition game this preseason. He also reportedly refused to get into the game in the fourth quarter of Seattles loss to the Dallas Cowboys two weeks ago.

Will this diva learn his lesson? Stay tuned to find out.

4. Geno Smith

Percy Harvins new teammate Geno Smith is next on this list.

Smiths saga as a diva started right after the New York Jets drafted him. Smith thought he was going to be a Top 10 pick. He thought he might even be the first overall pick. Instead, E.J. Manuel was the only quarterback chosen in the first round, and Smith was chosen in the second round.

One would think Smith would use that as a chip on his shoulder and that he would work hard to prove the naysayers wrong, right? Not at all. What Smith did was blame his agents, and he fired them.

This season, as the Jets continue to slide, Smith has been in rare form. In the Jets game against the Detroit Lions in Week 4, a group of Jets fans were heckling Smith. He proceeded to drop the F-bomb on those fans. He was later fined $12,000 for those words.

The night before he struggled and ultimately got benched in a 31-0 loss to the San Diego Chargers, Smith missed a team meeting, claiming he was thrown off by the three hour time difference between New York and California. Where was he while the meeting was taking place? At the movies.

Not moves befitting a leader, huh?

3. Robert Griffin III

Robert Griffin III came into the NFL and had a historic season, not just for a rookie but for any player. He led his Washington team to the NFC East title. They eventually fell in the playoffs, and Griffin hurt his knee. That is when things became unhinged.

Many think that the success he had in his rookie season got to Griffins head. He boasted about how close he was to owner Dan Snyder. That relationship may have cost Mike Shanahan his job when his own relationship with Griffin soured.

Some have taken to calling Griffin RG-Me rather than the more customary RG-3. There were reports from unnamed players(video) that Griffin became a locker room diva. It became all about him, instead of all about team. He started to blame other players for bad plays that he was responsible for.

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 Image inside The Quickest Way To A Girl's Heart In 2014..

wild'ish | By tripleG - 6 hours ago

Emojis. These my top ten, at the moment.


If you getting pus*y, post your top ten.

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Image inside Remember when Jim Jones literally muted Max vocals and had Gargamel re-sing them?

hiphop | By EL CHAPO - 6 hours ago

im so pissed this f*ggot is just sitting on loads and loads of unreleased max and stack. and i know why he aint releasing them, hes stealing stacks verses and max hooks and handing them out to sucker ass vamp life members and himself.

warning: you might want to punch your computer screen listening to this sh*tty unwavy version


death to jim jones if i ever meet him im gonna fu*king sock him in the mouth and spit in his wifes face thats on my dead brother

look at this hook nose little pansy

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 NBA Report: Tobias Harris wont sign contract extension, would get Nike bonus by playing in NYC, LA, Chi

sports | By T.O.N.Y. - 6 hours ago

The Magic have already signed Nikola Vucevic to a rookie-scale contract extension.

How about one of their extension-eligible fourth-year players?

Tobias Harris said he wants to remain in Orlando, but there could be complications.

Chris Broussard of ESPN:

Keep eye on Tobias Harris. Won't sign ext w/Orlando b4 10/31. Restricted FA next summer. Nike deal gives him upgrade if he in LA, NY or CHI

Chris Broussard (@Chris_Broussard) October 24, 2014

Key question: How long does Harris Nike contract run? How much more does it pay him to play in New York, Chicago or Los Angeles?

If he doesnt sign an extension with the Magic, Harris will be a restricted free agent after the season, meaning they can match any offer he receives. So even if the Knicks, Bulls, Lakers or Clippers want him and signs him to an offer sheet, Orlando could match it and, presumably, prevent him from getting the Nike bonus.

If Harris Nike contract runs through 2016-17 and his big-city raise is high enough, maybe hed consider taking his qualifying offer and becoming an unrestricted free agent in 2016 right when the new national TV deals are set to lift the salary cap. Then, hed have more control over getting to New York, Chicago or Los Angeles though a team in one of those cities would still have to sign him.

Of course, this could all be a negotiating ploy. Who outside of Harris camp would have access to his Nike contract with the incentive to leak the details? Maybe someone fed Broussard the information in order to persuade the Magic to make a better extension offer (which would raise questions about the accuracy of the report). After all, Harris is on record saying he wants to stay in Orlando.


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 Image inside Since BX cares about hairlines so much...

wild'ish | By slipnslide85 - 6 hours ago

Incredible :rofl::rofl::rofl::dead::dead:

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Video inside Lord Jamar Talks Ebola's Use as Population Control; Reveals Cure

hiphop | By Guvnor - 6 hours ago

According to Lord Jamar, Colloidal Silver is the cure for Ebola :kanyenice:

Strangely enough as my conscious people already know some say Colloidal Silver also can be used to open the Pineal Gland.

That's not my business tho :notmybusinesstho:

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 Video inside Introducing PS4 Share Play...

games | By C. Carter - 5 hours ago

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BOX Mayweather sr heated!! Reacts to devon alexander accusations of floyd avoiding black fighters

sports | By Ladklap - 6 hours ago

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Video inside Charlamagne on Erica Mena & Bow Wow: I Don't Give a Sh*t

hiphop | By KushKaleem - 6 hours ago

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Blu ivy firing shots already

hiphop | By what ever - 6 hours ago

*tweet embedded


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 NFL Good Lord : Gerald McCoy inks 7 year $98 million extension with Bucs

sports | By theFREAK - 6 hours ago

*tweet embedded

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 Video inside WWE 2K15 OMG Moments Trailer

games | By Doc Logical - 5 hours ago

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 Image inside Mom....

wild'ish | By thekidd - 6 hours ago

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 Video inside If i had a time machine, id tell her about the cancer early, and impregnate.

eyecandy | By Andrefrbk - 5 hours ago

I swear id do all that right after i take a list of winning lottery numbers from back then to now and cake the fu*k up something serious.


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Image inside USA Pre-Order Chart

games | By Cool Story - 5 hours ago



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Video inside Smack/URL/UFF Presents - Anubis vs Xcel

hiphop | By ZeusSlaps - 6 hours ago

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 NBA Report: Kobe Bryant viewed Dwight Howard leaving Lakers in free agency as a positive

sports | By T.O.N.Y. - 6 hours ago

Much has been written about the poor relationship that existed between Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard during their ill-fated season together in Los Angeles.

To sum it up as succinctly and politely as possible, Bryant is ruthlessly competitive, whereas Howard prefers to take a much lighter approach.

The reality is that from a personality standpoint, Howard simply didnt fit in with a Lakers organization that values championship contention above all else. Thats probably why Bryant sabotaged the free agent pitch meeting with Howard the team had in the summer of 2013, and even though technically L.A. would have had an All-Star talent to be the face of the team once Bryant was gone, Howard simply isnt cut out to take on that level of responsibility.

Its not surprising, then, that Bryant views the Lakers failure to retain Howard in free agency as a good thing for the franchise.

From Ken Berger of

Only weeks before his comeback from the Achilles injury ended so abruptly, Bryant signed a two-year, $48.5 million contract that will pay him $25 million next season at age 37. While the arrangement virtually assured that Bryant will retire as a Laker, it also hindered the teams quest for a free-agent star around whom it could forge a new path once hes gone. Though Bryant viewed Dwight Howards free-agent departure in 2013 as a positive, according to a person close to him, the Lakers barely got this past summers prime free agents, James and Anthony, to give the franchise a passing thought. Why is that?

This comes from an excellent longform feature on Bryant that is much more balanced than what weve seen from other national outlets recently, and is well worth your time.

As to why free agents have passed on L.A. as a destination, it has little to do with Bryants contract. Remember, L.A. was the only team that had max money available to sign Carmelo Anthony last summer without needing to make roster moves first.

The fact that Bryant has had two major injuries that limited him to appearing in just six games last season, along with the depleted state of the rest of the Lakers roster are more concrete reasons that free agents would want to play somewhere else. The Lakers, even with another All-Star in place would still be so far from their stated goal of title contention that those looking for a new team can find one much more ready to win now, and can do so fairly easily.

As for Howard, this recent description (from a feature by Michael Lee of the Washington Post) tells us all we need to know about why he and Bryant clashed so strongly.

Before he ripped the bags of ice from his knees, reached for his green, turtle-shell shaped Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle backpack and walked out of a lounge inside the bowels of Toyota Center in his Mickey Mouse T-shirt, Dwight Howard burst into an old Gospel hymn.

Its clear that Bryant wasnt at all interested in seeing the Lakers sign on for five more years of that nonsense.

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 Video inside New Yorkers Try To Interpret Young Thug's Lyrics On "Lifestyle"

hiphop | By Troublesome91 - 6 hours ago


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Video inside Worst Games of 2014

games | By BunsBundy - 5 hours ago

Black Soul-PC

Rambo The Video Game - Cross-platform

Basement Crawl - PS4

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - XB1

The Letter - WiiU

Whats your worst game of the year so far?

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Audio inside A$AP Ferg - "CHINATOWN"

hiphop | By hayday12 - 7 hours ago

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Image inside NYPD rocking the camron ebola mask

hiphop | By kronzsw - 6 hours ago


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 Video inside When the lyrics hit too close to home ... LMAOOOOOOoooooo

wild'ish | By Trilluminati GA - 6 hours ago


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 NBA (VIDEO) Derrick Rose Full Highlights vs Timberwolves (2014.10.24) - 27 Pts, Impressive!

sports | By T.O.N.Y. - 6 hours ago

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 NBA Zach LaVine Soars Through the Air

sports | By acegutta22 - 6 hours ago

:clap::clap:light skin nicca got hops:clap::clap:

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