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Video inside JIM JONES meets JAY-Z @ ROCNATION offices trying to get signed! BOSS HOVA makes another

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hiphop | By SLR CHOOPA - 9 hours ago

effen records ceo is next to bow down ..... like i said in my other award winning thread 3 people are about to join rocnation and one of them was a old enemy . looks like i was right once again . everyone that beefs with hov falls in line sooner or later .

U ever made a paper plane before #watchMework

A video posted by jimjonescapo (@jimjonescapo) on

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Video inside FULL: Lisa Evers Explains Taxstone's Federal Charges, There Is A Snitch Workin w/ The Feds

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hiphop | By MajorD - 8 hours ago

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Rap/R&B group members that didn't actually contribute anything

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hiphop | By Amado Carrillo - 11 hours ago

I'm talking about those that barely sung,danced,wrote,produced if at all but always seemed to be there.
1) Aaron Hall's brother in Guy
2) Masked dude from St. Lunatics
3) 1/2 of Jagged Edge
4) Lil' Twist
Anyone else?

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TaxStone posted bail and will be on house arrest.

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hiphop | By Cloud 420 - 11 hours ago


Save and back up all his tweets and videos and podcast sh*t before he gets home and starts deleting everything.

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Image inside Plies Refuses Blood Alcohol Content Test, Gets Arrested For DUI In Florida

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hiphop | By Avon_Barksdale - 11 hours ago

Florida rapper Plies was arrested in the city of Wesley Chapel, located in the Tampa Bay, Fla. area, early Tuesday morning (Jan. 17) for driving under the influence, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.

When he was pulled over by police, he refused a blood alcohol content test and was taken into custody for DUI. He was released later on the same morning on $500 bond.

Throughout Plies’ career he’s run into some trouble with the police, directly or otherwise. In 2006 he was booked for an alleged shooting at a nightclub in Gainesville, and the following year his manager was arrested with 80 pounds of cocaine on him.

Plies has been on his positive tip lately though, garnering attention with his recent #RacksUpToMyEarChallenge. See the best ones right here; Kodak Black even joined in on the fun.

visit this link .. ckback=tsmclip

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Can You Make It Through The First 3 Minutes Without Laughing???

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wild'ish | By Usd2bDrich409 - 11 hours ago

News fu*k ups be hilarious

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Video inside Charlamange Says He Supports Taxstone 100% + Tax Is Being Investigated For Troy Ave's Xmas

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hiphop | By MajorD - 11 hours ago

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Image inside EA Sports with that ether

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wild'ish | By GBREEZE - 11 hours ago

Whoever runs the madden twitter account deserves a pay raise.

A photo posted by Steelers (@steel.nation) on

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1/17 WWF Smackdown live - alexa squashes becky in a womens title steel cage match

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misc | By messy marv stan - 9 hours ago

visit this link .. own/2017-01-17

Brace yourself, as The Wicked Witch of WWE and The Irish Lass Kicker prepare to make history in a SmackDown Women’s Championship Steel Cage Match! Plus, the blue brand kicks off with a huge announcement from SmackDown LIVE Commissioner Shane McMahon and the return of "King's Court" with WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler.

also scheduled:

shane kicks off smackdown live with a huge announcement
jobber dolph is the guest on jerry lawlers "kings court"
internal turmoil threatens the wyatt familys future
will wwf legend miz rejoin the a-list
phony heel carmella takes pimp ellsworth on a shopping spree
cenas terror claims aj styles as its latest victim

@Purgatory @Doc Zombie
@trock34 @Brother Bone
@Danger Zone

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Jan 17 - How Much Money Does the Average American Have in Their Bank Account?

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news | By misterethoughts - 9 hours ago

Despite living in what is likely the wealthiest nation to ever have existed, Americans sure are having a hard time getting by. As most people are well aware of at this point, wage stagnation and numerous structural economic changes over the years have led to a shrinking middle class, fewer and fewer “good” jobs, and calls for political policies that were once thought to be too poisonous to touch — like a $15 minimum wage, for example.

Given that most people are, relatively speaking, doing just fine, what do Americans have to whine about? We have refrigerators, televisions, smartphones — all things that are inconceivable in many parts of the world, even to this day. But still, people can’t escape the feeling that the screws continue to turn. While facing even more uncertainty about the future, Americans are turning to strongmen political figures or false hopes that things will turn in their favor.

Are Americans truly struggling? It’s impossible to levy one simple judgment that encapsulates everyone in the country, but we can look at averages. And a good place to start is to look at how much money the average person has in their bank account.

Even this might not paint the most accurate picture, as incredibly high earners and billionaires can skew the numbers quite a bit, while those who are deep in debt will still have some money in an account somewhere, but it does give us a starting point.

As for how much the average American has in their bank account, all signs point to $4,436 — a number that comes from a study by bank consulting firm Moebs Services in 2014. This is an amount that accounts for averages in people’s checking accounts specifically and was notable a couple of years ago because it represented a significant jump from 2012’s numbers. What’s even more amazing is how much higher that figure is than it was in 2007, just prior to the Great Recession.

At that time, the average American only had $788 in their checking accounts. One reason for the change? More people want to have cash on hand for immediate expenses, rather than having it tied up in retirement accounts or other investments. It’s not necessarily that people are richer — though we’re clearly in a better economic situation — it’s that people are managing their finances differently.

But having a few thousand in your bank account is a bit different than being wealthy. As mentioned, people are going to have money in the bank; it’s when you incorporate debt and other factors that we get a more accurate picture of the average American’s actual financial status.

visit this link .. -account.html/

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Image inside how many 2nd graders could you take

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wild'ish | By Sin - 11 hours ago

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Jan 17 - Obama commutes sentence of intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning

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news | By 1CK1S - 11 hours ago

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama on Tuesday commuted the prison sentence of Chelsea Manning, the former U.S. military intelligence analyst who is serving 35 years in prison for passing classified files to WikiLeaks, the White House said.

Manning, formerly known as U.S. Army Private First Class Bradley Manning, was born male but revealed after being convicted of espionage that she identifies as a woman.

She accepted responsibility for leaking the material, has said she was confronting gender dysphoria at the time of the leaks while deployed in Iraq.

visit this link .. 213151598.html

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Video inside Mike tyson thick girls beat up soulja boy azz

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hiphop | By Black Hand Side - 11 hours ago

The gloves are off and the bars are out on “If You Show Up,” a diss track Mike Tyson dropped earlier today (January 17).

Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy serves as punching bag on the song, as Tyson raps about training Chris Brown for the pair’s upcoming boxing match while a cadre of models lip syncs the words while working out, splashing around in a jacuzzi and beating up a beanie-wearing Soulja Boy stand-in.

Tyson himself makes only a brief appearance at the end of the video, standing menacingly outside of a building.

“If you show up, it’s going down / I’m gonna teach him how to knock your ass out,” Tyson raps on the song’s hook.

The gloves are off and the bars are out on “If You Show Up,” a diss track Mike Tyson dropped earlier today (January 17).

Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy serves as punching bag on the song, as Tyson raps about training Chris Brown for the pair’s upcoming boxing match while a cadre of models lip syncs the words while working out, splashing around in a jacuzzi and beating up a beanie-wearing Soulja Boy stand-in.

Tyson himself makes only a brief appearance at the end of the video, standing menacingly outside of a building.

“If you show up, it’s going down / I’m gonna teach him how to knock your ass out,” Tyson raps on the song’s hook.

Filled with gems like “Everybody talk sh*t behind the keys / I’mma sting like a venereal disease,” Tyson’s diss record throws jabs at Soulja’s social media thuggery.

In an Instagram post uploaded a week ago, Tyson promoted the song as featuring Chris Brown, but the crooner is noticeably absent from the final product.

“If You Show Up” doesn’t serve as Tyson’s first rap rodeo. In the late ’90s, the professional boxer jumped on board Team Canibus in the rapper’s feud against LL Cool J.

Tyson even appeared on Canibus’ “Second Round K.O.” record for a little trash-talking.

Despite the release of Mike Tyson’s “If You Show Up,” added details on the match between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown have not been revealed.

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NBA Celtics with potential for 3 top 3 picks in a row

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sports | By Kwestluv91 - 9 hours ago

Brown picked this past draft
Nets 1st Round 2017 draft
Nets 1st Round 2018 draft
Clippers 1st Round 2019
Grizzlies 1st Round 2019

He got Brooklyns picks in 2013 for The Truth and KG and as much as I'd have loved to see retire in Boston, letting him go was incredibly smart.

Boston is already a solid top 3 in the East and they could likely grab 1-3 this year and next year given the Nets will probably be awful for a while without being able to get an early pick for the next 2 years. They can't win against Boston, Cleveland, or Toronto and if they were to just tank for a good pick, it only helps Boston for 2 more years lmao 3 first round picks for 2 very old players, one who is already retired lol. Brooklyn lost so much and now have nothing to even show for it cuz PP and KG ain't even with them.

But yeah I made this thread to basically discuss how Boston will continue to grow from young players and drafting. They've had little success signing big current stars, which is surprising given how much is in the near future but perhaps it will be easier with some top prospects headed our way. Maybe the future talent is all Ainge wants to get involved with. KD will eat in GS but Boston could be better than them soon

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NFL Marshawn Lynch enjoying retirement, playing chicken with buses in the UK

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sports | By Clyde - 10 hours ago

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Video inside BKTidalWave In Tears Claims Taxstone & Charlamange Threatened Her & Shes Going To The Feds

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hiphop | By MajorD - 9 hours ago

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Image inside Polynesian Princess

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eyecandy | By Panthro11 - 5 hours ago

✨ Why march to the beat of your own drummer when you can skip? ✨ @leo @4kvisuals

A video posted by Amia (@msfashkilla) on

📸 @4kvisuals

A photo posted by Amia (@msfashkilla) on

But baby I'm a pro at letting go I love it when they come and go

A photo posted by Amia (@msfashkilla) on

Bored waiting for @bodyxjd to show up like... 😂😫 #ThirstTrap

A video posted by Amia (@msfashkilla) on

Lyrics - Mood 😫😂 goodnight 😈

A video posted by Amia (@msfashkilla) on

I hate when this happens ðŸ˜* @bossgirlsempire

A photo posted by Amia (@msfashkilla) on

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Video inside New Injustice 2 Trailer with New Character Reveals

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games | By Rockstar718 - 10 hours ago

I spotted Poison Ivy, Bane, and Brainiac. Darkseid is the pre-order character

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Image inside Drake Vs Nelly: Who had more hits

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hiphop | By Staywoke - 8 hours ago

Saw this trending on twitter, don't know what happen that spark this debate

but hey, who do you think was better in their prime Drake or Nelly? (Though Drake still in his prime)

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Image inside Jan 17 - Pit bulls attack kids walking to school bus stop in Atl, killing 1, injuring 2

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news | By Sin - 3 hours ago

A boy was killed and a girl was injured early Tuesday in a pit bull attack on their way to school, Atlanta police said.

Logan Braatz and Syari Sanders, students at F.L. Stanton Elementary School, were walking to a bus stop in the 1200 block of Gideons Drive in southwest Atlanta when they were mauled, police and school officials said.

While the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s office has not officially identified the children, relatives of the victims released names and photos to Channel 2 Action News.
They were taken to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston with serious injuries.

Logan, 6, was later taken to Grady Memorial Hospital’s trauma unit, where he died. Syari was still at Egleston in stable condition, Atlanta Public Schools spokeswoman Kimberly Willis Green said. Syari’s family told Channel 2 she is alert and conscious.
“We’re still trying to evaluate to figure out what really happened,” Atlanta police Sgt. Warren Pickard said.
Police are certain two dogs were involved in the deadly attack. The dogs’ owner, Cameron Tucker, was arrested on two misdemeanor counts of reckless conduct, Pickard said.

“Any additional charges will be determined by the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office,” he said.

Logan’s uncle, Andy Brasley, told Channel 2 that the 6-year-old “was everything anyone would want in a child.”

“He meant and still means the world to every single person he's ever touched in his life,” Brasley said, “because all he ever wanted was to make a friend.”
Other children were cornered by the pit bulls until a neighbor scared the dogs away.

One of the children, 7-year-old Mason Williams, said one of the dogs bit onto the hood of his jacket before attacking his cousin Syari.

“I looked down and I saw a brick,” he said. “Then I picked it up and that's when the dogs started running at me. And then (one of them) knocked me down.”

Williams and the rescued children tried to help their friends.

“We had some brave kids,” Pickard said. “Some kids ran back to the scene to try to pull the dogs off the children that were injured.”

Area residents responded quickly to try to help Logan and Syari, too.

Angie Smith, a witness to the attack, said she ran to assist Syari. The girl was wearing a jacket and carrying a book bag, Smith said.
“I looked down at her to see what I could do for her,” Smith said. “And when I looked at her, I knew that there was nothing I could do.”

Shamonta Clayton, a neighbor of the children, said he woke up this morning to screams and ran outside to find them in bad shape.
“As I get to the end of the street, I see (one) child’s unconscious body laying in the middle of the street,” Clayton said.

He noticed another dog and followed it, finding the children cornered near the porch.

“So I chased the dog away from the kids, and I noticed the second child, a little boy, his unconscious body laying down in the grass,” Clayton said.

The dog circled back to the child and Clayton said he chased the dog off with his gun.

“I picked the child’s body up because his mom couldn’t do nothing but sit there and just cry,” Clayton said.

Fulton County Animal Control took one dog into custody. An officer shot and killed the other dog, Pickard said.
“Our officers couldn’t get control of it in a manner that he felt safe,” he said. “So our policies and procedures allow us to act in that capacity.”

Atlanta Public Schools sent a crisis team to Stanton Elementary to provide grief counseling for students and staff, Willis Green said.

Neighbors told Channel 2 they’ve seen the dogs roaming the area before, but they hadn’t attacked anyone.

visit this link .. f7NIuNHGqqjAJ/

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