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Omarion Breaks Up With Girlfriend Apryl After She Refuses DNA Test For Son

hiphop | By weeknd44 - 24 hours ago


Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Omarion calls it quits with girlfriend Apryl after she refused to give her son a DNA test to prove hes Omarions baby.

On recent episodes of the reality show Omarions mom doesnt care for Apryl and even hinted that the baby looks biracial. Apryls ex is of Mexican descent.

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 NBA Lakers Front Office are tired of Kobe Bryant

sports | By MrHashTag - 23 hours ago


In ESPN Magazine, Abbott cites multiple Laker sources claiming that the Buss family are finally done with Kobe and are waiting for him to retire. Claims his ego has rotted the Lakers brand and nobody wants to play with him (also cites multiple agents). Kobe is basically hurting the Lakers ability to rebuild.

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 Image inside Who Seen Ty Beats Expose ASAP Earlier Today?

hiphop | By Deelo Deniroz - 24 hours ago

Tweets got deleted but he was sayin Rocky the devil and does witchcraft

All kinda weird sh*t


Originally Posted by dan1ellep (Post 32520133)

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 I lowkey miss the 06-07 Era

hiphop | By Chalky - 24 hours ago

:tocry: don't front radio had some good music

them middle school myspace days :tocry:

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NBA Kobe Crossed Something Serious

sports | By mross16 - 23 hours ago

RIP ankles :durantmelolol:


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 Image inside Rick lost

wild'ish | By tokinjohn - 24 hours ago

He still has bi*ch tits :mjcry:

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 Article inside 2014 is first year ever with ZERO platinum-certified records

hiphop | By Fly or Die - 24 hours ago

While there were certainly a number of great albums you need to have from this year, 2014 will mark the first year since its inception in 1976 that no artist’s album will be certified as platinum from sales. The award is given by the RIAA to mark one million units sold, and with only a few weeks remaining in the year, no album is even remotely close to making the threshold.

The two records nearest the magic number are Beyonce’s self-titled album and Lorde’s “Pure Heroine,” but neither have even crossed the 800,000 mark, with sales of both having tapered off months ago. There is one caveat, and that is the fact that the soundtrack to the animated film Frozen has moved well over three million units; but it being a soundtrack and not a single-artist release places it into a slightly different category.

Yet the year is not a complete wash, as 60 individual songs have been certified as platinum, and this is a clear reflection of the overall shift that the industry has made back to a singles-based focus. Thanks to digital downloads, buyers are no longer required to purchase an entire album, but when compared to last year, the number of platinum-certified singles is still down more than 20%.

The remainder of 2014 is rather bleak in terms of world-wide artists that could move massive units in a short time, as the only possible shot will come from Foo Fighters’ “Sonic Highways;” but it’s been nearly a decade since that band achieved such commercial sales success. Given that reality, it’s safe to say that in nearly every aspect, 2014 will mark the most disappointing and dismal year ever in terms of mainstream music sales.

Many will be quick to blame the rise of streaming music services, as a large number of industry executives claim that this discourages the purchase of full albums and even singles to an extent. In fact, this was what many blamed for 2014 marking the lowest album sales since SoundScan tracking began in 1991 just a few weeks ago. When these numbers were released, it was the first solid indication of how uninspiring mainstream releases have been throughout this year, as those two previously mentioned albums that are closest to platinum status were both released in 2013.

As the traditional music model changes more and more, the industry must get out of the mud and admit they have to make massive adjustments in their sales approach if they wish to survive. With the reality that songs can get millions of streams and video views, yet only sell tens of thousands of copies, the old model is no longer relevant, and when the big labels collapse, they’ll only have their arrogance and ignorance to blame.

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 NBA Kobe to Julius Randle - "If you f*ck this up, you're a really big idiot"

sports | By flyguy2000 - 23 hours ago

"Bryant delivered his comments to the media with a typical Bryant smirk. Never one to hide his feelings, Kobe understands that Randle has an excellent opportunity to grow under these veterans and he would be wise to take advantage.

Randle enjoyed his finest game of the preseason, totaling eight points, five rebounds and two blocks in only 20 minutes. Randle, along with Ronnie Price and Ed Davis, were extremely instrumental in helping the Lakers come back from a 16-point halftime deficit to defeat the Utah Jazz.

The veterans on the Lakers are not taking it easy on the young rookie. They are going to push him to his limits and get the most out of him. In the long run, they believe it will be best for him, and they are probably right"

Can't wait to witness the development of Randle :kobecigar:

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 Image inside I think it is safe to say that any BX member would plow this 45 year old woman

eyecandy | By Ole-G - 22 hours ago

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 NBA Kobe Bryant: The Lakers Downfall " He's not as good as he thinks he is" "No Lebron intangibles"

sports | By MrHashTag - 23 hours ago


Throughout their history, the Lakers have been a magnet for all-time greats.* They came, they Showtimed, they conquered. But since Shaq's departure, Pau Gasol is the only star to stick around at least 150 games with Kobe Bryant. And now Gasol is gone too.


"Kobe is like the big rock in their front yard," says an agent who has had a Lakers client in recent years. "You can't mow over it, so you just have to mow around it."
"I've had a lot of clients in the last five years, good players, who didn't want to play with Kobe," says an agent who has had numerous NBA stars. "They see that his teammates become the chronic public whipping boys. Anyone who could possibly challenge Kobe for the spotlight ends up becoming a pincushion for the media. Even Shaq."


"The problem is, he's just not as good as he thinks he is," says one source in the Lakers' inner circle. "He's just not as efficient as he thinks he is. If he had the other intangibles, like LeBron, or if he was any kind of different person, it would have been easy for us to attract talent, retain it and win."

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 Image inside Fake Everything... i ain't complaining though - Ines

eyecandy | By 5_star_smitty - 22 hours ago

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 Image inside Oct 20 - There's One Skill Worth More Than A Harvard Degree And Anyone Can Learn It

news | By RAZAH CUTS - 14 hours ago


Investing in your programming skills could yield a 208% better return on investment than attending a top-tier college.

Its a road to achieving the American dream that hasnt always been there. But now, there's a slew of companies that teach beginners to code and engineering skills are in hot demand. In an interview with Mic, Allan Grant, the co-founder of Hired, a $2 billion-plus marketplace where companies compete to hire talented developers, explains whats happening in the market, what it means to build with code and why becoming a software engineer is different than you think. His story arriving in the U.S. as a young kid, learning how to program and becoming a serial entrepreneur illustrates how the route to a successful career is changing.

College is an unmatched experience with incredible benefits. Its a strong pathway to success. However, new routes are also opening up. The money one can earn and what one can build by learning to code is eye-popping. Lets take two members of the same high school graduating class. Student A goes to Harvard University. Over 30 years, his return on the Harvard degree is $1.33 million, according to PayScale. Student B attends a one-semester coding boot camp in San Francisco, takes an unpaid internship for the rest of the year and gets a $60,000 entry-level job as a developer. Over the same time period, her return would be $4.16 million (assuming a 4.5% annual salary increase, subtracting for the cost of the bootcamp and living expenses in San Francisco for a year and adjusting for inflation). Student B makes a 208% better investment than student A.

Part of the reason is the markets huge demand for developers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a 22% growth rate in job opportunities for software developers, which is double the average growth rate for all occupations. In fact, the demand for developers is so great that Grant built an entire business out of helping developers vet offers and the market shows no signs of cooling off.

What youll start seeing is that a lot of these advanced engineers will be competing to learn the latest technologies, programming languages, and theyll have the most mobility, says Grant. New developers will take still-attractive junior positions. Im not sure in the near term theres ever going to be a short supply.

Grants own story shows the value of learning how to build with code. Grant was born in Eastern Europe and his father started one of the first private businesses in the Ukraine, following the collapse of the Soviet Union, he says. Grant (pictured left) began learning computer languages and later went to Georgia Tech (to study computer science, the traditional way). One night as a sophomore, when he was unsure of what he wanted to do, he remembered his childhood dream of building something of his own one day. He realized he had the knowledge to do it on his own, with code.

Grant became a serial entrepreneur. Midway through college, he founded Webmasters International (2004) and later co-founded 3L Systems (2008) and CureBit (2010). (He co-founded Hired in 2012). Grant developed Hireds initial platform in three successive all-weekend coding sessions before taking off for Burning Man. Grant and his co-founders recruited 85 developers at the festival and the company took off from there. Hired recently expanded its offices in New York and Grant, along with his co-founders and growing roster of employees, are striving to become the marketplace for developer talent.

There are a growing number of companies teaching people how to code and students who want to learn how, and Hired is well positioned to capitalize on the trend. CodeSchool, Hack Reactor, CodeUp, MakerSquare and others promise to teach the skills necessary to land a job in the equivalent of one semester. Many of them, like Hack Reactor, boast a 99% job placement rate for graduates and an average salary of $115,000. Other services, like CodeAcademy, which walk you through coding projects step-by-step, are free.

A lot of people who graduated boot camps with a couple years of experience, theyre competitive with top computer science undergrad majors, says Grant. And what were seeing now will continue to feed that loop. That it works.

Grant insists that its never too late to make a move.

One time I was at a festival campout and this guy is there playing guitar, beautifully, he says. He mustve been 70 years old and Id always wanted to play guitar since my early 20s. But Id always thought that Man, I would start, but itd be too late to play guitar [really well]. I went up and said, You mustve been playing your whole life. Nah, he said. I started playing [when I was 65].

The moral of the story: Everyday, you're not going to be that good. But you're always going to be better the next day, Grant says. It's never too late to start anything.

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NFL Bears Lose At Home; Postgame Locker Room "Ugly Scene"

sports | By Illuminati - 23 hours ago

The Bears lost to the Dolphins today, and they're now 0-3 at home. Both sides of the Bears sucked: Miami had 393 yards to Chicago's 224. After the game, the Bears' locker room reportedly devolved into a lot of shouting. Here are the details so far:

Chris Emma @CEmma670

Things got ugly in the Bears locker room. Players were yelling and pulled apart. Brandon Marshall ranted and Kyle Long ripped the fans.

Peggy Kusinski @peggykusinski

Loud yelling heard from outside #Bears locker room "when you play with heart!... It's suppose to hurt" .. Then "you just kick the ball"

Those quotes don't really shed much light, but one thing's clear: the Bears are mad at things.

:sadto: I hope Cutler can rally the troops.

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 Image inside The life has taken its toll on Mischa Barton

wild'ish | By Ole-G - 24 hours ago


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 Article inside A Tragedy in Song: "Hot N*gga" by Bobby Shmurda

hiphop | By onlybuilt1906 - 24 hours ago

A Tragedy in Song: “Hot Nigga” by Bobby Shmurda
By marquesbwatson

About a week ago, as I enjoyed abnormally slow Starbucks Wi-Fi, two young women walked up to my friends and me. They had a question that I did not expect until after it was asked. It was a cultural question composed of so many layers that I doubt they understood. I’m sure they failed to understand ONLY through lack of trying. That one question opened my already ponderous mind to a sea of worrisome thoughts. What was this awful question?

“Hey, can you guys teach us the Shmoney dance?”

Now, before (or after) you chuckle at how ridiculous my predicament was, understand that the song “Hot Nigga” had been on my mind for awhile. Not only because of how catchy it was or how infectious the featured Schmoney dance is. See, the song had plagued my thoughts because I couldn’t help but view it differently that most of the 8,000,000+ other viewers of it at the time. A fun song to a hot beat with a smooth dance. A terrible display of poor lyricism. A sign of Hip-Hop’s decline. However it was viewed by most, I’m sure my view was largely different. I saw, and continue to see, the song as a tragedy. It arouses the same emotions as Mufasa’s death in The Lion King or the moment Jack succumbs to the cold Atlantic waters in Titanic. When I first saw the dance and heard the song in a viral Vine video, I expected to criticize the song as idiocy, while simultaneously dancing along to the ignorance. In fact, I did just that. I naturally flowed into the Shmoney Dance and hit it all throughout the song. That is, until I opened my ears as I sometimes do when I listen to this type of music.

I was struck with sadness when I realized that Bobby Shmurda, the originator of the song, in his attempt to create a blazing end-of-summer hit song had actually written one of the saddest songs I had heard in quite awhile. Don’t believe me? Cut the beat and remove the dance. Change the tone a bit and tell me that I’m wrong…

“In Truey, I’m some hot nigga

Like I talk to Shyste when I shot niggas

Like you seen him twirl then he drop, nigga

And we keep them 9 millis on my block, nigga

And Monte keep it on him, he done dropped niggas

And Trigger he be wilding, he some hot nigga

Tones known to get busy with them Glocks, nigga

Try to run down and you can catch a shot, nigga

Running through these checks ’til I pass out

And shorty give me neck ’til I pass out

I swear to God, all I do is cash out

And if you ain’t a ho, get up out my trap house”

The first eight lines recount how a 20-year old and his friends routinely kill others. I understand the bravado and machismo praised in hip-hop, so I let these lines slide off my conscience. I’ll get back to them later. What I did find frustrating were the last three lines. The abrupt transition from “murder” to money and sex. No need to even transition or relate these lines to what was said before. Imagining someone writing these lines puzzled me and, in an odd way, invited me into Shmurda’s mind. I wanted to empathize with this dude. The very next line was actually the first line that I really listened to.

“I been selling crack since like the 5th grade

Really never made no difference what the sh*t made

Jaja taught me flip them packs and how to maintain

Get that money back and spend it on the same thing

Shorty like the way that I ball out

I be getting money ’til fall out

You talking cash, dog, I goes all out

Shorty love the way that I floss out.”

“I been selling crack since like the 5th grade.” That’s 10, maybe 11 years old. I stopped my Shmoney Dance and just said “Damn.” I thought to myself: “If you turned the beat off and just listened to these words, you would see the tragedy in them.” Whether or not this is HIS reality, I don’t know. But I’m sure that it is someone’s reality. I thought of an article titled “10 Things Your 10 Year-Old Shouldn’t Be Doing” on the site iMom. It made me think about how drastically different Shmurda’s world (or his character’s world) is than what most would consider possible or acceptable (by acceptable, I mean allowed to persist) in America. 10 Year-olds shouldn’t “be drinking sugary drinks” or “have unrestricted access to social media.” This 10 Year-old was selling drugs. To blame a 10 Year-old for his environment would miss the point, which I will get to in a minute.

“Free Greezy though, let all of my dogs out

Momma said no pus*y cats inside my dog house

That’s what got my daddy locked up in the dog pound

Free Phantom though, let all of my dogs out”

It’s amazing how intimate these lyrics are when you actually ingest them rather than dance them away. Incarceration is a reality in Shmurda’s life. In fact, he’s no stranger to it, having been placed in juvenile detention before. Prison and Jail were not abstract oddities to me growing up either, but the tone with which he recounts loss of a father and friends to the prison system moves me to sadness.

“And bi*ch if it’s a problem we gon’ gun brawl

Shots popping out the AR

I’m with Trigger, I’m with Rasha, I’m with A-Raw

Broad daylight and we gon’ let them things bark

Tell them niggas free Meeshie, ho

Some way, free Breezy, ho

And tell my niggas, Shmurda teaming, ho

Mitch caught a body ’bout a week ago, week ago

fu*k with us and then we tweaking, ho – tweaking, ho

Run up on that nigga, get to squeezing, ho – squeezing, ho

Everybody catching bullet holes – bullet holes

Niggas got me on my bully, yo – bully, yo

I’m a run up, put that gun on ‘em – gun on ‘em

I’m a run up, go dumb on ‘em – dumb on ‘em

Niggas got me on that young sh*t – young sh*t

Got me on that go dumb sh*t – dumb sh*t”

The rest of the song is a visceral narration of the violence that he and his team gleefully inflict upon their enemies. The upfront nature with which these activities are conveyed show that they are simply a part of his story and not some metaphorical example of machismo and toughness that is integral to hip-hop. I make this distinction because it is often used to dismiss the positive power of hip-hop in teaching literary techniques and, in turn, utilized to condemn the art as nothing more than glorification of real violence. Thus, Bobby Shmurda’s “Hot Nigga” is both a problem and a chance to see the road to solutions. It is both garbage rap and a tragedy over catchy beats and an irresistible dance.

If only my view were more popular. If only more people wanted to understand “Hot Nigga” and not just the dance that made the song so popular. Maybe then, we’d cry for Bobby and the thousands of youngsters like him as we cried for Simba when he lost his father. Maybe then, we’d root for them to become Kings, of sort, rather than condemn them for simply being lost on a dirty and damaged world that they didn’t create.

If only the dance could tell that story, since the words fell upon deaf ears.

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 I Hate Niggas That...

wild'ish | By tripleG - 24 hours ago

Add the type of niggas you hate. Lol. Ima start it off.

...always need a ride.

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Video inside Bucks Of Slowbucks Talks Being Dropped From EPIC, Snitching, 50 Cent, Disses Lloyd Banks & Tony Yayo

hiphop | By MajorD - 24 hours ago


Slow Bucks have been successful all along with their clothing line, and now theyre in the rap game, and they spoke about the transition, their new mixtape and more with Big Regg.

SBOE just dropped their new mixtape Over Everything, and its the next step of their progression from clothing line to cultural movement to music artists in their own right. And when Slow Bucks said they are their own biggest inspiration, they were only half-joking. We listened to the great from the early 90s, said Bucks. But if you listen to our music, its our experiences and things we go through individually, as a whole, who influenced us, thats what our music is based on.

As mainstays of the NYC hip-hop scene, Slow Bucks have seen many artists come and go, and they believe the current crop of city-repping artists is a good one. You cant put Troy Ave and Bobby Shmurda in the same category. Troy Ave aint new, his music is just now getting heard. Bobby Shmurda is new, his music just came out two months ago, Bucks said. But both of them, what theyre doing is good for the culture. Troy Ave is bringing that feeling back of what hip-hop used to be and Bobby Shmurda is keeping the people moving.

If you listen to what hes saying, hes saying some real hard street stuff on the record, Slow added, talking about Shmurda. Hes not just dancing.

But sometimes even city relationships break down, as was the case at the much-publicized Summer Jam scuffle, during which 50 Cent was accused of stealing from Slow Bucks on stage. I was there, I came there with Meek Mill, Bucks recalled. Slow never would think that with those guys he would have that type of situation, so he would go up there comfortably by himself. The only place that would happen is in front of 70,000 people, and they know that. its cool, things happen, whatever it is, it is. Banks, Yayo, these guys are like Slows babies. he never would think it would be something like that.

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 Image inside queen vashti

eyecandy | By woodthatdude - 22 hours ago

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 Video inside Rick Ross Talks Not Being Able To Go Platinum, Fixing The Wale, Meek Mill & Louie V Gutta Beef

hiphop | By MajorD - 24 hours ago


Rick Ross Interview With Renada Romain On Hip Hop Nation

Rick Ross returned for breakfast, as he talked to fans, discussed his new healthy lifestyle, his upcoming album, Meek Mill, & more! (Original air 10/3/14)
12-19 minute mark

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 Image inside Oct 20 - You Can Turn A $2000 Shipping Container Into An Epic Off-Grid Home

news | By RAZAH CUTS - 14 hours ago


What if you could spend a fraction of what it would cost to buy or build your own house and instead build a unique home that you could make completely off grid? It can be done and theres a bunch of people whove done it already.

Shipping containers exist in a massive surplus and someone like you or I can grab one for around $2000. From there, you can get your creative juices flowing and build an awesome home, get away or cottage like structure on your existing property providing you have the space. If youre able to put this baby on wheels, you wont even need any form of permit to have it around.

Innovative ideas like this are getting popular as people seek alternate ways to like modern lifestyles. There is even a site called Zigloo who has released multiple plans and ideas for making structures out of shipping containers and more. You can check them out here.


Other off grid ideas and projects that are becoming popular are things like tiny homes and earthships. Both ideas are gaining a lot of traction lately and can be built in very modern designs so it doesnt feel like you are heading back to the stone ages. You can check out more about Earthships here and Tiny Homes here.

Below are some awesome pictures of various shipping container projects that were done by others.

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 NFL What did we observe? Week 7 edition

sports | By Kooper - 23 hours ago

Cause niggas just post what they observe every week and not what was actually learned.

Cowboys Oline is the truth
Murray is the only one who can stop Murray
Cowboys have the most balanced offense in the league
Seattle breaking apart at the seams :iseeyou:
Arizona looks tough

fu*k is happening to ATL?
Washington had the wrong Texan behind center this whole time.
Cowboys lost for letting Ware go
The Manziel era will begin soon (knee jerk)
Cam trash

Manning the gawd :preach:

Romo didn't have an incompletion in the second half

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 Video inside dude fighting my dad

wild'ish | By what ever - 24 hours ago

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 NFL Peyton isn't impressed with the 49ers :finhah:

sports | By Bkjj11 - 23 hours ago

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 NFL MNF - Texans vs. Steelers - 8:30PM

sports | By Illuminati - 16 hours ago

FitzMagic ready to go to work.

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 Article inside Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje cast in Game of Thrones: report

movies | By AriGold - 22 hours ago

"Lost" actor Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje has apparently found a new home on HBO's "Game of Thrones."

The British actor signed on for the fantasy series' fifth drama playing a top secret character who's not in George R.R. Martin's novels on which "Game of Thrones" is based, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Akinnuoye-Agbaje, 47, is a geek favorite for his stint as the mysterious Mr. Eko on "Lost," as well as tours of duty on "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra" and "Thor: the Dark World."

He also dodged lava with Thrones star Kit Harington on the recent ancient Greek epic, Pompeii.

More big news about the upcoming Season Five came courtesy of showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss' Q&A with a group of film students in Spain, where the producers revealed that they were introducing flashbacks a narrative device so far shunned on "Game of Thrones" like a case of Grayscale.

"By making the first season, we set a rule: No prophecies, dreams or flashbacks," one of the producers said, according to a Spanish language report translated by Entertainment Weekly.

"We failed the first two and this season the third. So, yes, this season will finally have flashbacks."

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 Image inside 20 Reasons Why Women Live Longer Than Men

wild'ish | By Playajay38 - 24 hours ago

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Image inside natalie tortelli

eyecandy | By woodthatdude - 22 hours ago

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 NFL I'm not the mike

sports | By Wardell Curry II - 23 hours ago

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Master Chief Collection has a 20 GB day one update

games | By Jesszman - 22 hours ago

*tweet embedded

:huh: this is waaaayyyy too big.

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Image inside They Saying This Might Be The ADIDAS Yeezy

gear | By MGz - 14 hours ago

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