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Image inside Sutton Tennyson is the guy who shot LOAD in Angela Simmions He's 6'5 convicted FELLON !

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hiphop | By MeatMan - 12 hours ago

visit this link 

Angela Simmons baby daddy is Sutton Sean Tennyson, a 35-year-old who currently resides in L.A. Tennyson is originally from Atlanta. Similar to many of the characters on Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta, Tennyson has a criminal record.

Who Is Angela Simmons Baby Daddy?
Who Is Angela Simmons Baby Daddy?

He's a convicted felon who has spent time in prison for carrying a gun in 2000. Tennyson was an African American in Atlanta, Georgia therefore this is no surprise.

Back in 2012, African Americans accounted for 54 percent of the city's population yet they were responsible for 100 percent of homicide, 95 percent of rape, 94 percent of robbery, 84 percent of aggravated assault and 93 percent of burglary.

Sutton ended up back in prison a few years later for identity theft and drug possession. It's the same old story in the A. In 2008, an African American judge in Atlanta ordered all the white lawyers out of his courtroom so that he could lecture the African American defendants.

Judge Marvin Arrington explained that he was sick of seeing all the African American defendants in his courtroom. He didn't want them to feel like he was speaking down to them so he asked for all the white people to step out of the courtroom before he delivered his lecture.

Angela Simmons' baby daddy aka her fiancé, Sutton Sean Tennyson, may not have been in the courtroom that day but it is clear that he heard Judge Arrington's message. He has discovered that he is in charge of his destiny and has been able to change his life. He is proof that no matter how you go in the wrong direction you can always turn around.

visit this link http://www.empireboobooki .. aby-daddy.html

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Image inside Bella Thorne In Thong Bikini

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eyecandy | By jamietttt - 12 hours ago

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NBA Proof lebron is a lame in real life

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sports | By blah blah blah - 9 hours ago

"that right there is a stumper"

you can tell this bald flabby cornball wouldn't get any bi*ches if he wasn't in the nba

and you try to tell me this team isn't filled with the biggest lames in the nba

if I was in the nba i'd snuff these clowns whenever I ran into them

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Video inside The verdict is in: Troy ave ..not guilty!!!

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hiphop | By Lord Cezar - 5 hours ago

For the past few days, the hip hop community has been darkened by the events that took place at the Irving Plaza; As a result of which, one member of the B$B crew, Ronald McPhatter (age 33) lost his life. Since then, the internet has been in a frenzy about what allegedly transpire. To be brief, the rumors could be summed up into:

-Troy ave shot himself in his leg
- Troy ave is stupid
- Troy Ave is guilty
- Troy Ave shouldnt have acted in self defense.

Well, the facts are, people couldnt be more wrong, all evidence acquired on the web points directly to TaxStone, a Stage 5 cancer which has been decimating the hip hop community, and actually make up a self defense case for Troy Ave.

Without more ado, let get into the jist of this thread.

First, i'll start by recounting what took place on May 25th. during that night, troy Ave and his crew entered the Irving plaza without a gun, around the same time, Mr. Taxstone arrived at the venue where he and troy exchange a few words. Then this transpire:


Troy Ave came into the VIP Room and snuffed Tax Somebody pulled out a burner and let off 3 shots and hit Troy bodyguard (from 0:03-0:07) Ifyou look on the left side from 0:11-0:14 you can see tax head in the camera tryna push thru the crowd.You also hear somebody keep yelling "Q" or "Choo" which is the person that had the gun who is fighting with Troy over the gun. At 0:19 a shot gets let off during their struggle (the one that hit Troy leg). So Troy got hit but now he has the gun. At 0:26 you can see the scenery of the room changes because ppl were scrambling and falling thru the door out of the VIP Room (the one in the NYPD vid of Troy shooting). This is when Troy comes out that same door and let's off that sh*t you heard at 0:29 on the NYPD video which ended up hitting Maino's girl ("she's yelling my leg my leg")
Right after the video, the BSB leader followed taxstone out of the VIP room to neutralize the threat (taxstone); because he was unsure if taxstone ran to get reinforcement or another gun, etc...

And for the skeptical out there, the dude on the cam is, with 98.99% certainty, taxstone; Neverless, i have took the liberty to post a shot of taxstone lebronian hairline:

And we all know what ensued right after. So i am urging the HipHop community to critically analyze the facts; For all we know, troy AVe shot noone, acted in self defense and was shot at. So if anything, Taxstone and his crew ought to be the one in jail, not the BSB leader. So stop the hate or the asinine, draconian accusation towards one of the greatest Hip Hop artist of this generation.

Needless to say, #FreeTroyAve

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Video inside CTE and Jeezy party in miami while Gucci at home crying

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hiphop | By hendrix2013 - 12 hours ago

Meanwhile jeezy and his crew in miami partying and living it up during memorial weekend, gucci is sits at home crying because his clothes dont fit him. he realizes that all his xxl clothes that he purchased at walmart oversized belly maternal section have to be thrown out. His barber hasnt had time to squeeze him in because he is so booked, so he has to sit at home and wait while trying on his second hand jewelry.

Jeezy meanwhile is laughing 'haaa haaaaaa' while sipping avion with some real nigg*z having a conversation about how they gon take over summer


Gang Gang! @bostongeorgeamg @coolcteworld. #cte #4life

A photo posted by @jeezy on


#Repost @jeezy ・・・ UH OH!! @shawtyr3dd_ Happy G Day @drichthe1 ⛄️

A photo posted by SHAWTÂ¥REDD (@shawtyr3dd_) on


A photo posted by SHAWTÂ¥REDD (@shawtyr3dd_) on

#miami #cte #cool #cracktown #traplife

A video posted by Cool (@coolcteworld) on

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Video inside Yasmine just shut down Instagram

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eyecandy | By Esco300YMCMB - 8 hours ago


A video posted by Yasmin Estrada (@yasminestradaaa) on

Pride with my baby yesterday 👅💦

A video posted by Yasmin Estrada (@yasminestradaaa) on

✨Stay tune birthday photoshoot✨#may27 #gemini & hair by @hairbylex

A video posted by Yasmin Estrada (@yasminestradaaa) on

When I get a real job as a car sales associate 😊 jk y'all 😂

A photo posted by Yasmin Estrada (@yasminestradaaa) on

2pac👅💦 and chains from @shopwhosflyer ✨

A video posted by Yasmin Estrada (@yasminestradaaa) on


A video posted by Yasmin Estrada (@yasminestradaaa) on

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Image inside #azn.puzzy.nation.🎋️

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eyecandy | By CALViiiN - 8 hours ago

She's just really pretty.

BTS shooting w. @lolashoetique 💖

A photo posted by Krista Santiago 🌹 (@kristasantiago) on

she's into Dragonball Z. She'll be draggin' deez balls on her face tonight.

my hair has been in a bun every day here in Bali 🌴💦

A photo posted by Krista Santiago 🌹 (@kristasantiago) on


A photo posted by Krista Santiago 🌹 (@kristasantiago) on

yesterday's shoot w. @lovecultureofficial had all the coachella vibes 🌵✨

A photo posted by Krista Santiago 🌹 (@kristasantiago) on

#NationalPizzaDay? you ain't gotta tell me twice 🍕🍕🍕

A photo posted by Krista Santiago 🌹 (@kristasantiago) on

that's a wrap, San Francisco! back to LA ✌🏾️ snapchat: kristasantiago

A photo posted by Krista Santiago 🌹 (@kristasantiago) on

coachillin' w. 🍕 & the best team

A photo posted by Krista Santiago 🌹 (@kristasantiago) on

just got super sweaty at Pilates Booty with the babe @shannonnadj 💦 @myhotpilates

A photo posted by Krista Santiago 🌹 (@kristasantiago) on

feisty ting 💥

A photo posted by Krista Santiago 🌹 (@kristasantiago) on

Based on that last name.. I believe she is Filipino or Indonesian.



@Doc Logical
@Michael 1987 @DJ EM Double
@Onslaughtsss @indagame@MightyHealthy2
@messy marv stan @MisterHawkins @412Sadom
@AB AboutBuildin @BaconGod @Bill-e Blanx @biscuit @BLVCK @Boxden25 @butter0212 @ExNihilo @Fiabundem @german1906 @I NEED MONEY @Jay585 @jhust4ever @jj01 @JosephDoom @Just BizNis @kabnis @kingstatik82 @kriskross00 @LShedged @luvdahaze @MajorPain1 @marx1684 @moth818 @Muchacho @N3W2DAGAM3 @NotebooksFilled @NyShow @samich please @Shrimp Noodle @Stables08 @Suave Mente @WilliamSnowconw @Yaggy @Fresh801 @MonopolyMan @boobalo1 @Dway
@Shrimp Noodle @Jeet Kune Do @J_Teflon
@George Cooney


baby girl even in the theme song of this thread.

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Video inside De'Aundre Bonds (Stacie from THE WOOD) going through some things

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movies | By BornInvincible - 8 hours ago

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Image inside Gucci Mane Birthday Bash CONCERT @ 4525 Glenwood rd. WILL JEEZY PULL UP OR BE SHOOK?

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hiphop | By guccigucci82 - 9 hours ago

Jeezy better not pull up or Wizzop and his new goon 21 Savage will have the dicks ready

I'm starting to wonder if jeezy value his life after all.. he did beat up his kid and threaten to shoot him and almost threw his life away in prison.

So, Will Jeezy pull up or will he run out of the club again like when gucci came to tip and jeezy's party

is jeezy scared that gucci is more relevant than him? after the flop that was "Church in these streets"



Twap o Die!

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NBA NBA x NFL jerseys

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sports | By KillaElite - 8 hours ago

Not sure if these have been posted before but some of these are fire so I thought I'd share.

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Video inside Dmx tells u why jayz is so disliked by his peers

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hiphop | By Hiphopclassof85 - 6 hours ago

One of his realest clips
Speaks about killen jay in rap battle before they was signed

Then jay becomin head of death jam an sh*tting on releasing dmx albums

Could be why people feel dmx fail off . jay droped ball

X was consider classic with is first two
Then thrid was dope also
But jay left him hanging

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NBA Nba Players React to Song "fu-k curry" real of fake?

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sports | By GoldBluded - 6 hours ago

NBA players react to new smash hit "fu*k steph curry" real or fake?

When they tell you no running to the lunch line

When your mother tells you not to go outside and you see her car around the corner

08 Nba olympic Team

When you just got custody of your daugther and you sit her in front of the tv for the whole weekend

When you realize you're not human and you're gonna live forever and you're surrounded by mortals

One of the nastiest white boys to play point guard

Maybe not ^^^

Giving ya boy a pound

Miss kobe yet

Lakers new savior

Dwight showing the kids love

Someone employ this man in the nba

How you do this and still lose

Drummond crossed cp3?

One shot 30 takes

When your dancing with a dime but your friend wants to go home

Lebron still aint sign this man

Who did this

What playing basketball overseas is like

Ref GanG

When you arguing if A or B was the answer on the test but you put D

This is why big men arent accepted in the allstar games

A Wild Cav Fan Appears

Bx Member: "Golden State Will Win The Championship this year"


Everyone thats not in the playoffs react if Lebron loses in the championship

What a great NBA Season Like it or Not You Tuned in

Its almost done fellas

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NBA The Jazz could've drafted Klay and Kahwii in 2011.

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sports | By Bx_Bomberz - 9 hours ago


They had pick #3 for Thompson (he went 11th) and 12 for Leonard (15th)..

Woulda been rookies next to Gordon Hayward, Al Jefferson, Paul Millsap, Derrick Favors, Devin Harris, CJ Miles, DeMarre Carroll..

Instead they took Kanter who got traded for a few peanuts and a half a pack of gum and Alec Burks whos a solid player and would start for many NBA squads(if he stayed healthy)

That woulda been some squad out West tho when you think about it, just missing a PG really.

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Video inside TI Concert Victim Maggie Carrie Can't Help Police; Didn't Know About Troy Ave

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hiphop | By Flossin' Daily - 12 hours ago

As police continue to search for answers over the shooting that left one dead and three injured at a New York City concert on Wednesday, the most vocal of the victims has put out a statement clarifying where she thus far stands in the investigation. Maggie Carrie Heckstall, who is reported to be the girlfriend of rapper Maino, initially spoke out on Friday when she informed the press that she felt she was being treated like a criminal, after her lawyers filed a cease-and-desist order against the NYPD. In her message delivered via Instagram on Saturday (May 28), Heckstall touched on her gripe once more, insisting that her family's visitation "does not tamper" with the investigation, but she also afforded followers a direct account of what happened from her perspective, while updating them on the status of her interaction with detectives.

"I DO NOT KNOW WHO SHOT ME," Heckstall wrote, asserting that she nor her lawyers have provided a statement affirming otherwise. "I didn't even hear nothing about Troy Ave until the next day."

Meanwhile authorities are making daily strides based off of their examination of the evidence at hand. On Thursday it was announced that Troy Ave, whose wound police believe to have been self-inflicted, was under arrest following a review of surveillance footage from the Irving Plaza green room, which has since leaked to the public. At the moment he faces charges of attempted murder, criminal possession of a weapon, and reckless endangerment, but may be on the hook for a graver charge as no bullets have been recovered but those from the gun police say the video shows him firing. Meanwhile, the mother of slained victim Ronald McPhatter, Rose, and anti-violence activist brother Shanduke McPhatter have pressed on for justice in the pending case.

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Video inside AllHipHop.Com Examines Allegations Of Taxstone's Involvement In Troy Ave's Shooting

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hiphop | By PyrexVisionary - 4 hours ago is regarded as the CNN of Hip Hop with its owner Chuck Creekmur even being a recurring guest panelist on the network regarding situations like these so though they are not implicating Tax involvement but to analyze the possibility along with posting a video that confirms his involvement that was originally posted here it all about confirms what we've known all along.


New Video Tries To Recount What Happened With Troy Ave And Taxstone

There are a lot of theories going on in New York about what happened with the shooting that resulted in Troy Ave catching multiple cases, including attempted murder. There really isn’t any fact out here right now, but there is a lot of speculation about what happened. Somebody took the time to examine the shooting video frame-by-frame.

Here is something else that reasons around a possible “self-defense” option for Troy Ave. Rappers have been here before,and you can bet they seek to make an example out of Troy. Prodigy did three. Remy did eight. Shyne did 10. This saga won’t soon be over.

Via: @withoutapause "Is this TroyAve's Defense?"

A photo posted by AllHipHop (@allhiphopcom) on

visit this link .. -and-taxstone/

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NBA Just a couple of PHILLY GOATS (pic)

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sports | By Eazy123 - 9 hours ago

2005 | Donovan McNabb & @theofficialai3 - Shout out to the BX!

A photo posted by ThrowbackHoops 🏀 (@throwbackhoops) on

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BOX Floyd Mayweather confirms fight with Connor Mcgregor?

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sports | By all3rd - 5 hours ago

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Video inside 10 E3 2016 Rumors That Might Come TRUE

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games | By mrfreak76 - 8 hours ago

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Amber Heard laughing with her new girlfriend as she leaves her Lawyers Office (:lesbohah:)

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movies | By pandadays - 5 hours ago

I think we have a new success smiley

visit this link .. hnny-Depp.html

BX wizards get it done

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Image inside Shes A Bulls Fan :mjcry: #supermansh-t

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eyecandy | By GoldBluded - 8 hours ago

Birthday Behavior... love my jersey @nofilterboutique

A photo posted by GI_Jayne îŒ*îŒ* (@gi_jayne) on

Bulls All Day..

A photo posted by GI_Jayne îŒ*îŒ* (@gi_jayne) on

Me and my main...#Chicago #ChicagoBulls #Bulls #BullsNation #Love #This

A photo posted by GI_Jayne îŒ*îŒ* (@gi_jayne) on

Kiss me I'm Irish ;)..morning loves...#Love #Irish #RiseNGrind #Morning #Monday #WhyYoullNeverCatchMeInWhitePantsOffTheGram #Lol

A photo posted by GI_Jayne îŒ*îŒ* (@gi_jayne) on

Woke up like this...perfectly are my loves today? #Thursday #Thick #love #beautiful

A photo posted by GI_Jayne îŒ*îŒ* (@gi_jayne) on

Keep it up you're gonna fall in love ;)... #gijayne #ThickGirlMagic #tuesday #Thick #sexy

A photo posted by GI_Jayne îŒ*îŒ* (@gi_jayne) on

Morning loves....#Love #Beautiful #Happy #Thick

A photo posted by GI_Jayne îŒ*îŒ* (@gi_jayne) on

Lost files 😏...who still up O_o? #Love #Natural #Thick #Beautiful #Monday

A photo posted by GI_Jayne îŒ*îŒ* (@gi_jayne) on

Naturally me...Kindergarten Smile 😆 #Love #Natural #Beautiful #Sunday #Thick #thickgirl #Melanin #SundayFunday

A photo posted by GI_Jayne îŒ*îŒ* (@gi_jayne) on

Look back at chu like...;)

A photo posted by GI_Jayne îŒ*îŒ* (@gi_jayne) on

Hey ;)

A video posted by GI_Jayne îŒ*îŒ* (@gi_jayne) on

#Troublemaker #SundayFunday #Sunday #Love #NaturallyMe #Silly

A photo posted by GI_Jayne îŒ*îŒ* (@gi_jayne) on

Too thick or nah? ;)

A photo posted by GI_Jayne îŒ*îŒ* (@gi_jayne) on

Im giving this bi*ch the superman special im saving idgaf

Id walk thru the streets of chicago with a 5lb kilo chain, gold teeth , and 5gs in my pocket

Looking like a super thick exotic beyonce

and she got that loose booty the type of ass u can almost pull over the back of her head like a wedgie

Lawd is real
God is good


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