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Video inside Hot 97's Marisa Mendez Says She Sucked Lil Wayne's Eggplant, Exposes Him & Disses Eminem

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misc | By ISeeThrewSmoke - 9 hours ago


She talks about their orgy in Houston, she flew down their for that and his concert. They did it again in NY....

Edit: I See You

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Drake sends shots at Pusha T on '2 Birds, 1 Stone'

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hiphop | By Heisenberg - 5 hours ago


But really it's you with all the drug dealer stories that's gotta stop though
You made a couple chops and now you think you Chopo
If you ask me though you ain't lining the trunk with kilo's
You bagging weed watching Pacino with all your niggas like
Like "this is what we need to be on," but you never went live
You middle man in this sh*t, you were never those guys
I can tell cause I look most of you dead in the eyes
And you be trying to tell that story for the rest of your lives

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Image inside Kareem "Biggs" Burke:Jay z Misses The Old Kanye West

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hiphop | By Carlton Black - 12 hours ago


Whether you love or hate Kanye West, you have to agree there was a point where he started acting different. He’s always been a self-proclaimed ass-hole, but at one point in time, he started talking different, he started spazzing at a way more frequent rate and his overall behavior became unpredictable. Jay Z has noticed the change too, and apparently he misses the old Kanye just as much as the people Yeezy rapped about on the song off his latest album. That’s according to Roc-A-Fella co-founder Kareem “Biggs” Burke.

Hov and Yeezus’ relationship has been strained recently with West calling out the Brooklyn rap mogul for not showing enough support when his wife Kim Kardashian was recently robbed in Paris. “Don’t call me after the robbery and say, ‘How you feelin’?’ You wanna know how I’m feelin’? Come by the house … Bring the kids by the house like we brothers … Our kids ain’t never even played together,” West said.

Some sources say Jay Z doesn’t really like West and his over-the-top antics that much, while others say Jigga is understanding.

Biggs recently touched on the topic during an interview with Page 6 at his Reasonable Doubt pop up shop, and according to him, Jay was more of a fan of West before he started illing on a regular basis. “The last I saw [West], he spoke really highly of Jay,” Burke started. “I’m not sure about the relationship at this point. I spoke to Jay [after Kanye’s rant] and we’re both just like, ‘We miss the old Kanye.’ From what I know of Kanye, he’s usually really honest. So it sounds like something he’s going through right now. He may [say] something like that, and then three weeks later he may be back to, ‘That’s my brother.’ But at this point, with everybody’s career, we’re a little too old for rap beef.”

While they get this whole friendship thing figured out, Watch The Throne 2 remains in limbo.

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Image inside Birdman giving lil Wayne money away lol

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hiphop | By Black Cobra - 11 hours ago

Unk @birdman5star telling me to be patient, the bag💰on its way... I told him I already got 1.... #OBHGG #CashMoneyRichGang

A photo posted by Ar-Ab Ceo Of OBH Records (@ar_ab_32) on

birdman lying his ass off ain't no bag

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NBA The Greatest LAYUP in NBA history?

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sports | By iGotJuice2 - 9 hours ago

Post your GOAT layup.

Edit:*GOAT BX detective needed, for shorty at the bottom left

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NFL Jarvis Landry should have been ejected, should be suspended

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sports | By BarackOmamba - 5 hours ago


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MMA Conor McGregor Showed his Luxury Home that is Bought Before UFC 205

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sports | By LACOSTE - 11 hours ago

Nigga living the life

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Image inside Soulja Boy and Bow Wow Are Dropping Joint Album Next Week, Titled 'Ignorant Sh!t

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hiphop | By Avon_Barksdale - 10 hours ago

#BowWow and #SouljaBoy have some new music coming our way, #Roommates are you ready?

A video posted by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on

Who saw this coming? Soulja Boy and Bow Wow recently announced they are dropping a joint LP titled Ignorant sh*t. Surprise!

First SB revealed the cover art for the project, which shows a gold watch and a golden Desert Eagle shrouded in what looks to be a black American flag. “Me and @shadmoss new collab album #Ignorantsh*t release Nov.5 on iTunes!,” he captioned the cover.

Later he posted a video of himself and Bow Wow vibing to one of the songs off the project, and captioned the video with an amended release date.


“Me and @shadmoss new collab album drops Tuesday on iTunes @applemusic.”
According to Shad, they also have a tour planned. He also advertised the project on his IG account, along with the caption, “‘Ignorant sh*t’ soundtrack 2 a young rich nigga life. Get motivated 🔥 TUESDAY ITUNES @souljaboy IGNORANT sh*t TOUR COMING! #thatway @applemusic BROKE HATING MAFUKAS WONT UNDERSTAND THIS TYPE OF MUSIC SO DONT EVEN LISTEN.”
The two have come a long way from their frenemy status of the late 2000s. In 2009, following hooking up on the successful single “Marc Polo,” they started beefing after SB felt betrayed by a line in one of Shad’s raps. The two started going back and forth in a series of petty YouTube videos, flexing over who had the better car and career. This continued for a few years until it eventually died down.

Now, viola. They’ve apparently made amends and hunkered down in the studio long enough to put together a full length album.

visit this link .. ckback=tsmclip

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Harley Quinn will be the Leader of the Justice League by the 2nd Movie #DCfukkingup

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movies | By kualadays - 10 hours ago

Remember this Face? It's the face that ruined the x-men franchise. When this bi*ch became more important than all the actual characters we love, the already below average franchise took a tumble. I fear DC will make the same mistake with Harley Quinn.

Seeing so many people in love with the twilight version of joker and Harley, I'm afraid the dumb studio execs will shape their entire universe around this bi*ch.

With the way people are loving Margot Robbie's character, I'm afraid they will go down the route of x-men with mystique and base the whole DC universe around this character. And with At&t now in control of DC, I fear the stupidity of this studio will double.

It's only a matter of time she will be running the Justice league with a kryptonite bat, batman as her servant and wonder woman as her lesbian lover. I'm afraid sh*t will get worse.

My nigga batman can't even dodge her head butts now

Only a matter of time that DC/WB catches up

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Audio inside Drake - Sneakin ft. 21 Savage

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hiphop | By Fresh Whyte - 1 hour ago

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NFL How funny is it Beckham Jr is only popular in Europe because of his family name

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sports | By g0tt1 - 10 hours ago

People have no clue who he is but that family name is royalty over there... 0 niggas would give a fu*k about Odell is his family name was something else.

Europeans dont care about football but u know NFL be cashin in on this nigga

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Audio inside Cassidy about to get the girl's panties wet with Take you down ft Jeremih

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hiphop | By Synergy - 12 hours ago

I can see it getting SOME radioplay

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Oct 23 - Man kills wife's father and sister to lure her to their funeral, then kills her

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news | By Jo Luis - 10 hours ago

El Paso - A man murdered his wife at her sister’s funeral service – after he killed both her sister and father to lure her there. Samuel Velasco Gurrola faces life in prison after he executed the grisly plot with the help of his two siblings in the US town of El Paso in Texas. Mr Velasco, 41, wanted to kill his wife Ruth Sagredo so she couldn’t testify against him in a sexual assault case, according to CBS News.

He hired a hitman in 2008 to murder Ms Sagredo’s father in Juarez, the city in Mexico which shares a border with El Paso, in an attempt to lure her to the funeral. But that didn’t work and a month later Mr Velasco’s sister-in-law was also found dead in the Mexican city. Ms Sagredo was killed at her sister’s funeral procession.

The jury took just three hours to convict Mr Velasco of seven separate accounts in what prosecutors called an “evil plot”. He is set to be sentenced in January. Mr Valasco’s lawyer told CBS News he would appeal the decision. “They deliberated for a long time but they did reach a decision based more on the emotional aspect, tugging on the heartstrings, than looking at necessarily some of the contradictory facts,” he said.

According to Vice News, Mr Velasco, his brother Emmanuel and sister Dalia were allegedly at the head of a drug trafficking gang which prosecutors referred to as the "Velasco Criminal Enterprise".

visit this link .. ml#commentsDiv

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Image inside Chocolatey Phat Ass Monae...

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eyecandy | By squirtofkahlua - 4 hours ago

Your bitches body goals 🔑 .. #Tbt

A photo posted by Monae Milan (@monaemilan) on

Slim thick w the fatty 🤒❤️

A photo posted by Monae Milan (@monaemilan) on


A photo posted by Monae Milan (@monaemilan) on

Your body is a work of 🎨 Photographer : @mvnyc_

A photo posted by Monae Milan (@monaemilan) on

I Swear That Girl She a Gem 🤑🤘🏽

A photo posted by Monae Milan (@monaemilan) on

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NBA Steve Kerr thinks Damian Lillard will win MVP

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sports | By AC_89 - 5 hours ago

Steve Kerr thinks Damian Lillard will win 2017 MVP

A photo posted by Bleacher Report (@bleacherreport) on

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Video inside Wiz Khalifa -- Hell Yeah I Got My Own Kush ... Want Some?

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wild'ish | By tico86 - 12 hours ago

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Oct 23 - Magic Healer Shaman Kicks/Punches 3 Babies To Death In Myanmar To Exorcise Demons

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news | By Rome Box - 10 hours ago

TWANTE, MYANMAR: Three infants have been beaten to death in a village outside Yangon by a man purporting to be a healer, who told their families they were possessed by evil spirits.

The mystic allegedly punched and kicked two toddlers and an eight-month-old baby to death during exorcism rituals on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, according to police and relatives.

Local lieutenant-major Kyaw Naing Soe said the "exorcist" put the villagers into a trance, then killed the children as they watched.

"On the night of the 18th, the three-year-old boy was beaten to death and the culprit threw him in the Twante canal," he told AFP. "On his return, he continued to beat the three young girls and two of them were killed."

The uncle of the dead boy, Tun Naing, said the villagers had lost their senses after the exorcist fed them "blessed" water, then made them stand in a circle as he chanted and cast spells.

"Because of what he did everyone was out of their mind," Tun Naing told AFP, his eyes still glazed.

"I still feel afraid of something in my mind. I don't understand what is happening. ... Some people have gone to other mystics to release themselves from the curse."

Only a handful of people attended the dead boy's funeral on Saturday in Twante, a town south of Myanmar's main city Rangoon.

Tun Naing said most family members were still too scared to show their faces in public.

Young novice monks covered their noses with their maroon robes to block the smell as the tiny body was carried past on a stretcher, before being buried in an unmarked grave.

A police report said the bodies of the dead children -- a boy, three, a two-year-old girl and the baby -- showed evidence of having been punched, kicked and stamped on.

Hospital workers alerted authorities after the father of another little girl who had been beaten brought her to hospital covered in bruises.

Police have charged the "exorcist" with murder, grievous bodily harm and hiding a dead body. He is being held in Insein prison near Rangoon.

While the majority of people in Myanmar are Buddhist, many also believe in spirits, astrology and yadaya -- magic used to ward off evil or misfortune.

visit this link .. neral/1116873/

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Image inside Comedy wildlife photography awards

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wild'ish | By talisman11 - 5 hours ago

Pick your winners!

[IMG]Check out @FunnyPhotoAward's Tweet:[/IMG]

2016 Comedy Wildlife Photographer Awards are open! #comedywildlifephotographyawards #tango #cwpa #funnyanimals #wildlife #monkeybusiness

A photo posted by Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards (@comedywildlifephoto) on

[ame=""] [/URL]

4 DAYS TO GO BEFORE CLOSING!!! Enter on our site. #winasafari #wildlife #comedy #animals #nature #fox #snow #headfirst #cwpa

A photo posted by Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards (@comedywildlifephoto) on

Please. Just one nut. #cwpa #photocompetition #winasafari #funny #animals #squirrel #comedy #wildlife

A photo posted by Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards (@comedywildlifephoto) on

Now that's a snowball #photographycompetition #cwpa #monkey #funny #animals #comedy #wildlife

A photo posted by Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards (@comedywildlifephoto) on

5 DAYS TO GO BEFORE CLOSING!!! #hurry #animals #funny #cwpa #comedy #wildlife #winasafari #lizard #gecko

A photo posted by Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards (@comedywildlifephoto) on

Third place. 2015 awards. #comedy #comedywildlife #gorilla #funny #funnyanimals

A photo posted by Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards (@comedywildlifephoto) on

Good mooooorning!! #zebra #photocompetition #funny #animals #wildlife #cwpa #comedy #laughing #winasafari

A photo posted by Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards (@comedywildlifephoto) on

Just a few hours to go. Enter enter enter. #cwpa #comedy #wildlife #photography #damsel #funny #animals #winasafari

A photo posted by Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards (@comedywildlifephoto) on

Please. Just one nut. #cwpa #photocompetition #winasafari #funny #animals #squirrel #comedy #wildlife

A photo posted by Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards (@comedywildlifephoto) on

That way? Another finalist for the awards on Nov 9th. #cwpa #comedy #funny #animals #wildlife #ram #rams #directions

A photo posted by Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards (@comedywildlifephoto) on

Who looks more silly? #funny #wildlife #cwpa #comedy #animals #salmon #bear #miss #winasafari

A photo posted by Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards (@comedywildlifephoto) on


Kissed by a monkey. #CWPA #monkeys #funny #animals #comedy #comedywildlife #laugh #photographycompetition

A photo posted by Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards (@comedywildlifephoto) on


The eyes have it #laugh #comedywildlife #comedy #animals #birds #owl #cwpa #photographycompetition #popular

A photo posted by Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards (@comedywildlifephoto) on

One of the runners up from last year. Launch date coming for 2016 #funnyanimals #comedywildlife #seal #slap

A photo posted by Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards (@comedywildlifephoto) on

What a smile! Courtesy of Artyom Krivosheev #winasafari #photography #comedy #cwpa #wildlife #funny #frog #happy

A photo posted by Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards (@comedywildlifephoto) on

3 DAYS TO GO TO DEADLINE!!!! #cwpa #nature #wildlife #comedy #tortoise #ride #giddyup #winasafari #photocompetition

A photo posted by Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards (@comedywildlifephoto) on

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BOX Roy Jones Jr: I'm Addicted To Boxing, No Retirement Right Now

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sports | By Japan - 12 hours ago

Former four division champion Roy Jones Jr., who turns 48-years-old in January, is not looking to call time on his career just yet.

Back in August at the Pensacola Bay Center in Pensacola, Florida , Jones (64-9, 46 KOs) suffered a serious injury during his lopsided ten round unanimous decision win over journeyman Rodney Moore (17-12-2, 7 KOs). After the fight, Jones revealed that he suffered a right bicep tear in the fifth round and basically fought the rest of the way with one hand.

This was the second win for Jones since getting knocked out cold last December in Russia by former WBO cruiserweight champion Enzo Maccarinelli.

Jones is just about fully recovered from his injury and plans to continue fighting.

The talented fighter, who at one time was the number one pound-for-pound boxer in the world, sees no reason to hang up the gloves just yet. He wants to challenge himself against some of the best fighters out there.

Jones received Russian citizenship last year and began a second career of sorts overseas where he's still a very big name with the ability to sell a lot of tickets. Even that had a disaster when Maccarinelli knocked him out cold before a stunned Russian crowd.

"I'm addicted to boxing. I don't think that it's difficult for me to retire, but right now I don't want to. It's something I really enjoy and that I'm still capable of doing," Jones told Erika Montoya.

"It's becoming rarer to see fights like the one with Kovalev and Ward. Where both are at their best . It is increasingly rare that those types of fights happen. In the case of an old fighter like myself, I want to see myself with opponents who require a real effort from me. If I don't have a challenge, I don't feel good. I don't want to mislead my fans."

visit this link .. ht-now--110026

this n*gga is gonna die in the ring yo...

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Kanye threatens to Boycott Grammys

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hiphop | By BoyMeetsWorld - 10 hours ago

Kanye with another rant

Declared not show up to the Grammys
If frank ocean album is not nominated

Yeezy season all year life of Pablo

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