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Moment when you couldn't take a rapper's image seriously

hiphop | By Bxnigganigga - 24 hours ago

Post some embarrassing moments that killed you believing in a rapper's street credibility

Let me begin

Wtf :dead::dead::rofl::rofl:

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Image inside Amber Rose shows off matching #His&Hers Ferrari's with "manager" Nick Cannon

hiphop | By theFREAK - 1 day ago

She deleted the picture :dead:

*tweet embedded

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Image inside Dame dash thirsty af to get pic w/ kanye, missing tooth & all *forbez dvd*

hiphop | By baskeeyacht - 1 day ago

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Video inside Lil Wayne Is Hosting A Sorry 4 The Wait 2 Listening Party, Sends Shots To Birdman On Twitter

hiphop | By Danny M - 17 hours ago


Lil Wayne normally parties at LIV nightclub on Sunday evenings for LIV on Sundays, but tonight will be different as Birdman and his Rich Gang friends are hosting a party there!

So Tunechi will instead be hosting a listening party that is invite-only for his Sorry 4 The Wait 2 mixtape at The Villa By Barton G in Miami Beach, Florida.

Weezy also went on Twitter yesterday to announce this party and even sent shots to Baby: SFTW2 party tomorrow night at da Versace mansion! Fux wit me!! U wont be sorry no u wont be sorry! Go to LIV for what?
Lil Wayne Is Hosting A Sorry 4 The Wait 2 Listening Party, Sends Shots To Birdman On Twitter

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Kid Cudi Angry Over Deleted Gay Kissing Scenes

hiphop | By ApotheosisII - 1 day ago

Cudi's only qualm with the final
product was that a few of his more
intimate scenes didn't make the
cut. "I'm mad [Mond] cut out my
kissing scenes with David," he said
with a smile. "We made out so
many times -- and it was so good!
That's my only gripe."

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NBA Oklahoma City Thunder @ Cleveland Cavaliers

sports | By metatr0n - 24 hours ago

Thunder-Cavaliers Preview

3:30 PM ET on ABC
Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, OH

The Cleveland Cavaliers have emerged from a tumultuous stretch into a win streak that has them looking like the team many thought they'd be all along.

Coming off yet another lopsided victory, Cleveland wraps up its four-game homestand Sunday against former Cavalier Dion Waiters and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

After falling in Phoenix in LeBron James' first game back from injury, the Cavaliers (24-20) have rattled off five straight wins, capped by a dominant 129-90 victory over Charlotte on Friday.
James scored 25 in 27 minutes, J.R. Smith hit seven 3-pointers and Cleveland posted its highest scoring output of the season.
"Right now, I feel like this is the team that I envisioned," James said of the Cavaliers, who have averaged 115.6 points during the win streak. "This is the style of basketball I envisioned. Obviously the points we put up I don't envision that every night, but how we share the ball, how we defend, that should be our staple."

As impressive as the Cavaliers' offensive output has been, perhaps the more encouraging sign for James and his teammates is their defense. Cleveland has held its last three opponents to 92.0 points per game and 39.9 percent shooting.
Since James has returned, though, Kevin Love's already-pedestrian numbers have taken another hit. He's averaged 14.0 points and shot just 34.5 percent in the past six games, missing 17 of 21 attempts from beyond the arc.

His three rebounds in Friday's win were the fewest of his career when notching at least 29 minutes of playing time. "Just trying to get all the guys on the same page, it's somewhat of a fresh start," Love said. "When things are good, we have to just try and keep it rolling. If a slight setback happens, we need to grow from it, learn from it and move it forward it a right direction. "Right now, things are good. But we're playing a very tough team on Sunday."

Oklahoma City (22-21) has regained its elite status since the return of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, as the Thunder have won 14 of 20 games when both superstars are active. They combined for 43 points Friday against Atlanta, but Oklahoma City's four-game win streak came to an end in a 103-93 loss.
"We have to play better," coach Scott Brooks told the Thunder's official website. "It's going to take 48 minutes of good basketball. You can't have a two- or three-minute lull where it's not good."
Dion Waiters slots in as a key component for Oklahoma City after he was dealt from the Cavaliers on Jan. 6. In his eight games with the Thunder, Waiters has averaged 11.4 points in 28 minutes of action off the bench.

Cleveland selected Waiters fourth overall in the 2012 NBA Draft, and he averaged 14.3 points in 164 career games with the Cavaliers. "To be truthful, it's a regular game," Waiters said. "That's how I look at it. Come out there, be ready, play basketball, don't think too much and have fun ... I'm more excited that jitters. I always have something to prove."

James has averaged 33.8 points and shot 59.4 percent as his teams have won four of the last five regular-season matchups with the Thunder, but did not play in Cleveland's first matchup with Oklahoma City this season - a 103-94 Thunder victory. "Let's not get ahead of ourselves," coach David Blatt said. "We've got a long way to go. I hope we can bring it again Sunday (against Oklahoma City), looking no further than that. "We've got a lot of work ahead of us."


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NFL Josh Gordon fails another drug test

sports | By Main Event - 23 hours ago

*tweet embedded

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Video inside Pac Really Is Alive, Theres Layers To This sh-t.

wild'ish | By Final Boss - 17 hours ago

theres a reason why pac chose david icke aka the reptillian dude interview to reveal himself:iseeyou:also shortly after this happened america made a deal with cuba and tried to bargain an extradition of his auntie assata shakur from cuba:ohnoes:now pac been dead for years why all a sudden they want his family members?

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sports | By dahabi - 23 hours ago

dude just had 14 points, 13 rebounds and 12 blocks in 24 mins of play.

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 NCAAF Jameis Winstons Rape Accuser Tells All In Sundance Documentary The Hunting Ground

sports | By Crown267 - 23 hours ago



Erica Kinsman, who accused the Heisman Trophy-winning Florida State quarterback of a brutal sexual assault, opens up about her ordeal in filmmaker Kirby Dicks harrowing doc.
It was one of the most thrilling finishes in college football history.

On January 6, 2014, down by 4 points with 17 seconds left in the game, redshirt freshman quarterback Jameis Winston, who weeks earlier had become the youngest Heisman Trophy winner ever, executed a beautiful 2-yard play-action pass over the middle to receiver Kelvin Benjamin for the game-winning touchdown, thus capping off a furious comeback over No. 2 Auburn to win the BCS national title for his Florida State Seminoles.

After the game, Winston was ecstatic. We champions Through everything that we went through, through all the haters, we came out victorious. And God did this, he said. Winston was the toast of Tallahassee (and beyond), earning plaudits on Twitter from the likes of LeBron Jameswho called him specialand rapper Lil Wayne.

For Erica Kinsman, however, the praise being heaped on Famous Jameis was another in a long line of indignities suffered by the 20-year-old.

Just over one year earlier, on December 7, 2012, Kinsman, a bookish pre-med freshman at Florida State, accused Winston of a vicious sexual assaultbut her cries for help fell on largely deaf ears. In The Hunting Ground, a comprehensive and compelling documentary examining the nationwide campus sexual assault epidemic, Kinsman speaks publicly for the first time about her alleged rape at the hands of Winston. The film is directed by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Kirby Dick (The Invisible War), and made its premiere on Friday at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival. It will air on CNN later this year, and will be released theatrically by Radius.

All these people were praising [Winston] and calling me a slut, a whore, Kinsman says in the film.
According to Dicks film, less than 4 percent of people on campus are student athletes, yet they commit 19 percent of schools sexual assaults. Kinsman claims she was one of those victims.

On the night of December 6, 2012, just one week before finals, Kinsman was letting off some steam at Potbellys, a popular drinking establishment in Tallahassee. She claims in the film that, after having some drinks, a man was creepily following her around the barbut she was saved when another man put his arm around her and told the guy she was his girlfriend, and to piss off. Kinsman says the man then bought her a shot, and after she took it, she started to become very woozy. She faintly remembers being taken in a cab to an apartment, and the next thing she knew, the man was on top of her, engaging in vaginal intercourse with her. She says she begged and pleaded for him to stop, and then saw the mans roommate enter the bedroom and tell his friend, Stop What are you doing?

Kinsman says that the man ignored the roommates pleas, and took her to the bathroom, which could be locked from the inside. There, he pinned her head against the tiled floor with his hand, and continued to rape her. When he finished, the man allegedly said, You can leave now.

Lightheaded and with no idea where she was, Kinsman says she let the man drop her off on his scooter at a recognizable intersectionbecause she didnt want him to know where she lived. Kinsman reported the rape, and was taken to Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare where a rape kit was performed. Semen was found on the womans body.

The following month, with her case still open, Kinsman was back for the first day of second semester class at Florida State. The professor was announcing roll call, and when the very last name was announced, she recognized him as the man that allegedly raped her: Jameis Winston.

Officer Scott Angulo handled Kinsmans caseor mishandled it, if Kinsmans attorneys are to be believed. Angulo was a Florida State graduate who did private security work for the Seminole Boosters, a major fundraising arm of Florida State athletics. In the wake of her rape accusation, he failed to obtain a DNA sample from Winston, failed to interview him, failed to question the cab driver, failed to demand video footage from the 30 cameras inside Potbellys, and failed to question Seminoles defensive end Chris Casher, Winstons roommate/teammate who allegedly tried to tell him to stop raping Kinsman. According to Kinsman, the Tallahassee Police Department did nothing for 10 months. Meanwhile, she was constantly being re-victimized by her FSU classmates.

All these people were praising [Winston] and calling me a slut, a whore, Kinsman says in the film.

Kinsmans case finally gained some traction in November 2013, when it was reported that DNA provided by Winston matched a DNA sample taken from her underwear on the night of the alleged assault. The odds of the DNA belonging to someone other than Winston were 1 in 2.2 trillion. She couldnt fathom why it took 11 months for the case to make its way to local prosecutors.

But on December 5, 2013, State Attorney Willie Meggs announced that the case was over, and no charged would be filed against Winston. In Dicks film, Meggs is interviewed on camera and claims that while he did not have sufficient evidence to convict Winston, I think things that happened that night were not good.

And on December 21, 2014, in the wake of his National Championship and Heisman Trophy wins, and with a huge Rose Bowl game less than two weeks away, Winston was cleared of violating FSUs student conduct code in connection to the sexual assault allegation.

I kind of just want to know why me? asks a teary-eyed Kinsman in the film. It doesnt really make sense.

Despite this alleged miscarriage of justice, Dicks film earned a standing ovation following its Sundance premiereand one of the audience members who rose to their feet was none other than Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), who makes a brief appearance in the film.

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Image inside Niggas went from boycotting the grammys to switching up for them

hiphop | By Chalky - 24 hours ago

*tweet embedded

smfh :juststop:

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 Image inside yo this bi-ch can't be serious.... smh..

wild'ish | By tokinjohn - 24 hours ago

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 Jay-Z trying on compression suit made for racing

hiphop | By Mob H - 1 day ago

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Image inside Jan 25 - Snowden: iPhones Have Secret Spyware That Lets Govt's Monitor Unsuspecting Users

news | By RAZAH CUTS - 22 hours ago


The iPhone has secret spyware that lets governments watch users without their knowledge, according to Edward Snowden.

The NSA whistleblower doesnt use a phone because of the secret software, which Snowdens lawyer says can be remotely activated to watch the user.

"Edward never uses an iPhone, hes got a simple phone," Anatoly Kucherena told Russian news agency RIA Novosti. "The iPhone has special software that can activate itself without the owner having to press a button and gather information about him, thats why on security grounds he refused to have this phone."

Apple has been active in making the iPhone harder for security services to spy on, and the company said that iOS 8 made it impossible for law enforcement to extract users personal data, even if they have a warrant. The company has also been active in campaigning for privacy reform after the Snowden revelations,joining with Facebook and Google to call for changes to the law.

But recently published files from the NSA showed that British agency GCHQ used the phones UDIDs the unique identifier that each iPhone has to track users. While there doesnt seem to be any mention of such spying software in any of the revelations so far, a range of documents are thought to be still unpublished.

Snowden opts not to use the phone for professional reasons, but Kucherena said that whether or not to use one was a personal choice, Sputnik News reported.

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Video inside Diddy Catching French Montana sleepin

hiphop | By caboloon - 24 hours ago

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 Image inside Kanye West "I'm Not Signing That Pic, That's Kim's OTHER Wedding!"

hiphop | By Avon_Barksdale - 17 hours ago

Kanye West had a sweet moment when he arrived in D.C. Sunday. A fan wanted him to sign a picture of his bride Kim Kardashian on their wedding day, Problem is, the guy had the wrong groom! Kanye and Kim were making their way to their limo when the autograph hound extended his arm, photo in hand. Turns out it was from wedding number 2, when Kim married pro-basketball player Kris Humphries . You would think Kanye would have blanched, but this is the new, improved, hyper-social Kanye West!


TMZ Video:


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 NFL Bill Nye the Science Guy says Belichick's explanation "doesn't make any sense"

sports | By Steve - 23 hours ago

*tweet embedded

Well be posting the entire transcript of Bill Belichicks Saturday press conference so that anyone interested in reading the whole thing can review it, process it, understand it. One fairly famous scientist who presumably listened to the entire press conference and/or read the transcript already has issued a verdict.

Bill Nye, a mechanical engineer who worked at Boeing before becoming TVs Bill Nye The Science Guy, appeared on Sundays Good Morning America to say Belichicks explanation doesnt make any sense.

Another group based in Pittsburgh that includes brainiacs from Carnegie Mellon (somehow, I was admitted there and graduated with a degree a metallurgical engineering and materials sciences and a degree in engineering and public policy) claims that the conditions of the AFC title game would have caused a significant drop in air pressure.

We took 12 brand new authentic NFL footballs and exposed them to the different elements they would have experienced throughout the game. said Thomas Healy, founder of HeadSmart Labs and a masters student in mechanical engineering at Carnegie Mellon. Out of the twelve footballs we tested, we found that on average, footballs dropped 1.8 PSI when being exposed to dropping temperatures and wet conditions.

As explained by the group that conducted the simulation: During testing, twelve brand new footballs were inflated to 12.5 PSI in a 75 degree Fahrenheit room. This was to imitate the indoor conditions where the referees would have tested the footballs 2 hours and 15 minutes before kickoff. The footballs were then moved to a 50 degree Fahrenheit environment to simulate the temperatures that were experienced throughout the game. In addition, the footballs were dampened to replicate the rainy conditions.

Its unclear whether the footballs were placed in a wet, 50-degree environment immediately after testing for a full 135 minutes before kickoff or whether they waited until just before kickoff to move the footballs to the simulated game conditions. Its also unclear whether the various balls were exposed to the same external forces to which a dozen footballs used by an NFL offense would be exposed when rotated through the first half of a game. Its also unclear whether re-testing of the footballs was done following the precise duration of the first half of the Colts-Patriots game.

Precision is critical for any scientific experiment. For example, the official kickoff temperature in Foxboro on Sunday was 51 degrees, not 50. To fully simulate the conditions, the test should have occurred at 51 degrees. Also, room temperature typically is 72 degrees, not 75. That results in a four-degree variance, which surely had an impact on the ultimate findings, since pressure and temperature are directly related.

Overlooked by the CMU folks (and Belichick, and others) was the reported ability of the Colts footballs to remain within the accepted range of 12.5 to 13.5 PSI after the same duration of exposure to the same elements and conditions. If, on average, the footballs tested at a starting PSI lost 1.8 pounds on average (i.e., 14.4 percent of their air pressure), footballs pumped even to the maximum of 13.5 PSI would have lost 1.94 PSI on average, taking them to 11.56, nearly a full bound below the minimum limit.

Look for more scientists in the coming days to emerge from their labs with more experiments and more explanations. Ultimately, the NFL will need to offer a convincing explanation for whatever it was that caused the NFL to hire the guy who performed the Dolphins bullying investigation to get to the bottom of why the Patriots footballs were not within the required specifications.

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 Whats the average age on boxden / How long you been here

wild'ish | By grapedrank - 24 hours ago

What is the average age on Boxden? hit that pole

and how long you been on bx
2004 and beyond
been on this 10+ years, thru 3 accounts

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 Image inside Man posts positive HIV test on instagram, say he knew he was sick and yall go get tested

wild'ish | By throwbacksample - 17 hours ago

:snoopfacepalm: Some sick people in this world

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 BOX Showtime Calls Out Pacquiao for Pumpfaking about Mayweather Fight

sports | By BIGMARS - 23 hours ago

So niggas wasn't gonna mention this right?


BT: Obviously a lot of things have been said from one side, but not from the other when it comes to these negotiations for Mayweather vs. Pacquiao. Can you set the record straight and give us an update on exactly what's going on?

SE: Sure. Our agreement at the onset of this process was that we were all going to keep it out of the press as much as possible, and I think our side has done a fairly good job of doing that, but with all the misrepresentations that have been going around lately, we have to speak up, and it's a disservice to our side of things if we don't. To get to the specifics, Floyd isn't holding anything up. No one is waiting on Floyd to rubber stamp or sign anything. Arum isn't being truthful on this and he knows it. There is no contract that is awaiting Floyd's signature and Bob Arum knows that. Floyd has been absolutely clear with all of us, with Leslie Moonves, with Al Haymon, and with me, that he wants the Pacquiao fight. That's what we've been working on for weeks. We've made what I call significant progress, but there's still open issues which have to be resolved. So there's no agreement or closed deal or contract or anybody signing off on anything. Neither CBS or Showtime or Haymon, or even HBO really for that matter, have yet agreed on the old terms. We're trying to resolve open issues, which is what is taking time. There's no delay or impediment from Floyd, and for Arum to say otherwise is just completely untrue.

BT: I know you're not speaking on Bob's behalf, but in your opinion, why do you think he would go to the media and start making some of the comments he's made?

SE: A lot of the stuff that has come out from Arum is baffling to us. I can only guess as to what his motives may be. Maybe he thinks that this is creating some public pressure on Floyd to get the deal done, but the irony of the whole thing is no one needs to pressure Floyd. Floyd has wanted this all along. If people saw the terms that have been negotiated, it's clear Floyd wants to make a deal. He doesn't need this PR campaign to convince him that he needs to make the deal. He wants to do it for himself, for the fans, for the sport of boxing, and no one needs to pressure him into making that fight. Then you start to wonder if someone is consistently mischaracterizing the negotiations and trying to demean the other side, is that person really trying to make a deal? Someone who's trying to make a deal doesn't go out and publicly misrepresent what's going on with the negotiations. It's a complete mystery to us.

BT: Do you think that some of the things that Arum has said might hurt the chances of finalizing a deal?

SE: All of this misinformation and mischaracterization certainly doesn't help. I think up to this point, we're sort of gritting our teeth and trying to keep focused on our goal, and that continues to be our goal, but at a certain point, you can only take so much of the misstatements before you have to speak out and set the record straight.

BT: Knowing all of the misinformation that Arum has put out there regarding these negotiations, are you still confident that all the parties involved actually do want to make this fight a reality? I mean, if Arum knows none of that information is true, then why would he be putting it out there as if it were true?

SE: One thing I'm certain of is everybody on our side, from CBS to Showtime to Al Haymon to, most importantly, Floyd Mayweather, have continuously worked to make this fight happen since these discussions opened back in the fall of 2014. I hope the same is true for the other side. There are times when I believed it is true, but when you see these kind of misinformation floating around, you have to start to wonder.

BT: Does it cause you concern about being able to finalize negotiations with the other side when you start to hear that it looks like De La Hoya and HBO are already making plans for a fight between Canelo and Kirkland on May 2?

SE: Ultimately, none of this other external stuff has any impact on what our goal is and what our course of conduct is. Our goal is to make that fight and we're going to continue trying to make that fight until it becomes clear that either the deal is impossible to make or that someone on the other side has decided that they don't want the fight to happen. Unless one of those two things happens, then we're going to continue to try to make this fight because it's the right fight to make.


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Video inside Lupe Fiasco To Kid Cudi:Talk To Me Before I fu-k You Up

hiphop | By Carlton Black - 1 day ago


Lupe Fiasco and Kid Cudi were once friends running in the same musical circles, but it became apparent that was no longer the case during a Twitter exchange earlier this month. And now Lupe is explaining why things got so heated.

He was a good dude; I loved his music and I just got a love for dude, the rapper, whose new album, Tetsuo & Youth, is out this week, told Sway in the Morning, expanding on his fk him comment from earlier in the interview (the entire 37-minute sit-down is worth a watch, as he discusses his relationship with Atlantic Records, the new album, Azealia Banks and more).

And I know that certain people, when they get fame really quick, itll tear you apart, itll fk you up. And its good to kind of have people even if we not, we not gonna eat dinner together every night or do no sh-t like that, but I genuinely fk with you, Im a real na and when I fk with you, I fk with you. So we cool.

But things apparently got tense last year, after the Chicago rapper was offering on Twitter to do guest verses for his fans, and Cudder didnt exactly approve.

I told my fans, Yo, if you want a Lupe verse, Ill write it for you for $500. Itll be yours; you cant put it on Twitter its yours. Dont leak the sh-t or do whatever; its yours. And Cudi went on Twitter and was like, Yo, Lupe, what you gonna do with that money?Im thinking he joking.

Lu says Cudi then stopped directly addressing him in tweets, but he caught wind of the Cleveland natives fans saying stuff like fk Lupe.

I said, Yo, gimme this bi*ch ass na Cudis number, if I see him, Im knockin him the fk out, Lupe continued. Cause I wanna get to the bottom of what the fk you talkin about. Because its me. The same na you went in Complex and was like, one of the only nas who reached out to me genuinely and had love for me was Lupe. But now Im some fkin thief? Now I cant find you? Nobody knows where you are?

He says he has been trying to get in touch with him for six months, to no avail.

Cudi, lets settle this, he said. Talk to me, before I fk you up.

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Image inside BBBBBBBut Year Of The "Remastered" Retros :mjlol:

gear | By Rico23 - 22 hours ago

And this is with whom we wanted to place our faith :jaysad:

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 Troy Ave announces big news

hiphop | By A.Dot789 - 17 hours ago

*tweet embedded

2015 is Troy Ave's year :success:
The haters are sick :westbrooksmirk:

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 Image inside This nigga "Ft." is on every damn song!!!

wild'ish | By UrbanEnterprise - 16 hours ago


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 Video inside Jan 24 - Men Freak Out When They Discover The Women They Are Harassing Are Their Moms In Disguise

news | By RAZAH CUTS - 22 hours ago


Street harassment is something that happens to women all over the globe. It may begin to occur a lot less in Lima, Peru after an extremely creative Public Service Announcement, which was sponsored by Everlast aired. The video shows what happens when men harass an attractive woman in the street, only to soon find out that the woman is in fact their own mother in disguise. The results are nothing short of hilarious. The video is called Harassing Your Mother.

The host of the video starts out by saying:

7 out of 10 women are sexually harassed on the streets of Lima, Peru. Men who do it think it is a minor offense. Lets show them that they are wrong.

They find repeating offenders who harass women on the streets, then proceed to get in contact with their mothers. The moms then get a makeover that makes then look fabulous and not immediately recognizable.

The first man in the video calls out to a woman that he does not know is actually his mother saying (at least according to the translation):

Tasty panties!

The mother then turns around and walks up to her son. The realization that he just catcalled his own mother dawns on him as he says, Mama?

She then wails on him. She says:

Whats the matter with you Renzo? What they told me about you is true.

The man then tries to desperately rationalize the awful thing he did to his mother telling her that it is, just a game.

They repeat the prank again one more time in the video, just to cement the idea they are trying to put out. Remember, the next woman you decide to harass on the street may turn out to be your mother, so maybe try not to do it. Okay?

You can watch the video in full, below.


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Image inside Mckayla Maroney :hardendatass:

eyecandy | By calviiin - 16 hours ago

She said, "keep'n it lowkey"

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Video inside Arsonal vs Mistah F.A.B. (BOTB 7)

hiphop | By bLazenLow - 1 day ago

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Article inside Dennis Rodman Opens Up About 'The Interview,' Invites Seth Rogen to North Korea

movies | By Steve - 23 hours ago

Despite what the U.S. government says, Dennis Rodman doesn't believe that the notorious hack of Sony Pictures was caused by North Korea in response to The Interview.

"If the North wanted to hack anything in the world, anything in the world, really, they are going to go hack a movie? Really?!" Rodman says to The Hollywood Reporter, in his first extensive comments about the Sony film.

The former NBA player spoke with THR on the eve of the premiere of his Slamdance documentary Dennis Rodmans Big Bang in Pyongyang, which chronicles his travels to visit the country's supreme leader Kim Jong Un.

"How many movies have there been attacking North Korea? And they never hacked those. North Korea is going to hack a comedy, a movie that is really nothing? I cant see that happening," he says. "Of all the companiesreally? Over a movie?!"

When the basketball star initially found out about Sony's Seth Rogen and James Franco comedy, which depicts the assassination of the regime leader, he wasn't immediately taken aback.

"They're doing a movie about North Korea and it's a comedy. And I went cool, cool cool. The next thing you know, I'm seeing some of the pieces, and he wants to go kill this guy? That ain't funny. That is not funny," Rodman recalled.

Rodman considers himself something of a North Korea expert, since he is one of the few Americans who have traveled there with the cooperation of the regime. His last visit is documented in the Slamdance documentary and details how he brought a team of basketball players to the country. The movie, directed by Colin Offland, premieres Jan 25.

"This is the real North Korea, this is the real movie," he tells THR of Big Bang, not The Interview, which he says he hasnt seen and doesnt think he ever will.

Rodman recalls being awed by his interactions with regime leader Kim Jong Un. "To see a guy like that , this 5-foot 2 or 5-foot 1 guy, have that much power, in a country like that, and see people get emotional, crying, 20 thousand of them clapping, it was so surreal. It blew my mind," he says.

But just as he practiced his so-called "basketball diplomacy" during his multiple trips to North Korea that began in Feb. 2013, he now wants to try some movie mediation.

Rodman says Interview co-director Seth Rogens representatives reached out to him in the fall of 2013 for what he thinks was an invitation to act as a consultant on the film or perhaps to cameo. But he was in the middle of putting together his trip to the country (and the basketball game shown in the film) and by the time his own reps responded, he was told the movie was in post-production.

"I would have liked to have said to [Rogen], 'Lets go to North Korea and actually see it. See whats really going on. Then make your movie,'" Rodman says.

He continued: "I would still [take Rogen] now. I would ask Seth and all those involved in the movie to go to North Korea with me. And then do an interview with me about the movie."

Rodman, 53, was part of the bad boy crew of the NBA's Detroit Pistons who had to fight for respect against teams such as the Lakers and the Celtics. Youd think that maybe this scrappiness bonded him with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. But Rodman says no, its just a simple love for basketball. And with his documentary he wants to world to see a glimpse of the country famous for its human rights violations and see that its not that bad.

"People ask, Why would you do that? Why would you go sit next to him. Hes a bad guy,'" Rodman says. "To me, I was so surprised. He treated me very, very nicely, like one of the family, you know. And Im not a hater. I don't care what you do in the world. If you treat me nice, Im good. And one thing people don't understand, until you go to North Korea and actually see it, its a whole different story."


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NFL Matt Ryan to Tony Romo: "Calm Down" (Pro Bowl)

sports | By KleanKutt100 - 15 hours ago

:mjlol: Ice wasnt tryin to hear that bullsh*t

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NFL Official 2015 NFL Pro Bowl Discussion Thread

sports | By Steve - 17 hours ago

The Pro Bowl rosters were completed Wednesday night. The game will be played Sunday night at 8 p.m. ET in Glendale, Arizona (ESPN).




Quarterbacks: Tony Romo, Dallas; Matt Ryan, Atlanta; Matthew Stafford, Detroit.

Running backs: C.J. Anderson, Denver; Mark Ingram, New Orleans, DeMarco Murray, Dallas (captain).

Wide receivers: Odell Beckham Jr., New York Giants; Golden Tate, Detroit; Emmanuel Sanders, Denver; Randall Cobb, Green Bay.

Tight ends: Jimmy Graham, New Orleans; Jason Witten, Dallas.

Fullback: Marcel Reece, Oakland.

Tackles: Joe Thomas, Cleveland; Tyron Smith, Dallas; Trent Williams, Washington.

Guards: Kyle Long, Chicago; Zack Martin, Dallas; Marshal Yanda, Baltimore.

Centers: Travis Frederick, Dallas; Nick Mangold, New York Jets.


Defensive ends: Robert Quinn, St. Louis; Cameron Wake, Miami; DeMarcus Ware, Denver.

Defensive tackles: Geno Atkins, Cincinnati; Aaron Donald, St. Louis; Sheldon Richardson, New York Jets.

Outside linebackers: Elvis Dumervil, Baltimore; Clay Matthews, Green Bay; Von Miller, Denver.

Inside linebackers: Luke Kuechly, Carolina; D'Qwell Jackson, Indianapolis.

Cornerbacks: Vontae Davis, Indianapolis; Brent Grimes, Miami; Joe Haden, Cleveland; Chris Harris Jr., Denver.

Safeties: Eric Weddle, San Diego, Mike Adams, Indianapolis; T.J. Ward, Denver.

Special teams

Punter: Kevin Huber, Cincinnati.

Place-kicker: Adam Vinatieri, Indianapolis.

Return specialist: Darren Sproles, Philadelphia.

Special-teamer: Darrell Stuckey, San Diego.

Long-snapper: L.P. Ladouceur, Dallas

Captain: Michael Irvin.

Coach: Jason Garrett, Dallas.



Quarterbacks: Andrew Luck, Indianapolis; Drew Brees, New Orleans; Andy Dalton, Cincinnati.

Running backs: Jamaal Charles, Kansas City; Justin Forsett, Baltimore; Alfred Morris, Washington.

Wide receivers: A.J. Green, Cincinnati; T.Y. Hilton, Indianapolis; Jordy Nelson, Green Bay; Antonio Brown, Pittsburgh (captain).

Tight ends: Martellus Bennett, Chicago; Greg Olsen, Carolina.

Fullback: John Kuhn, Green Bay.

Tackles: Joe Staley, San Francisco; Duane Brown, Houston; Ryan Clady, Denver.

Guards: Evan Mathis, Philadelphia; Mike Pouncey, Miami; Josh Sitton, Green Bay.

Centers: Jason Kelce, Philadelphia; Maurkice Pouncey, Pittsburgh.


Defensive ends: J.J. Watt, Houston (captain); Mario Williams, Buffalo; Calais Campbell, Arizona.

Interior defensive linemen: Marcell Dareus, Buffalo; Dontari Poe, Kansas City; Kyle Williams, Buffalo.

Outside linebackers: Justin Houston, Kansas City; Connor Barwin, Philadelphia; Tamba Hali, Kansas City.

Inside linebackers: C.J. Mosley, Baltimore; Lawrence Timmons, Pittsburgh.

Cornerbacks: Patrick Peterson, Arizona; Aqib Talib, Denver; Antonio Cromartie, Arizona; Sam Shields, Green Bay.

Safeties: Antoine Bethea, San Francisco; Glover Quin, Detroit; Donte Whitner, Cleveland.

Special teams

Punter: Pat McAfee, Indianapolis.

Place-kicker: Cody Parkey, Philadelphia.

Return specialist: Devin Hester, Atlanta.

Special-teamer: Justin Bethel, Arizona.

Long-snapper: Jon Dorenbos, Philadelphia.

Captain: Cris Carter.

Coach: John Harbaugh, Baltimore.

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