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Article inside Rob Kardashian posts Kylie Jenner's # online after family doesn't invite Blacc Chyna to ba

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movies | By theFREAK - 4 hours ago

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Article inside DJ Envy Argues Stop-And-Frisk Took Guns Off The Streets

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hiphop | By flix02 - 4 hours ago

Following Monday night’s opening presidential debate between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump, Charlamagne Tha God, Angela Yee and DJ Envy of The Breakfast Club cracked the mic on the evening’s most heated discussion, ‘stop-and-frisk.’

While DJ Envy, who is reportedly African American with Puerto Rican ancestry, did not explicitly express his support of the controversial program designed to target young black and Latino men, he did argue that it “got guns off the streets and that’s all that matters” early Tuesday morning (Sept. 27).

Many listeners, including fans of the celebrated disk jockey, took to Twitter to air their frustrations over his problematic sentiment toward ‘stop-and-frisk,’ which was ruled unconstitutional in New York City, as it directed police officers to disproportionately stop and search black and Latino male pedestrians for weapons and contraband.

Yee seems to be at odds with her coworker, while Charlamagne implies Envy said nothing to cause the viral hysteria:

visit this link .. new-york-city/

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MLB Damn Fif I Hate It Had To Be You :mjcry:

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sports | By chrishansen88 - 12 hours ago

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Video inside BLACKYOUNGSTA $201,099 LAMbo gets RE' POED 2 days after RENTINg it. GUEss he AINt RITCH !.

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hiphop | By MeatMan - 4 hours ago

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NFL What did we learn from week 3?

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sports | By BrooklynStiles - 4 hours ago

Kicking-nets lives matter.


Originally Posted by Jo Luis (Post 40344918)


Originally Posted by TonyCartagena (Post 40351859)

Add on.

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Article inside 50 Cent officially being sued for Copyright Infringement

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hiphop | By Dradel Hater217 - 4 hours ago

Priscilla DeGregory

Two men are suing 50 Cent for copyright infringement claiming that the cable show “Power” was ripped off from a script the men wrote and pitched to the rapper three years prior to the show’s premiere.

In a lawsuit filed in Manhattan Federal Court against Fitty, aka Curtis Jackson, as well as cable network Starz and parent company CBS, R. Byron Hord and Curtis Scoon claim that they wrote a script for a pilot episode of a show they called “Dangerous” in 2009 about a black drug dealer and his efforts to “go legit” while trying to maintain his relationships with his Irish gangster friend named “Shamrock” and a girlfriend who wants him to remain in the crooked biz.

50 Cent, who is a producer and actor on “Power,” was pitched the show in March 2011, according to the suit. The court papers say that Jackson and the networks “willfully and improperly began developing, producing and filming their own television show,” instead of calling Scoon and Hord about their interest in the copyrighted show.

The show began airing in June 2014 on Starz and, the suit claims, is “substantially similar” to the original pilot.

The lawsuit claims the networks and 50 Cent face up to $180,000 in fines per episode. A CBS spokesman said, “We were just made aware of this filing and we are looking into this matter. It is too premature for comment at this time.”

Reps for Starz and 50 Cent did not immediately return requests for comment.

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NFL Ty Montgomery using that Stanford education on a kickoff

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sports | By Clutch City Kid - 11 hours ago


that gave them quite the change in field position

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NBA Cleveland Cavaliers sign Harambe

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sports | By KING JAYY - 4 hours ago

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Video inside Fences Official Trailer 1 (2016) - Denzel Washington Movie

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movies | By kej718 - 4 hours ago

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NFL Tom Brady preparing for his Return

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sports | By kualadays - 2 hours ago

deep in thought

GOAT sh*t

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NBA If these careers ended today, are any HOF worthy?

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sports | By Dee Grande - 4 hours ago

forgot to add Joe Johnson also (via NBA radio discussion)

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NFL Cam Newton's Girlfriend Shows Off Baby Bump

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sports | By R.A.R.E. - 21 minutes ago

Cam Newton is broadening his horizon on and off the field. The NFL star is expecting another child with his girlfriend, Kia Proctor.

The celebrity mom showed off her baby bump on Instagram this past weekend. thousands of followers congratulated Kia on her expectancy and thousands more gave the pictures thumbs up.

It has been just under a year since Kia gave birth to her and Cam Newton’s son, Chosen. The Carolina Panthers quarterback gushed about his “mini me’s” arrival days after his birth. “My longtime girlfriend and I were blessed to have a son last week,” the star tweeted. Cam also told fans that he kept Chosen’s arrival a secret because he “didn’t want to create a distraction for my team.”

The NFL star recently told NBC’s Mike Tirico that fatherhood is most fulfilling. “It gives me purpose,” Newton shared.
Tirico also asked Newton if he changes diapers and what that is like. “I look at it as if how does a baby — I don’t understand how poo can come out of his back,” he exclaimed.

Cam Newton and Kia Proctor are expecting their second child to arrive in coming weeks. Chosen will celebrate his first birthday in December.

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Video inside Bay Area Fam: A-Wax Slapped This Sh*t Outta Mob Figaz Producer Rob Lo (Video)

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misc | By BornInvincible - 4 hours ago

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Did Beans deserve it?

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hiphop | By macknbg - 1 hour ago

Given his mishandling of DC info (as told by Teefy)

As well as treatment and recent belittling of State Property(a la Taxstone)

Not the authority on if Beans has more situations similar to these, was this just bad luck? Or was it only a matter of time?

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OT Shannon Sharpe & Nick Wright on Undisputed Speaking 100% Real!!!!!

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sports | By Sho2010 - 1 hour ago

sh*t just happened so pretty sure the segment videos aren't up on YouTube but if you heard it, speak on it.

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B Bumper almost gets Clapped

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misc | By AlwaysGettingIt - 2 hours ago

Don't know the back story but you can see what up

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Article inside Post your favorite Jigga bar!

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hiphop | By OGpremo - 2 hours ago

"Even if jehovah witness I bet you he'll never testify"

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Video inside If My Kids Ever Came To Me On Some "I'm Getting Bullied" sh-t

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wild'ish | By Cosmo Kramer - 12 hours ago

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NFL Week 4 Power Rankings (, espn, fox, cbs yahoo)

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sports | By Caleb_Pratt - 4 hours ago
Rank 1
After a one-week absence, the Patriots are back atop these here Power Rankings. The slight doubts that I had about them at this time last week were put on the grill with the Jacoby Bris-ket. (I'll be here all week. And yes, I know you don't pronounce it that way.) It'd be impressive to win a prime-time game -- on a short week -- with your backup quarterback. But how about winning by four scores with your third-string QB against a playoff team? Come on. Those "Bill Belichick is the greatest head coach of all time" pronouncements don't sound too hyperbolic anymore, eh? Next up: Rex.

Trevor Siemian -- take a bow, man. No team has impressed your hack writer more than the Broncos, particularly when it comes to the play they've gotten from this 2015 seventh-round pick. Like everyone else, I expected the defense to be phenomenal. (Minnesota, you've got a phenomenal unit, but I'm not taking the hot-take bait. Denver's D is still tops in this league.) On Sunday, Siemian was a THE factor in the win. The bombs to Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas made the highlight reels -- but to be honest, those were better plays (adjustments) by the receivers. I was more impressed by all of the small tasks Siemian performed throughout the day -- the kind of stuff that typically gets overlooked, but leads to wins. That said, 23 of 35 for 312 yards and for TDs is cherry.

The Vikings continue to prove people wrong -- including this Game Picks idiot -- winning with whoever suits up on game day. Sunday's triumph at Carolina belonged to Everson Griffen, Marcus Sherels, Andrew Sendejo, Eric Kendricks, Kyle Rudolph and Jeff Locke (that's the punter, folks). The defense sacked Cam Newton eight times, holding an offense that averaged over 31 points per game last year to 10. Kelvin Benjamin didn't catch a ball. Read that line again.

Aaron Rodgers pulled off the Tom-Brady- circa-2015 "Up Yours" performance with an insane first half. Then things got dicey after the break. So why are the Packers this high in the rankings? Because they were the walking wounded on Sunday, playing without Clay Matthews III and Morgan Burnett, among others. Not to mention (but we'll mention), Mike McCarthy got a bit conservative late. On that note, maybe "a bit conservative" -- i.e., pounding the rock on the ground -- isn't such a bad idea in the long run.

Much consternation regarding the health of Russell Wilson in the aftermath of Sunday's win. But it appears the Seahawks dodged a bullet, as Pete Carroll said on Monday that he expects his quarterback will be ready for this coming Sunday's road game vs. the Jets. Back to the victory over the 49ers, though ... That's what I am talking about, all you Dave Krieg Starting Lineup figurine owners! (Don't take it out of the box.) The 'Hawks didn't eke by. They didn't come out of the gate slowly, either.Doug Baldwin and Jimmy Graham each hit the century mark in the first half.

3-0 EAGLES 8
What's not to like about the Eagles right now? They whipped one of the (presumed) top teams in the league. They paid a king's ransom for a rookie quarterback -- a rookie quarterback who apparently didn't impress one particular winless team (this decade, seemingly) -- and he's balling out. Most importantly, Jim Schwartz's defense has allowed a grand total of 27 points in three games ( the lowest figure in the NFL by 10 points). The defensive line played out of sight Sunday night. Ah, the NFL.

The Steelers looked flat terrible on Sunday. The only thing higher than Ben Roethlisberger's throws were the high fives Markus Wheaton wasn't getting for catching the ball. Good grief. The only reason Pittsburgh doesn't drop lower is the return of Lev Bell.

2-1 CHIEFS 4
What a rebound by the Chiefs' defense on Sunday. The key stanza might have been the fourth-quarter interception by Marcus Peters on a tipped ball. Ryan Fitzpatrick tried to force a throw into Quincy Enunwa on first-and-goal, then went back to the well again on second-and-goal. Tip drill. With Jamaal Charles slated to return soon, next week's matchup looks awfully tasty ... at Heinz.

Dakmania continues as every announcer starts to buy in, with the Sunday night crew being the latest to join the party. Prescott was both efficient and effective Sunday night, taking advantage of fantastic protection, then making plays outside of the pocket -- flashing accuracy while throwing on the run -- the few times the Great Wall of Dallas II faltered. (The original Great Wall? That '90s offensive line.) Back to the Sunday telecast: NBC mentioned Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott being the first Cowboy rookie quarterback and running back to start a season opener since Roger Staubach and Calvin Hill in 1969.

3-0 RAVENS 5
Sure, all three games have been close. The combined record of the Ravens' vanquished opponents is now 1-8. Couple things to sort through here ... Baltimore is just making plays at the ends of games that other teams are not. Special teams and situational defense -- two areas Baltimore excels in -- are major parts of pro football.

Ugly loss at home versus the Vikings. The Panthers must be kicking themselves for not capitalizing on a first half when they racked up 205 yards to the Vikings' 34. Special teams breakdowns, poor pass protection and, ultimately, not being able to move the ball when the outcome was in doubt puts Carolina at a dissatisfying 1-2. With Jonathan Stewart expected to be out several more weeks, look for OC Mike Shula to get Cameron Artis-Payne more involved.

Cardinals fans have permission to be worried. Carson Palmer = shaky. The defense? Not consistent. (Or inconsistent.) Or let the Bills banged-up offensive line have their way with them in the run game (208 yards on 32 carries.) You know when your hear announcers say they look flat, and you wonder what that means? Go watch Arizona's first half performance in Buffalo.

2-1 TEXANS 7
The Texans appeared so awful Thursday night that they probably deserved to be lower. Check that, they didn't appear anything ... they were plain awful versus the Pats. If this team is ever to take the next step, it must be able to win in New England against a fully equipped Patriots outfit, much less one without their QB1, QB2 and their top offensive weapon limited to just 14 snaps.

For a team that has made it to the postseason five consecutive seasons, the Bengals sure didn't look impressive in their home opener. Granted, there is a reason the Broncos are the defending Super Bowl champions ... but letting Trevor Siemian throw for four touchdowns? Like any game, a few key plays painted ugly stripes on this contest for Cincinnati, such as A Adam Jones' fumble.

Moments ... so many moments ... in Sunday's game when I wondered aloud if Derek Carr needed to personally walk down the field and hand the ball to his receivers. Oh, were there ugly drops in Nashville on Sunday. At the end of the day, however, an unlikely hero emerged: the much maligned Raiders defense.

2-1 GIANTS 3
What-was-he-seeing-there style picks from Eli Manning on Sunday. For years, the Manning apologists have explained away his three seasons leading the league in picks. Statistically speaking, bad luck can lead a quarterback to pacing the league in interceptions. But three times? The last turnover was the game-decider, when it seemed Manning didn't catch Su'a Cravens roaming over the middle. Next week the Giants visit Minnesota. Remember that matchup last year? Don't.

Hold your breath here, folks. Take a look at who is in first place in the NFC South. Sure, the Falcons were kind of in this position last year -- though not a game up on every team in the division like they are coming out of Week 3. Jon Gruden wondered aloud about the pass rush during the Monday night telecast. It's a weakness. It's also not worth discounting two road wins in as many weeks.

1-2 JETS 8
Said on the set of "NFL Fantasy Live" on Sunday morning that every once in awhile Ryan Fitzpatrick will throw a team a few ... errant passes. Wasn't anticipating a six-pick grab bag, however. Holy crap. Andy Reid was probably hoping to save a couple of those for next week at Pittsburgh. Which, by the way, should be a timely litmus test to see whether this Chiefs group is a contender or a one-and-done in the playoffs. Sure hope @jcharles25 finally sees the field.

1-2 BILLS 8
Anyone who felt the Bills players wouldn't compete for their coach got a trite shut the %#$@ up Sunday afternoon in Orchard Park, New York. What kind of world are we living in where a guy is speculated to be coaching for his job in the third game of his second season(after going 8-8 in Year 1). Oh yeah, the NFL.

1-2 LIONS 2
If Jim Caldwell led a team with Matt Stafford, 20 Marvin Joneses, and maybe Bennie Blades, this team would be 3-0. Jones' stat line Sunday was straight out of Tecmo Super Bowl: six catches, 205 yards and two touchdowns. That's just 38 yards per catch. Unfortunately, the Lions defensive backs were torched by a quarterback who seemed to hear every bit of criticism directed his way last week and knew every blitz Detroit proffered.

2-1 RAMS 3
How the Rams, who looked so atrocious in Week 1, could bounce back to beat the Seahawks and then drop the Bucs on the road is anyone's guess. Never underestimate athletic pride. In other words, perhaps the butt-kicking this group took in San Francisco fed into their emotional win over Seattle. Resilience was the name of the game in Tampa, especially on defense.

The Redskins were the beneficiaries of stupid penalties and an assortment of mistakes by the Giants, but give credit where it is due. Regardless, Jay Gruden's squad deserves praise for staying with it, and without overstating it, saving the season.

Many spoiled opportunities for the Bucs in front of their home crowd Sunday afternoon. Some fans could point to the lightning delay spoiling Tampa Bay's momentum when they needed a stop and a final drive. The real spoiler came earlier in the fourth quarter when, with the passing game effectively moving the ball down the field, Robert Quinn caught Jameis Winston's hands jussssst before it started moving forward.

1-2 COLTS 4
Nice work by Andrew Luck and T.Y. Hilton to come through in crunch time on a day the Colts' offense didn't dominate as much as people (or fantasy gurus) thought it would. Tough sledding out there for the bulk of the afternoon after getting off to a fast start behind Frank Gore. The veteran running back slowed down (70 of his 82 rushing yards came in the first half), and Hilton picked up the slack. T.Y. earned his production, too, with 174 yards (131 in the second half) while being shadowed by Jason Verrett.

Evaluating this Chargers defense is beyond difficult. Both of San Diego's losses felt like that girl who matches you on Bumble but never sends you a follow-up message. Then there was the blowout win against the Jags, which seemed like an easy stroll by a dominant D -- but we know that's not the case. That unit was viable on Sunday. Unfortunately, the absence of Keenan Allen and Danny Woodhead made it harder to pull off the road win.

1-2 TITANS 4
Neither Marcus Mariota nor the Titans as a team are good enough yet to overcome those interceptions Sunday. At least Taylor Lewan compensated for the giveaways with some goonery. Too bad, too, because the opportunities were there for this young nucleus to win its third home game in as many seasons.

Please don't challenge the drop in the rankings here. Judging by Twitter, I don't think any Dolphins fans will complain. Ryan Tannehill threw for more than 300 yards, but as mentioned before, that merely speaks to the emptiness of the 300-yard game in today's NFL. Miami probably should've lost Sunday.

1-2 49ERS 5
Feels just like 2015, doesn't it? Last year, the 49ers blew out their opponent on the opening Monday night of the season, giving people confidence in their new regime ... then sucked the next two games. It sucks for 49ers fans. It sucks for the Power Rankings, because I have to write something here. On the bright side, Carlos Hyde rushed for more than 100 yards and two scores.

Another loss for the Saints, and it seems Sean Payton will have trouble finding enough wins on the schedule to match last year's middling total. Everyone knew the defense was weak entering the season. Start subtracting starters from that beleaguered outfit, and opponents put up numbers.

If invention is now the mother of necessity (SEE: iPhone), then how many good-hearted Jags fans drop the MF-bomb when the Jaguars keep inventing ways to lose? Blake Bortles' next-to-last interception, the ball that was tipped by Ravens defensive tackle Timmy Jernigan, can be chalked up to bad luck. On the Jags' next possession, Bortles was sacked on third down (in fairness, he probably didn't have time to get rid of the ball), which led to Jason Myers opting for a lower trajectory on his 52-yard field-goal attempt that was ultimately blocked by the Ravens.

0-3 BROWNS 1
It simply wouldn't be Cleveland Browns football without Cody Parkey missing a a potential game-winning 46-yard field goal. Although I picked the Dolphins to win, and I enjoy being right, I derived little enjoyment from watching a group of guys play their hearts out and lose the way Cleveland did. Cody Kessler fared much better than any analyst thought. Terrelle Pryor was awesome. The wrenching loss reminds me of the 1985 Browns, who made the playoffs for the first time with Martyball, then blew a 21-3 lead in Miami in the first round.

0-3 BEARS 1
After years of writing the Power Rankings, can't think of a time when the Bears resided in the 32-hole. Shocking? Perhaps not. The mounting injuries make it so this team doesn't have a chance on defense. Now, Chicago is losing running backs. You can throw Jay Cutler's injury in there as well; though, Bears fans would just as soon throw Cutler out of town off their back foot.

Follow Elliot Harrison on Twitter @HarrisonNFL.

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Image inside Xbox fire sales continue, $229 for Xbox One Special Edition Quantum Break Bundle

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games | By YoungRay20 - 4 hours ago

Clearing out old stock.

500GB Xbox One Console (Cirrus White)
Xbox One 3.5mm Wireless Controller (Cirrus White)
Quantum Break (Full Digital Game Download)
Alan Wake (Full Xbox 360 Digital Game Download)
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The Crew (Xbox One)

Select Your Choice of (1) Xbox One Game and add to cart
Madden NFL 17
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NHL 17
Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2
LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Homefront: The Revolution
Assetto Corsa
Tom Clancy's: The Division
Forza Motorsports 6
Halo 5: Guardians
Rise of the Tomb Raider
Halo: The Master Chief Collection
Star Wars: Battlefront

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