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Image inside Apparently dude "tried" to snatch Quavo (Migos) chain last night.. PIC

hiphop | By Just Jimmy - 17 hours ago

Last night in Nashville buddy probably thought this would turn out COMPLETELY different.. :pouroneout:

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Article inside Floyd Mayweather Sr: 50 Cent Should Fight My Son, That Would End The Feud.

hiphop | By yo0123yo - 17 hours ago

Floyd Mayweather Sr. is sick and tired of 50 Cent cracking jokes at his son's expense -- and says the real laughs would come if the two ever fought ... because Floyd would kick 50's WHOLE ASS!

Daddy Mayweather made the comments during an interview with Brian Shapiro from "The Vegas Take" on Fox Sports 670 Las Vegas -- and explained why he thinks 50 has declared war on Floyd.

"50 Cent seems like he's got a problem since Floyd left him. He's a world known singer and he's acting like a kid."

Money Sr. says the real hilarity would ensue if Floyd and 50 ever got in the ring ... promising that the 147 lb. Mayweather would punish the two-hundred-and-something pound rap star. "He weighs over 100 pounds more than Floyd. Let him go up against Floyd ... put that on video. Floyd would stop all that. Wouldn't be no more said."

There were rumors that Floyd recently challenged 50 to a 12 round fight -- but that later turned out to be a hoax.

Too bad ... would be GREAT to watch.

My bad if its been posted before hope link and audio works

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Image inside Saw this sh-t on the news today...I went to high school with these cats.

wild'ish | By bunnz17 - 16 hours ago

This terrorism sh*t is gettin out of hand. I used to hoop with, smoke blunts, get bi*ches, etc with these niggas. Is this propaganda? How the fu*k do some regular ass niggas end up fighting for ISIS in Syria? sh*t bugged me out when I saw it on the news today.

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Article inside Drake signs ILOVEMAKONNEN to OVO

hiphop | By PotheadFocker - 17 hours ago


The Octobers Very Own roster keeps getting stronger. Artist ILOVEMAKONNEN has signed to Drakes OVO Sound via the Warner Bros. imprint.

The 25-year-old rapper/singer/producer hails from Los Angeles, recently residing in the ever growing music scene of Atlanta. Earlier this year, ILOVEMAKONNEN released his self-titled EP, lead by the underground cult favorite Going Up on a Tuesday produced by Sonny Digital. The popular record caught the attention of Drake, who added a verse on the official remix thats available now on iTunes.

Along with the release of the remix, the original record has been released on iTunes. Renamed as just Tuesday, the iTunes credits also notes the new signing to OVO Sound. Earlier this month, ILOVEMAKONNEN was spotted backstage at the Queens, New York stop of Drake and Lil Waynes Drake vs. Lil Wayne tour, along with performing Tuesday during the Atlanta stop on Sunday night.

ILOVEMAKONNEN joins the newly formed OVO Sound, which includes Drake, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Majid Jordan, and OB OBrien.

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Image inside What Rift? Kanye West And Jay Z Squash Rumours At Made In America Festival

hiphop | By Sniggit - 16 hours ago

What Rift? Kanye West And Jay Z Squash Rumours At Made In America Festival


What feud? Kanye West and Jay Z shut down rumours at The Made in America festival

Kanye West and Jay Z have been at the centre of multiple news reports suggesting they are no longer friends and are feuding over the Carters not attending the Kimye wedding extravaganza back in May.

However, all appeared to be well between the music industry gurus at the 2014 Made In America Festival over the weekend.

West, who took to the stage in Philadelphia on Saturday night with an hour-long powerhouse performance to close the festival's first day, paid homage to his "big homie" several times throughout the show.

He also said he would make sure not to break the show's midnight curfew limit on Jay's behalf and told the packed stadium of screaming concertgoers that "none of this would be possible without my big brother Hov [a nickname for Jay-Z]".

If that wasn't enough to shut down any speculation of a feud between the two, Jay Z was also spotted front row in the audience, bopping his head attentively to Yeezy's set.

The rapper wore his signature-jeweled mask throughout the set and treated the audience to renditions of I Don't Like (Remix), Cold, Can't Tell Me Nothing and New Slaves. He then went into one of his infamous rant,S reminding fans:

"This s**t we do is serious and how he [sic] makes music to help people." He went on saying, "What we do, we put our lives, out hearts, our soul into. It's three in the morning every night in the studio".

Other acts to perform at the annual festival that was founded by Jay Z in 2012, included, J Cole, Travie McCoy, Big Daddy Kane, Rita Ora and Iggy Azalea.

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NBA Only one player can say they played with Jordan and Lebron as teammates

sports | By shortymac187 - 16 hours ago

I'm gone let yall guess who

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NBA Lakers Could Trade Julius Randle for Rajon Rondo

sports | By italiansteve - 16 hours ago

The Boston Celtics will more than likely be trading Rajon Rondo in the near future as he has requested a trade and will be on the move before the season gets too far in.

Now that Kevin Love has been traded, all eyes were naturally going to move east to Rondo and hes apparently accepted that by requesting a trade. But the question now is where will Rondo get shipped to and what will Boston get back in return. The market seems to be set with the Love trade, as Boston will be asking the moon for their best asset.

As pointed out by NBA scribe Eddie Scarito, the Los Angeles Lakers could package Julius Randle, Steve Nash and/or Jeremy Lin in a package to acquire Rondo from the Celtics.

Los Angeles could offer some combination of draft picks, Julius Randle, and one or both of Jeremy Lins and Steve Nashs expiring deals, plus the Lakers probably could be talked into taking on Gerald Wallaces $20MM+ that hes owed over the next two seasons as well. This wouldnt be a bad return for Boston, especially if they could rid their books of Wallaces deal in the process. One major hitch would be convincing Rondo to re-sign with the Lakers, which MacMullan said he wouldnt be willing to do.
Any move that the Celtics make will likely require the acquisition of a player selected in the 2014 draft and thats where Randle fits in. Acquiring Lin would be a huge haul as well, since hes shown flashes in the past and needs the right environment to flourish.

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Video inside Jennifer Lawrence's S3x T0y Stash Got Busted

movies | By Bastille - 16 hours ago


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NFL Rams will NOT add Michael Sam to practice squad

sports | By theFREAK - 16 hours ago

*tweet embedded

*tweet embedded

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Sep 1 - exclusive: man who leaked all jennifer lawrence naked pics goes on the run

news | By messy marv stan - 8 hours ago

Celeb hacker 'on the run': FBI investigates as mystery man who calls himself 'OriginalGuy' claims responsibility for stealing hundreds of stars' nude photos

Man claiming to be in charge of group of hackers who stole nude celebrity pictures is on the run
Posted early on Monday morning to confirm his part in the hack
Then thanked supporters before announcing he was changing location
Another man, Bryan Hamade, 27, denied he was the source of the leak on Monday
He tried to sell intimate pictures of Jennifer Lawrence in return for Bitcoin
He posted images on Reddit and allegedly tried to sell them for $100 each
But he was forced to deny that he was original hacker users identified him
Admitted he had been an 'idiot' and that photo he had tried to sell was fake

The chief hacker who organized the theft of private nude pictures of actresses including Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton has gone on the run.

The anonymous individual, who sparked the scandal on Sunday after dumping dozens of naked photographs of female celebrities onto the 4chan online forum, took to the deep web where the images are thought to have first been posted a week ago to say he had to move location.

In an apparent attempt to evade the authorities, he said he would be relocating as he thanked his supporters who apparently shared the images on AnonIB before they were reposted on forum 4chan on Sunday.

Jennifer Lawrence has reported the stolen image to the authorities, and the FBI is investigating amid an international hunt for the hacker

Confirmation: This post is apparently from one of the hackers who stole dozens of nude pictures from actresses including Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton

The hacker, who is referred to by other posters as the 'original guy', also appeared to confirm that the hacking was a conspiracy involving more than just one individual and 'the result of several months of long and hard work'.

In the post thread written just after midnight on Monday, the anonymous hacker said that he will be moving to another location before seeming to threaten to upload more compromising images - asking for bitcoin (BTC) donations from those willing to pay to see.

'Guys, just to let you know I didn't do this by myself,' wrote the deviant hacker.

'There are several other people who were in on it and I needed to count on to make this happened (sic).

'This is the result of several months of long and hard work by all involved. We appreciate your donations and applaud your excitement.

'I will soon be moving to another location from which I will continue to post.'

And in a statement issued on Monday afternoon, the FBI confirmed that it had begun an investigation.

'The FBI is aware of the allegations concerning computer intrusions and the unlawful release of material involving high profile individuals, and is addressing the matter. Any further comment would be inappropriate at this time.'

Selfies leaked: Jennifer Lawrence was the victim of a hacker who posted more than 60 revealing images of the actress online

This comes as it was revealed the hacked nude photographs leaked online of actresses including Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton have been traded on the Internet for at least a week and could be just the tip of the iceberg of stolen celebrity pictures.

Exchanged on the deep web black market and deviant message boards specializing in stolen 'revenge porn' photography, the compromising pictures have been used as a currency of sorts among perverted members of these forums.

Indeed, in the aftermath of Sunday's mass dumping of naked pictures, these boards have descended into anarchy and infighting, with a civil war erupting between those who leaked the pictures and those furious their sordid, secret game has been thrown into the public eye.

Worringly for the general public is how simple the posters make their privacy theft seem - and raises the frightening prospect that Apple's iCloud used by millions is not safe for anyone to store sensitive information on

In the days before the stolen images were uploaded en masse to the 4chan anonymous image-sharing forum on Sunday, the Internet had been awash with claims by web-perverts that they were trading in the embarrassing photographs.

Among these boasts were that the hackers had accumulated pictures of at least 100 celebrities - and were biding their time before releasing them all online.

However, these outrageous claims seemed to originate not on 4chan, but the pornographic image board, AnonIB, which focuses usually on pornographic photographs of non-celebrity women.

During the last week, threads dedicated to Jennifer Lawrence that claimed to contain genuine images of the naked actress began to flood AnonIB - now proved to be real following the actresses confirmation that the pictures are indeed her.

According to those with knowledge of the threads on AnonIB and 4chan, the hacking of the nude pictures from Apple's iCloud was not a sudden smash and grab raid on the privacy of the women, rather collected over time until the list of their alleged victims stood at 101 in total

Almost a week ago: These posts taken from AnonIB reveal the beginnings of boasts in updates which refer to Jennifer Lawrence and a 'major win'

Boasts: The posts from one week ago are in reference to Jennifer Lawrence's nude pictures being traded online on AnonIB

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Image inside Akons Brother Bu Thiam Gets Implicated In Suge Knight Shooting

hiphop | By Avon_Barksdale - 17 hours ago

After the streets couldnt tie-in Bhris Brown to the Suge Knight murder attempt, they have a new theory as to who and why the music mogul was riddled with bullets.

Its no secret that the former Death Row CEOs fianances are constantly embroiled in drama and AllHipHop is claiming that Suge owed Abou Bu Thiam $250,000 and got fed up with waiting on that payment.

Bu is a well-known music industry executive who happens to be both Akons brother as well as Bhris Browns manager. There isnt any concrete evidence of the latest allegations but once your name gets thrown into a rumor, its generally hard removing the mud stains.

The incident in question occurred on August 24 right before the 2014 MTV VMAs. Knight has been slowly recovering from his injuries since then.

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NFL Bills center Eric Wood says NFL teams are avoiding signing Michael Sam because of ESPN

sports | By theFREAK - 16 hours ago

*tweet embedded

*tweet embedded

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Sep 1 - Thirteen-Year-Old Boy Tried as Adult Because of Penis Size Sentenced to Jail

news | By throwbacksample - 8 hours ago

A 13-year-old Hungarian boy accused of stealing a cell phone was tried as an adult and sentenced to jail in Russia because officials refused to believe he's 13. Why, you ask? Because of the size of his penis.

The Moscow Times reports that the boy, identified only as Tomas to protect his identity, was just 12-years-old when he allegedly stole a cell phone in March after coming to live with his aunt in Russia. Despite maintaining his innocence, he was tried as an adult because prison doctors who examined his teeth and genitals determined that he had to be at least 16.

In Russia, individuals can be tried as adults at 16. In extreme situations (i.e. rape and murder), courts are willing to go as low as 14.

Still, Tomas' family insists that he was 12 when the alleged crime took place, and paperwork checked when he crossed the Russian border supports this. Regardless, of, you know, facts, he was imprisoned.

His family has contested the ruling, and, luckily, the prison system has agreed to review the case. Hopefully, that will bring swift resolution to an otherwise ridiculous scenario.

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NFL The Atlanta Falcons Cut My Cousin #18

sports | By BKLYN1889 - 16 hours ago

He just hit me up and he said that they called him back to play for the practice squad!!!!! Look out for my family.. Freddie Martino #18 ... Wide Receiver

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Video inside This Just IN: Hitman Holla was in a bad car accident

hiphop | By Guvnor - 17 hours ago
Damn yo! I don't think he will be able to be in the SM4 match vs Surf :ppsad: @ZeusSlaps

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Video inside I Slept With Your Boyfriend Prank

wild'ish | By Tuff Gong - 16 hours ago

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Video inside sad: 5 year old girls bruised face after being beaten

wild'ish | By trill jackson - 16 hours ago

those responsible deserve a slow death

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NFL Alex Smith got paid

sports | By all3rd - 16 hours ago

*tweet embedded

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NFL No Bias: Cam, Kaep or Rivers?

sports | By b_eazy - 16 hours ago

Based on the talent around them, which QB would you prefer on your team?

Cam has a veteran corps of WRs, plus Kelvin Benjamin and the trio of RBs with Cam getting goal line touches as well. Although he is coming off ankle surgery and a recently fractured rib(s).

Rivers has Keenan Allen, a white Darren Sproles type back in Danny Woodhead and a potential star TE in Ladarius Green.

Kaep has a ton of weapons, plus his own athleticism to bring him to potential elite status, but has had a shaky preseason with his offense.

Who do y'all see having the best season?

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 Image inside Now this is how you start grow operation

wild'ish | By GBREEZE - 16 hours ago

Seems like a normal police raid, cops parked outside looking for illegal activity.

But what they found was much much more.

The house was built on top of a natural cave, but investigators say no one lived there. The house wasn’t even furnished. Hidden inside the house was a secret passageway into a cave.

The thick metal door to the secret passageway was held in place by a hydraulic motor. If someone didn’t want you to enter, you would probably need a small bomb to get in.

The office space came first, then a living area furnished with three or four colorful bunk beds for camping out in the cave, and a restroom with a shower and plenty of toiletries. Behind the restroom was a kitchen with a fully stocked pantry, air conditioning and microwave. All the comforts of home, only this cave was meant for business.

More than 1,000 marijuana plants were grown deep underground. There were two growing areas – one held starter plants and the other held maturing plants. Each room had its own irrigation system. The lights and climate control kept the air at the perfect temperature: 87 degrees.

They would grow 100 pounds of pot every 8 weeks. The job of harvesting the marijuana was so big that they actually brought in outside labor.

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Image inside New-Gen Grand Theft Auto V Dated By Retailer

games | By Cool Story - 16 hours ago

The Xbox One, PS4 & PC versions of Grand Theft Auto V have been available for pre-order at various retailers for a couple of months now, with most holding a “provisional placeholder” or similar date of November. Today, however, it seems catalog giant Littlewoods know something a little more concrete, with their pre-order page holding a delivery date of November 14th.

Cara Delevingne, host of Non Stop Pop FM, teased an updated radio station lineup for the game earlier this week.

Nothing’s been confirmed just yet, and quite obviously that price of 70 isn’t going to be the best you’ll find, but we reckon this date is pretty spot on. If the title is dropping in November you can expect official word soon enough.

Source: Littlewoods.

Update: It seems Take Two’s UK distributor Exertis Gem have changed their listing of the game to say November 14th too. So that all but confirms it.


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NBA Raise your hand if...

sports | By 0ddJoB - 16 hours ago

You really think Brook Lopez is better than Demarcus Cousins :xhah:

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Audio inside RiFF RAFF- Rookies of the Future (feat. Action Bronson) [Prod. by Alchemist]

hiphop | By PotheadFocker - 17 hours ago

Tags for now

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Video inside Sep 1 - U.S. Government found responsible for Martin Luther King's assassination

news | By Ladklap - 8 hours ago

A civil trial in 1999 implicated government agencies and exonerated James Earl Ray, yet most people still haven't heard about it.

Article for ones who don't like the vid:

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Image inside Wildlife Photography Awards 2014 Winners

wild'ish | By Sniggit - 16 hours ago

British Wildlife Photography Awards 2014 Winners


Habitat Winner: A Life at Sea - Nesting Gannets, Shetland Isles by Ruth Asher(Ruth Asher)

Overall Winner: The Tourist by Lee Acaster(Lee Acaster)

Seasons Winner: Spring is in the Air by Andrew Parkinson(Andrew Parkinson)

Behaviour Winner: Otter and Puffin by Richard Shucksmith(Richard Shucksmith)

Wild Woods Winner: Autumn Jewels by Peter Cairns(Peter Cairns)

Coast and Marine Winner: Big Blues by Alexander Mustard(Alexander Mustard)

Hidden Britain Winner: Window Gnat by Susie Hewitt(Susie Hewitt)

Documentary Winner: Hazel Dormouse Monitoring by Nick Upton(Nick Upton)

Continued on next page. Right Click > View Image for higher resolution

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 Video inside Brian Pumper Shmoney dance

hiphop | By Alexein Aner - 17 hours ago

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Audio inside Rae Sremmurd ft. Nicki Minaj & Pusha T - "No Flex Zone (Official Remix)"

hiphop | By CM Punk - 17 hours ago

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Article inside iCloud Hack Sees Celebrities Have Their Private Photos Stolen, Posted Online (Patched)

cells | By mrfreak76 - 8 hours ago

An alleged breach in Apples iCloud service may be to blame for countless leaks of private celebrity photos this week.

On Monday, a Python script emerged on GitHub (which were not linking to as there is evidence a fix by Apple is not fully rolled out) that appears to have allowed malicious users to brute force a target accounts password on Apples iCloud, thanks to a vulnerability in the Find My iPhone service. Brute-force attacks consist of using a malicious script to repeatedly guess passwords in an attempt to discover the correct one.

The vulnerability allegedly discovered in the Find My iPhone service appears to have let attackers use this method to guess passwords repeatedly without any sort of lockout or alert to the target. Once the password has been eventually matched, the attacker can then use it to access other iCloud functions freely.

Users on Twitter were able to use the tool from GitHub which was published for two days before being shared to Hacker News to access their own accounts before it seems Apple patched the hole today. The owner of the tool noticed it was patched at 3:20am PT.

When we tested the tool, it locked out our accounts after five attempts, meaning that the Python script certainly tries to attack the service but Apple has patched the hole.

We discussed the tool with its creator, Hackapp, over Twitter, who said this bug is common for all services which have many authentication interfaces and that with basic knowledge of sniffing and reversing techniques it is trivial to uncover them. When asked if the method could have been used in the celebrity hack today, Hackapp said Ive not seen any evidence yet, but I admit that someone could use this tool.

Hackapp also posted a slideshow that details the tool, why it was created and identifies other problems in iCloud keychains security. Were not able to verify all the claims in the slideshow, but the creator points out the flaws we mentioned in the slide below.

Its unclear how long this hole was open, leaving those with simple, guessable passwords easily attacked once hackers had an email address to target. There is still no concrete evidence that these images were leaked via iCloud and may have instead been obtained via multiple attacks, though the hacker that originally leaked the images claims that they were retrieved from iCloud.

A similar kind of attack has occurred before. Hackers have previously used Find My iPhone to hold victims ransom, locking their phones and demanding money in exchange for giving their phone back.

Weve contacted Apple for comment but have yet to receive a reply. Meanwhile, The Independent reported that Apple has refused to comment on any security flaw in iCloud today.

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Sep 1 - 5 things to know about driving on marijuana

news | By phantomnation - 8 hours ago

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The legalization of recreational marijuana in two states - Colorado and Washington - and medical marijuana in more than 20 others has raised concern that there will be more drivers stoned behind the wheel. What's not clear is whether that will translate into an increase in fatal crashes.



While marijuana users can perform simple tasks well while they are high, brain imaging has shown that they have to use more of their brain to do so. Their reaction times are slower, peripheral vision is decreased and multitasking impeded. As a result, when sudden or surprising things occur to complicate those tasks - such as when a pedestrian steps in front of a car - they cannot respond as well. On the other hand, marijuana users tend to be aware they are impaired and try to compensate for it.



It's not clear how much marijuana use contributes to crash risk. Some studies have found that marijuana can double crash risk, but others have found virtually no increase.



Traces of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, can be detected in the blood of some habitual marijuana users days or weeks after they last used the drug, making it hard to use blood tests to discern a current level of impairment. Most states haven't set a THC threshold for impairment, but Colorado and Washington have settled on an intoxication blood level of five parts per billion. There's no roadside test for THC like those for alcohol, but some states are experimenting with a saliva test.



In 2013, the first full year after Washington state legalized pot, nearly 25 percent more drivers tested positive for marijuana than before legalization. But there's been no corresponding jump in accidents or arrests for intoxicated driving. A University of Colorado Medical School study found that the share of drivers involved in fatal motor vehicle crashes in Colorado who tested positive for marijuana more than doubled between 1994 and 2011. A National Safety Council study looked at the prevalence of drivers involved in fatal crashes who tested positive for marijuana in 12 states from 1992 to 2009 - before and after implementing medical marijuana laws. Only three states showed an increase - California, Hawaii and Washington - and those appeared to be a one-time increase possibly associated with differences in testing.



The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is conducting research to get a better idea of how pot affects driving. NHTSA and Washington state officials have also teamed up to assess change in marijuana use by drivers before and after the state allowed retail sale of the drug, with results due next year.

Source: AP

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NFL Official Predict your squads record thread.

sports | By SDC17 - 16 hours ago

Rivers and the Bolts 10-6, fu*k the Donkeys, Chefs and Raiturd fans, its NFL time ya bish. :riversplaya:

Whats good? Shout out to my boys grinding, with Labor Day off. :praise:

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