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Video inside White MMA Guys Went to da Hood Looking for a Fight & end up getting the..
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R.I.P. Cash Money Records 1992-2016
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Image inside Meek Mill: "U Wouldn't Walk Thur This Hallway, U Would Take The Other ..
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 NBA Clippers makin trade calls

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Video inside White MMA Guys Went to da Hood Looking for a Fight & end up getting they BootyHoles bodied

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misc | By Illy Wanka - 8 hours ago

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Image inside Meek Mill: "U Wouldn't Walk Thur This Hallway, U Would Take The Other Route"

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hiphop | By trapclassics - 8 hours ago

Meek Mill: "U Wouldn't Walk Thur This Hallway, U Would Take The Other Route"

Meek talkin slick right before DC4 drops.... expect more disses

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R.I.P. Cash Money Records 1992-2016

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hiphop | By Ocean Springs - 5 hours ago

This is Drake's last album under his o.g. album deal. He is too big to sign again. Nicki has 2 albums left at the most.Tyga has 1 album left, & wants off the label.They should be headed to court in the next couple of months.If Baby doesnt settle with Wayne before they go to court its over. This is Cash Money's current roster minus the big 4.

R.I.P. CMR 1992-2016

My CMB days are dead, I ain't worried about ghost
I married the MOB, we divorced
And all that sh*t dead with out me of course
It's nothing, a zombie, a corpse
You burnt yourself and was suppose to pass me the torch
fu*k it, I'll see you in Forbes

I even emailed Wayne's lawyers last night to send them my regards.

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NFL "Why First Take not talking about Kelce dancing? Probably cuz he's not black"-ESPN

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sports | By Bkjj11 - 8 hours ago

*tweet embedded

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So we gonna act like J Cole didn't diss Meek Mill & Future?

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hiphop | By trapclassics - 8 hours ago

J Cole responded to Meek Mill's "They Don't" Inspire Me" statement several times through out the song and he also took shots at Future.

"They Don't Inspire Me" - Angie Martinez Interview where meek said that J Cole & Kendrick "doesn't inspire them"

Notable quotes about Meek Mill

1. "Don’t need a rollie on to know I’m getting older nigga"

2. "But I ain’t coming to talk about all that paper, That’s what they talk about when they ain’t got sh*t to say, Can’t understand why niggas never got sh*t to do
You know the saying, same sh*t nigga, different day"

He also took a few shots at Future.

Notable quotes about Future.

Future said "I pour the Actavis and pop pills so I can fight the demons"

J Cole "No Promethazine I’m a king, no leaning, I got a better way to fight these demons"

"They Don't Inspire Me" - Angie Martinez Interview

http://www.brandnew.hipho... alright-remix/

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Image inside Oh God.. Not him too ...Joe Rogan shuts down the Internet!!!!!!

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wild'ish | By tokinjohn - 7 hours ago

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Image inside Ayoo Bx Come in Real Quick...

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wild'ish | By asvpcole - 6 hours ago

I dont usually make threads like this but while coming across this pic i was kinda confused. As u can see thats a nigga on the left and bi*ch on the right clearly displaying a switch in sexuality or w.e. Is this nigga gay or straight?? I know i shouldnt care and sh*t but this chick asked me and i couldnt even provide an answer to her. I was a lost of words son. Wtf is going on b??? Bx niggas what is your take on this.

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Image inside jr writer just came back home from serving a 2 year bid

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hiphop | By castro - 8 hours ago

still better than 95% of these dudes rapping today

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NFL That Bum Ciara is Stoppin Sehawks Players From Listening To That Future DS2 @Practice

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sports | By ZeusSlaps - 7 hours ago


No one can deny that Future hasn’t had a bunch of bangers in rotation lately. Athletes like to get hype during practice and games, it helps with the motivation.
The Seahawks understandably want Future to be played before games and practices, but the resident DJ says he can’t do it. Here is his reasoning per SB Nation.

This year, I’ve been getting a lot of requests for Future. But that dynamic is weird too, because I can barely play Future with Ciara running around and that’s her baby’s dad. It’s just that he has a dope-ass album out right now, players like to hear it, it definitely gets you pumped up — even though it’s low-tempo, it’s still stuff that you want to hear — and then you’ve got Ciara running up with little baby Future and she’s dating Russell so it’s like, “Oh f—.”

I also feel weird playing Ciara, because I was playing Ciara before she started dating Russell. I’d play “Goodies” and stuff like that for the crowd because it’s good music that white people know—it’s dance-y music, it’s popular, it’s stuff that you can get away with playing. Now that she’s dating Russell, I don’t want people to be like, “He’s just playing that because she’s dating Russell.”

http://blacksportsonline.... ause-of-ciara/

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Image inside Husband Gave His Unfaithful Ex-Wife Half Of Everything He Owned - Literally

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wild'ish | By eazy253 - 8 hours ago

Divorce settlements, which often force the two estranged spouses to split their belongings 50/50, can be both emotionally and financially painful. In an unambiguous and ironic gesture, one man in Germany told Laura, his ex-wife, just what he thought of her by literally cutting all of their belongings in half!

The man is clearly experienced with the power tools that he has, because hes actually done a great job of methodically and neatly destroying all of their stuff everything from their teddy bear to their couch to their car has been sliced neatly in half. He is selling his half of everything on the eBay online auction site, where each item has a bitter but funny writeup in German detailing how the courts ordered him to split their belongings even though he seems to suggest that Laura had been unfaithful.

We must assume that theres a rather upset woman named Laura somewhere in Germany trying to figure out what to do with her half of a mailbox.

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NFL Ndamukong Suh a savage, tells his teammates they aren't good enough to play with him

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sports | By refuze - 7 hours ago


There's a lot of reasons the Dolphins have been bad this year, but apparently, none of those reasons involve Ndamukong Suh, at least if you ask Ndamukong Suh.

According to's Ian Rapoport, Suh called out his defensive teammates this week and basically blamed them for the team's defensive struggles. Suh even went as far to say that some of his teammates aren't good enough to play with him.

"I'm told [Suh] told them: 'I run this defense, I'm going to be here for the next five years, there is no guarantee any of you will be as well. Only a handful of guys are good enough to play with me right now,'" Rapoport said, via

Not only did Suh call out his teammates, but apparently he also called out the team's defensive coaching staff.

"He also said the schemes were not good enough, the techniques were not enough and everyone needed to be better," Rapoport said. "He said 'follow me.'"

So how did Suh's teammates react to being called out?

"My understanding is the room was split, some saw this as the kind of address a leader would give. Others, just something they've never heard before," Rapoport said.

Suh might view himself as a leader, but he also could be causing a rift in the locker room. No one wants to hear that they're not good enough and that's basically what Suh said to several teammates.

It also doesn't help that the addition of Suh hasn't really made the Dolphins defense any better. Suh's in the first season of a six-year, $114 million deal and the Dolphins defense has struggled this year, ranking 23rd overall in the NFL going into Week 12.

So far, the Dolphins haven't exactly reacted positively to Suh's pep talk either. Miami is trailing the Jets 28-7 in the fourth quarter Sunday.

This isn't the first time Suh has made headlines this year. In Week 2, Suh reportedly ignored the play calls of defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle. Three weeks after that controversy, Coyle was fired.

The Dolphins are paying Suh so much money, maybe they should just let him call the plays and pick out his teammates, because it almost seems like that's what he wants. -play-with-him

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NBA Jahlil Okafor kicked out of bar for trying to use fake I.D.

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sports | By theU - 6 hours ago

*tweet embedded


Another day, another Jahlil Okafor issue.

There was the fight in Boston. And the other altercation in which Okafor reportedly tried to punch a man then had a gun pulled on him. And the high-speed driving.


John Gonzalez of CSN Philly:

In late October, Okafor allegedly presented a fake I.D. at Misconduct Tavern in Center City, according to two sources with knowledge of the situation. Okafor, 19, was refused service, the sources said. One of the sources said he was surprised because Okafor is “a big guy” and “famous” and “pretty easy to recognize.”

*tweet embedded

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NBA Kevin Durant on Kobe: Media treated one of our legends like sh-t. I really didnt like it

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sports | By Bkjj11 - 5 hours ago

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*tweet embedded

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NBA Clippers makin trade calls

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sports | By Bkjj11 - 2 hours ago

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Nov 30 - Breaking: Putin Deploys 100,000 Troops as Turkey Blockades Russian Navy!

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news | By Ladklap - 7 hours ago


The Russian leader is reportedly mounting an enormous military mission to take control of the terror group's stronghold of Raqqa.

The city is the self-declared capital of ISIS in Syria and is patrolled by as many as 5,000 jihadi members.

Putin is set to mobilise 150,000 reservists who he conscripted into the military in September.

Yesterday, following the Paris attacks, Putin hinted he was ready to join forces with the West to tackle Islamic State.

He told David Cameron: "The recent tragic events in France show that we should join efforts in preventing terror."

An insider revealed: "It is very clear that Russia wants to sweep up the west of the country, taking Raqqa and all the oil and gas resources around Palmyra.

"This is fast becoming a race to Raqqa to secure the oil fields they need to cleanse the region of insurgents, and the IS capital is vital to do that."

In a show of strength, Russian jets have previously obliterated nine ISIS outposts in just 24 hours using bunker-busting bombs.

Russian jets pounded terrorist targets and blew up a command centre, potentially killing dozens of fighters.

Confirming the successful raids, Andrei Kartapolov from the Russian army vowed to ramp up the pressure, saying: "We will not only continue strikes... We will also increase their intensity."

Speaking at the time of the attacks, in October, Russian Defence Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said: "Over the past 24 hours, Sukhoi Su-34 and Su-24M fighter jets have performed 20 sorties and hit nine Islamic State installations.

Full Story: -jets-military

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Image inside Katya Henry

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eyecandy | By Swoosh Kid - 4 hours ago

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Image inside Amy Schumer gettin nekkid cuz we supposed to care

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eyecandy | By Bkjj11 - 2 hours ago

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NBA Crazy Kobe stat....

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sports | By reelife - 7 hours ago

*tweet embedded

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NBA MSNBC bringing up Kobe old sexual assault accusations

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sports | By Clyde - 5 hours ago

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NCAAF Navy Helmets vs Army 12/12 These Are Crazy

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sports | By JohnDoe - 4 hours ago

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